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Would you like to see a generic forum added to nhl94.com?


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In light of another post I read which was unrelated to nhl94 or hockey for that matter, I'd like to hear the communities opinion on if we should add another forum to allow people to post stuff unrelated to the site.

Please post whether you would like to see another forum made(YES)...or you like it just the way it is(NO).

thanks guys.

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actually we should have a mod for that forum alone probably.

cause over 50% of the mods appointed are too busy, or not around as much, or disappeared completely.

They must be SNES players! ha!

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Yeah, a general forum would probably benefit the community as a whole. Like any other forum it'd need to be kept on close watch, though.

I actually prefer the Genesis versions of NHL 94 and 95, but... if I were to play online, I'd have to use SNES mostly due to the fact that kaillera absolutely hates me. -_-

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