GDL 6 Line set ups

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Guest Houlanov


G #29 F.Potvin

LD #2 V.Fetisov

RD #20 G.Suter

LW #8 C.Neely

C #89 A.Mogilny

RW #17 J.Murphy

(EA) #11 K.Muller


G#31 R.Tabaracci

D#4 G.Diduck

D#24 M.Tinordi

F#13 V.Kozlov


F#22 C.Lemieux

8Neely 89Mogilny 17Murphy

2Fetisov 20Suter



13Kozlov 11K.Muller 22C.Lemieux

4Diduck 24Tinordi


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LW G. Courtnall

C Selanne

RW Borchevsky

D Desjardins

D Bourque-

LW Stastny

C Brind'amour

RW Ruutu

D Leschychyn

D Butcher


2nd: 12th

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Here is my Offical linez.

Fuyst line:

RW #22 Corey Millen

C #8 Dmitri Khristich

LW#21 Reej Larmer

RD#6 Dr. Phil Housley

Lw#41 Tomz Pedersonz

Ex:#20 Ray Ferraro

starting goalie is Mclean obviously.

As long as the first line is in order...second line Doesnt matter who is where.

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First Line

LW #10 Dmitri Kvartalnov C #19 Steve Yzerman RW #25 Vincent Damphousse

LD #2 Brian Leetch RD #4 Mikhail Tartinov

EA #17 Wendal Clark

Second Line

LW Damphousse C Kvartalnov RW Yzerman

LD Taratinov RD Leetch

EA #21 Guy Carbonneau

CHK Line

LW #21 Guy Carbonneau C #12 John Cullen RW #17 Wendal Clark

LD #22 Yushkevich RD #5 Sydor

EA Yzerman

Please do my lines like that AJ if you don't mind so this way my first line comes out on the penalty kill


Goalies you know what to do,

Bob E #35

The Other Guy #30

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Edmonton Lines:

Line 1:

LW - Russ Courtnall

C - Luc Robitaille

RW - Sergei Makarov

LD - Gord Murphy

RD - Tommy Sjodin

G - Mike Vernon

Line 2:

LW - Luc Robitaille

C - Russ Courtnall

RW - Bob Errey

LD - Steve Chiasson (Change # to 63)

RD - Grant Ledyard

G - Kay Whitmore

Updated 1/26/09

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CAL lines

Hawerchuk - Reichel - LaFontaine

Bautin - Samuelsson

X factor - Zelepukin


Ruzicka - Zelepukin - Noonan

Stanton - Dahl


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Chicago Lines:

Line 1:

LW - Neal Broten

C - Brett Hull

RW - Ted Donato

LD - Patrice Brisebois

RD - Gord Hynes

G - Kelly Hrudey

Extra - Stephane Richer

Line 2:

LW - Sheldon Kennedy

C - Stephane Richer

RW - Dave Poulin

LD - Curt Giles

RD - Brent Thompson

G - Wendall Young

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First Line

LD- #21 Jeff Brown

RD- #34 Al Iafrate

LW- #12 Adam Oates

C- #22 Dino Ciccarelli

RW- #10 Alexei Zhamnov

G- #30 Bill Ranford

EA- #11 Mark Messier

Second Line

LD- #29 Igor Kravchuk

RD- #4 Brad Shaw

LW- #28 Donald Audette

C- #19 Petr Nedved

RW- #11 Mark Messier

G- #39 Dominic Hasek

EA- #22 Dino Ciccarelli

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RW-Nolan(change to Todd)






LW-Todd(change to nolan)






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RD: Zalapski

LD: Neidermayer

LW: Andreychuk

C: Ysebaert

RW: Sandstrom

G: Roy


RD: Olausson

LD: the other defenseman

LW: Patterson

C: Ridley

RW: Jagr

G: Hebert

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Buffalo lines:

Line 1:

LD - Dave Ellett

RD - Adam Burt

LW - Mats Sundin

C - Geoff Sanderson

RW - Cliff Ronning

G - John Blue

EA - Sergei Nemchinov - change number to 12

Line 2:

LD - Dave Ellett

RD - Adam Burt

LW - Geoff Sanderson

C - Cliff Ronning

RW - Mats Sundin

G - John Blue

EA - Sergei Nemchinov


EA - Pat Falloon

LD - Kevin Lowe -> change number to 3

RD - Eric Weinrich -> change number to 5

LW - Paul Ranheim

C - Cliff Ronning

RW - Sergei Nemchinov

G - Mario Gosselin

EA - Pat Falloon

Edited by swos
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LD - Driver

RD Dahlquist

LW- Modano

C Bradley

RW Verbeek

LD- Yawney

RD - Foote

LW - Bradley

C - Modano

RW Straka

G Moog

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NY Rangers lines:

Line 1:

LD - Leetch

RD - Tatarinov

LW - Damphousse

C - Gartner

RW - Sakic

G - Essenssa

EA - Kvartalnov

Line 2:

LD - Leetch

RD - Tatarinov

LW - Gartner

C - Sakic

RW - Damphousse

G - Essenssa

EA - Kvartalnov


LD - Benning

RD - Sydor

LW - Cullen

C - Sakic

RW - Kvartalnov

G - Hrvinak

EA - Clark

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Oakland Seals:

G - 31 - Curtis Joseph

LD - 27 - Teppo Numminen

RD - 5 - Nicklas Lidstrom

LW - 7 - Joe Mullen

C - 10 - Pavel Bure

RW - 32 - Steve Thomas

XA - 12 - Mike Keane


F - 15 - Craig Janney

F - 34 - Todd Elik

D - 6 - Jim Johnson

D - 8 - Jeff Norton

G - 35 - Pat Jablonski

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Preds or whatever

Line 1:

LD - MacInnis

RD - Zubov

LW - Leeman

C - Roberts

RW - Bondra

G - Burke

EA - Graves

Line 2:

LD - Lidster

RD - Hawgood

LW - Graves

C - Bondra

RW - Kontos

G - Pietrngelo

EA - Shuchuk

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LD: Manson

RD: Wilson

LW: fleury

C: Emerson

RW: Turcotte

G: Richer

Uhh my lineup on the rom is totally wrong.. only guy in the right spot is Turcotte

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  • 5 months later...

I'm thinking and tweaking about it, so if there's still time I'll let you know if I stick by my lineup or not.

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