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this community seems in a downfall


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Good point Matt.

We had this convo on another thread a few weeks back and I am positive that this is "old man stay off my lawn" syndrome on the part of hokee, angryjay, etc. They don't like the change thats come to the community and harken back to gentler time when they were the only dudes playing video hockey.

I don't think its ever been better, the community is at all time high, regular games can be had.. and the league options have never been better.


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It's not just this place that some people tend to split opinions like this, however. Most places I've been to usually have the "ah it was better before" and the "it's at a high" people, as well.

Myself, I really just found the place today, so I... probably shouldn't even be commenting here. (I'm not even that good at the older games, just figured I'd look for tips and such to improve...)

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Of course those old mans we're happy when they had no competition...

I think I was happier alone in my room beating the crap out of the computer AI thinking I was the greatest. Some day I'll build a time machine so I can go back and tell myself not to find out about everybody who's better than me.

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