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nhl94 rage question?!..poll..


nhl94 rage  

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  1. 1. how far have you gone?!

    • smashed a controller ,keyboard,monitor..etc..etc
    • let your anger carry over into your personal life
    • went coo coo for a few minutes
    • all of the above
    • always have fun

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In my younger days I was known to pitch the sega controller, but I am just happy to find free time in my life to play the game I love, I enjoy playing period... still want to win like crazy, but I can eat the losses pretty well.

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I... actually, I don't really get angry. I'll get frustrated that I can't play worth a damn, but I don't get angry or do anything like the above.

I used to hit controllers on the screen, but... really, who hasn't in their younger days? :)

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i get really angry and ill grab my controller and go to trash it against the wall...but my common sense kicks in and ill either grip it really tight in attempts to crush it or ill hit something.

*sigh* its usually BS goals that get me like this lol

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