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Classic League - Spring 2009 Sign-Ups


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Alright guys, it looks like you will need more people, so I am in!!!


1. Los Angeles

2. Chicago

3. Quebec

4. Calgary

5. Buffalo

6. Philadelphia

7. Winnipeg

8. Washington

9. St. Louis

10. Dallas

I will most likely be available on the weekend and during spring break: March 14-22

I am ready to rock!!!

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1. Calgary

2. Detroit

3. Quebec

4. NY Rangers

5. Pittsburgh

6. Chicago

7. Dallas

8. Montreal

9. Buffalo

10. Vancouver

11. Toronto

12. Boston

13. New Jersey

14. St. Louis

15. Hartford

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Good question.

Dangler was in the SNES A finals vs ?

Has it been posted?

I don't see it.

Who won?

I haven't played the final series yet against masterof94. I'll try to contact him and get that done this week. SNES NHL94 has been so dead that this could be my last series.

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1. Detriot Red Wings

2. Los Angeles Kings

3. Dallas Stars

4. Chicago Blackhawks

5. Quebec Nordiques

6. Vancouver Canucks

7. Winnipeg Jets

8. Toronto Maple Leafs

9. Montreal Canadiens

10. Boston Bruins

I've always wanted to try and play SNES via netplay, so I thought I'd check in.

Gens C - Zothound

1. New York Rangers

2. Montreal

3. Toronto

4. Boston

5. St Louis

6. Winnipeg

7. Calgary

8. Philly

9. Quebec

10. Buff

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1. Sabres

2. Flames

3. Blackhawks

4. Penguins

5. Kings

6. Rangers

7. Canucks

8. Nordiques

9. Whalers

10. Blues

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Aw, no nhl94online.com support

If the league standings are tracked on nhl94online.com, i would like to be in...

Genesis B or C league









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Put me in, coach.


1. Toronto

2. Buffalo

3. Chicago

4. Detroit

5. Boston

6. St. Louis

7. Montreal

8. Pittsburgh

9. Washington

10. Pittsburgh


email: aluison@uwo.ca

AOL: louie4teen

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Evan mentioned in this thread that NHL94online.com would not be available for stats/standings etc. It is still a work in progress getting a new database setup so that anyone will be able to run a league through it(or so that is my understanding).

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We had a couple of things that we tried last time around, but it looks like we won't have nhl94online, or anything like it, until at least the summer.

Those of you that indicated that you wouldn't play without an uploader, please reply or IM me letting me know if you're still interested.

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i would be willing to upload games for the gens A league onto donch's record keeper, i would just need guys to email or post the save files on here so i can take em and download them, then i can keep things updated that way.

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thats a decent amount of work. and for gens A only? those not in gens A wont be happy

other guys can step up in there respective leagues and its much easier to only be doing one league on the record keeper

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when this s**t starts? :blink:

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