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Hey guys. I just wanted to let everyone know that my brother and I are fervently working on an AHL 09 mod for the NHL 94 game. We have 10 full teams done between the two of as far as rosters, logos, and jerseys. We should be done by the end of this month. If you have any tips, it will be of great assistance!



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If you have any tips, it will be of great assistance!

Just a couple: Make sure Mike Brodeur is the highest rated Goalie. And the Home jerseys for the Amerks are the candy stripes :)

Psyched to see the new rom bro. Thanks

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Finished up the Lowell Devils today...

I have rosters done for:

Albany, Syracuse, Providence, Portland, Quad City, G. Rapids, Rochester, Lowell, Hartford, Philly, Worcester.

My brother has yet to send me updated banners and the ice logos that he has finished...grrr...


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By the way I meant to say, I saw this on Youtube and it got me super pumped man I cannot WAIT!!!, any way you can make it have online? I told all my friends about it already and they are pumped as well.

I only have 4 more teams that need rosters. I should be able to finish them up very soon. We just need some logos and banners for some of the teams. B)

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w00t. That AHL 2005 mod came in handy though it was very hard to import some of the ice logos to my jerseys and NOSE. I'm also colorblind but it was being very difficult.

This is all that remains except the starting menu banners and logos:

Rosters TO DO ASAP:


Hamilton Bulldogs

Norfolk Admirals

Peoria Rivermen

Springfield Falcons

Ice Logos To DO ASAP:


Rockford Icehogs (cameron)

Texas Stars (change Dallas->Texas)

Chicago Wolves (cameron)

Manchester Monarchs (tweak)

Springfield (AHL 05)

Since the AHL currently has 29 teams. I added the Texas Stars which is the Dallas Stars new AHL team for 2010. You may remember the Iowa Stars from previous years. I used current Dallas Stars propects to fill in the roster which worked very well.

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Could this, perhaps, be the Blitz "farm league" rom, smoz?

hmmm.. I think I would rather have the Blitz Farm guys get familiarized with the NHL weight-bug-fixed players...

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