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Robby D

"A Newb in need...

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Evening chaps, and greetings from across the pond!

I suppose i'm new to NHL 94, but it's eaten up all my spare time of late, and i've been forced to create more free-time now i've downloaded a few bells and whistles (the NOSE editor being the holy grail so far)!

But, playing through a good ammount of games has brought a few niggles to my attention, some I hope it's possible to fix; hopefully with you guys on side to help. In any case, there's only one way to find out, and that's asking.

I'll upload my current ROM version so you guys can take a look, see what you make of my asks, whether you're generous enough to have a go at solving anything is of course up to you, i'm not fishing for it all being done for me, I want to learn too.

I'll list these down in order of (what I believe to be) ease to do, some are just cosmetic, others a bit more complex, and some are just wild flights of fancy...but hey, we can always dream right?

Here we go:

1) Centre Ice logo recolouring -

The Nose Strip Editor appears to have taken a toll on the centre Ice logos, which now are either in the wrong colours, wrong colour patterns or in black and white. Not good.

Two remedies i'd be interested in, either a way to return the logos to their original colours, or to remove centre ice logos from the game all-together, I can't say I'd miss them a great deal, and they do tend to clutter somewhat.

2) Player Eyes Recolouring -

I've also noticed that on many (and I presume all) of the home uniforms, the players eyes (Ie: the single pixels) are no longer black, but instead white. This means they don't quite stand out as they previously did, which takes away from the charm of the original sprites; which although not crucial is a shame. Any possible fix?

3) SWOS strip Hack -

I'd quite like to be able to incorporate the SWOS strip hack into my ROM, which would allow for a much better representation of the jerseys in the editor; the only way i'm aware of is downloading the 30 team ROM and editing, but editing the menu's logos, players and teams is a bit out of my depth for the moment, so I'd rather stick as close to the 'Vanilla' version of NHL 94 as possible. I'm happy to leave out the goalie crease edit that SWOS has also done, in fact i'd prefer to keep the semi-circle crease. Can the strip hack be added?

4) Disable Hooking -

During gameplay players can become stuck against another for a few seconds, before either being checked or breaking free. I presume (although I may be wrong) that this is a result of the hooking feature that i've read about. Is there a way to disable this.

Okay, heading into flight of fancy zone here, but bear with me...

5) Skating over downed (checked players) -

This is probably the most frustrating of all the little niggles in the game, especially in plays behind the net. Picture the scene, you follow Lucky Luke behind the net, puck on your stick, but Luke gets hit, and goes down. Now you have a defender on your tail, and as Gretzky camps out in front of the net, ready for the one-timer you're stuck between a rock and a hard-place, you can't skate through as a prone Robitaille lies out flat, and you can't go back and get checked. Your fecked!

If it were possible to allow players to be unobstructed by players that have fallen/been checked, whilst maintaining the collisions between active players, that would be awesome.

It's a long shot, but...

6) The Holy Grail - NHLPA 93 style injuries and fights.

Fights I can see being difficult, but re-texturing the injury sprites possibly less so...It would be especially impressive if heads only bled on game long injuries, rather than lesser period long, or 2 period long ones.

See the ROM attached below.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice your able to give guys, it's much appreciated.



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