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Thank you,thank you for letting me have no life for so long hehe.(beat ya Metz haha) I know the superior intellect I posess is staggering but I had to share it with someone.The knowledge is endless and the intelligence limitless, but the most important thing that I bring to this community is ...ahhhhh....well anyways ,it's been fun ...not........seems I will never win any league besides snes B about 10 years ago hehe.This game has probably taken 10 years off my life and I have the grey hair and wrinkles in my shorts to prove it! ..anyways ggs and live long and prosper and live life clean and sober ..hehe

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What happens with all his posts that have been deleted over time? Do they still count towards his total post number? Because I'm sure he's had 100's of posts deleted over the years hahaha.

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If a post is removed, the number doesn't change.

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