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I am completely new to hacking, guys. I have been messing around with editing player ratings, and still having a little trouble. This will probably seem like a stupid question, but here it goes:

When I am editing a player in Hex workshop, does it matter which side of the screen I am typing the changes into? On the left side of the screen all of the numbers are two digits long (or a pair of two digit numbers). On the right side, there is numbers, letters, and other symbols that don't seem to match up to what I am typing in.


Let's say I am editing Nylander from Hartford. It goes from looking like this:

Mikael Nylander.6T3#"212

to this:

Mikael Nylander.60666666 (assuming that I was going to change him to the lowest weight, and the highest rating on everything else).

What I'm getting confused about is that I'm not sure what to make of the # and the " that are now replace with numbers.

I'm sure it is something stupid I'm just not aware of.

Any ideas to help to steer me back in the right direction?

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In short, the left hand window is a presentation of file represented in hexidecimal bytes.

00 = 0, 0F = 15, 10 = 15, FF = 255 (base 16 numbering system, decimal is base 10)

The right window is the ascii equivalent of the the byte value (see Ascii Tables)

When altering a players name, you can use the right side and type in the replacement characters from your standard keyboard characters.

When altering player attributes or jersey numbers, it's best you use the left hand window, and type in the appropriate hexidecimal value... 0 thru 9, A B C D E or F, and iIngore the ascii characters/values shown in the right window.

Be sure to read all of Evan's well documented notes on this website if you haven't already!!!!

Failing that, wait a short while longer and my editor be released to all. I've slightly delayed its release a little, though that is because I've added decided to add more features to the initial release, and not that I haven't had time to work on it.

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