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  3. So it's looking like I'll be making the drive from SK, Canada to Minot, then to Minny. If anyone's on the way and wants to split fuel costs, let me know. Still undetermined whether I'm going with kids or without. Long story short, I had a buddy from USA visit me in Canada and then get deported, so I still have a bunch of his s**t in my closet, so he's taking a flight to Minot and I'm picking him up to help with the drive. Then he can fly his s**t back home with him to Cali haha. But I have a larger vehicle if someone wants a ride. Cheers!
  4. When the goalie has the puck in 93, do you get goalie control at that point? are you able to move him and pass? If so, maybe the 94 goalie button hack could be adapted to add basic goalie control to 93?
  5. Lol. My buddy brought his system. He only had rf and it was running a bit late so we just went with it.
  6. skip

    IIHF Legacy 2019

    @KTup710 made them! They're pretty much the best part of the ROM lol
  7. Nice tourney Halifax... closest to having it run in an ice bar u can get f**k that weather! ...I thought those trophies were 94 coasters before I got good look! Edit: Nhl 94 in an ice bar is an amazing idea lol
  8. Last week
  9. Yep, big congrats to all the buds @stheds2000 @The90Jacket @halifax @tylerdeanhill The trophies look very nice.
  10. @clockwise has agreed to create a custom 2v2 rom for Edge of 94 Midwest. The North Stars will replace the Dallas Stars, and real NHL94 personalities will be placed onto the teams. If interested in being put in the game on a specific team, please let me know. We hope to play this Friday the 28th. Here's what we have so far, will edit as needed: Rangers : Kingraph #1, LW Rangers #0 Hawks : EA #27, DPS#13 Trojan #79 in net Buffalo : Mort #89, Tecmo Lou #16 Winnipeg : Slapshot Sean #13 Green Majik #77 Sharks : angryjay93 #93 Moeman #88 Burnzy the Dog in net Pens : Chris O #66, Jagr #68(must have young flow mullet) Quebec: Kevin Cabarello #10 and the Late Bert Hunter #87 Edmonton : Mr T Toronto : Jer_33 #33, DanTML7 #17, The Shield Minnesota : Leif Erikson #9, Darik Aho #26 Detroit : Sroka -77- righty Houslander-4-righty Kings : Retro Sports Gamer #99, Lumberjack Cracks #20 Blues : Tyler Votaw Tampa : Hank the Tank New Jersey : Arda Ocal Ken Daneyko Penguins Chris O Carter
  11. Those banners are the great!
  12. You can be clockwise and your beard can be Jesusplaysnhl94. There is enough of you for both bud.
  13. Trojan said he didn't know clockwise was the same guy. Should I consider a switch?
  14. Ha! I need six skaters AND a goalie to hang with the other division. (fixed below) A little reshuffle to my lines: Montreal - Chris O (1) SC1 - Savard, Bellows,Damphousse, Desjardins, Schneider (2) SC2 - Muller, Lebeau,, Dionne, Daigneault, Brisebois (3) CHK - Leeman, Leclair, Carbonneau, Ramage, Odelein (4) Garage League - Keane, Brunet, Ronan, Haller, Hill Goalies - (1) Roy, (2) Racicot
  15. Hey bud, you playing line 2 without a goalie? you have 6 skaters
  16. Thanks for putting this up bud. Sounds like another well run tournament for you with a good format! I didn't catch you streaming it but saw that game you put on fb. Congrats @stheds2000 on the win and to @The90Jacket on fighting the good fight, if they ever come round these parts anymore.
  17. A little reshuffle to my lines: Montreal - Chris O (1) SC1 - Savard, Bellows,Damphousse, Desjardins, Schneider (2) SC2 - Muller, Lebeau, Bellows, Dionne, Daigneault, Brisebois (3) CHK - Leeman, Leclair, Carbonneau, Ramage, Odelein (4) Garage League - Keane, Brunet, Ronan, Haller, Hill Goalies - (1) Roy, (2) Racicot
  18. The Saskatoon Tournament Finished up yesterday. Here was a breakdown of the tournament format and results. 1. It was a Round Robin Swiss Tournament. So each round players were playing against someone with the exact same record. 2. 16 players, 4 games played per player. We had 8 setups so there was no wait time. 3. Those that won 3 or more games played in the A playoffs, those who 2 games played in the B, those who won one game or less played in the C. 4. Players had the option to move up one level if they chose to. Ex. A "C" player could choose to move up to the "B" playoffs or a "B "player could choose to move up to the "A" playoffs. No one could move down a playoffs (one player did ask me that though) :D. In the end, no one exercised this option. 5. There were 5 prizes. $150 cash, $80 Cash, $50 gift certificate from the brewhouse and a couple of NHL jerseys. *Teemu Selanne (Jets) and Ryan Nugent Hopkins (Oilers) 6.The top three players in A got their first picks of the prizes, The B champion got the 4th pick and the C champion got what was left. 7. @stheds2000 (1st place "A") took the $150, @The90Jacket (2nd place "A") to the $80 Cash, I (3rd place "A") told Jared (before we played the third place game) that he would get to pick his prize as I wasn't going to take anything. He took the Selanne Jersey. Steve ("B" Champion) took the $50 Gift Certificate and Jonn ("C" Champion) took the Nugent-Hopkins jersey, which he later sold to my buddy Matt (who's a big oilers fan). 8. The champion for each playoffs got a trophy. Round Robin - > "A" PLayoffs - > "B" PLayoffs - > "C" PLayoffs - > I think it ended up being a good format. Guys liked that they were playing guys of similar skill in the playoffs and there were a lot of close playoff games. The guy who didn't win any games played 6 games and lost 5 of them by one goal. I think everyone enjoyed it. I'll post pictures soon. I was interviewed by CTV Saskatoon. I haven't seen the video yet but I'll post when I get it. Here's the story. SASKATOON -- The Canadian Brewhouse in Stonebridge was host to a nostalgic video game tournament on Sunday, playing the classic hockey video game NHL ‘94. Event organizer Darrell Sampson has hosted the event in multiple cities around North America in the past, such as Las Vegas, New York, and Toronto. "The nostalgia from it has grown over many years," Sampson said. "Guys in their 30s and 40s that played as a kid are still playing today." The tournament in Toronto was the first attempt at hosting the video game competition, and Sampson said 128 people were in attendance. But why play a video game that’s more than 25 years old? "It was the first time they had NHL teams and players in the same game. They introduced the one-timer that game, and manual goalie control. It was probably the first time it felt like a real video game for NHL," Samspon said. Several rules were in place to keep the tournament fair. Players had to manual control their goalies, teams were picked after a coin toss and there was a six goal mercy rule in case anyone got carried away with the score. 16 competitors were signed up to face-off against each other in Saskatoon at The Canadian Brewhouse for a cash prize and bragging rights.
  19. skip

    IIHF Legacy 2019

    For anyone that was a fan of this international ROM, special release coming soon.
  20. Thank you Clockwise I will look into it. I like the default full speed that you get with the precise passes but god it's a struggle to play when it slows down and feels like you''re skating through mud. Or other times the game starts out slow and is like that through the whole game.
  21. Just a reminder I'll be going live on the Edge of 94 Midwest Facebook page with Greg Cundari aka Angryjay93 at 9PM CST this evening to discuss the Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament! We'll be talking prize giveaways, new sponsorships, and recapping some updated details as we get closer to the big day! Please follow us at Edge Of '94 Midwest on Facebook for that notification!
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