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  3. And as you can see form my picture, I want to do a "NHL 94" version of my Print and Play copy of the board game, while I wait for my real copy (that should arrive in the first quarter of 2020). I've almost done the gameboard, but the players will give me some trouble… so that's why I would really like to find "sprite sheets" of all the teams' players' skating animation instead of having to play games on my DOSBox and screen capturing like a madman!
  4. It's only a Print and Play version for now, and the rules are still in the beta phase, but so far it's fun. Maybe that's a sign that's a great game, because it's easy to learn and difficult to master. It has a feeling of Nintendo's Ice Hockey, with the players being of different sizes and the style of the pictures (maybe that's what the game's creators wanted to capture, after all). I don't know if it's possible to grab a late pledge from Kickstarter, but the pledge manager phase (where the backers confirm their purchases) is underway right now.
  5. Are you modding SNES roms @CoachMac? Not enough to be a Sega NHL94 All-Star?
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  7. This is an Original rom with only the Dallas Stars converted back to the Minnesota North Stars and the Playoff settings changed back to when they were Divisional. NHL'94northstars.smc
  8. Rom with all the correct player names from 1993. KGBcomplete.smc
  9. There have been no posts within 48 hours. Unacceptable. The silence is deafening and makes me long for drunken, redacted, hokkee trade-rage, GDL posts. Also, I'm on the Discord, now, and am avail for exis.
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  11. No, not something THAT complicated! I just want the static sprite sheets (well, sort of…) of the players' skating animation, like something I would use to create a frame-by-frame animated GIF like we can see on this website. The truth is, it's to create players standees for my Print and Play version of Trick Shot, a hockey board game I backed on Kickstarter. I've already created some standees (Montreal Canadians and Québec Nordiques) using a picture I found on Google, but I would like to use the characters seen in the PC version of NHL 95. They were more detailed (in a pixelated point of view! :)) than those from the SNES and Genesis versions. That way, I could have different standees for each position (and maybe even for every players). If I could get my hand on a file with all the animation frames pictured (front and back views), I could simply use that to create my visuals instead of playing games after games and creating screenshots hoping to get the frames I want…
  12. I don't think you'll be able to open the images as typical internet graphics files. They'll be crammed into some custom format, like Doom's WAD files. (PNG wasn't invented until 1996 and barely used until the mid 2000s, and JPG is lossy, not appropriate for video game graphics (plus it was slow to decode on those old computers))
  13. I know that most graphics and colours (jerseys) can be changed, but are you hoping to tweak player animations? If so, that's a whole other level of programming.
  14. The editors can be run through dosbox aswell. Thats what I do. I can run them from android even.
  15. how you edit this game to to make different teams names and logos
  16. whats the best NCAA Rom Hack someone as or know
  17. Actually, now I’m more looking for graphic files (.png, .jpg, whatever) of the various players’ animations so I can edit them for a personal project of mine. I’m making no sense of all the files within the DOS folder and since I have no access to a PC (I’m on a Mac), most programs that could help me tweak those files are not easily available to me.
  18. ROMs must be thrown into the folder "Games" The first player plays at home. To change sides in the game press the button t and write "team /swap 1 2" In the tab Netplay and Setting you need to select the server and key to hash, you can also write a nickname (your username): F5 key-quick save F7-quick load. F9 key-screenshot. screenshots are automatically saved in the folder "snaps" also in the emulator folder there is a text file with the name! Next, select the platform. for example Sega mega drive Next, click on Controller setup
  19. I created a roster generator but didn't really finish it. It used stats from hockeydb and an excel sheet as base for the players...
  20. Welcome back! I think you helped me get set up with port forwarding and stuff like that. Way back in 2008.
  21. You can always come back. My hope is that we can rebuild a modding community surrounding 2KHS, like the 94 or the 2004 communities. Especially since the new games like NHL19 aren't exactly modder friendly. 2KHS plays much more like a modern game and more realistic aswell. I think there should be a fanbase of hockey gamers that just like me enjoy modding and would like to mod a game as modern as possible. 2KHS is actually very good compared to the current games. We could have graphics modders, Tournament rosters, domestic leagues like KHL, SHL, hackers that research and make tools, etc... I am working on the current roster, but need help with high res graphics, player ingame faces, sticks, equipment and more and would love some help.
  22. Hey bud, good you see that you're back in the fold. I remember you from way back when because I played some of my first SNES league games against you back in....2007? 2008? One of those Anyways, it's always a good day when we get one of the originals to come back. A lot has happened but the game remains the same, enjoy!
  23. So it looks like the last post I made on here was 2011 so I guess it's been a while I've been playing leagues on here since... 2003-ish? Looks like things have changed a lot! Love that we're now using Discord instead of AIM Once I get my NHL rig setup again for online play I'll be looking for some exhibition games, and then to try to re-learn how to play the game again. I haven't played NHL94 at all in years!
  24. Do you think the Raptors fans will be gone in time?
  25. how you change banners above and add pictures (Like change start menu ,etc)
  26. Glad to see you guys enjoyed and still continue to enjoy the 2K games. I had a blast working on some of them and miss that experience.
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  28. Unfortunately, I do not know. We had a verbal agreement to return, but they never signed the contract so we are not returning
  29. Will there be a NHL 94 tournament this year @ Too Many Games?
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