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  3. Last update for the season. I´ll be back in October. 20_3.DBX.rar
  4. Trade Deadline ROM will be posted tomorrow. It is essentially done. I am just awaiting a few confirmations on some jersey numbers. File and details to come...
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  6. Just noticed this again... did this league actually run at some point?
  7. @PenguinFan1985 I adjusted just goalie ratings little bit down.
  8. Updated OP with the 2019 and 2020 updates from Skip/Sauce and Naples, as well as some cool ROMs from JKline like the 1910s, historical olympics, and more.
  9. These massive bins are filled with consoles carts, and controllers, power and AV hookups. I spent most of the weekend going through the majority of gear we'll be bringing to Minneapolis. We're confident when we say there won't be any system bandwidth issues holding the tournament up.
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  11. @Kiba did you adjust anything for the computers for that video? It looks very aggressive and I never seem to get a good challenge these days. Was it just ratings adjustments?
  12. When you say they shoot on their backhand, do you mean their wrong hand (righties with the stick blade on their left), or the animation is weird and they do a backhand animation? If the handednesses are reversed, then you can use NOSE to just go in and swap all the handednesses.
  13. Announcing some additional prizes : The Gamerztek 16 Bit HD is our official SNES clone console, which can play on standard definition via composite on your CRT, or on your HD display via HDMI. The included controllers are fantastic, and they do support original style SNES controllers. This is a $50 value, and at minimum 2 of them will be given away to tournament participants! Don't worry, we're all about that CRT, but it's nice to have something like this that easily hooks up to your living room TV, or your game room CRT.
  14. NHL2K20 v200220 has been released. Grab a copy at http://PlayNHL.TK! Some of the new features are: Finished all trades up until 2020-02-20. New profile images for Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser. New beards for Joe Thornton and Brent Burns. New Hotkeys.ini included so that pause-button on USB-controller will create save state. Updated sticks of skaters and goalies, no more skaters with goalie sticks and vice versa. Improved board commercial size. Renamed Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg Jets. Renamed Phoenix Coyotes to Arizona Coyotes. Updated all AHL affiliate team names.
  15. Yeah, you are right about goalie control when you play other people. Quite an important feature to avoid the cheap goals...
  16. I originally posted this in a different category back on April 1, 2018. Not sure if anyone really saw it there but since then I've seen some posts about updates and such in the last year or so, this would be a good starting point if someone is thinking about updating for a 2020 version. The All-Star teams are Nashville and Vegas.. Winnipeg is Winnipeg. Keep in mind the stats are pretty biased... Pittsburgh is kinda jacked and I've made the skaters faster than the original game as I prefer it a bit quicker. Just download the attached files, drag them over the original files in your main folder and you should be good to go! If anyone happens to update these roster files to a 2020 version, please share. Have fun! AWAYPALS.BIN CRESTS4 (1).PPV HOMEPALS (1).BIN ATT (1).DB KEY (1).DB TEAMS (1).DB
  17. So it's looking like I'll be making the drive from SK, Canada to Minot, then to Minny. If anyone's on the way and wants to split fuel costs, let me know. Still undetermined whether I'm going with kids or without. Long story short, I had a buddy from USA visit me in Canada and then get deported, so I still have a bunch of his s**t in my closet, so he's taking a flight to Minot and I'm picking him up to help with the drive. Then he can fly his s**t back home with him to Cali haha. But I have a larger vehicle if someone wants a ride. Cheers!
  18. When the goalie has the puck in 93, do you get goalie control at that point? are you able to move him and pass? If so, maybe the 94 goalie button hack could be adapted to add basic goalie control to 93?
  19. Lol. My buddy brought his system. He only had rf and it was running a bit late so we just went with it.
  20. Nice pics till I saw an RF adapter hooked up to a flat screen
  21. skip

    IIHF Legacy 2019

    @KTup710 made them! They're pretty much the best part of the ROM lol
  22. Nice tourney Halifax... closest to having it run in an ice bar u can get f**k that weather! ...I thought those trophies were 94 coasters before I got good look! Edit: Nhl 94 in an ice bar is an amazing idea lol
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