Which controller to use for league games

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Guest nhl92fan

Use the WINGMAN LOGITECH controller for all league games.

I had a 15-4 record with the hapless Sharks using this pad, it rocks!! EXCELLENT control.

Then it broke.

So, I bought this "nyko airflo" thing. It has a fan to cool your dry hands built in. WOW! Cool right? NO!

The controller SUCKS!!!!! I got my ASS handed to me by Toronto my first 2 games using this contraption. The Dpad is STIFF like a board, so you cant deke at all.

Tonight, I pulled out a win against EDM, but this thing is still God awful. I just ordered the WINGMAN from ebay, and advise every one of you to do so.

Its funny, you dont notice how bad a controller really is until you play a "heated" game. I just ordered a brand new WINGMAN from ebay for only $15 bucks. I advise everyone to use this controller.

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