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    COMPLETED!!! A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an appreciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game. KHL 21' is now living in NHL95!!! Let me know what you think regardless. KHL'21(95).bin
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    I was able to get most of the exhibition stuff done. Still need to figure out what I didn't log when it comes to loading the nameplates on the US Map. Right now it is loading SF and SEA for the AFC and NFC. I got the team text set up and need to tweak the US map highlighter but progress is progress. Will hopefully get a huge portion done in the next couple of days and then start the Season coding. I have the Helmet shells and logos almost figured out. Fingers crossed but looks like it will be doable in the next 2-3 weeks barring some major hurdle I haven't thought about.
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    So today I started hacking the original TSB 3 rom and hopefully in a couple weeks I can release it. This will have only hacks that are needed to add 2 teams to the original rom. The biggest 3 hurdles will be the Big Helmets, end zones and the Team Select Menu. I hacked the Big helmets for my face hack and I hacked the Team select to be one team at a time. I will revisit that code and see if I can just add another page like the original has and make it 8 teams per page. I don't think I tried to do that on TSB4 as I already knew what I wanted to do with that menu. Endzones are just a pain to draw and map out because of the way the field is skewed. Not sure how I want to handle it right now, may end up adding the midfield logos and field mapping from TSB4 as It would make future edits way easier for people wanting to do their own roms. I really don't want to do much graphical hacking if I don't need to. The mini helmets and name plates are already done. Working on the menu highlight cursor that highlights the helmet of the team you are currently on. I am doing all the graphics first before adding the coding to make it 32 teams/8 divisions. When I release this I will release it in a new thread and post the link here.
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    I just found this site yesterday and spent a good amount of time trying to understand what was going on which led me here. As someone less than 24 hours into this foray, I'd like to give my perspective as an outsider. Documenting it now is better than waiting a few months and forgetting what it was like to be an outside. First, I just want to say the only reason I'm taking the time to give this feedback is because I appreciate what you have all done so far, I hope to be a part of the community, and I give this feedback with good intentions so that the community might be better off for it. I'm in no way a troll just spewing criticisms from a dark corner of the internet because it makes me feel better. I simply don't have the inclination or time. To start, I'll preface that I'll parallel this little diatribe to that of a business trying to obtain and retain customers. If you all want to increase the number of people in the community and thus the amount of people playing this game, ask yourself what you would do as a business if you were trying to charge people for this experience. Simplifying that approach for the benefit of this post, a business should: Sell the experience, Reduce the friction for the prospect to be a customer, Provide great customer support. So, the specifics... A. The homepage is busy. Actually, both are. After a couple of hours of bouncing around and reading everything I'm still not sure why there are two homepages. It's all too much information for someone new. A business would create one homepage, sell the experience, and make it very clear what the visitor to the site was supposed to do next (the "call to action")...which is download the software to play. Everything else is a distraction for a new user. If you need all that other information later, great...bury it out of sight in the menu and funnel the new users there once they're up and running. B. I downloaded the software for my mac to install it and was a little confused. I know what an emulator and ROM is which gives me a bit of a leg up on other newbies, but I'm in no way up to date on what all the technologies are -- I haven't used an emulator in 10 years. So, there were some little nuances like the unusual interface and getting past Apple's security that made it a bit confusing. The site's instructions helped a bit, a simple Youtube tutorial would have been much more helpful. Those two roadblocks are probably enough to keep most people away. I kept going because my brother and I used to play this game for hours a day as kids and we're looking to recreate the experience remotely so we're a little extra motivated. We ordered controllers and will be able to figure out how to start playing against one another, but I'm honestly not even sure what to do to get into some pickup games or register for upcoming leagues/tournaments. C. I'm sure you're all busy and being a full-time customer service rep is not on your bucket list. That being said, it'd be nice if I knew that to go for help I should consult this message board, go to the Discord channel, go to the facebook group, or click one of the email links to ask for help. Again, too many options, too much friction. Funnel everyone to the most active place and consider killing the rest. Again, I don't want to sound like an angry, ungrateful person who showed up to spit vile. That's not my intention. It seems like this community has been active for a long time and everything has been piecemealed together as technology has progressed, with no major revamp to refresh the groundwork. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually and hope to see you all in some games at some point in the future.
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    Adding the first few teams. Helsinki Jokerit is the to dawn NHL95!!!!
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    Continuing the trek westward... 2020 OHL.bin Enjoy!
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    COMPLETED!!! A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an apprciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game. NCAA 21' is here dawning NHL95!!! There are 2 options (One with traditional banners and the other with the new and improved). Let me know what you think regardless. NCAA'21(95)Alternative Banners.bin NCAA'21(95).bin
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    Koke (Van) vs Token Toma (Wpg) #1 @koke_45 (Van) - 1000 #8 @TokenToma (Wpg) +1000 Season Series: Van 3-1 Koke showed a new dimension to his game this season as he was able to add a stout defense to his high flying offense punctuated by a sub 4.00 GAA and allowing fewer than 10 shots a game. Always a tough out in the playoffs, this may be Koke’s best opportunity at a breakout playoff run as he seems to have the pair of Bure and Linden flying high on both sides of the ice. TokenToma put together a clutch 9-1 streak to squeak into the playoffs as he held the tiebreaker over Kof94III’s champion Fed’s Flames. Not just any old 8 seed, Token possesses a +12 goal differential and played some very competitive games with Koke during the regular season despite losing the season series. Bottom Line: This is a pretty even matchup team wise and it comes down to who plays the better and more consistent game. I like Vancouver here as Koke really seems to be putting things together and has two main scoring options whereas Winnipeg only has one. Prediction: VAN in 5 Dethrox (Mtl) vs Mikeyv04 (Pit) #2 @dethrox (Mtl) -600 #7 @Mikeyv04 (Pit) +600 Season Series: Montreal 3-2 Montreal certainly took a unique path to success this season as they rode Patrick Roy, premium playmaking, and a contain defense en route to winning their division. Some red flags concern me considering a matchup with Pittsburgh on the docket. First of all Montreal was outshot this season by their opponent. Second, Montreal also spent more time in their own zone defending than they did on the attack and lastly they don’t have a gamebreaking talent on their roster. Despite these things, Dethrox plays a disciplined style that allows him to flourish by taking advantage of the other teams mistakes. Pittsburgh’s season was the antithesis of Montreal, the Pens outshot their opponents, outzoned them and had some of the worst goaltending this season. Pittsburgh’s roster is miles ahead of Montreal’s but the utilization makes me skeptical as Mario and Ulf Samuelsson carried a lot of the scoring burden while Stevens and Jagr seemed to be scuffling for the most part. A confounding yet dangerous team. Bottom Line: This series holds the biggest upset potential and I squirm at the idea of having to play Pittsburgh with Montreal. Montreal’s contain defense will have to be on point and if they can take advantage of Pittsburgh’s puck rushing defenseman, I see a clear path to victory despite all of the other stats. Montreal in 6 Jammerko94II (Bos) vs Stheds2000 (Wsh) #3 @Jammer - KO94IIsnes (Bos) -300 #6 @stheds2000 (Wsh) +300 Season Series: Boston 3-2 I get the sense from Jammer that Boston is not his favorite team but you would not be able to tell by the success they had this season. Leading the league in GAA and shots for seems to be a delicious recipe for success. The only thing really slowing down Boston is a relative inexperience to their opponent in online play. Even with that in mind, I wouldn’t be so quick to bury the Kof94II champ as his numbers speak for themself. In the other corner of this heavyweight battle is online veteran stheds2000, who used a low event, puck possessing style to his benefit. This roster is perfectly constructed to compete with Boston as the Caps blueline can handle Boston’s talented roster while Bondra will do his best to put the B’s on their heels during counter attacks. Bottom Line: This has the makings of a 7 gamer and could be a very frustrating series on both sides of the ice. These teams are perfectly situated to punch each other in the mouth with viscous body checks and stifling defense. Whoever loses their cool in this matchup will likely see their playoff run stop well short of expectation. Prediction: Boston in 7 Stantonator (LA) vs Angryjay93 (NYR) #4 Stantonator (LA) -100 #5 Angryjay93 (NYR) +100 Season Series: LA 2-0 Stantonator, hot off an impressive showing at Kof94IV continues to ride the wave in LA as he used a swarming offensive attack and excellent manual goaltending to great success this season. Using a balanced scoring attack, LA cobbled together the 2nd highest scoring offense despite only having one individual in the top 10 scoring (#8 Sandstrom). Pair this with a couple of big heavies on the backline and you have to like Stantonator’s chances at a long playoff run. You let one GENS guy win a SNES championship and it seems everyone answers the bell to take him down as this season was so stacked with competition we had to have TWO A Leagues. We all know what we get with the Angryjay style, tons of puck possession, lots of passing, and stifling contain defense. NYR led the league in fewest shots allowed, that paired with their league leading attack zone time and special teams may be their best defense against LA’s balanced attack. Bottom Line: A true pick em as LA seems to have a slight roster edge in this matchup and Stantonator has been on absolute fire since Toronto. Still, it is my odds and if I go down, I’m going down believing in myself! To the prediction! Prediction: NYR in 7 Odds to win Cup: Jammer (Bos): +400 Dethrox (Mtl): +500 Angryjay93 (NYR): +600 Stantonator (LA): +600 Koke (Van): +800 Stheds2000 (Wsh): +1300 MikeyV04 (Pit): +2500 TokenToma (Wpg): +5000
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    Hey you. Yeah the one who quit a few years ago and wrote off the league for a variety of reasons previously discussed and that don't really need to be re-hashed. Okay, I'll re-hash a few: 1) gens is confusing and annoying - We are all on Retroarch now. it's not perfect, but it's easier and better and we have dedicated people who can try a bunch of stuff to fix it. 2) people are tryhards/ assholes/ douchebags - okay lay off @Uncle Seth, but pretty much everyone else is nice and fun to play against. This season, we had enough players to have a C division, and next year if most stay, we'll be able to balance competition even more! 3) AOL IM sucks - LOL we use discord. I'm so glad I wasn't here in the days of AOL IM or I would have laughed this group into obscurity. 4) people don't play their games - @kingraph or @halifax can correct me, but I think we had like 95% league games and 100% playoff games played this last Classic. 5) soandso's not here anymore, so I quit - be your own man. There's lots more good people here to play with. even Halifax plays online now. 6) laaaaaaaaaaaaaaagolas - generally speaking, this keeps getting better not only because of general internet quality (like fiberoptics, and higher speeds, lower latency), but also because of chaos and other tech guys who can help with retroarch settings and computer settings to enable/disable/change things to tweak. Need more reasons? 1) lately we stream an average of 10 hours of high quality NHL94 action per week to various twitch channels. Okay, some is high quality, some is low, and some f**king weird dude has plastic stairs, but it's great fun to hang, drink, and chat with the other viewers. 2) There's some thing in Korea called "NHL 94 Rewind". We have no idea what it is or what system it's for, but this could be optimized for internet gameplay (unlike our original version), and could make finding and playing games all over the world easier. Or it could be a massive f**king flop. But either way, come join the party! 3) Just recently, a player named @Tickenest created an online ELO based player ranking/rating type of system. Since there may not be (m)any live tourneys for NHL94 that would qualify as official events and change rankings, an online system is a good way to find out where you rank against all the other players around North America and try to climb the ladder. 4) there's more exis available than ever, at all hours of the day. "Primetime" is still 7-11EST, but we have players who post for games as late as 5am EST, and as early as 7am EST haha. And imagine if YOU and ten others come back and post when you want exis? No more waiting for games. 5) who the f**k is danTML anyway? Never heard of him - I'm just a guy who accidentally skipped over nhl94 in the franchise due to being poor as a kid. Owned 93, 95, 97, and then stuck with 97 for 22 years. I'm very saddened and embarrassed, but I've been in this community now for a while and I realize 97 is trash and I've played thousands of games of 94 since and I'm always learning and improving. I started a YouTube and Twitch channel to help spread the joy to others. I exi anyone and everyone and also help chaos with tech support. 6) I'm considering helping to fire up Plablegs old league as it seems like it was thoroughly enjoyed and missed. The list could go on, but those are the main ones I can think of. I'm going to tag some names that I've seen around lately in tickenest's data that he's shared. Feel free to ignore, or wake up from your long retirement/hiatus/slumber, find us on discord and I'll help you get set up! @Zalex @Freydey @Depch @NorthwayNative @Carse @Bigfoot @minpind @dangleisious @Fitzo @donnybrook @Sicarius @Buc @flasox24 @Wittgenstein @nahkahomo @eggink444 @orangeblack92 @da94wookiee @skoolyardpuck @Sebe_The_Legend @Snyder @ba55i5t @Bo Knows NHL94 @Skeletor @jackandjose @redbonzai @JackVandal @xdeathsbloodx @Pearate @Burntman @The Dopefish @kylewat @VintageKing @jbalicki10 @Samuel Quirion There is 100% I tagged someone that I probably shouldn't have, like someone who was banned or someone who died, or whatever, but I don't care. I hope you're all okay in COVID times and you'll join us all with some NHL94 self-isolation (immolation???) To anyone else reading, feel free to tag a bug or two. To you @Brutus, how much can we as the NHL94 community pay you to spam text all those cell numbers you have in your phone and get them to come back for a tourney or some exis to see if they still got it? LOL. Thanks all.
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    Hey, so I started this project earlier on in Covid, I was hoping to have it released just prior to the NHL playoff return but it's taken me a lot longer to finish than anticipated. I'm almost done now but need your help to finish. I wanted to update the SNES ROM to 2020 rosters based on the 24 teams that qualified for the Covid-playoffs. As an extra, I'm throwing in a Seattle Kraken team composed of random teams 9th and 4th best Forwards/Defensemen and goalies I think might have a chance at the roster. Let's see if I get any right. I also put together a Top Prospects team of 2020 draft eligible players like Lafreniere, Byfield etc. This rounds out the 26 NHL teams on the ROM. To finish, I thought it would be fun to remember the super stacked and awesome SNES - A East and West season we had with updating the All Stars East and West rosters to match SNES-A players. Forum names are fine but I prefer to use real names so I'm asking for some help to fill in the blanks. The names I do have are from world rankings so if you can reply here with your name or if you know the name of another forum player that would be great. For the rosters I plan on using 9F, 6D, 2G. I don't plan on changing any player attributes, just updating the name and I've ranked the players based on how they finished the seasons. I doubt anyone wants to be goalies so I've made them Chaos and Smoz as a thank you for their help as admins. Halifax will be on the West team and KingRaph will be on the East team so they don't need any extra thanks lol. SNES - All Stars East 1C Mario Lemieux - TheProfessor - Jason To 1LW Adam Oates - Dangler - John MacDougall 1RW Alex Mogilny - Annatar - Oliver Hirst 2LD - Ray Bourque - BobKudelski26 - Adam Giles 2RD - Larry Murphy - Kingof94 - Mikail Fancy 2C - Pat Lafontaine - JotaC007 - Jean-Carlo Arbaiza 2LW - Kevin Stevens - Chongo - Taimur Fancy 2RW - Mark Recchi - McMarkis - Mark Hopkins 2LD - Al Iafrate - KingRaph - Raphael Frydman 2RD - Brian Leetch - Lego - Philippe Gadras 3C - Jaromir Jagr - pistolpete42 - ???? 3LW - Mark Messier - Skankhunt42 - Philip Sackfield 3RW - Mike Gartner - TecmoJon - Jon Bailey 3LD - Scott Stevens - Gianfonz - Giancarlo Mellace 3RD - Zarley Zalapski - TripleA - Artie Rastelli G1 - Patrick Roy - Chaos - John Glass G2 - Grant Fuhr - Smozoma - Michael Capewell SNES - All Stars West 1C Steve Yzerman - Koke - Nicholas Wong 1LW Luc Robitaille - Dethrox - Raamayan Ananda 1RW Teemu Selanne - Stantonator - Michael Stanton 2LD - Steve Smith - stheds2000 - Brian Gorecki 2RD - Phil Housley - Jammer - Jamil Karimani 2C - Jeremy Roenick - AngryJay93 - Greg Cundari 2LW - Pavel Bure - Mikeyv04 - Mike Vikse 2RW - Brett Hull - TokenToma - Laith Toma 2LD - Paul Coffey - Fed - Kevin Hicks 2RD - Dave Manson - millertime_van - Randy Dalit 3C - Doug Gilmour - The90Jacket- Cory Hill 3LW - Gary Roberts - TecmoJon - Jon Bailey 3RW - Theo Fleury - Hokkeefan2 - Lawrence Rosette 3LD - Gary Suter - Birdman86 - Brian Toohey 3RD - Chris Chelios - DanK - Danny Kastilahn G1 - Ed Belfour - Halifax - Darrell Sampson G2 - Tim Cheveldae - Big Valboski
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    Welcome to KHL2021 News Feed!!! Ill be using this post to provide updates on the KHL2021 Rom (NHL95) as I move along. If there is anything you would like to see or be included let me know. Here is a little taste.
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    I'm bored waiting on something to hit my inbox for work so I've been bouncing around the forums and ended up here. I think the constructive posts on this topic are f**king excellent, and since I'm also a rookie (new here as of April 2020) I'll focus primarily on the stuff that @kidswastedand @Decadent, all of which I think is great. 1. I don't know how hard it used to be get setup for online play, but i agree that the RA setup/links on the homepage is f**king dynamite now and it is suuuuuper welcoming for new guys to get up and running playing games, in my opinion. I'm a complete computer imbecile, but to address Decadent's customer service point, I felt really warmly welcomed here right off the bat. Guys like @halifax, @smozoma, @chaos, @kingraph and @danTML7 (just to name a few) were really helpful with any tech issues I had whatsoever, and even went out of their way to reach out and make sure I had my s**t together (s**t together re: '94, that is. I def DON'T have my real-life s**t together...). I try to always remember that and to pay that forward now when new guys continue to show up around here. Guys like that are what builds community and what keep it together. 2. Agree that # of games in a season should have an upper limit, generally, and 30-40 sounds f**king great to me. If there's guys who want to play in a league with a full 82-game season, god bless 'em, and I hope they can find the numbers to fill it. But I started playing this game when I was like 12 or 13 (the OG EA hockey and '93 on gens were my first taste) and I feel as though, at 41 years old now, I'm in the average age cohort for most people around here. I have kids and a wife, as do a lot of us, so scheduling is just always gonna be a thing. I don't, however, feel that that's anything to lose sleep over. We're here b/c we love the game. It is what it is. COVID and mandatory work-from-home has allowed for more opportunity to play online, but guys who really want to play will always find a way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pooh-pooh'ing the idea of a "Game Night", i just think that's something that's better instituted organically through the community, as opposed to mandated by the mods or league runners. Hopefully I'm not strawmanning this point, as that's certainly not my intention. 3. I think Decadent makes a really nice point re: having a centralized "communication hub", be it forums, discord, etc., but I don't know what the best solution is. Identifying problems is always easier than finding solutions, and so I'm absolutely sympathetic to having to solve this one. But I do agree that multiple avenues of communication just naturally increases the chances of people missing out on opportunities for leagues or whatever that they'd otherwise have jumped at. 4. Unrelated to Kidswasteds' and Decadent's points, reading back a bit further it would appear that some people don't understand what "chirping" is really all about. It's a f**king art form, and it is VERY important for maintaining a strong community, especially in f**king ice hockey (just my opinion). We're not 12-yr old kids around here, talking s**t about headshots in Call of Duty and owning noobs. Chirping isn't calling someone you've not acquainted with a "little b***h" when you're up by 7 goals in the 2nd period. Chirping is about making friends and about being humbled yourself, as much as it is hanging s**t on other people. Just like good comedy, you f**king chirp upwards towards power, not downwards to belittle someone. And you do your goddamn research. When I asked "is @angryjay93 good at this game?" on one of @danTML7's twitch streams, it wouldn't be funny (and still maybe it wasn't) if I hadn't done my research and watched videos/clips/youtube of AJ beating the f**k out of people by playing like an actual God of Olympus. When I talk s**t about how Hartford (The WHALE) is god's gift to '94 hockey, i know damn well what their team rating is, and that they'd likely never be used in top-level play in an actual tournament around here. But I also know that Brass Bonanza is a banger of a goal song, and if i can make @annatarhave to listen to it even ONE time, while he's en route to f**king curb-stomping me by a touchdown or more, then I'll die happy in Valhalla. And I know it's annoying to @legowhen I try to remember back to all the French i learned in 8th grade so i can ask where is the library after a sick one-timer (it's "Ou est la bibliothèque", btw), but Lego is a f**king awesome guy, and he knows I'm just a loudmouthed asshat. And he'll also probably still win the game. Be cool, talk s**t, but do it in that order. This is BY FAR my longest bullet point so I guess it's pretty obvious where my priorities lie, lol. I'll shut my f**king yapper now and go eat lunch, but thank you to so many of you guys for the really thoughtful posts here on this topic. This place f**king rules, and we should treat it as our responsibility to keep it that way, and to make it even better wherever/however we can. Cheers, motherfuckers! DanK
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    Attached is a file of summary statistics from Classic Summer 2020, all leagues. One column = one league. There are also some amalgamations of multiple leagues in the file. GENS-ALL combines all Gens leagues. SNES-ALL combines all SNES leagues. SNES-A combines SNES-A-EAST and SNES-A-WEST. So now we can finally say GENS PLAYERS PLAY LIKE THIS WHILE SNES PLAYERS PLAY LIKE THIS. Key findings: -Gens games average about 7.6 goals while SNES games average about 8.6 goals despite both having about 25 shots per game, meaning that SNES players score with 5% more of their shots than Gens players -Scoring goes up slightly in period 3 -Shooting percentage drops substantially as you go down the A, B, C levels -Gens games average about half a penalty more per game -SNES players succeed at scoring on the power play about 4% more often than Gens players -SNES players score slightly more shorthanded goals per power play than Gens players -Gens players manage almost one more breakaway attempt per game than SNES players -Gens players score their one-timers about 5% more often than SNES players -Penalty shots occur at equal rates on both systems and we score them 36.4% of the time -SNES games average 2 body checks more per game than Gens -SNES players try 13 more passes per game and complete 11 more per game, for an increased success rate of about 3%. Note that I have applied an adjustment to the completed pass numbers where by one-timer attempts are counted as completed passes (neither system counts a one-timer as a completed pass) -SNES players score quickly after goals and period starts a little more frequently than Gens players (the GoalsScoredWithinXSecondsOfCIF means "Goals Scored Within X Seconds of a Center Ice Faceoff") -The player leading after period 1 wins nearly 80% of the time. The player leading after period 2 wins almost 90% of the time. Let me know if you think of any interesting analytics that I could calculate. table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #CCC; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #104E8B; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; } Classic_Summer2020_GENS-ALL Classic_Summer2020_SNES-ALL Classic_Summer2020_GENS-A Classic_Summer2020_SNES-A Classic_Summer2020_GENS-B-EAST Classic_Summer2020_GENS-B-WEST Classic_Summer2020_GENS-C Classic_Summer2020_SNES-A-EAST Classic_Summer2020_SNES-A-WEST Classic_Summer2020_SNES-B Classic_Summer2020_SNES-C Games 1115 1018 280 520 271 256 308 260 260 260 238 Ties 0 8 0 4 0 0 0 1 3 3 1 Shutouts 78 62 18 19 19 16 25 7 12 19 24 ShutoutsPct 0.07 0.061 0.064 0.037 0.07 0.062 0.081 0.027 0.046 0.073 0.101 Goals 8508 8809 2297 4840 2012 1967 2232 2506 2334 2196 1773 Shots 27630 24945 6716 12418 6467 6434 8013 6504 5914 6377 6150 ShootPct 0.308 0.353 0.342 0.39 0.311 0.306 0.279 0.385 0.395 0.344 0.288 GoalsPerGame 7.63 8.653 8.204 9.308 7.424 7.684 7.247 9.638 8.977 8.446 7.45 ShotsPerGame 24.78 24.504 23.986 23.881 23.863 25.133 26.016 25.015 22.746 24.527 25.84 GoalsP1 2778 2904 763 1609 626 640 749 829 780 730 565 GoalsP1PerGame 2.491 2.853 2.725 3.094 2.31 2.5 2.432 3.188 3 2.808 2.374 ShotsP1 8952 7989 2200 3974 2087 2061 2604 2097 1877 2013 2002 ShotsP1PerGame 8.029 7.848 7.857 7.642 7.701 8.051 8.455 8.065 7.219 7.742 8.412 ShootPctP1 0.31 0.363 0.347 0.405 0.3 0.311 0.288 0.395 0.416 0.363 0.282 GoalsP2 2721 2799 715 1554 658 648 700 786 768 678 567 GoalsP2PerGame 2.44 2.75 2.554 2.988 2.428 2.531 2.273 3.023 2.954 2.608 2.382 ShotsP2 9012 8329 2178 4203 2135 2134 2565 2168 2035 2141 1985 ShotsP2PerGame 8.083 8.182 7.779 8.083 7.878 8.336 8.328 8.338 7.827 8.235 8.34 ShootPctP2 0.302 0.336 0.328 0.37 0.308 0.304 0.273 0.363 0.377 0.317 0.286 GoalsP3 2856 2995 787 1623 685 651 733 860 763 753 619 GoalsP3PerGame 2.561 2.942 2.811 3.121 2.528 2.543 2.38 3.308 2.935 2.896 2.601 ShotsP3 9188 8287 2254 4092 2131 2137 2666 2157 1935 2116 2079 ShotsP3PerGame 8.24 8.14 8.05 7.869 7.863 8.348 8.656 8.296 7.442 8.138 8.735 ShootPctP3 0.311 0.361 0.349 0.397 0.321 0.305 0.275 0.399 0.394 0.356 0.298 PPGoals 1206 1021 331 545 262 271 342 289 256 247 229 PPGoalsPerGame 1.082 1.003 1.182 1.048 0.967 1.059 1.11 1.112 0.985 0.95 0.962 PPTries 3007 2317 782 1209 682 686 857 614 595 565 543 PPTriesPerGame 2.697 2.276 2.793 2.325 2.517 2.68 2.782 2.362 2.288 2.173 2.282 PPSuccessPct 0.401 0.441 0.423 0.451 0.384 0.395 0.399 0.471 0.43 0.437 0.422 SHGoals 761 628 206 362 173 167 215 178 184 143 123 SHGoalsPerGame 0.683 0.617 0.736 0.696 0.638 0.652 0.698 0.685 0.708 0.55 0.517 SHGoalsPerPK 0.253 0.271 0.263 0.299 0.254 0.243 0.251 0.29 0.309 0.253 0.227 BreakGoals 693 505 203 287 140 165 185 156 131 106 112 BreakGoalsPerGame 0.622 0.496 0.725 0.552 0.517 0.645 0.601 0.6 0.504 0.408 0.471 BreakTries 4673 3447 1258 1780 1007 1095 1313 944 836 804 863 BreakTriesPerGame 4.191 3.386 4.493 3.423 3.716 4.277 4.263 3.631 3.215 3.092 3.626 BreakGoalsPct 0.148 0.147 0.161 0.161 0.139 0.151 0.141 0.165 0.157 0.132 0.13 OneTimerGoals 2641 2420 802 1350 593 627 619 668 682 582 488 OneTimerGoalsPerGame 2.369 2.377 2.864 2.596 2.188 2.449 2.01 2.569 2.623 2.238 2.05 OneTimerTries 9260 10515 2435 5243 2054 2263 2508 2714 2529 2581 2691 OneTimerTriesPerGame 8.305 10.329 8.696 10.083 7.579 8.84 8.143 10.438 9.727 9.927 11.307 OneTimerGoalsPct 0.285 0.23 0.329 0.257 0.289 0.277 0.247 0.246 0.27 0.225 0.181 PenShotGoals 124 122 30 76 29 27 38 44 32 22 24 PenShotGoalsPerGame 0.111 0.12 0.107 0.146 0.107 0.105 0.123 0.169 0.123 0.085 0.101 PenShotTries 342 335 81 186 70 83 108 110 76 83 66 PenShotTriesPerGame 0.307 0.329 0.289 0.358 0.258 0.324 0.351 0.423 0.292 0.319 0.277 PenShotGoalsPct 0.363 0.364 0.37 0.409 0.414 0.325 0.352 0.4 0.421 0.265 0.364 FaceoffTotal 17708 16650 4593 8789 4190 4045 4880 4516 4273 4137 3724 FaceoffTotalPerGame 15.882 16.356 16.404 16.902 15.461 15.801 15.844 17.369 16.435 15.912 15.647 Checks 57929 55046 17192 28763 13070 13160 14507 14796 13967 13532 12751 ChecksPerGame 51.954 54.073 61.4 55.313 48.229 51.406 47.101 56.908 53.719 52.046 53.576 PIM 7128 5206 1894 2700 1608 1620 2006 1366 1334 1286 1220 PIMPerGame 6.393 5.114 6.764 5.192 5.934 6.328 6.513 5.254 5.131 4.946 5.126 AttackDefendZoneTime 1435886 1269254 357482 645336 352276 327272 398856 320566 324770 326258 297660 NeutralZoneTime 571114 563146 146518 290664 135524 133528 155544 147434 143230 141742 130740 AttackDefendZoneTimePerGame 1287.79 1246.811 1276.721 1241.031 1299.911 1278.406 1294.987 1232.946 1249.115 1254.838 1250.672 NeutralZoneTimePerGame 512.21 553.189 523.279 558.969 500.089 521.594 505.013 567.054 550.885 545.162 549.328 AttackDefendZoneTimePct 0.715 0.693 0.709 0.689 0.722 0.71 0.719 0.685 0.694 0.697 0.695 NeutralZoneTimePct 0.285 0.307 0.291 0.311 0.278 0.29 0.281 0.315 0.306 0.303 0.305 PassComps 54943 61122 14768 31905 13005 12814 14356 16429 15476 13946 15271 PassCompsPerGame 49.276 60.041 52.743 61.356 47.989 50.055 46.61 63.188 59.523 53.638 64.164 PassTries 89506 94847 23274 48421 20767 21101 24364 24961 23460 22072 24354 PassTriesPerGame 80.274 93.17 83.121 93.117 76.631 82.426 79.104 96.004 90.231 84.892 102.328 PassPct 0.614 0.644 0.635 0.659 0.626 0.607 0.589 0.658 0.66 0.632 0.627 GoalsScoredWithin10SecondsOfCIF 121 126 35 66 26 29 31 44 22 34 26 GoalsScoredWithin20SecondsOfCIF 369 448 100 240 84 79 106 148 92 106 102 GoalsScoredWithin30SecondsOfCIF 675 770 174 421 160 156 185 248 173 185 164 LeadsAfterP1WinPct 0.787 0.801 0.802 0.78 0.745 0.812 0.786 0.797 0.764 0.823 0.824 LeadsAfterP2WinPct 0.875 0.879 0.889 0.88 0.863 0.888 0.861 0.873 0.887 0.873 0.881 TrailsAfterP1WinPct 0.213 0.196 0.198 0.218 0.255 0.188 0.214 0.203 0.232 0.172 0.176 TrailsAfterP2WinPct 0.125 0.116 0.111 0.115 0.137 0.112 0.139 0.122 0.108 0.118 0.114 Classic_Summer2020_ALL_LeagueSummary.csv
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    Before anyone asks, I will be updating this in the post-season to reflect whoever wins the cup. Matthews is featured just because he is on the 2019-20 box art for the current gen console versions of the game.
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    Here's a summary of a conversation between Mr. @Sauce and I had regarding team selection logos. This is the basic outline of the method that I use. Some manual cleanup is still often necessary but it generally gets me a workable image and some consistency. This is just the method that I use, I'm all ears if anyone has other thoughts. I am in no way, shape or form a graphics expert. In fact the below lists the sum of my knowledge of using GIMP. Only figured out enough to accomplish what I wanted to do with reducing the palettes. 1. Download logo from www.sportslogos.net. I like using the small 150x100 .gif files because they're already sort of preshrunk and they are also in the right proportions for using as center ice logos. More on that later. 2. Using Paint, I shrink the image to a maximum height OR width of 46 pixels (depending on orientation) in order to give a minimum pixel border on each side. Regardless of how you want to crop, resize to 48x48 and save as a 24-color .bmp. I also take out any TM or R marks at this point because they're too small to see at scale anyway. 3. Using GIMP, I open the file and convert to an indexed image. Image => Mode => Indexed. 4. There are 9 available slots in the Tile Molester palette for team selection logos. You'll want to convert your logo to fewer colors in order to have it match the palette in Tile Molester. Depending on how many colors are in the logo you can reduce it to as few as 1 color (plus B&W). Generally I prefer to use as many colors as I can so that it gives a fade effect. Fewer colors can produce a "too sharp" effect, but it's all just style and preference. In Indexed Color Conversion, select "Generate optimum palette". You'll already have white permanently available in the palette so you can select up to 10 as the maximum number of colors. 5. After converting your image the colormap will show the colors that were used. (If the colormap is not visible, go to Windows => Dockable Dialogs => Colormap in the GIMP menu bar). Copy the 6-digit HTML notation to notepad, then scroll to the next color using the arrows in Color index. 6. To save your reduced-color image go to File => Export As. IMPORTANT: while saving, make sure that you have checked the Do not write color space information box. 7. In Tile Molester, navigate to where you want to insert your new logo and load the correct palette: 7. Double click the color that you want to change (don't touch the first 7 colors as they are attached to the team selection banners). Select the RGB tab and copy/paste your color code from notepad and hit OK. Tile Molester will automatically convert to the nearest available RGB color. Since there are only 256 specific colors available to the game, occasionally 2 colors are so close that Tile Molester will consider them the same and you could have duplicate colors in the palette - it's not a problem. 8. Once all the colors have been changed, go ahead and paste your logo into your ROM. Generally speaking the images come out pretty good but occasionally you'll want to make a tweak or two to fine tune. 9. Here's how it looks in-game: 10. For this example, I probably would have tried to darken some of the detail in the penguin (gloves, scarf) and maybe a little in the text to sharpen it up.
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    No idea bud. The red button makes it look more cool and makes me want to buy it. Now I want an Air Jordan 6 button in red suede.
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    Welcome to NCAA 2021 News Feed!!! Ill be using this post to provide updates on the NCAA 2021 Rom (NHL95) as I move along. If there is anything you would like to see or be included let me know. Inspired by @segathon Here is a little taste.
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    12 and 10 years and counting! Lol anyone know how to contact Masterof94 to play these?? His profile looks like he’s from Chicago. Can we send @DanK to track him down?
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    Hey Everyone So this year with the A league being as hot as it is with the world's top players, i am finding myself wanting to watch these games more regularly... while i LOVE the Smoz, Raph and Halifax Thursday Night Specials, they are not ENOUGH SO. The only way i can selfishly enjoy my evenings with a brew and chips in the times of COVID is to teach YOU slackers how to STREAM. My experience so far is that, while wired in, i haven't experienced direct lag from running a stream at the same time as playing a game so unless your internet connection sucks (In which case you should upgrade it) you should be fine. OKAY: Step 1: Create a TWITCH account: http://www.twitch.tv Choose your username and all of that good stuff and just get your account live. Don't need to configure much on this end right now Step 2: Download Streamlabs OBS https://streamlabs.com/ If you need some help configuring Streamlabs OBS with twitch, go here: https://howto.streamlabs.com/streamlabs-obs-19/getting-started-with-streamlabs-obs-28 Once you download StreamLabs OBS and create your basic settings, you login to your TWITCH account from STREAMLABS. It then does all of the magic and makes the connection: Step 3: Follow My Instructions Here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/725523512 I go through step by step what you will need to stream in this video and how to setup StreamLabs OBS Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise i look forward to watching your streams!!
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    Here are the non-season team ones.
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    First part of adding pick-able faces to the Created player is done, was able to jack in and call my first face tiles instead and mapped it the correct way. Will work on the scrolling through each face/color pallet and saving it to SRAM part of the coding shortly. Also, I have found all the coding for the Created Players for the base rom. The part I am doing with my Rom with the faces is just extra for TSB4. I am almost positive I have all the coding needed now to make a base TSB III hack to 32 with minimal graphical hacks. Obviously there are graphically and pallet hacks needed for the 2 new teams.
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    Welcome to the Playoff Preview for the C-Unit (SNES) 1st Round Series! This took quite a while and I’m too lazy to do another one, so you could say this will cover the entire playoff race. LFG! 1. Birdman8686 (PIT) - 1500 8. thatdrizzle (QUE) + 1500 Season Series (4-1 PIT) @birdman8686 must be a fan of dual-personality/schizophrenic celeb Miley Cyrus (AKA Hannah Montana), because he came into the C-Unit like a wrecking ball! Birdie’s Pittsburgh Penguins squad led the entire league in GF/G (6.08) AND in GA/G (2.88) and ended the regular season on a 17-game win streak en route to a 36-4 overall record. “HOLY s**t, BATMAN!” is right, Robin! He plays a solid two-way game and has been able to harness the power of both Jagr’s and “Super” Mario’s mullets while still unleashing the crushing 55 & 5 blueline tandem of Larry Murphy and Ulf (THE ULF) Samuelsson on any opponents not skating with their heads up through the middle of the ice. The Bird IS the word, and this is the clear team to beat going into the playoffs. Across the dot from Birdie is the man whose name just begs the question, “wait, which drizz?”. I’m of course referring to @thatdrizzle, whose Quebec Nordiques managed to sneak into the post-season in the last weekend of the regular season. Drizz is a lifelong genesis player, so the fact that he’s here in the post-season on the SNES is a feat in itself. The regular season matchup between these two teams was one-sided in Birdie’s direction, but in fairness to the Drizz, birdman got the best of pretty much everybody in the league this season. Drizz accomplished a lot in making the playoffs, but he’s running into a friggen buzzsaw in this matchup, and so… PREDICTION: PIT in 5 2. Straka82 (CHI) - 1000 7. DanK (VAN) + 1000 Season Series (2-2 tie, 2 OT) Here come @Straka82's Blackhawks, a team that was just as stingy on defense as they were hungry on offense. Straka coached his Hawks to an impressive 29-11 regular season record by leaning heavily on the wonderboy Jeremy Roenick and his heterosexual life partner, Steve Larmer, to put the biscuit in the basket on feeds from pretty much everyone else on the team. While not giving up much in their own end, Chicago’s heavy-hitting blueline tandem of “Smelly” Chelios and Steve Smith (the white one) got plenty involved in the offense with crisp passing to set up goals. And having Eddie the Eagle minding the net doesn’t hurt either. Straka knows what he has in this Blackhawks team and he’s got them firing on all cylinders headed into the playoffs. His opponent, the fiery ginger they call @DanK, is a bit of an enigma. When he’s on, he can play with most anyone in the C-Unit, but his inconsistency resulted in him showing up to the rink either severely inebriated or severely feeling the post-effects of said inebriation. DanK’s Vancouver squad is built for speed, and DanK likes to up the intensity even more by feeding Pavel Bure (#10), that little Russian ball of hate, plenty of AMPHETAMINES before each game. No one outside of Mogilny skates faster than Bure, and few little men (or big men) can hit as hard. Both coaches prefer an up-tempo, pass-heavy game, and they look to light the lamp via one-timers. Straka and DanK split their regular season series 2-2, with 2 games ending in OT and with each team holding court on their home ice. If DanK can control his urges (it’s just one measly week of games Danny, c’mon man, you can do this!), then this should be a barnburner of a series! PREDICTION: CHI in 7 3. Triple A (MTL) - 500 6. lego (NYR) + 500 Season Series (3-1 NYR) @Triple A is known to many around here of recent vintage as an organizer of leagues. He’s the guy who actually does the work that everybody else just sits around talking about doing, with/without our thumbs up our collective asses. He’s also the owner of the C league’s 3rd highest win% (.650), and his Montreal Canadiens (English: Mount Royal Inhabitants) have been scoring goals at a prolific rate all season long (6.08 GF/G). He plays well whether he’s at home or away (13-7 home/road records) and he feasted upon most all of his conference opponents to a 14-8 record amongst that group. However, within his conference, AAA had trouble with both birdman (join the f**king club) and with his 1st round opponent, @lego. Lego’s NY Rangers have been resting up and watching the rest of the league catch up since the 3rd day of regular season play. Lego completed his season faster than anyone, compiling a very respectable 23-17 record in the process. Since that time, Lego has been a replacement coach for about 12 other leagues/teams, so he’s not resting on his laurels. Lego took the season matchup here, but a lot of time has passed since then. Both coaches bring different squads into this series that I doubt will much resemble anything like in their regular season matchups. Assuming Triple A can keep the hamster that powers his internet connection to continue running on its wheel non-stop, this should be a great series, and one that I’m looking forward to watching as a spectator. PREDICTION: NYR in 7 4. mightyeskimo (WPG) + 100 5. blacktopkid (CGY) - 100 Season Series (4-0 WPG, 1 OT) [blacktopkid didn’t finish his season] @mightyeskimogrew up a yuuuuuuge Atlanta Thrashers fan, and he was absolutely devastated when the evil owner of the franchise, in collusion with Garold Bettman, decided to rip out his heart and move the franchise north of the border to Winnipeg, Manitoba. “Why do the Canadians get all the good stuff?”, he lamented. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and time heals all wounds (thanks, Captain Cliché), so he jumped at the chance to coach his former childhood heroes, the Jets. And coach them he did! Winnipeg’s record of 24-16 placed them amongst just 4 teams in the C-Unit to finish the season with a win% of .600 or higher. One man keeps the Jets flying high and that man is Teemu Selanne. Eskimo’s version of the Finnish Flash had 91 goals on the year and finished the regular season with a PTS/G avg of nearly 3 (2.875)! He was also no stranger to the Sin Bin, and the f**king jerk racked up almost 1 minute/game spent visiting the penalty box (32 mins total). @blacktopkid stampedes into the post-season with his thundering squad of Flames. I was actually going to make a pretty terrible joke here but even the pixelated version of Gary Suter scares the hell out of me, so I’ll shut my damn yapper and just say that Calgary can hit with the best of them and can take a beating on offense as well, often muscling in effort goals and capitalizing on 2nd and 3rd chances. I don’t expect this series to be as one-sided as was the two teams’ regular season matchups, which were dominated by the Mightiest of Eskimos (4-0). The key for the Jets is keep Selanne soaring around the ice making plays on net, and not finding himself drinking too much PowerAde™ in the box, waiting for his teammates to kill another penalty. Blacktop is the brother of @Triple A, and he managed to get the upper hand on his sibling 3-0 during their season series, so we know he can play. The question is, will the Flames be up for finishing their checks? Or will they do like their coach and leave opportunities out on the ice? (*the joke here is that blacktopkid only played 38/40 games, hence the whole “finish their checks” thing. Jesus tittyfucking Christ do I have to explain everything to you people?) PREDICTION: WPG in 6 ODDS TO FONDLE THE C-CUP (based on projected playoff path) birdman8686 (PIT) + 300 Straka82 (CHI) + 400 Triple A (MTL) + 550 mightyeskimo (WPG) + 1000 blacktopkid (CGY) + 1100 lego (NYR) + 1250 DanK (VAN) + 1450 thatdrizzle (QUE) + 2000 *Public Service Announcement: as @kingraph stated, always bet with your head, not your heart. If you have a gambling problem, like say you’re down 10 large to your guy in Philly and you REALLY need to pick a winner, for the sake of your own two (currently) functioning kneecaps, then we suggest you visit Las Vegas, NV (USA). The abundant towering casinos located there are home to any number of degenerate gambling addicts, who would be more than happy to give you some action for when you need to chase some bad $$ on a bet or even just for a hedge. Check it out!
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    Summer'20 GENS "A" Vegas Odds 1. AngryJay93 (STL) - 3000 8. PistolPete42 (VAN) +3000 Season Series (1-1) @angryjay93 is one of the all-time great ‘94 players ever. Multiple league titles over multiple years, multiple live event championships in BOTH Sega and SNES. He literally wrote the book on lineup options on teams that everyone references. And he just went 34-6 in the regular season, which just so happens to be the best 40 game record in Classic A Genesis EVER (or at least 12 years). Only two other times did someone go 33-7, and one of those was AngryJay93 (the other one was HABS). And he did it this season with St. Louis, in a league with some good veteran competition. It’s possible that AJ is playing his best ‘94 ever, which is scary for everyone else. Now here’s the intriguing part. @pistolpete42 was one of those 6 wins vs AJ! In his first Classic season, PistolPete managed to make the playoffs in the “A” league, which is a great showing for a newcomer. PistolPete proves that he can play ‘94, and will continue to get better as he plays tougher competition. And Vancouver matches up really well against St. Louis. All that speed and lightweight forwards will keep Hull off his feet, but I suspect AJ will find ways to counter that advantage. While PistolPete can steal a game, it’s just too much to beat AJ in a 7 game series. PREDICTION: STL in 4 2. Kingraph (LA) - 700 7. Zeppelin55 (WPG) + 700 Season Series (4-0 LA) kingraph took the LA Kings to a 31-9 regular season finish, earning him the #2 spot. One of 3 coaches who finished with over 2 on the goal differential, kingraph did it with the fantastic offense that LA has, finishing first in goals for in the league. On the flip side, Hrudey was 7th in goalie save % (of starters) and the Kings were 4th in GA/G. Raph will have to rely on his manual goalie and shot-preventing defense to make this team work for a chance at the cup. Zeppelin55, aka @kylewat, is always a tough competitor and frequently challenges all the top players in the leagues he joins. He favors the WInnipeg Jets, as he can use Phil Housley as an offensive weapon better than most other people. Zeppelin and kingraph met in Classic 2016 that resulted in a 7 game series! kingraph squeaked out a victory needing a 3rd period rally. The evidence is there that this series can go 7 games again and perhaps Winnipeg can pull the upset. PREDICTION: LA in 6 3. Uncle Set (QUE) - 1500 6. Scribe99 (TOR) + 1500 Season Series (3-1 QUE) @Uncle Seth came out of "retirement" to remind people that he’s one of the best players ever to pick up the Genesis controller. He took Quebec to a league leading Goal Differential of 2.56, consisting of a GF/G average of 5.51 and a stifling defense of 2.95 GA/G. Ron Hextall led all goalies with a .712 save %, showing that Seth is one of the best at manual goalie. Seth has always been at the doorstep of the cup. In his 2016 Classic, he had a 3-1 series lead over AJ before losing in 7. In the season before he also lost to AJ in 5 games in the finals. He lost to Plabax twice in the finals in Plablegs 01 and GDL16. I think the time off has given Uncle Seth a renewed hunger to make a deep playoff run and finally pick up one of those elusive titles. @Scribe99 is also continuing his '94 resurgence, coming back to the online scene after being away for a while. A veteran of the game who continues to practice, explore and share information, he took the Toronto Maple Leafs to the 6th seed with an impressive 24-16 record. His GA/G is stellar at 3.06 (3rd in the league), with Potvin posting a.710 save percentage! Clearly defense isn’t a problem for Scribe. On the offensive end, Scribe's GF/G is on the lower end of the league at only 3.34. That’s not going to cut it against Seth’s tight Quebec defense. So unless Scribe can find some more ways to bury the puck, it’s not going to be a pretty picture when they drop the puck in Quebec. PREDICTION: QUE in 5 4. Schmidt (MTL) - 110 5. Corbettkb (DET) - 110 Season Series (2-2 TIE) This 4/5 series has all the makings of an epic battle. Both @JSchmidt and @corbettkb have nearly identical GDif (1.50 and 1.46 respectively), and are reflective of the teams they are using. Corbett has the higher GF/G with Detroit’s explosive forwards, while Schmidt has the better GA/G with Patrick Roy in the pipes. Steve Yzerman led the league in points per game at 3.43, while teammates Dino Ciccarelli finished at 2.50 and Federov at 1.73. Montreal is a little more balanced, as expected, with Muller, Savard and Damphousse at 2.90, 2.45 and 2.41. Having played both of these coaches a lot over the last year, I feel they both have the ability to win the entire cup when they stay focused. And that’s going to be key here - the ability to stay focused in a 7 game series is a mental battle with yourself sometimes. Both of these coaches have a tendency of getting a little too loose too early if they fall behind which can lead to costly mistakes. However, when playing tight, they are as good as anyone. I have this at a coin flip (I make my $10 house cut!) and see this going to a game 7. The only thing I like better is Detroit’s firepower, but at the same time Montreal has the home ice advantage in a potential game 07! YIKES, this looks to be a good one. PREDICTION: DET in 7 (OT) ODDS TO WIN THE CUP (based on projected playoff path) The likely path based on my odds for Zeppelin/Scribe to win the cup would mean to beat kingraph, Uncle Seth, & AngryJay93 in 7 game series'. That would be one of the hardest runs ever! If PistolPete gets past AJ, he’d face Corbettkb, and then likely kingraph/UncleSeth in a finals. No small feat for our lower seeds for sure! AngryJay93 (STL) +350 kingraph (LA) +350 Uncle Seth (QUE) + 500 Corbettkb (DET) + 1250 Schmidt (MTL) +1300 Zeppelin (WPG) + 3000 Scribe (TOR) +3000 PistolPete (VAN) +5000
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    Why you got no shot taking down the champ angryjay93 entering the room to take on his next contender:
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    Ok, here it is. Finally finished it. I updated the Rom to the 24 teams that qualified for the 2020 NHL Covid Playoffs. I also added a Top Prospects team of the top 2020 draft eligible players and a Seattle Kraken team of my best guesses at random players that might be available next year. That rounds out the 26 teams, for the All Stars, I updated these to actual SNES players from this past classic season. The attributes for the All Star players were unchanged other than the names. For the NHL teams, every team should have the same rating other than whatever Home/Away advantages each team has. Also, I updated weights for players so that will have an effect on their hit/get hit abilities. I didn't want a completely stacked roster so I threw in some mid to lower tier players as well. I laid out every teams roster the same so the first forward listed is the #1LW and has Pavel Bure's attributes. The second player listed is the #1C and has Jeremy Roenick's attributes. 3rd is the #1RW and is Brett Hull and it goes down through the list like this: 1LW, C, RW - P. Bure, J. Roenick, B. Hull 2LW, C, RW - K. Stevens, T. Linden, J. Jagr 3LW, C, RW - R. Tocchet, P. Falloon, K. Tkachuk Ex. - D. Hunter 1LD, RD - R. Bourque, C. Chelios 2LD, RD - G. Wesley, S. Smith 3LD, RD - J. Lummer, D. Lidster 1G, 2G - E. Belfour, D. Beaupre I updated the names, shot handedness and weight for each player, left all the other attributes the same. So some of it is not consistent, like Brenden Dillon has Ray Bourques attributes (99 overall) because he's a LD and John Carlson has Chelios attributes (84 overall) as the RD, Malkin has Trevor Lindens attributes as the 2C, etc... It would have been too time consuming to update all the players attributes individually. This gets it close enough I think where it's still enjoyable game play. Hope you guys can have some fun with it and let me know if you notice any errors with players or any glitches in general with the game and I'll try to fix it. NHL94-Covid-2020.smc
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    A lot of useful info here. In marketing, you have to walk a fine line between being everywhere so people find you, and being in one place so you look like you have your s**t together, haha. But then again, most companies have a website, facebook, instagram, Twitter. I will certainly admit it's weird to have the forum, nhl94.com, nhl94online.com, nhl94strategy.com, etc... but nothing would stop me right now from starting an nhl94tricks.com as well and making my own website. What can be done about this? Not sure, but I'll throw my hat in the ring if admins want another dedicated person to discuss branding and web strategies. Experience: 15 years of running my own business, 10 of that in marketing specifically and working with small businesses. I think the best tidbit here is minimizing info on the main page. It should be 100% dedicated to DOWNLOAD NOW AND GET STARTED, along with installation vid walkthroughs. Everything else can be buried in tabs. Thanks @Decadent for taking the time to write this.
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    NHL 95 enthusiasts I'd like to thank @wboy, @slapshot67, @kingraphand @smozoma up front, as Ive learned so much from these gentlemen. As 90% of the hard work was found by these guys. I've completed a NHL95 2020 update that includes the following: Updated rosters of all teams as of August 2nd, 2020 (https://www.capfriendly.com/depth-charts) Updated logos, center ice and banners for all team including "Seattle Kraken" (2020 Top Prospects), "All-Stars" (The top players from 2020) and the "Legends" (Top all-time players from NHL.com) If there is anything that can be added please let me know. NHL95 2020.bin
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    I'm sticking to wired controllers and TV sets that weight 400 lbs. Only way to be sure-for-sure.
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    Oh sweet, now I get to see how bad I sucked...in chart form! Good stuff.
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    Here is the final Rom breakdown before I dive in. The rom name will be Europa 21. Consisting of the following teams and divisions DEL - Central Division (Top 6 teams based on points last season) Liiga/SHL - Northeast Divison (Top 7 teams from both leagues combined based on points last season) EIHL - Pacific Division (Top 6 teams from league based on points last season) Extraliga - Atlantic Division (Top 7 teams from both Slovakia/Czech combined based on points last season) Remaining Teams 27-34 will be a combination of the remaining leagues likely 2 from each division above.
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    Amazing work @Drunken_1. Keep up the great efforts. No one should expect this in literally in a few weeks or before the season. Take all the time that you need. Its hard work and effort and a HELL of alot of time is required.
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    Legend you are man!!!
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    This is perhaps the most constructive and helpful feedback received! Thanks for taking the time to share, this is good advice and something we need to consider.
  38. 2 points
    I see this as an absolute win. His and hers exercise. What woman wouldn’t love this as an early x-mas present? Someone please talk me out of this...
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    Here's a step-by-step of what I do to make center ice logos. Compared to the team selection logos these are a lot more difficult because they require you to fit everything into an even smaller graphic. Would love to hear any other tips/tricks from anyone on improvements that they have made. 1. I use sportslogos.net for the majority of the base artwork. Another great resource I've found is thefaceoff.net which is a great reference to check what teams have used as their center ice logos over the years. 2. Using Paint, I resize the 150x100 .gif image that I downloaded from sportslogos.net to 48x32. Since these are the same proportions as the original image sometimes you get lucky and only need to shrink with no cropping necessary. Save that as a 24-bit .bmp image. 3. In order to make this next step work you must already be done setting the team's uniform colors as the home unis are going to give you the colors that you have to work with. There are 16 colors in the palette, 10 of them specific to the team and 6 "standard" colors used for everyone (ice, skate/blade, stick, face, shadow). Many of these colors will probably repeat depending on the uniform style. The trick is to force your center ice logo to use these colors prior to loading into TM. The automatic color choosing feature in TM can be nice but also very frustrating on some of the "busier" logos with some weird results. Open your ROM with NOSE so you can view the palette. NOTE: I use my own sprite edit so this may be a little different for you but the general idea is the same. 4. Open your image in GIMP and open both your Colormap and Palettes windows. If these don't automatically open for you they can be found in the Windows > Dockable Dialogs> menu. 5. Next step is to create a palette that only uses the colors that you chose for your team uniforms in NOSE. Create a new palette, create a new entry (color) and then edit that color to match one from your team uniform. 6. In the color edit screen you will need to input the RGB values of your uniform colors in the HTML notation field. To determine your color codes you can hover over them for a 3-digit code or check the color preview in the sidebar. In this case navy blue is 420 (or 4B, 2G, 0R). The easiest way I've found to convert them to HTML format is to just reverse them and input necessary zeroes. In this example navy blue would be 002040. Repeat this process to add all of the colors from your uniform into the palette and save. I always also include black (000000) and light gray (c0c0c0) from the skates. Most teams will end up with 5-7 colors in their palette. Not to get off on a tangent, but you may also find it useful to add some of the other standard colors from the stick, face and shadows to substitute for a color not in your uniform but that may be in the logo. As an example, the pink for the face makes a passable red at such a small scale and the tan can fill in as a yellow or flesh tone. I DO NOT include them unless they would have a place in the logo as more colors just confuses the color selector in TM more. 6. Now you're going to want to convert the image you opened into one that only uses the colors from your uniform palette: Image > Mode > Indexed You're going to use the palette that you just created. You'll end up with something like this but don't panic, yet... 7. Last step in GIMP is that you're going to save your file. Choose 'Export As', I keep the image as a bmp. SUPER IMPORTANT - make sure you check the 'Do not write color space information' box or your image will not be usable in TM. 8. Open your ROM in TM and paste your logo in the proper spot. Because the colors in your logo should match exactly with colors in your palette TM will not modify anything. Add your ice color... Here's where you can let your OCD run wild... You've already got a good working base but most logos can be improved with a little manual cleanup. Text will always be very difficult to make readable because of such a small scale but it can usually be sharpened up a bit so that if you squint your eyes you may be able to make it out... Sorry if that was super long-winded but it took me a ton of trial and error to come up with a system for making new logos that were usually passable in-game. Any time you need a pick-me up, go back and look at the logos from the original game... Hopefully that made sense
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    Well I have officially written the book because you have published me bud! This is a big day, I'll be looking for those royalty checks in the mail. When I started doing this oh so long ago, the hope was that people would be able to pick up a few pointers or tips to help them out. I never imagined guys bringing massive printouts to tournaments or producing books with articles that I have penned. Seeing those sorts of things make it all worth it and I wish I've been able to do more as I have had long periods of inactivity. With that said, I have just recently moved to a place with a ton more space for me to actually build a dedicated area space for gaming/recording. Once I get settled I would like to focus on finishing the team breakdowns (Smythe Division) and then I can focus on a project like goal scoring methods. My video editing techniques are non existent at this stage but maybe I can do something a bit more organic if my old man brain cant figure out some basic editing. I greatly appreciate you sharing the pictures and what you hope to see me work on. If you or anyone else has any suggestion of what they would like to see from me, please feel free to leave it in the thread. I'm more than happy to read over them and add them to my to do list.
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    More progress!!!! All teams banners completed. Next step, complete the the remaining jerseys (12 teams) and than the rest will be really fast (calendar, trophies, and some text) Anyone ready for some NCAA!!!!
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    Progress being made!!!! 15 teams down and 19 to go. Completed center ice, logos, banners, jerseys colors. Remaining changing calendar, scoreboard and players names to # (Makes things easier for updates)
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    AJ...you pretty much wrote the NHL 94 Bible in terms of who to play with using each team. Along with your YouTube videos, these gotta be the greatest resource on NHL 94 for Genesis. I compiled all these team rankings, player lines, etc... into what is now one of my favorite "books." Many thanks @angryjay93 and to @kingraph @smozoma and @CoachMac for the excel sheets on each team. My 11 year old and 8 year old...daughters by the way...want me to make them a copy of their own. Not sure if you're working on an NHL 94 project now, but I do have a suggestion that has been done to various degrees by some of the greats...but maybe not to the full extent like you did with each team and player breakdown. Have you ever considered breaking down each way to score in NHL 94? I've seen some normal one timer videos and pass shot videos on YouTube which are nice, but then I've seen you pull out some barely avoid hitting the post from behind the net one timers on Twitch that I've never even thought of trying before. Then I've always felt a left-handed player on a breakaway doesn't seem to have the same options and a right-handed player. Is breaking down the basic to expert level scoring options a thing you might consider making? (Taking into account the type of shooter and ranking the probability of success for each type) Not trying to steal ur moves...just trying to steal yo moves.
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    That would be great. I can create an alternative version. As I just finished these.
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    Are the banners for '95 the same as '94? The Jokerit one looks really cool but if you wanted to go old school I already did these for an unfinished '94 version and would be happy to share.
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    Progress being made in leaps and bounds. KHL 21 will likely be ready shortly. Roughly 20% completed. Completed Bobrov Division (SKA St.Pete, Dinamo, Dynamo Moscow, Spartak, Severstal and Jokerit) Logos and Center Ice for Bobrov Dvision.
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    This site is the best! I know I just sit on the bench and chirp in every now and then, (one day when I get my sh!+ together and drop some funds into a new laptop I'll jump in and play online) but I just want you all to know how awesome all this site and the dudes who keep it going are. With 'Rona Season sucking butt, and sports on and off, and all the other stuff goin' down, you dudes have kept NHL 94 going strong...and for that, I salute you. #yesI'mdrinking #butYouAllKickAss
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    Uni Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Uni of Denver, and Michigan Tech. Completed.
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    Press Press F to pay respects.