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    How the forgotten man was found: Recently I was perusing NHL Reference and thought I'd go over to take a look at the 92-93 Los Angeles Kings roster . The Kings are one of my favorite teams in the game and I was curious to see how players like Luc Robitaille, Wayne Gretzky, Tomas Sandstrom and Kelly Hrudey performed. As I was scouring my way down the roster, I noticed a name that I recognized but couldn't quite put my finger on. As I thought about it a bit longer a new thought occurred, the fact that this player was not included in NHL '94 despite playing 49 regular season games. With this thought in my mind, I was determined to discover the player who played the most games in 92-93 without making NHL '94. This is the story of John McIntyre. John looks a little surprised to be remembered. Don't worry bud, I got your back. Who is John McIntyre exactly? McIntyre wen't in the 3rd round of the 1987 draft, 49th overall to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Playing as a center in the OHL for the Guelph Plates, it took a bit of time for McIntyre to get his game going as he scored a mere 30 points in 47 games during his draft year. As an over aged player in junior McIntyre scored 30 goals and 56 points and he earned a cup of coffee in the AHL with the Newmarket Saints. The following season McIntyre spent 6 games in the "A" before getting called up to the big show where he would be able to ditch bus rides for the majority of his career. Once in the NHL, John was able to establish himself as a defensive minded 4th line center who loved to get in on the fore check, skate hard, and lay big hits while occasionally dropping the mitts. He would ply his trade in the NHL for 6 with years with 4 different teams (Toronto, LA, Rangers, Vancouver) with 91-92 being his career year (5G-19A-24P-115PIM). 1995-96 would be his last year in pro hockey as McIntyre finally had to gut it out in the AHL with the Syracuse Crunch for 53 games before calling it quits. After all was said and done, McIntyre played 351 games, potting 24 goals and obtaining 54 assists for 78 points and 516 penalty minutes. Why wasn't McIntyre on the Kings NHL '94 roster? McIntyre played 49 games, which placed him 15th on the Kings roster for most games played during the 92-93 season. That is more games than Dave Taylor, Corey Millen, Tim Watters and even Wayne Gretzky! Problem was, McIntyre was traded before the end of the season on March 22, 1993 to the New York Ranger for Mark Hardy and a 5th rounder. Hardy himself played 55 total games that season and made the Kings '94 roster as the 6th highest rated defenseman. With NHL '94 being released after the 92-93 season, it simply would have been no longer accurate to include McIntyre as a member of the Kings. Why wasn't McIntyre on the Rangers '94 roster? This is where things get a bit more involved as McIntyre made it into 11 games with the Rangers before season end, this left him at 31st for most games played as a Ranger during 92-93. On the whole, McIntyre played 60 games, this is more than fellow Ranger forwards such as Phil Bourque (55 games), Jan Erixon (45 games), and Steven King (24 games). All three of the listed players made the '94 cut, seemingly at the expense of McIntyre. Looking further down the list, one will come across the name Mike Hartman, he played a mere 3 games with the Rangers but he as well made the '94 cut. Digging a bit deeper on Hartman, the answer to his inclusion becomes a little less murky as he played 58 games with Tampa before being traded to New York on the same day that McIntyre was acquired. This leaves Hartman with a 61 to 60 games played edge over McIntyre, that appears to be the reason for the choice of Hartman over McIntyre. Could this have been avoided? Forgetting McIntyre could have certainly been avoided, but at what cost? In regards to Bourque and Erixon, I would be inclined to include them as part of the Rangers '94 roster as they were a part of the team the entire year. The amount of defenders could have been reduced by one to allow for an extra forward, but all 8 Ranger players included did play a fairly vital role with Lowe coming in as a mid-season acquisition and Leetch missing a large chunk of the season with injuries. This leaves us with Steven King who scored 12 points in 24 games as a rookie. King, was signed out of college and turned into a decent prospect that was producing in the "A" but he was left unprotected during the 1993 Expansion Draft. King, ended up being selected by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim thus leaving him unavailable for the Rangers during the upcoming 93-94 season while McIntyre remained property of the Rangers. This is where things get even hazier, the release date of NHL '94 is still a bit of a mystery with release being estimated around September-October of 1993. It is difficult to say when exactly rosters were finalized but McIntyre was claimed by the Vancouver Canucks on October 3, 1993 during the waiver draft. It is possible that rosters were finalized after the draft, thus making McIntyre even more of a mystery man as he was on his 3rd team in 7 months. Despite his vagabond ways and King's emergence with the Rangers, it would appear that there was a clear remedy to the problem. King, in addition to making the Rangers '94 roster also made the Ducks '94 expansion roster. For some reason the '94 powers that be felt it would be deserving to include King twice as opposed to McIntyre once despite McIntyre playing over twice as many games as King during the 92-93 season! Is anyone else forgotten on McIntyre's level? No and it's not even close. The next two players with the most games played to not be included were Vladimir Vujtek and Hubie McDonough with 30 GP each. Vujtek floated around the world for nearly 20 years eventually accumulating 110 NHL games. McDonough on the other hand put together a career with 195 NHL games but none of them came after 92-93. Several players with lesser careers and far fewer games played in 92-93 were included in '94 but that is possibly another story for another day. For now, let us recognize the most forgotten man of NHL '94, John McIntyre. You will be forgotten no longer.
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    Being one of the select few individuals to make it to all 5 NHL events that Troy @Edge of '94 Midwest has put together, it is incredible to see how far we have come. Every year the production value, quality of the competition, contributions from the community, and the fun experienced at the event goes up. If for some reason you are on the fence about these events, you need to jump right off that fence and get involved immediately. Win, lose, or draw you can not beat the amount of fun to be had at these events, bring your friends and make a day out of it. We enjoy a good time as much as we do good 94. This time around I had a very pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Moving the location for tournament from Green Bay to Minneapolis allowed for me to have a direct flight, a rare luxury for me to most of these events. No longer do I have to do the Sacramento-Phoenix-Atlanta-Minneapolis-Green Bay red eye flight the evening before a tournament. I felt so good about this trip that I even left the sunglasses at home. Once I arrived at the Moxy, I knew we were in a good place because I saw a few different NHL 94 setups in the lobby that were adjacent to the in house bar. Can't ask for much more than that type of setup. The discounted room rate was a great touch as these rooms really suited my style with their simplistic yet comfortable design. The location was fabulous as we were just a couple blocks from the venue and we were surrounded by a wide array of cuisine and drinks. I played a couple games before heading out with @IAmFleury'sHipCheck and his brother to one of the local spots for some high quality Italian food. By the time we got back to the hotel lobby it was getting a little late, I opted to stay away from the exi and 2 v 2 in an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour. In retrospect this may have been a mistake as I instead was engaged in a conversation with EA, his brother, and KingRaph. During this conversation two girls from the bar were walking our way, the one girl who was a little less drunk than the other and almost literally dragging her friend out the door made eye contact with us and proceeded to say "My friend really wants to make out tonight but not with any of you!!!" Suffice to say, I was crushed by this revelation and I retreated up to my room shortly there after where I cried the night away thinking about my wasted opportunity. The next morning I got up early, got a coffee and some breakfast before heading over to the venue to help set things up for the tournament. I thought I was arriving pretty early and had a lot of heavy lifting ahead of me but boy was I ever wrong. By the time I arrived, things were already moving along smoothly, Trojan, Leif Eriksson, Darik Aho, Mort, Hank the Tank, and others were already well ahead of schedule at ensuring we would have an amazing tournament that day. There was the massive projector screen that allowed anyone and everyone within the venue to see what we were streaming on youtube. We had plenty of high quality CRTs, consoles, and controllers just ready and waiting for everyone. And oh yeah, there were also holograms and pyrotechnics! This event just continues to impress every year, I can't say enough about the thought and quality that goes into every aspect. The tournament itself was a blast, I had a really competitive group that included @danTML7, TecmoDPs, and @Scribe99. Getting to play with Scribe was a pretty big deal for me as he was one of the OG's from this site as he joined back in 2005. There was a time where Scribe was my main exi partner and it was incredible to see how much he still enjoys playing the game even though he hasn't been online for sometime. The man could still play as I sneaked out a win in group play and played a tight 2 game playoff series with him in bracket play. Mort also had an incredible showing and really impressed me with his play in our semifinal playoff matchup. This was all preamble though as I encountered Raph in the finals yet again. The last 2 GENS finals losses at Green Bay and the overtime loss in our 7 game epoch at Toronto were still fresh in my head. I did a little something different with my training this time around as the weekend before I went to visit @CoachMac up on the Nevada side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We took advantage of those mountains as he and I literally climbed a couple different mountains, a small highlight real can be found below. Seriously though, we climbed mountains. And that's after we had been descending for a few minutes! My mettle was tested quickly as Raph won game 1 decisively and was up 2-0 early in game 2. I was able to reset mentally after that and the rest is all history. Raph and I hope to have some video breakdowns for everyone to view sooner rather than later as we want to try and share our thought process with the rest of the community. Raph and I are certainly rivals but the time is near where I think some other people will start making finals appearances of their own. For the time being, the frequency at which we face each other in the finals has been incredible and we may not ever see anything quite like it again. The SNES tournament was a rip roaring good time, the happy hour really spiced things up as the drinks were flowing around freely. Raph had my number that go around as I was unable to sweep the day and defend my SNES crown. We certainly had an incredible group of guys all contribute to a weekend that won't soon be forgotten. I want to thank @LeifErikson and Darik Aho for playing a huge role in helping make this tournament happen. Also thank you to The Shield for contributing all sorts of prizes to this event, I don't think I saw anyone walk away empty handed and we have you to thank for that. Major shout outs to the travelling folks @jer_33, @danTML7, @seventieslord, EA, @Votaw, Mort, DPS, Phil from Dmen Tap, @Mitch Kramer, Kevin Cabarello, and @kingraph. It is with your presence and your faith in these events that we are able to grow something from very humble beginnings to what we have here today. And lastly, thank you again to @Edge of '94 Midwest, you put on an absolutely incredible event and I can't wait until next year as I know you will do everything in power to make it another memorable experience.
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    This was my first real live tournament with competitive competition. I had went to one in my city and placed 3rd for Sega, and then joined the online league about 6 months ago, and worked my way up and lost in the finals of B division, and even won a few in A division, so I was feeling pretty confident. We arrived at the Moxy and they effed up my reservation and gave away my room with the 4 twin beds to someone else! I was about to become Canadian enraged, which means passively aggressively saying "eh" a lot, when they offered me a second room at no charge!!! So for $79/night, I got 2 rooms for myself, my bro, my buddy, and 2 kids. It worked out well. That place was happening!! So I put the kids to bed, and came to meet everyone. Played one exi with Toronto against a guy who turned out to really hate Sega so I won 8-1ish (what up Hank!?), but he really loved Dr. Mario. I am the #1 ranked Dr. Mario player in Regina, SK, Canada, so I figured I'd give him a chance at redemption. He won 8 of 9 before I could take no more. Wow. I have a lot to learn there. Immediately jumped into 2v2. Me and @kevincabarello were an amazing team! sniping one timers out of nowhere and defeating @kingraph and his partner twice in a row, along with another group. We were eventually defeated by Raph, but we had our moment. I believe we actually shut them out. Raph hasn't been shut out since 2002 I think! Everyone started clearing out around 1 and I kept trying to keep the night going, but nobody else wanted, so I went back upstairs to get a good night's rest after buying the boys some fireball and Jager! As you can see, Raph loved it a lot!! Woke up refreshed, and had some hotel breakfast and made the short walk to the Pour House Uptown. Played a couple exis on the CRTs to warm up. Things were rocking. I was definitely nervous. Heartrate was up and hands were jittery. I was smiling ear to ear when I heard my national anthem sung by @Edge of '94 Midwest Troy... But I wish I had read the sheet that said "you aren't going to win the first time you attend. You should focus on winning one game" because alas, I did not. My goal coming in was actually to lose to Raph or AJ in the semis. I thought that was very possible based on my previous online play. But I had a very hard draw with @Scribe99 @angryjay93 Eric and TecmoDPS (Daniel Slattery). But I only knew AJ from online play. I chose to play him first to get that loss out of the way. When I went down 5-0 in the first, I was worried, but I managed to stave off the mercy win and lose only 7-2. I thought "hey man, you're still in good shape! He's probably going to win all his other games by 6 goals, so you're technically in 2nd!" Next, I went for the 5th seed Eric so I could build up my ego and get an easy win. Fail. He won 2-0. This is fine, I told myself, as my next opponent was also 0-2. There's no way I'm the worst in this division, after playing over 1000 games in the last 6 months online. We have a very defensive battle between @DPS and myself. We go to OT 1-1. All I gotta do is win, and with my low goal differential, even 1-3 should be enough to make top 16. Nope. He wins it in OT. Time to take a break, do something different. I order a burger and she asks me how much pink I want in it. That s**t's nasty. In Canada, it's illegal! Anyway, I order my WELL DONE cheeseburger and find out they don't have paralyzers in USA, they are called Bulldogs. So I grab one of those, double... Then another double... then when I try to get one more, she tells me it's 2-4-1 time for happy hour. Still undetermined whether or not those were doubles also, but I got another 2 and then another 2. I wasn't drunk for my last game when I lost that also in overtime to Scribe, but as it rolled into my "Joes" division matches, it was starting to hit me. First series against an amateur, and I had to purposely make sure I didn't win by 6 to be polite. Then, match 2 against Eric again who shut me out in group prelims. Game 1 he shut me out until midway through third. that was 5 and a half periods that he shut me out. He's no "JOE" if you ask me! I scored one or two, but he won that I think. I took it to game 3 where he dismantled me. I won something, but didn't remember until I saw the pic. Watching Raph and AJ duke it out for Gens was incredible. I wish we could have had it to go best of 7! I continued those drinks, and played my SNES matches. I don't remember much of that, and then I did colour commentary and don't remember much of that. Then my phone died, so I couldn't google random facts about players anymore. That's when it hit me.... the bulldogs weren't happy with me. I spent the next 90 minutes in the bathroom and definitely did NOT miss the group photo and have to photoshop myself in later... any similarities to the pic above are strictly coincidental. Someone told me that I went 3-1 in SNES and even won a playoff round. I'm shocked, but maybe I have a future in SNES? All told, we drove 2500 km on the trip (y'alls religious billboards are HILARIOUS, call 1-888-83-TRUTH for evidence!), and I went 0-4 in prelims and 3-3 in B division, scoring 23 and allowing 23 in my main system (Genesis), and had a total blast. 100% would do again. The people are some of the purest gems in the world. Would give you the jersey off their back. Talking to Americans about politics was sure interesting. I'm a massive Bernie Sanders supporter. Many Americans I met seemed to love Canada, but hated simultaneously both Sanders and Trump. Sanders' platform is basically to make USA more like Canada. It's only socialism in as much as your school system, roads, garbage collection, fire department, medicare, medicaid, policing, social security, etc....... Every time someone wants to make a change that actually helps the people, the billionaires will brand them as socialist or communist. Don't be fooled! I wish America the best outcome possible in November, and I really hope you all make the right decisions between now and then on the candidate. Hope to see you in NYC! Much love from Canada.
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    Quick and dirty, simple update to the original ROM that anyone can use to sharpen some of their skills. I created this to help me prepare for KO94. Nothing spectacular, but it is fun to play around with. If you want to get a bit better at dekes, you can try the 1 skater VS 5. Maybe you want to work on getting better at defensive positioning? Try playing with 1 D-man VS 5. For 1-timer practice there's the classic, two-forward, 2on2-style line. Lastly, there is a, "no skater," team. You can use this to practice your goalie control skills. This can be very challenging. However, the CPU goalie will have to make a save before you can go into the goalie control mode. This is because there's no skater to switch from No Skaters is Washington 1 D-man is Winnipeg 1 Forward is Wales All-Stars 2 Forwards is Campbell All- Stars If someone wants to do the rest of the teams with only a LW skater for 1 team, or something like that, I'll replace this one. NHL94training.bin
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    First things first, Troy and Leif deserve a huge credit and thank you for making Edge of ’94 Midwest an amazing experience. Like many of us, I have loved ’94 since the days of playing friends over and over again on the console. To see the growth of the game through this website, leagues and online play, and now tournament competition is incredible. As someone who joined this website in 2005 and had the privilege of playing against many of the long-timers like AngryJay93, IceStorm70, EA, and Smozoma, thank you all for keeping the flame alive. Edge of ’94 Midwest was my first live tournament. Leading up to Saturday, I hadn’t touched the game in maybe four years, online or off. Upon signing up, I made a commitment to myself that I would dust off my controller and devote some time to attempt to knock off the rust. There was a lot of rust. On the day of the tournament, I met up with a friend with whom I have logged more ’94 console hours than anyone. Both of us are local. We grabbed breakfast in St. Paul and went over the teams and tournament tiers. It was starting to come back. We arrived at the Pourhouse at around 11:00 a.m. Walking up to the Pourhouse was surreal. Juxtaposed against the Uptown hipsters going about their Saturday rituals were the nostalgic sounds of ’94 – the checks, shots, goal horn, and organ music— all blaring out into the streets. I stepped into the bar and was blown away. Multiple CRT TVs in a ring at the center of the bar with consoles and controllers aplenty. On stage was a huge projection screen with Troy and the sound console close by. In the back, my friend and I discovered an arcade version of NHL ’94 that I had never seen. The bar TVs were even live streaming ’94. Once the tournament got underway, I was placed into a group with @AngryJay93, @DanTML7, DPS, and Eric. Of the four, I had only ever played AngryJay93 online, and years ago at that, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Feeling that I didn’t want to take any chances in my first game, I selected my most used team and went with Winnipeg against Eric. That paid off with a much needed confidence boost and a 7-1 victory. My second game against DPS played out similarly and I won 4-1. My third game in group play was against AngryJay93. I kept my delusions of grandeur at bay for the most part, until we made it fairly deep into the game tied at 2-2. Despite my best efforts, AngryJay then put up 2 more goals to seal the victory, 4-2, L.A. over Montreal. Playing AngryJay relatively competively after such a long layoff was the highlight of the tournament for me. Rounding out group play, I faced DanTML7. It felt like Dan controlled most of the game, and I was pretty sure that I would lose. Somehow I managed a last-minute goal to send it to OT, and then capitalized on a one-timer early on in the extra time. With that, I turned in my sheet to Troy having gone 3-1 in group play with a plus 8 goal margin. In bracket play, I was seeded against Tyler Votaw. @Votaw took the first game 3-2, but I rallied and notched shutouts in each of the next two games to take the series. That left me to face AngryJay93 in the final 8. He put up 5 goals on me with both Edmonton and Quebec, and I lost successive games 5-2 and 5-3 to end my run in the Genesis tournament. Troy’s comment to me at the tourney serves as a fitting endcap here: “Not bad for a guy off the street.” All in all, I had an absolute blast at Edge of ’94 Midwest. It was great to meet so many of you guys in person for the first time. Of course, I now have that unquenchable thirst to play NHL ’94 every waking second of the day again, and I have all of you guys to thank. So I will be seeing you on RetroArch and at future tournaments, from now until they take our controllers away.
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    I'd been meaning to do this for a while and just point out some differences between the SNES and SEGA rosters. I referenced the NHL'94 roster link which is based on the Sega version. https://nhl94.com/html/teamprofile.php?team=ANA I'd perhaps request that @Evan look at providing an update to reflect both consoles from my notes below . It's been noted that in Sega the expansion players appear twice in the game. Once on their original team and again on the team that drafted them. The duplicated players situation doesn't occur in SNES. I've always thought that ALL players on the Florida and Anaheim expansion teams were duplicated but have found this not to be the case. Here's what I've learned. ANAHEIM 1. Both Console rosters are the same. 2. Bill Houlder, Bobby Dollas, Dennis Vial and Tim Sweeney played in 1992-1993 season but were not in NHL'94 on their previous teams. BOSTON 1. Gord Murphy (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Don Sweeney is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Glen Wesley. BUFFALO 1. Bob Corkum (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. CALGARY 1. Brian Skrudland and Alexander Godynyuk (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. CHICAGO 1. Stu Grimson (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Michel Goulet is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Christian Ruutuu. DALLAS 1. Both Console rosters are the same. DETROIT 1. Both Console rosters are the same. EDMONTON 1. Ron Tugnutt and Scott Mellanby (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. FLORIDA 1. Both Console rosters are the same. 2. Jesse Belanger played in 1992-1993 season but was not in NHL'94 on the previous team. HARTFORD 1. Randy Ladouceur and Terry Yake (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. LOS ANGELES 1. Lonnie Loach (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. MONTREAL 1. Sean Hill (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. NEW JERSEY 1. Alexei Kasatonov (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. NY ISLANDERS 1. Mark Fitzpatrick and Tom Fitzgerald (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. Daniel Marois appeared in the SEGA version and not in the SNES version. He was not part of the expansion draft. NY RANGERS 1. John Vanbiesbrouck, Steven King and Joe Cirella (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. Mike Richter is starting in SNES since there is no back up. In Sega, it's John Vanbiesbrouck. OTTAWA 1. Tomas Jelinek is listed as a forward in SEGA (Correct), but for some strange reason, he's a defenceman in SNES (incorrect). PHILADELPHIA 1. Gord Hynes and Andrei Lomakin (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. PITTSBURGH 1. Troy Loney (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. QUEBEC 1. Bill Lindsay and Mike Hough (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. SAN JOSE 1. David Williams and Robin Bawa (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Johan Garpenlov is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Rob Gaudreau. ST. LOUIS 1. Guy Hebert and Dave Lowry (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. TAMPA BAY 1. Randy Gilhen (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. TORONTO 1. Both Console rosters are the same. VANCOUVER 1. Anatoli Semenov (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. WASHINGTON 1. Both Console rosters are the same. WINNIPEG 1. Both Console rosters are the same.
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    NHL'95's mighty leader @segathon is ushering in a new era for the game. ONLINE PLAY! We will try to use Retroarch as the emulator of choice (link to thread all about Retroarch). Current Retroarch Version (as of 03.24.20): RetroArch 1.7.9 32-bit (For Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10) RetroArch 1.7.9 for Mac (Mac OS X 10.7+) They can be downloaded here: http://www.nhl94online.com/ NHL95 ROM: NHL95.md Download and put that in your Retroarch ROMs Genesis folder. NHL'95 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/v8pqZJD
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    YO! YO! YO! I stumbled on this site looking for good 98 info and found some cool editing tools. Decided to test my might by putting together a 98/20 build. Huge tip of the cap to all the devs and hockey fans here. I feel at home. LETS GO BLUES!
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    I can do some live commentary. Considering the fact that I should be out of the tournament pretty early I shouldn't be too busy.
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    This is my 3rd year attending the Edge of '94 Midwest, the previous two were in Green Bay and this one in Minnesota thanks to local host @LeifErikson for making this happen! First, I enjoyed the direct flights into Minneapolis. Much easier to get to than Green Bay. The hotel was awesome and very accommodating to our group. They allowed us to set up '94 stations all over the lobby, right next to the bar, we ordered pizza to be delivered and even bought beer from the liquor store across the street! I drank many a Furious IPA's! OMFGA 2V2 <3 The Pourhouse was absolutely insane. HUGE bar, about 100 televisions throughout the bar, and a giant stage for the featured stream. Leif's company AvForYou made this ultra-professional. I mean, holograms and god-damned fireworks, wtf. Need to belly up to the bar for a drink? No problem, you won't miss the action. Dynamite setups! D Darik and @IAmFleury'sHipCheck battling on the main stage \ Chris O and @seventieslord flipping the coin to determine their fates. LOVE the jerseys When I'm not playing, I get to do some color commentary (and eat @Edge of '94 Midwest's french fries)! Clark, Selanne and Sundin. Love the jerseys! My favorite part of these events is seeing some friends that I've made in the '94 community and meeting new buds who all love this game. It goes by quickly. As far as the tournament itself, it was very well run, efficient and awesome. I was impressed with Mort's upgraded game, and he proved it by going pretty far, even beating Chris O, who has proven to be a solid player! As expected, I ended up in the finals vs @angryjay93 for the 3rd year in a row. I got the better of him in the first two years, but ultimately he won our best out of 3 this year to take home the Genesis trophy. We duked it out again for the SNES title, and I was happy to win the SNES trophy this year (AJ won the previous and I the year before). After so many battles in the finals (including 2 separate KO94's and some random CT tourney), it's clear that AJ and I are '94 tournament rivals! It's awesome, and I always look forward to our battles. I'm upset that I didn't win this year, but at the same time it gives me more motivation to come back next year! Great job again Troy, love all the work on the stream and broadcast and all of the work you put in to making this happen. From the promotion, to set up, to raffles, etc. It's easy to get spoiled with all these live tournaments going on, but I try to remain grateful and humble that these happen. Live tournaments are special, and may not last forever. So thanks again for putting it all together and I'm so fortunate to be able to come, hang out, play, talk, commentate, eat, drink and be merry with all you good buds! Cheers!
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    UPDATE: New ROM located in the OP. It has a .md extenstion (MegaDrive), but it comes from the "no-intro" ROMset (whatever that means) from RetroArch. ALSO, make sure your settings --> video aspect ratio is set to "Core Provided". Mine wasn't. Once I updated, @chaos and I had a successful game with line changes, injuries, penalties and no desyncs.
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    Hi everyone, Just to let you know, I solved the issue, rewriting it again and keeping an eye on some values that I didn't check before. Now the intro is as I wish. Thanks for the cooperation.
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    As we (all collectively) have been doing more live events and streams, I have realized that the stream set up needs to be well thought out ahead of time. It requires some planning along with the tournament. A checklist of things I would consider for a livestream: Dedicated announcer (s) Very difficult as people want to play too! Color commentators (assuming only one dedicated play by play guy) Plan ahead of time in coordination with tournament Planned list of streamed games Working backwards - The finals, set of the semis, set (or two) from the quarters, set of round of 16. Dedicated RR stream games -- so people know ahead of time. This will allow for constant action during the day Multiple layouts for livestream Live game - players, commentators, teams, etc. Whatever the streamer has available Live break - commentators talking, chat screens, replays (if possible), brackets Schedule of events and progress bar (where we are) Passive break - "we'll be back" screen, perhaps countdown timer to return Schedule of events and progress bar (where we are) Tournament status screen - round robin results, bracket Having said all of that, the livestreams have been nothing short of damned impressive. The setups that @Coffeyhad in KO94 and the last few @Edge of '94 Midwest have been professional grade. Can't say enough thanks to everyone working to make them happen.
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    With the new owners of Waves, I think the atmosphere will improve - for one they intend to add food and alcohol. They're also more into growing the retro scene. But I get what you mean, it's a big place and the energy wasn't the same (although at Real Sports we inherited atmosphere from the coincidence of an important Blue Jays double-header). The lack of food made it hard to keep people around for the finals, and having just the 1 system per day sort of cut the crowd the in half (not to mention that in 2015 we had 60 players on EACH system but just 30ish each this time, so it's more like 1/4). I think we'll get more people this year since it's at a consistent location (there was one guy saying he was going to bring his 15 family/friends who play). I wish the location were more central. And the hotel situation got screwed up (3 hotels with deals didn't make sense - better to get just 1). Maybe we can get mic'd commentary going earlier in the day in order to build atmosphere and get the casual players more into the overall event. So it kind of feels like a televised event from the start. Any thoughts anyone has on improving atmosphere?
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    Hey everybody, just joined up today but definitely want to give a huge big thank you to all the developers for their time and hard work putting these crazy amazing roms together! I never knew about this until a few days ago and wow..I'm seriously in hockey heaven!
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    Hey guys, This is IIHF Legacy '20, and it's the 2nd 'special release' from Slapshot67, KTup710 and myself. It contains 15 current National Teams made up of what would closely resemble the real rosters in a major world tourney, and 17 historic National Teams from different tourneys. The main ROM is a WBF-rom. The 2nd ROM (suffix noWBF) is a classic style ROM that does not include the weight bug fix. The ZIP file contains the excel sheet with team & player info. WORK: KTup did all the work on the implementation of logos, and he did some incredible work on the banners. Slapshot67 did spectacular work on the announcer, players cards, splash screen, game clock...even the IIHF trophy is there! I handled the uniforms, players, player ratings, lines, and selected the logos we used. KNOWN BUG: The game will freeze if you scroll through the USA'96 player cards in the menu screen. This is a known bug that affects the 31st team on any 32 team ROM, and is not currently fixable. Some Notes I've created 17 "Classic" Historic teams, with an added twist. You'll be able to play the Miracle on Ice (1980 USA vs Soviet Union), the 1987 and 1991 Canada Cup Finals (1987 + 1991 Team Canada, 1987 Soviets, 1991 Team USA), the 1996 World Cup of Hockey Final (USA vs Canada) and the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Game (Canada vs USA). Also included is the 1998 Czech Republic team, first NHLers to win Olympic Gold. Including them threw off the balance of 16/16 classic vs current teams, but that's ok. Of these 17 classic teams are 6 National Teams made of the original 94 ROM's players, with original ratings. Some players had to be added to complete rosters, but the original NHL'94 spirit of these 6 teams is surely there. They're the Original 6 of this ROM :-) Players & Rosters I tried to make team rosters as accurate as possible, with jersey #'s and lines as accurate as I could find. I also tried to keep ratings "within the defined spirit and parameters of NHL'94". Keep in mind players may have different ratings in different seasons (ie. '87 Gretzky is the man, '98 Hasek is unreal, and Mario went virtually untouched from orig 94 ROM). Check out the excel sheet for more on player + team ratings. I needed to add some players to complete the 1994 teams, which is why there are players who were not in the game on those teams. Also, I know Petr Nedved actually played for Canada in 1994 Olympics. But, come on, he belongs on Czech, Czech needs players, and Canada is ok without NHL94's Petr Nedved. You'll notice on some of the Legacy teams that a players weight may have changed from their original '94 weight. I made a player's weight accurate to what it was in real life, except for the six NHL94 World Star teams. I left those players as is, Tony Amonte included. Amonte is a lefty in '96 and '02. The 2020 Rosters have significant updates from the 2019 Rosters. I've also updated the 1994 add'l players to be players who played in the Olympics. For KTup and Slapshot- we all hope you guys enjoy this ROM as much as the last one. -Skip IIHF Legacy'20.bin IIHF Legacy '20.zip IIHF Legacy'20noWBF.bin
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    I've been here for a while, but I think it makes sense to give you guys some info on myself. I'm KTup710, most people just call me KTup. I've always been a fan of NHL94, specifically the genesis version. Played it a ton when I would visit my grandma's house when I was a young lad. Since then I've become infatuated with ROM hacking in general, but 94 is one of my favorite games to tinker with. You may know me from Skip's IIHF ROM, I did some graphic work there. When I'm not editing, I'm probably on the ice, as I've been a goalie for about 8 years now. Anyway, just wanted to give a quick bio! Hope to see ya on the ice.
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    Nice charts! I had actually forgotten about the whole divide by 3 thing. I definitely will sub a guy out if he seems cold and there's another decent guy on the bench. I only notice it when a guy who is supposed to have a hard shot shoots too slowly. I can't tell due to skating, though I imagine some better players can tell that.
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    McIntyre and Vujtek are in NHL Hockey PC but not McDonough.
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    Hey kinger bud id love to go and finally have money to go to these tourneys but looks like we're all gonna be locked down and quarentined off to watch the world die ....my cousin just denied entry to Detroit with wife and kids to see his mother in law for spring break we're all fucked nice knowing u guys
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    Hi All! So, unfortunately, due to the coronavirus scare/situation, we now have a suspended NHL season with no certainty for it's return. So, to alleviate some boredom and/or hockey withdrawal, I am releasing a "Playoff Edition" for my rom ("NHL94 2020 vPO"). It's the playoff brackets as of 3/12/20. So, if the season doesn't reconvene, these would be your playoff brackets (assuming there would be a playoffs). What to know: *There are two playoff brackets within this rom. One, for the teams that would be in the playoffs as of today. Two, those teams that didn't make it into the post-season. As the west, for bracket 2, only has 15 teams, I added St. Louis to balance it out. *Updated rosters and jersey numbers are of 3/12/20. No Evan Rodrigues on the Pens due to roster structure limits (and Guentzel still being on the game roster). *Lines and D-pairings are not exact in each case. Feel free to change as you see fit. *All injured players, who have not been officially ruled out for the year, are still in the active rosters. *Players who are out for the season are in the game but not active. Some, are still in the NLC lines (Erik Karlsson, Tomas Hertl and Jake Guentzel). *New NLC players and/or images for PIT. I made Matt Murray the starter (again) as many believe that he will be come playoff time (if there is one) as he has played better lately, has tons of post-season experience and Sully really likes/trusts him. *I updated/tweaked jersey colors for all teams. Some may be a little more noticeable then others if you have a older version of the rom. I used a site that provides official team RGB colors to try and get the game colors closer to the actual colors (as best I could). *Increased stamina reduction which allows more line changes for any game with periods over 5 mins in length. For all other ROM details, please review the original post on page 1 of this thread. If the season returns and we get a change in the playoffs seeding, I will release an updated version. Enjoy!
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    The worlds first NHL95 world tournament and the apocalypse is upon us. Coincidence ? I think not. Expect Segathon to ride the 4 horses into August. God help us all.
  26. 2 points
    36, or 90% registered! 4 spots left to go.
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    MWW I show up at gaming night at my best-bro-from-works-new house and all my squadmates are there and I'm still super sauced from the quarterly-company-event from earlier. But I leave the bag with my controllers in the car. But I probably don't need em because most of these dudes are younger than me so I'll look ridiculous with my old-man-gamer-gear. Then I remember Steve said he got like 50 Genesis games for 20 bucks or something last month and the best one was Revenge of Shinobi. But I'd be trying too hard and no one is expecting me to bring them anyway. Then I remember that no one wears a suit to hang out and I could probably just stop home and put on a t shirt and jeans. But someone notices me and I've been waking back and forth from my car to the house for 5 minutes. The controllers though, they might think it's cool if I bring em. But my boy Mitch is approaching and he's drunker than I am. Then I see all the women are in the front of the house and my anxiety kicks in. I'm not attracted to any of them anyway. There's still a chance I'll have to make eye contact as drunk as I am. If I just walk with Mitch no one will notice how drunk I am because he's so wrecked. He wants us to get more beer before we go downstairs and I can probably just bolt and no one will even know I was here. Then we get down there and Kris and Gus are playing PS4 and Steve is actually playing Pigskin Footbrawl on a god damn Sega Genesis with Chad. But I haven't checked the forum for almost 3 hours and it's my turn to pick. Then I remember I haven't been in a league for like 8 years and I can post tomorrow when I sober up.
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    Hello Peeps, Who is the person responsible for doing the Instagram tips lately? Cool idea!
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    NHL97 V. 2 changed player ratings. instead of stars of East and West added teams of Russia and Sweden. In the hidden menu, instead of EA Sports and Renegades teams, the Czech and Finnish national teams are added. Edited rosters teams Canada USA and Europe. There was a problem when editing the ice of the national teams of Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Preferably the ice teams to make all teams EA Sports. Added star player Todd Bertuzzi to the new York islanders, who played 76 games in the 1995-96 season. NHL_97_v.2_[!].bin
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    Ugh, you and me, both. The B1G ruined everything. I'm a huge Gopher fan, BSU alum, living in St. Cloud. None of it's the same anymore...
  31. 1 point
    loved that lindros check, may have to fire that game up again.
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    Smozoma , Tabs 3121 and kingraph thanks so much for your reply. At first we was worried if anyone will reply .....lol .... but MD Scene is great and game hackers help each other and in the end you can use the knowledge on NHL 94 and others on the series. As T.A. Marcos said, Super Monaco GP I'd started with color changes and simple texts , with a huge search over internet, I´d find how to mess with the yellow letters, but the goal I wanted to do was to change Driver's pics with real ones, I´d all the tools for that and all the process, but was doing an error when on Tile Editor, not respecting tile position.... So T.A. Marcos with the tools I gave him, could realize how to.... and... voilá .... Don't you think he may teach Sega? People on Facebook Super Monaco GP's Community are very proud of this work (we play championships as you play NHL 94 till today) Super Monaco GP will get 30 years in October 2020 and it´s 90% completed what we want... Only left 3 things.... - Change car specs - Edit a track (we think that on the Hex section of a track there may be a straight, turn to left, turn to right, tunnel...etc... - Change sounds... no success yet , only voice pitch changed by T.A. Marcos, so.... no more Donald Duck voices. Nelson
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    In all seriousness, despite having a decent stream in 2019, the bar has been raised so high by @LeifErikson and his team. @Coffey did an amazing job with the KO94 stream indeed! I really enjoyed the King of 94 stream, and look forward to how it evolves as well. The more dedicated volunteers you can wrangle the better. That being said, it takes a game veteran to function well on the mic. Guys like @halifax, @kingraph, and @angryjay93 are all top notch on the mic, but alas, they're typically in the field. It's rare to find someone with passion who will volunteer for something like this, then will take themselves out of competition. Given my talents/passion are on the mic, and I needed to address the tournament as a whole anyway, my position behind the booth on the stage for Minneapolis seemed to be the most appropriate spot. We had a ton of help from the tournament guys like @mort1237 and @hankthetank and others tearing down and helping setup. There is no real right way to do this, unless you get a guy like Arda to come back and do his thing. The tournament streams are amazing, but I maintain tournaments are for the people who attend them, and the stream is a living breathing billboard to attract other buds to the events in the future. I know it's not uncommon at retro sports tournaments to either skip group play streaming, or have it go without commentary until people start getting eliminated. Then the eliminated players come into the mix on the mic. There is no perfect system. I'm just glad people still want to come to these things. Here's to hoping everyone can get their tournaments in for 2020 and quick recoveries happen. Stay healthy everyone!
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    I may be reading this all wrong, but would I be able to upload the games from my own season mode onto a website for better stat tracking? Currently, I'm going through an entire season of 95 against the computer by playing every game as the home team. I was playing a lot more when I thought I could attend the 95 tournament later this year but have since slowed down when I realized I can't make two Toronto trips in 3 months.
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    Imagine if season mode was done, by transferring the .srm around after each game Clearly impossible to coordinate, but would be epic.... Dervin showed it was possible to edit .srm files to input arbitrary stats, so in theory the stats could be exported from saves and then input into the .srm for browsing.
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    League Season 02 ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_02.bin Classic ROM with 1 minute penalties Lines altered to make substitutions bring in 3/4 line guys. Players removed from duplicate teams to expansion. Jarsolav Modry added to NJ for Defensemen. Also, homage updated splash to original:
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    I've wracked my brain trying to come up with non-joke answers to this thread, and so far all I've got is this: Make sure you budget your sleep correctly. Especially if you're going to be playing competitively the next day, but even just to function. It's very important. You don't want to be a zombie after spending time and money to come to one of these things, it really dampens the experience.
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    hey sorry bud, yes soon
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    Jelínek as a national team captain was my favourite player in early 90s and later I was always interested in his career, I can guarantee you he has never played as a defenseman.
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    Zero promises on how useful this is, but I stumbled across this today: https://megacatstudios.com/blogs/press/creating-music-and-sound-for-the-sega-genesis-mega-drive-a-primer-for-using-the-vgm-music-maker My basic understanding is you can create MIDI music through that program and it can be converted to genesis code. I haven't yet figured out how to work backwards and pull the code into the program to edit. (Specifically, I'm looking for the instrumentation the NHL games use)
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    Great work King Raph. We need more analysis games from you and AJ! Do you think it’s possible you and AJ could do a commentary on a finals game in Minnesota?
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    Full stream links: Sega Genesis Group Play Sega Genesis Bracket Play SNES Group Play The Retro Sports Gamer stream Match-ups and highlights: 0:03:14 @seventieslord @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:19:14 @kingraph @ @Votaw (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:29:23 @jer_33 @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:49:07 @jer_33 @ @seventieslord (Sega Group Play) [link] 1:02:39 @kingraph @ J. Duffy (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:03:28 Mort @ @LeifErikson (Sega Bracket Play Game 1) [link] ~ @kingraph on the mike with @Edge of '94 Midwest 0:11:15 @LeifErikson @ Mort (Sega Bracket Play Game 2) [link] 0:21:53 Mort @ @LeifErikson (Sega Bracket Play Game 3) [link] 0:50:09 D. Aho @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Bracket Play Game 1) [link] ~ @LeifErikson on the mike 1:05:46 @IAmFleury'sHipCheck @ D. Aho (Sega Bracket Play Game 2) [link] 1:24:47 D. Aho @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Bracket Play Game 3) [link] ~ @kingraph on the mike 1:47:58 @IAmFleury'sHipCheck @ @kingraph (Sega Bracket Play Game 1) [link] ~ @angryjay93 on the mike 1:58:12 @kingraph @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Bracket Play Game 2) [link] 2:14:05 @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (Final Series Game 1) [link] 2:26:58 @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (Final Series Game 2) [link] 2:37:51 @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (Final Series Game 3) [link] 0:00:00 @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (SNES Group Play) [link] 0:21:12 @LeifErikson @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (SNES Group Play) [link] 0:42:59 @jer_33 @ @DPS (SNES Group Play) [link] 1:03:45 @danTML7 @ @Votaw (SNES Group Play) [link] ~ @kevincabarello on the mike 1:25:43 @seventieslord @ @kingraph (SNES Bracket Play Game 1) [link] 1:41:12 @DPS @ @kingraph (SNES Bracket Play Game 1) [link] 1:51:33 @kingraph @ @DPS (SNES Bracket Play Game 2) [link] ~ @danTML7 on the mike 2:13:00 @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (SNES Final Series Game 1) [link] ~ @seventieslord on the mike 2:25:17 @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (SNES Final Series Game 2) [link] ** BONUS COVERAGE ** 2:38:41 @DPS @ Mort (SNES 3rd Place Series Game 3) [link] ~ @angryjay93 on the mike
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    You can be clockwise and your beard can be Jesusplaysnhl94. There is enough of you for both bud.
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    Update - Found all letters A-L. Also, 2 other early edition copies with no letter. Now at 79 identified copies, which if there are at least 28,270 represents a solid 0.28%. I am still not sure what the letters represent. I don't see a pattern by letter. My guess is the letter represents what region they were shipped to and that the letters may have been stamped after the numbers. Those with no letter may have been to the employees at EA or something (like Lesser has 00001) and never shipped.
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    Issue 8: Audio Stuttering and Slow Framerates (PC only) This is probably one of the most common issues I hear about - "My audio is stuttering!!!" The problem - Audio stutters because of the video frame rate is incorrect. All retro consoles and console cores on RetroArch strive for a ~60fps frame rate (retro consoles and games are designed to run on 60Hz, which is 60 frames/sec (or close to it - this is NTSC spec, 16.7ms/frame * 60 frames = ~ 1 second). Your PC/laptop monitor usually runs on 60Hz refresh rate, so the video should be flawless with no slowdown. Simple, this should work perfectly, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no..... Even though your monitor's refresh rate is set to 60Hz, Windows has overall control on what to allow programs to run at (via your graphics card's video driver). So, even with a 60Hz refresh rate monitor, and a program that displays video at 60Hz rate, Windows can tell your program to go F itself and only allow it to run at 30Hz (example). This problem is a major one in Windows 8-10, and usually happens with programs that are running in a windowed mode. Why is the audio stuttering? Well, monitor refresh rates aren't ALWAYS a perfect 60Hz. Depending on many factors (heat is one), the refresh rate fluctuates, very slightly (for example, it might bounce around between 58-61 Hz). This isn't a major problem, because these small changes are not noticeable by eye to us. Fortunately, RetroArch monitors this. In order to sync up the audio to the video properly, it "adjusts" the audio to the refresh rate. So, if one minute, the refresh rate is 58Hz, it will slow down the audio to match it up with the slower video rate. If another minute, it's at 61 Hz, it will speed up the audio to sync it with the video. The audio stuttering occurs when your refresh rate is something absurdly different (like 50Hz, or 30Hz). Well, now, the audio will sound like absolute crap, even though to you, the video might still be running at an OK speed. So, the problem isn't the audio, it's the video. The solution - First, we need to check what the actual frame rate is of your monitor. This can be checked in RetroArch, under Settings-Video. You will see 3 important values: Vertical Refresh Rate, Estimated Screen Framerate, and Set Display-Reported Refresh Rate. Vertical Refresh Rate - This is the rate that RetroArch uses to sync the audio and video. This is 60Hz by default. Estimated Screen Framerate - This is the actual current frame rate of the monitor. This will fluctuate and that is normal (see description above). Though, the fluctuation should be small. This value should be very close to the "Vertical Refresh Rate". If not, you will see slowdown in video and screwy audio. This shows a deviation from the "Vertical Refresh Rate" in a percentage, and also shows a frame count. Set Display-Reported Refresh Rate - This is the refresh rate the your monitor is set to. If you change your monitor's refresh rate in Windows, it will be displayed here. This should be 60Hz (except in very special cases, like high-end gaming monitors). If it isn't set to 60Hz, change it (in Windows) following this guide - How to change monitor's refresh rate. After you change it, you will need to exit and restart RetroArch. The important one to look at is "Estimated Screen Framerate". What value is this? Is it close to 60Hz? If so, you can leave it alone, your audio is most likely fine, and you don't have this problem, or something else is causing it. Many people running older laptops with Windows 8 or 10 will see "Estimated Screen Framerate" in a range of 30Hz-60Hz. This is Windows controlling the frame rate via your video card. Many times, the easiest solution is to play in fullscreen mode (hit the "f" key to toggle fullscreen mode). You should see your "Estimated Screen Framerate" jump up to ~60Hz. So, what's the solution? Play in fullscreen mode. If this still doesn't fix the problem, I suggest trying a different video driver (under Settings-Driver). The default is D3D11 (Direct3D 11), but try using the "gl" driver. After changing the driver, you will need to close and restart RetroArch to see an effect. Then, try again, under Settings-Video, looking at "Estimated Screen Framerate", toggling between windowed mode and fullscreen.
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    Hmm are you sure about that? I thought he didn't even match those. You tried it many times? I been slacking No mo mojo fo ninetyflo
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    Despite all the flack we give Ron Barr for not knowing who is hot or cold, he DOES report the information he is given correctly! He's just a broadcaster! What I mean is, when Ron Barr says a person is HOT, that person's overall reported rating is higher than baseline. When he says a person is COLD, the overall reported rating is lower than baseline. Ron didn't know that the displayed ratings didn't represent the actual in-game ratings, he just tells it like he sees it! I guess if you applied fix 1, he'd be right.
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    wboy is like our very own professor frink from the simpsons. Im glad someone has the patience to do all this. I started out with the same curiosity but burned out quickly. Long live wboy!