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  1. Nice, I've been wondering for a while if there was a way to make this kind of thing work. Don't really have time to experiment with it myself right now but I'm filing it away for future reference.
  2. Ah right, I forgot you made a thread about that a while back. It slipped my mind. Thanks. Also apparently this is how I found out that the 'Yotes have suspended operations. Be interesting to see what Utah decides to call their team at least.
  3. ClassicBoy works well enough for me.
  4. Nah, power checking would definitely add some extra flair to arcade style ROMs, like a 16-bit NHL Hitz. Back to the main topic, though, lately I've been wondering if there isn't a way to change the bottom third of player cards to use a different palette. It's probably impractical in more than one way but it might also be kinda cool if I could make it look like the players in my ROMs show a hint of wearing their respective uniforms rather than black shirts.
  5. This is a really interesting concept and the contrast is well done (haven't had a chance to see it in action yet) but I'm also hoping reception was favorable enough for a color version. 😉
  6. In my case, the 32GB card was just larger than the Genesis EverDrive was willing to read. I've been using that particular card in an N64 EverDrive without issue. But, that's getting off topic.
  7. Sorry to reply to something 2+ months late but I only just saw this particular post. If I'm understanding the issue correctly (it's been a long day), I had the same problem when I first got my X3. It wouldn't read the 32GB SD card I had gotten originally but it had no trouble with a 16GB card.
  8. I know this is beside the point of the post but the coloration behind the Panthers logo makes it look pretty sharp. I take it you're mimicking the jerseys' layouts with logos here?
  9. Ages ago there was a thread on here about how to turn off icing. Unfortunately it only applies to 94. @von Ozbourne recently found a way to apply this to 93 as well, which not surprisingly works the same way at a different address.
  10. It's also worth noting that the address seems to be different between revisions. I remember when I was fiddling with Hockey 93 back around the holidays, I had to switch versions because when I went to those addresses in the version I started on, I found different data. Don't remember which version that was, though.
  11. The way you worded that reminded me of something I read in a magazine from back when NHLPA 93 was new. A parent had written a letter complaining about how violent it was when players got injured and mentioned that he exchanged it for that year's Madden. Problem was, this was the year they had the ambulance that would run over players. Suffice to say, he didn't like that either. I don't have that magazine anymore, though. Also I'm getting off the subject. But yeah, I do feel like some version of Hockey Stars would fit 93's gameplay well, even if it doesn't have player portraits.
  12. I'm also interested in seeing how the sprites would look with a black border.
  13. @von Ozbourne Didn't you also say that working with 96 in particular is cumbersome from a technical standpoint for some reason?
  14. That's the pregame background from the original NHL Hockey, isn't it? That looks amazing as a menu background here.
  15. I've only seen the screenshots so far but it does look a little "off" to me on the Hartford logo. It's almost like it's at a sharper angle compared to the rest of the rink or something. It would be hard to do a subtle one within the allotted space, though, and I do appreciate the attempt. That said, the Edmonton one looks good and I haven't had a chance to check out the others yet. [EDIT] Most of them look fine, actually. There are only two others that looked a little weird to me (LA and STL) but that could just be because of how the logos themselves are designed.
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