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  1. @von Ozbourne Didn't you also say that working with 96 in particular is cumbersome from a technical standpoint for some reason?
  2. That's the pregame background from the original NHL Hockey, isn't it? That looks amazing as a menu background here.
  3. I've only seen the screenshots so far but it does look a little "off" to me on the Hartford logo. It's almost like it's at a sharper angle compared to the rest of the rink or something. It would be hard to do a subtle one within the allotted space, though, and I do appreciate the attempt. That said, the Edmonton one looks good and I haven't had a chance to check out the others yet. [EDIT] Most of them look fine, actually. There are only two others that looked a little weird to me (LA and STL) but that could just be because of how the logos themselves are designed.
  4. I mean, that's true too (and Android does have a similar feature) but I've also just kinda been tired of this name in general for a while now. The phone situation just adds to it a bit. I hadn't been sure what to change it to until recently and the timing seemed convenient to finally ask.
  5. Having had the time to actually look at this a little more closely, I just want to say that the portraits turned out really nicely. I particularly like some of the choices on the celebrity cameo teams. Also, I couldn't help noticing that the Canada Bisons and Creative Brains seem to break format and have first names that aren't quite the team initials. Was that because otherwise they'd both be CB?
  6. Wow, that looks fantastic! Love the title screen.
  7. I don't know the technical reason for it but unfortunately that's something of a known issue with the expanded ROMs. There are a few emulators that can run them properly, though, like Kega Fusion.
  8. Sedge

    Hockey 93

    The individualized descriptions are one of my favorite things about 93. I almost made an IHL 93 instead just so I could play around with that but the banner graphics seem to be compressed. I feel like it should be possible to change team data without breaking the pointer for the all-stars but I'll have to test it more. That might be a few days, though, since it's December and I'm in retail. I think the main issue here is that Montreal's data ended up in a different spot than the game expected. If they were to stay in the exact same spot or if I knew where to find the pointer to update it, that should fix it. [EDIT] Yeah, the problem is just that Montreal's team data got moved and I didn't update the pointer. It looks like shuffling team data also moved the pointer so, as long as you search for "23CA" in hex, you should still find it. It can also be updated to any team if you want a different host city, just so long as it's pointing to valid data. Fortunately I had already implemented the all-star rosters before I noticed the broken pointer so they've already been restored for the next revision. I've got a few other changes I might look into before I upload it, though.
  9. Sedge

    Hockey 93

    Thanks. I don't think it would be too hard to do something like this for 94 since we already have a version with generic rosters for inspiration anyway. It would just be a matter of making generic versions of the team logos at that point. Heck, it even has one already for Hartford. Incidentally, since you mentioned my IHL ROM, working on this one reminded me that one of my Vancouver players originally came from the 06 version of 94 as well. The name had just been in my roster notes for so long that I forgot the source.
  10. Sedge

    Hockey 93

    This is something of a "what if" ROM that mainly stemmed from wanting an edit of NHLPA 93 on my EverDrive but knowing that the expanded ROMs don't work on it. Working with the original ROM limited my options a little so I decided to adapt the "legally distinct" rosters from the PS2 NHL 06 version of NHL 94. In a way it makes it like the Virtual Console version of Tecmo Bowl - a rerelease with no license for the league or its players. I removed as much of the NHLPA branding as I could but the approach I took meant I had to leave a variation of the logo on the main menu, otherwise it would affect the menu borders. The NHLPA name is gone as far as I know, though. Technically Ron Barr and the EASN logo shouldn't be here either but those are problems for another time, probably. I revised the pregame dialogue to accommodate the changed player names, including writing something entirely new for Ottawa. Each team's roster is essentially the 94 version but the overall ratings on this screen are still the same as the original game. Adapting 94 to 93 naturally means that Dallas is Minnesota and there's no Anaheim or Florida. The all-star teams were also removed because the way data got shuffled to fit the new rosters had the side effect of breaking the pointer used for their location data on the pregame screen. Hockey 93.bin
  11. Would you mind adding my fantasy ROM the next time you update?
  12. I've been tinkering with some edits on 93 and it got me wondering. Did anyone ever figure out why the expanded ROMs don't seem to want to work on certain emulators?
  13. So, I tried copying the title music from 93 to 94 again and managed to keep it looping, but that’s only because it has part of the 94 music poking between loop points due to the 93 theme being shorter. I tried pasting the last few bytes of the 94 song's data at the point where the 93 theme ends, thinking that would give me both the cutoff point as well as the looping point. I was half right. The song stopped where it should but it didn't loop. Still needs more research but that's for another day. In the meanwhile it works if you're quick on the menu or don't mind the tempo change.
  14. All I did was follow what was laid out in the message smozoma was referencing. I just went to the address specified in the 93 ROM and copy-pasted that to the appropriate spot in the 94 ROM. To be fair, though, I've also got a fair bit of history with hex editors.
  15. It's doable. I got it to work on a test ROM some years ago but I don't have that file anymore. I remember that for some reason the copied version of the title music doesn't loop like in the original game but maybe I forgot to copy a loop-point byte or something. Like I said, this was some years ago.
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