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  1. I'm sure if you keep playing and listen you may hear music instruments instead of bodychecks LOL
  2. Okay - version 1.1 has been released... VERSION 1.1 Updates - Boston Bruins logo updated to era correct version - Player sticks/Skate blades changed to white in order to fix colour issues on ice logos - Shayne Corson and Stephane Richer portrait photos flipped back to correct spots - New York Rangers photo portraits updated HNIC 90-91 Season v1.1 (NHL 94).zip
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking! It could be done, it's just figuring out how to do an auto save to pull stats from that I don't know about. I'm sure if I mapped out my thoughts to make more of a cohesive design doc, a programmer could give me some more insights on the technical aspects. HAY... CHATGPT, DO MY HOMEWORK FOR ME PLEASE
  4. I've thought about the exact same thing. If you built a standalone season/dynasty program that creates a schedule and gives you the option of playing/simming the game by jumping to a save state matchup where you can take it from there... the issue is creating that save state AFTER you've finished the game and extracting the stats to go back into the program and fill out the necessary tables to track the season stats. I've thought a lot about it, tbh...
  5. That makes total sense. I figured you would have taken all of that into account, seeing as you're the resident expert on figuring out opcodes. I just didn't understand it... and now I do!
  6. I've often thought about doing a Steve Dangle trade history styled graphic, but instead it's an NHL 94 family tree...
  7. I'm confused. It doesn't really disable it though, right? Yours just skips it, where the other version physically nops it out. Does it still cause problems if you try to modify anything?
  8. Not all of the headers in the IFF files are the same, so the script isn't set up to read them. It's still a WIP tool. Abdul works on the tool as he works on a particular section of the game. He'll update it when it comes time to access files in that particular part of the game.
  9. I've always wanted to mod 96 as it is one of my favourites of the era, but like 95 it is very tightly packed in terms of flexibility for additional teams. I honestly believe you'd have to extend it to 4MB in order to get it to work, and even at that, a lot of the mathematical functions for calculating stats and building season data would have to be altered and expanded to accommodate 32 teams. It's a big job. Not saying it can't be done, but it would take a lot of free time and dedication. (I have neither atm, so don't ask LOL)
  10. An update: I am hoping to put in a few fixes for v1.1 and have the Playoff edition sorted as well. Hopefully this week I'll have both ready to go. From there, the plans are - figuring out the backgrounds for NHL 95 ( @UltraMagnus has been very patient waiting for these) - more 90s seasons & playoff editions (from 91-92 to 99-00, meaning roster updates, more teams and more HNIC branded front-end graphics changes for each one) - inserting the Coach's Corner theme during the period intermission. I might consider doing the 2000s or just making some patches for specific ROMs to change them from the NHL94 stock to HNIC of that year.
  11. I'll take a look when I'm back later this week and send it to you if you haven't figured it out by then.
  12. SDTV, a YouTuber known for his commentary on EA Sports games and how they could be improved, gives us a retrospective on arguably the best hockey gaming experience and one of that decades best games ever.
  13. I actually was planning on swapping out the intermission music with the Coach's Corner theme, but sometimes you have to put a limit on things LOL Perhaps for v2!
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