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  1. The other big issue you may encounter is limitations in RAM. The pics probably won't render in 16 colours as there's too much going on. I had this issue when working on the background tiles. I was hoping to make it full screen, but it would crash. The shared palettes thing is very tricky indeed.
  2. Leave it to me to cock things up. That's my style LOL
  3. You may laugh, but the side experiment thing bears some serious fruit. That's where I figured out how to edit the menu theme and the menu background tiles. I didn't feel like doing the arena tile work for the reverse angle view. So I started on those instead LOL
  4. I told my English teacher wife about the semi-colonoscopy. She is going to include that in her grammar arsenal.
  5. Drezz

    2022 USHL

    I love minor and dev-league mods. Definitely going to check this out!!
  6. So... try being with someone for 24 years and do the same thing. Me: "Hey, you still haven't played my ROM! Do you wa- Her: "F@#$ off, A Million Little Things is on. Be quiet" THAT'S AMO-REEEEEEEE
  7. I know you're waiting for it - been too busy to dedicate any time to it yet.
  8. Thanks so much for following up and sharing the knowledge. I've been swamped and can't physically get to anything at the moment.
  9. Make a request for it - it seems like a similar operation. Doesn't hurt to try lol
  10. Yes! This was on my wish list for months. Thanks!
  11. Once you listen to this version, you can never go back to any others. It slaps HARD
  12. For the player sprites, my plan is to do more dithering. It's REALLY time consuming but looks great. Same as the black border. I'll put up a few proofs when I'm able so you can see what I mean. Guys... this is exactly how I felt doing the HNIC theme...
  13. Yeah I think I'm gonna have to do a V2 of the player sprites. I'm not entirely happy with them overall - I figured by using the skate blade & sticks together that I would free up even more available colours, and totally forgot they affect ice colours. For what I was trying to do, it worked - but it can be WAAAY better. I toyed with an idea of putting a black border around the sprites to make it a bit more cartoony (and for something "different) and it actually looked super cool. I'll save that for a different concept, but I am still going to look at some way of refining the shading as I feel there's not enough depth. There are definitely a few stray pixels from an animated fan back there I believe. Another one of those graphical items that are on the list as well. I was gonna let that one slide, but if you caught it, someone else will too LOL! With the goalies I did a few things: - removed the 70s style facemask and streamlined it to a cage - assigned the pants colours to the mask to differentiate it from the jerseys and make it stand out - simplified the pad design on the front and back The nets are actually stock 30-team ROM. I changed the crease though. I shortened it so it was nicer proportionally to the ice width. Thank you for the technical review on the visuals. I appreciate this and it will help my next release get better. This is still my "first" ROM too. LOL
  14. I'm sure if you keep playing and listen you may hear music instruments instead of bodychecks LOL
  15. Okay - version 1.1 has been released... VERSION 1.1 Updates - Boston Bruins logo updated to era correct version - Player sticks/Skate blades changed to white in order to fix colour issues on ice logos - Shayne Corson and Stephane Richer portrait photos flipped back to correct spots - New York Rangers photo portraits updated HNIC 90-91 Season v1.1 (NHL 94).zip
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