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  1. I miss the days of hockey gaming when it was 2K vs EA. The biggest asset to EA was the PC game modding. The only reason the community was so much bigger was due to that. I honestly feel that if 2K sports made a PC port, that it would probably have forced EA to push the "next gen" version (in 2008) to PC. But they had no competition so they left PC gamers with a dead-ass version after 2005. I used to mod the crap out of those games. Sometimes when I feel the urge, I'll whip something up for NHL 2001 and throw it in for fun just to see if I've still got the skills.
  2. So I was able to add a team (Nashville) into the db as well as some fictional players to take up slots to get to 27 teams + the 2 all star teams. Only problem is, the game doesn't recognize the team. The players are all valid, have their own addresses in the db's and such, so if you put them on other teams they appear. My limited hacking ability has reached its end - I tried adding entries into the EXE but that buggers it up and causes it to crash before starting up. If anyone with better understanding of hex editing and EXE decompiling or reverse engineering wants to take a stab at it, all I
  3. I had heard about the whites being homes and roads being dark again this year. I hope thats the case, since thats how I was weaned when I first watched hockey. I always attributed to the "good guys wear white" when you're at home. I didn't have a chance to do any more work to this - this month is pretty hectic since I'm getting hitched in 3 weeks, so the bride and master chief has me running all over. I'm looking to have something before the fall. So any updates will be sporadic. I did find out why things weren't working earlier - I was using Mack's NHL07 hack as a start, and it did not res
  4. Ok - here's what I've got so far. Its still WIP, so the next step is to add a strip to the bottom of the jersey, socks, and numbers. After that, a chest and shoulder logo and a few other tweaks.
  5. You know what I just realized as I was filling in stripes - the league will be switching to the edge jerseys, so a lot of the designs may not be relevant anymore, and as I was testing out the sprites minus the stripes, thats when I noticed how much they resemble the new look jerseys. Interesting. Screens to follow shortly.
  6. Ok - I managed to separate the shoulder trim color without any major hiccups. I guess doing too many changes at once isnt a good thing. The players look noticeably better without the additional stripe.
  7. Yeah - that was going to be my last ditch attempt. I was actually thinking of doing the changes in the pallette referenced one and pasting it over in the non referenced one and saving it. I'm pretty sure it is a pallette based problem, since all the other things load up - just not the player anims. I guess you can't save it with a new pallette loaded in or it gets all screwed up somehow. I'm just frustrated because I know it can be done. I dont know why I can't...
  8. Argh. This is ridiculous. If I edit the file in any way (alter pixels on the sprites) everything disappears. I can't make any changes this way, so it looks like my project = FAILED and over.
  9. Man, I haven't felt like such a noob since I first started editing textures for NHL 2000. Ok - here's what I've been doing. Maybe someone can point out what I'm doing wrong in this process. 1) Open the bin file in TM. 2) Set the codec to 4bpp linear. 3) Set the block size to 1 column, 4 rows. 4) Import an internal pallette (in this case Calgary 01955510) size 16, set the byte order to Motorola, 9 bgr Genesis. 5) Start editing my files. 6) Save file (edit.bin) 7) Load bin in Gens. And the players disappear. I spent a whole wack of time editing players and it makes the players disapp
  10. Funny you mention that - I was just talking with mack about this earlier. If you would have used Tile Molester when you did your hack, you would have been done in about half the time. I found a method that works pretty good following wboys instructions on rearranging the block size columns and rows. I opened the working bin, set the codec, set the block size to 1 column and 4 rows, then applied my palette from a 3 color team (Calgary is good due to the contrast). When you scroll down to the players you can see that a majority of them already have their tiles in order. The others are there but
  11. So I've been thinking about this since like.... 1994. This thing sorta sat on the backburner, and after realizing ROM hacks are possible I decided to try it out. Being creative by nature, I always wanted to maximize the "real" factor by adding details. Its tough when you've only got a small block to work with though. We all know you've got a limited number of pixels per sprite and a palette of 16 colors. If you follow the guide set up in NOSE, here's what each color in the palette does: (humor me - there is a point to this...) Starting from the top left: 1 - Ice Color 2 - Skate Blade
  12. Well SD, you're right. The two line pass is pretty annoying. I know Tony had created a hack for 94 that eliminated all ref calls, but that wont help. If you check out NOSE and the rules window, there's a ROM address there but I think its primarily for the name only and not when the penalty is actually called. I havent started anything other than dabbling here and there, so I may just switch down a year and go with 97. From what I remember that had hidden teams as well I think. So long as the end result gives us at least 30 teams in exhbition/regular game thats fine with me. The major annoyanc
  13. Dammit. My sprites don't work everytime I make edits to them using Tile Molester. I don't get it. I was trying to see if an additional stripe would work on the player jerseys, and now none of the sprites show. It goes to the game startup screen then locks up.
  14. Yeah. I'm not that smart. Save the false god worship... Tony, I noticed that the All Star teams get replaced by the EA Sports and THQ teams, rather than appending them to the list. Bummer. I was getting greedy and hoping they would all be there. No matter though - this still serves my purpose, as the AS teams share one rink if I'm not mistaken. As for season stuff, I tried looking into the RAM tracing and ROM reading and no luck. I can't seem to figure out where the set number of teams values reside mainly because I can't decipher it since my 68000 knowledge is virtually nil. I do have anot