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  1. @von Ozbourme That is weird! I can confirm that in the original formula, skaters are assigned one Star Point for each second that they are on the ice. I've restored that in order to prevent crashes, and removed the logic for goalie periods played, instead only relying on the logic for goalie faced shots to determine eligibility. I'll share all my findings once I feel more certain about the effects from this change. If you (or anyone) wants to beta test the modified script (or a pre-modded ROM), please send me a PM!
  2. @smozoma May I ask you a favour… would you be willing to share a larger screen cap of your spreadsheet? I am trying to understand the original code that prevented the "no-event" three stars crash, and the excerpts of your notes on that spreadsheet have actually been helpful. I can't promise anything, other than that I will share any potentially useful findings.
  3. LOL - Dude, I get confused by my own notes on manual hacks I made to my ROM last week! I can't imagine remembering this from eleven years ago. Thanks for sharing this.
  4. @smozoma Thanks for your help. I was able to customize the formula to something that worked better for me. I did some experiments on the crash, and here is what I found. It seems like there must be at least three different players who register a goal, or assist, or shot, or check, or save, or allow a goal. If, for instance, two players register body checks, they will show up on the "Stars of the Game" window, but the game will still crash there. The crash state is avoided as long as three different players register something that can be calculated by the formula. For whatever reason, shut-outs alone don't seem to count. I was able to test this by ragging the puck for the most boring but challenging zero event games possible. I've not tested this extensively, but I’d say I’m 90% confident that this is what is happening. For whatever reason, the original code is able to pick stars even with a zero event game. Unfortunately I lack the skills to be able to implement a fix on this one. -a p.s. If anyone else wants to customize values, I highly recommend making a save game right before the final buzzer. You can then adjust values and run different ROM variation through the same save game.
  5. I posted a new version of my ROM tonight, with the following menu modification. Steps to reproduce… 1. Start with clean original code. 2. Go to 0xF8AB0 and 0xF8B2C. 3. Verify that they read 4EB9000F98C6 and 4EB9000F9AAC respectively. 4. Change them to 4E714E714E71 and 4E714E714E71. (thanks to @smozoma via @seamor!) 5. Go to 0xF8A8E, 0xF8B0C, and 0xF8B42 6. Verify that they read 4E at each of these three locations. 7. Change the value to 20 at each of these three locations. This will inject a space at the beginning of the first, third and fourth line of data display for the player in the menu. These lines will not show the data that is meant to be displayed there, and instead only the players number and name is displayed on the second line. Doing this means that your player preview can no longer show any stats or user records for any player on any team, it will only show names and numbers. Has been tested with User Records turned on and populated with data, using emulation with memory errors and 68k errors simulated. That's as close as I can get without original Genesis/Mega Drive hardware.
  6. New version uploaded tonight, highly recommended bugfixes. Previous versions had an error that was screwing up player ratings for Nashville and New Jersey. That's been fixed now, along with all the Washington glitches and crashes.
  7. Considering that the error so severe that no-one noticed or bothered to report it in over eleven years, I think you can sleep easy on this one. Hopefully no-one else brings it up for at least another decade.
  8. Thanks. I will tinker with this, and share if I come up with anything useful. I did notice that the 3-stars hack can potentially crash a ROM. I have a ROM set to 1-second periods for testing purposes, and applying the 3-stars hack will crash it when it goes to load the three stars. I haven't done a deep dive, but I imagine it might have to with zero shots on net or saves, etc. I've not seen this crash in any normal play through, but I thought I should mention it.
  9. No prob! And just a heads up, if you download the Roster tool I mentioned, you can use it to inject modified ratings from the spreadsheet into the ROM.
  10. No prob! I'm very glad to hear you are enjoying it. I have many improvements in the works, and I hope you'll be willing to try those out when I publish them. Now, I'll try to succinctly answer your questions… 1. First, please note that the ratings you see in-game are modified by a random fact each match, by the game itself. Actual underlying ratings have been assigned from a scales of 0–6 for each attribute. However, to achieve the gameplay I want, the actual range of assigned values is even smaller than this. 2. Take a look on this site for the NHL Roster Tool, which will allow you to export the ratings from any ROM. I've dumped the ratings from my v2.1 ROM here for you. 3. How I've rated each individual attribute is way too difficult to explain, but the end goal is for each player to play accurately, regardless of what the numbers say. 4. Overall ratings are not assigned, but are in fact calculated from the attribute values, using a custom proprietary formula. My formula was specifically made to give very similar results to EA's NHL 22. Don't take that number too seriously, it means very little. All the players you mention have great ratings. The goal is for them to play relatively accurately compared to the other players in the game, not to rank them in real life, or even in the game. FYI, I will be lowering the level of randomization in the next version of my ROM. Still play-testing through the next version. NHL 94 [h] 2022 AC v2.1 - 2021 12 28.csv
  11. There is a single 16 colour palette used for the in-game banners, arena, ice, audience, scoreboard, time clock, player starts, arena… you get the picture. A teal banner could absolutely be done, but it would require a ripple effect of other substantial and changes that I just don’t think anyone wants to take on.
  12. It took me forever to wrap my head around this, but now that I have, I am very grateful for this. This sounds like exactly the “right” amount of variance. Looking forward to play-testing.
  13. Thanks for pointing out your Three-Stars hack! I implemented it last night, and will play test it today. I do have a question for you… Is there documentation anywhere on how that hack works? I'd love to try my own formulas… Lastly, I wanted to share that on macOS 11.6.1 I could not get the script to work, getting errors that it could not find the "weightscale.txt" file. I put copies of this file *everywhere* it could conceivably be referenced, but no luck. In the end I edited the PY with a manual path, and that did the trick. HOWEVER, I did figure out a solution for those who don't want to edit the file manuually.. If you are on a Mac, and experience this problem, put a copy of the "weightscale.txt" file in the root of your home folder "~/" . That'll do it!
  14. No prob! As for what is everyone's favourite version, I'd suggest taking some time to read through some more posts, get to know some of the personalities and vibe here. There are certainly some ROMs that are more popular than others, but I think you'll find lots of different people appreciating different ROMs for different reasons, and not much discussion, let alone consensus as to what's best. As for the default playing online, I've never played online, so I can't speak to that! I'm new here, but I've only been treated with respect, and I hope you have a similarly positive experience. Let's leave The Sauce's thread here for comments and questions about this ROM, and head over to the other forums to chat about this other stuff where I'm sure people who know more than me will help you out.
  15. Hello @inthequantum, I know why it’s not working… the BIN *is* the ROM! Just drop it in OpenEMU, and it will work fine. I believe The Sauce’s ROM is uncompressed and ready to go. But even if it were zipped, no need to unzip it with OpenEMU, just drop it in. cheers, -Adam p.s. FYI, OpenEMU, is not an emulator, but a front end for various emulator cores, sort of like Retroarch. Last I checked, it uses GenesisPlus to play Genesis/Mega Drive ROMs.
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