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  1. Thanks for kind words. You know, I follow that thread, but still hadn't tried it or even thought of a practical use case. YES! With Utah coming in, will definitely check it out. Thanks for pointing this out!
  2. @Sean Oh man, that sounds like a great idea! I'd love to see some of the more recent teams retro-ed to 1994. Way beyond the sort of thing I was thinking of, but I like it very much. I'm really only looking to do a gameplay mod. I could hypothetically make it restrictively accurate to '94, but I'm increasingly thinking that I should go about 80% of the way there, then get it out there as early as I can to collect feedback. If I ask these hypothetical questions, I'm going to get feedback from the designers and modders like you an VonOz, but a lot of average users aren't as sure as to what they like (and dislike) until they play it.
  3. Thanks for this! Going to start play testing this mod. I certainly agree with your inference, that this may have been what was intended, and at the very least, seems to revert the logic to be similar enough to '92.
  4. No, not had any of those issues with the 0-15 rating system. There's been no going back since I switched to it, I'd never be able to tweak the gameplay without the more granular scale. If you had any ROMs with those issues, I would be curious to take a look if you were ever interested. Thanks for the feedback on goalies! All good stuff to know.
  5. Could it be a potential alternative weight-bug fix to change the starting bonus value for a user controlled player from 240 to 120? And if so, do you have a sense of where that 240 might be in the assembled code?
  6. Update on 2025 alpha build. The gameplay work I am doing is rapidly progressing, and almost ready for testing. As promised, I will be providing more than one gameplay options, including a more "classic" option. If anyone is willing to play test and let me know your thoughts, please PM me, as I won't be posting pre-release builds publicly. If you are a player who much prefers the classic gameplay to my own modded gameplay, I could really use your help… what gameplay mods would you like to see removed in a "classic" version? Possible reversions include: Player Hot/Cold variance increased to original range. All Player Overall ratings reverted to the original formulas. Player Rating Attributes moved back to a 0-6 ratings system (instead of 0-15), Slightly larger net & slightly smaller rink. (less posts, more goals), Goalie hold time until whistle shortened. Goalie range of motion limited to original. Goalies Speed attribute increased. (CPU goalie skates into corner more often). Goalies other Attribute decreased. (CPU lets in more goals). Skaters reverting to slower skater start / stop speeds. Skaters reverting to faster speed bursts / check speeds. Skater reverting to much lower agility power. Skater reverting to much lower shooting accuracy. Skater reverting to much lower shooting power. All Skater Attribute ratings generally conformed to the original distributions. All Skater Attribute ratings strictly conformed to the original distribution. Skater Energy Depletion & Recovery rates reverted to original. CPU controlled Skaters take more penalties. CPU controlled Skaters take fewer shots. Something else I have not listed here… Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged.
  7. Thanks man! I really appreciate hearing that. I'll never say never, but I'm not so sure I can keep up doing these and still have time for new projects I want to commit myself to. Only time will tell what actually happens.
  8. lol - that is a big ask! No harm asking though. Sorry, just don't have the time. I would highly suggest you try it yourself though. There are ample tutorials etc. on this site. Focus on the single aspect that would be the most important to you, and see if it's worth your while. I started by simply trying to update the opening splash screen. One thing led to another…
  9. Thanks! I appreciate it. Yeah, as for late season signings, my roster mandate is to keep each roster stocked with the 14 forwards, 8 defence, and 3 goalies that have seen the most minutes of ice-time for the club that they are on. I then consider exceptions for players who would have made the cut if they had stayed on one club all season, or players who were otherwise instrumental, even if they technically had less ice time than a teammate. Because the college players usually join the season so late they rarely make that cut, UNLESS they catch on as a regular in the playoffs. Last year I added Matthew Knies for the Leafs, once it became evident that they were playing him as a regular. If there are any new players who suddenly seem to become regulars in the play-offs, please let me know!
  10. oh dear! thanks for letting me know. fixed now.
  11. Playoffs edition is out! Main page as usual. Hope you're all doing well. -a
  12. Hey everyone, Good news, bad news. Good news. The playoffs edition is almost ready! Still a lot to do, but I am 100% on top of it, and will try to get it out as soon as possible. All rosters and lines have been updated. Will start on end of year ratings tomorrow morning. Bad news. I promised a version 3.0 with all new re-balanced gameplay, and arcade mode patches, etc. Well, version 3.0 (playoffs edition) is coming, and the gameplay will have a minor revision, but the all new re-balanced gameplay and arcade patches etc. aren't coming any time soon. I have spent loads of time on this, but I still need even more time to make sure it is balanced just right. To that end, I will need some beta testers this summer. PM if you are interested in helping out. Good news. I wasn't actually planning on coming back for a '25 version, as there is another. personal projects I wanted to spend time on. But I am not going to abandon my '94 gameplay re-balancing project, so I will have to come back for at least one more season, in order to share my work with you. So, as long as my health holds up, I am planning a '25. Stay tuned for a '24 playoff edition any day now. cheers, -Adam
  13. @George THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I wish everyone would report bugs as clearly as that. Bad news, is that I don't know how to improve that. I totally agree with you, it would definitely better to get those two animations to line up, but I really don't understand that game logic for how that section works. If anyone ever publishes enough info on it, I will try to adjust it accordingly. p.s. While I can change the order of how the box fills up, if it doesn't go left to right, it ends up having consistency problems with the rink view, which has errors if it doesn't go top to bottom.
  14. Last night was the best night of games all year. What a finish. Sorry about your Wings though, I was rooting for them. That Perron goal sent me through the roof!
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