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  1. I *think* I might have encountered this when editing the rink. Initially I thought that certain tiles were "no go" zones that were breaking things, but later those tiles worked just fine. I eventually hypothesized that it was the number of unique tiles I was pulling in at once. Of course, this is just a theory.
  2. FALSE. The superiority of Baseball Stars as the best NES baseball game is inarguable.
  3. Oh man, you’ve been an absolute beast this year. So much great work, not the least of which was when you used the word “kayfabe” in an actual sentence. Well played sir.
  4. I second what Smoz said. I don’t have any specific questions, but I would definitely be interested in knowing more. Would be great full of you’d be willing to put together a post.
  5. lol. Yup, I’m not even trying! Last year I tried to keep pace, and ended up wasting so much time making changes upon changes. Will buckle down on rosters around training camp time. On a sabbatical for now.
  6. Hah! Ironically, I stumbled across this thread from DuckDuckGo, while looking for info on optimizing my Neo Geo core. Great explanation on latency controls above, better than most stuff I could find, presumably why it showed Ip so high in my search rankings. Plus the advice comes from guys I already trust. Thought I’d throw in a +1 to Smozoma’s words on laptops. Every sub $500 machine I’ve seen is essentially a dedicated web browser, and a lost cause for being a true multifunction computing tool. They cut so many quarters on design and production, that you can actually coax better performance running off of a high quality phone or tablet. No disrespect to anyone who is limited by budget, just be realistic about the results you can expect if you’re limited to such a device. I’m sure Smoz meant to say this, but obviously intel i9 chips are great. if you’re buying a new laptop, for most people the i5 is actually ideal, because of how it is engineered to be a jack of all trades. If you’re the sort of person who would benefit from an i7 or i9, you already know who you are and are more than capable of looking up which varient of each chip would be ideal for you. I’m told that the new generation of AMD mobile CPUs are respectable now, but I have no idea if that extends to Retroarch performance. But let’s say that you’re on a sub optimal machine or a machine that’s giving you issues. Beyond Norton, McAfee etc, just make sure that you have as little running as possible in the background on your machine. On a Mac, launch your Activity Monitor (I think the equivalent on Windows is called Task Manager), and make sure nothing superfluous is running, that may suddenly decide to check for updates, or whatever. You can also use a free open source firewall like LuLu to lockdown all outgoing access on your machine, so that nothing else is compromising your outgoing connection latency. Lastly, you could go full hardcore and create a clean user account dedicated to playing games, with no superfluous software installed or authorized to run.
  7. Ooooooh, nice finals logo! I like that a lot. Looking forward to giving it a spin soon.
  8. Oh man! That's disheartening. If only they'd spend 29 years doing play testing like we do.
  9. Thank-you so much for taking the time to share all this. You made my day. Seriously, thank-you. This whole project started as I was preparing a retro video game collection for my brother-in-law. He'd recently been through cancer twice, and I wanted to do something special for him. I stumbled across this place, and was going to give him a custom version of Sauce's 2022 hack, but I would learn to insert the Austin Matthews photo from the real EA22 on the splash screen. Once thing led to another… My brother-in-law's health recovered rapidly, he was (and is) back to work, but his son ended up getting into my '22 hack instead! I still haven't had the chance to visit with them and to play a match with my nephew, but your story reminds me that I need to make that a priority. As for the bug you reported, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I know *nothing* about that one, in fact, I've never knowingly messed with that subsystem, and don't have much of a concept of how it works. Busy at the moment, but will definitely take a look. Will need to compare it to some ROMs that don't have that problem, to see if I can isolate what is happening. If I do get that fixed I will PM you, so if you set up an email reminder on PMs you can get a notice. Thanks again for writing. -Adam p.s. This work is based on countless hours of work by this community, and many individuals selflessly sharing their findings and methods. A hat tip to all my fellow modders and the supporting community, who's work is embedded in all our ROMs.
  10. Your secrets are safe with me. I can barely remember my own secrets half the time.
  11. Would you be willing to send me the ROMs in question? I want to see why the script is failing or how it’s screwing things up for you. I’m certain that you can just implement the 0-15 system following the code in the script. I’m happy to try and help if you like
  12. All my best work is done when something else is more important to do.
  13. oh man, that’s annoying, to say the least. FWIW, LibreOffice does not have that problem (I don’t own Excel either.) I switched to LibreOffice from Open Office many years ago because it seems to be much better maintained. I highly recommend trying some comparison software. Has helped solved so many problems like this, and prevented me from making countless mistakes. I personally use Beyond Compare, but I’m sure there are cheaper options out there.
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