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  1. chaos

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    I doubt nhl94 will ever be rereleased due to licensing issues and EA. Tecmo bowl does not use the real players names on the rerelease, only their numbers.
  2. Install Virtual Box, download (illegally) a copy of Win 2000 or Win XP, install Win 2k or XP in Virtual Box, and run NOSE in there. It works for me. (Virtual Box is free). Then you can create a shared folder between the Win install and Mac, and transfer files that way.
  3.–92_NHL_season 91-92 season was the 75th season. Good point.
  4. OK, @slapshot67, I fixed it. New version in first post. You will have to uninstall the old version, just uninstall it like any other windows program (Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a Program)
  5. Found the problem lol, fix coming.
  6. Nvm, I got the error. I will check it out.
  7. Ahh, ok. Can you send me the save and the ROM so I can try it out?
  8. Interesting, it works on mine. Let me check. Yes, I'm using the pointer table to get the home and away teams, so as long as that is correct it will work. Is it an issue with the installer or the program?
  9. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    Finally.... @oboe
  10. TOOL: NHL '94 Offline Stat Extractor Current Version : 0.1.1 (08/15/2018) This tool, given a ROM and a save state (made at the appropriate time), will extract the data to an Excel-style (.xls) Spreadsheet similar to the box score on How it works: Very simple. Choose the ROM that you used to play the game. Enter the period length of the game that was played (default is 5 min, in increments of 1 min). Choose the save state to extract the stats from. Click on "Extract to XLS..." and a pop-up window will ask you where you would like to save the file to, and what you would like to name it. The program will extract the data to the spreadsheet. The .xls file can be opened with any spreadsheet program (MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Mac Numbers, etc). When making the save state, the save should be made when the "Three Stars" screen pops up, or the Final Game Summary Screen ("where you have the Exit Game option"). System Requirements: - Windows XP or later (32 or 64-bit) - Currently supports only Gens emulator saves (see below) Future Additions: - Add batch save state uploading, appending to one workbook (next version ~ 1 week from now) - Add ZSNES and RetroArch save state compatibility (next version ~ 1 week from now) - Add formula fields instead of all text fields (so if changes are made, they will update the appropriate stats (ex. GAA for goalies)) - Mac version (once I figure out how to make an installer) If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I will try to accommodate them. Version History: v0.1 - Initial v0.1.1 - Fixed divide by zero bug Download installer (v0.1.1): NHL94 Offline Stat Extractor Setup v0.1.1.exe
  11. chaos

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    I'll take Toronto
  12. chaos

    A couple random questions

    #2 - Check that the ROM has a header. Compare the first 500 bytes of the custom rom to the original ROM #3 - Send it to me, I'll do it for free. I've done my own before, parts are real cheap, I have them laying around.
  13. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    So Excel thinks some of the data is in Date format. Gonna need another day, so close. I found another way to do it, instead of CSV file I will make an XLS file.
  14. chaos

    Extracting Stats

    Quick update, 90% of the stuff is done, just need to set it up to export it to a CSV file. Prob an hour of work left, all the hard stuff is done. I'll have it up tomorrow
  15. There's a Sailor Moon fighting game? I need to try that! Nice stream! That's an expensive capture card, I'm sure there are others that could be used, the OSSC or framemeister does all the work, just need a HD capture card.