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  1. Issue 7: RetroArch crashes on startup (version 1.7.5). On startup, RetroArch reverts to "GDI" driver (version 1.7.6+) The problem is the following: You downloaded the RetroArch package from's Downloads section on the front page. You extract the folder to wherever you please (i.e. Desktop). When you go to start RetroArch, it crashes immediately (RetroArch version 1.7.5). From RetroArch version 1.7.6, they implemented a fallback, which is the GDI driver, so RetroArch won't crash anymore. The GDI driver is not good to use, and should be a last resort. This is an issue on older laptops running Windows 10. It happens with laptops that have Intel Graphics cards (which are most, if not all, non-gaming laptops). The problem has to do with Intel not allowing its GL driver to run on Windows 10. They do this to force people to buy new laptops if they want to do gaming. It is most common with laptops that previously had Windows Vista, Window 7 or Windows 8 installed, and were upgraded to Windows 10. The thing is, the GL drivers run fine on Windows 10. Your graphics card should work no problem with it. The GDI driver is Windows software version of a GL driver. It's absolute crap. But, it works for everyone, since it is software implemented, so it is a good fallback. The problem is, it will cause issues. Video will be choppy, you won't see any messages on the screen saying you are connected via netplay, etc. The GL driver is the best driver to use with RetroArch. I know I've had some people switch to use D3D11 to originally fix the problem with it crashing, but this fix may work for you (if you are on a laptop with Intel Graphics drivers). The fix - Run a program that removes the checks for Intel Graphics drivers on Windows 10. It patches the RetroArch program to allow it to use the GL driver for Intel Graphics. To tell what type of video card you have: Click on the Start Menu (Windows logo in bottom left corner of desktop) Once the menu is open, type "Run" (no quotes). Hit Enter. In the Run window, type "dxdiag" (no quotes). Click OK. The Direct X Diagnostics Window will open. Click the Display Tab, then click Next Page. If the Device Name has something with Intel (ex. Intel HD Graphics Family), this fix down below is for you! To tell what video driver RetroArch is using: Start RetroArch, go to Information -> System Information. Near the middle or bottom of the screen you should see something called "video context driver": If you don't see it, scroll down until you see it. In the above photo, it says "gdi", which is no good. If using the GL driver, it will say "wgl". The GL Driver Fix (This will work if you have an Intel Graphics card): Download the WTFI program - wtfi.exe Make sure RetroArch is not open. Run the program. It will open a window asking you to choose a file. Navigate in the window to your RetroArch-32 folder. Double-click the retroarch.exe file. It will do its magic. Once done, open RetroArch. In RetroArch, go to Settings->Driver. For video driver, choose "gl". Close RetroArch and restart it. Check that the video context driver now says "wgl" under Information->System Information All done! If there are any questions please let me know via DM on Discord or email!
  2. Link to streams - YouTube Retro Sports Gamer Stream - Link to Gens bracket -
  3. Bro, they even knew checks after the whistle counted before we did! - I bet the guy who holds the body check record is actually Carse
  4. Here's the thread the original 71 goals came from -
  5. Oh, and it looks like you can fix the 2-player Playoffs bug with a 4-WayPlay adapter, according to a guy who said EA told him this.
  6. I fixed the links. No clue what I did
  7. This guy had 71 goals playing the Leafs against the Hawks - Some good advanced strategy here - This guy picked it up the night of 9/22 - This guy got it 9/23 - Looks like the day it came out depended on where you lived. There's A LOT of good stuff in the usenet.
  8. I suggest you read online how to get a Sega CD ISO to run on an emulator
  9. This is a guide to setting up 4-way play on RetroArch. Useful for the 2on2 ROM. Link to Genesis 2on2 ROM - 2on2 Update Thread Please make sure you have loaded the ROM at least once before (Load Core->Genesis Plus GX, then Load Content->2on2 ROM). I suggest placing the ROM in your ROMs folder inside the RetroArch-32 folder (or wherever else you decide to keep your ROMs). The person hosting should have direct connect set up. This will give the smoothest connection for everyone. This also allows you to swap teammates and reset the game if there is a crash while keeping everyone connected. So far, only confirmed this on Genesis GPGX core (prob should work in a similar fashion for Snes9x core): Step 1: Set Max Users to 4 Start RetroArch. Go to Settings->Input. Set Max Users to 4 (this is safe to leave this way, you don't have to change this back). Exit and restart RetroArch. Step 2: Set Controls Load the 2on2 ROM. Once it is running, access the Quick Menu (by going to Command->Menu Toggle on the Menu Bar or pressing F1 key), and go down to Controls. In the Controls window, change "User 1 Device Type" and "User 2 Device Type" to "MD Joypad 3 Button + 4-WayPlay". Make sure "User 3 Device Type" and "User 4 Device Type" are set to "RetroPad" (this should be default setting). Step 3: Set to Four Player Once done with Step 2, you will need to "Restart" the game (Quick Menu->Restart). Go to the Game Setup screen and see if you can set the Players to "Four": Step 4: Save Game Remap File Once you are successful, you can save the Game Remap File, which will save the User Device Types specific to this game. This way you don't need to set it up every time. With the game loaded, go to Quick Menu->Controls->Save Game Remap File". A message will pop up that the file has been saved. Now, when you load the 2on2 ROM, it will automatically load the Game Remap File (and your 4-WayPlay setup)! This way, you will not have to redo this and undo it every time you decide to play. So, you only need to go through this setup once. Step 5: Start Netplay and Play Start Netplay as you usually would (Main Menu->Netplay->Start Netplay Host). This can be done before loading the ROM, or after (go to Quick Menu, go back a few times to the Main Menu). I would suggest telling the players to connect after you set the Players to "Four" in the Game Setup screen. Players 1 and 3 are the Home team, 2 and 4 are the Away team. To switch players, press the "i" key to "leave the game". Then the "i" key should be pressed in the order of players. (Example: If player 2 and 3 "leave the game", and Player 2 wants to be Player 3, Player 3 wants to be Player 2, Player 3 presses "i" key first, then Player 2 presses the "i" key. Now they are swapped.)
  10. SNES Playoffs Eastern Conference #1 - 1st Round Bye - LA (annatar) #2 - 1st Round Bye - BOS (BobKudelski26) #3 - NYR (Kingraph) vs #6 - QUE (BlackDevil19) #4 - VAN (koke45) vs #5 - STL (dethrox) Western Conference #1 - 1st Round Bye - TOR (MikeGartner22) #2 - 1st Round Bye - CHI (schwartz) #3 - PIT (jer_33) vs #6 - MTL (combustiblecam) #4 - DET (Bad Moon Rison) vs #5 - CGY (Acadius) Seeding based on Win Pct%. Points got you into the playoffs. I did not apply NPs this season due to the trouble some people are having with RetroArch. But, even with NPs applied, the same guys would be in. Instead, I took dethrox (32 GP) and schwartz (27 GP) and knocked them down a seed. The 2 conferences work as a "SNES-A and SNES-B" kinda deal. 1 week deadline for the 1st round matchups. Good luck!!!
  12. Due to the fact that the site was down for a week or so, I've decided to extend the season another week. So, the regular season will now end Monday, January 28th. I apologize for the problems this season, hasn't been the smoothest running (RetroArch, site down, etc). I appreciate everyone sticking with it and try and get those games in!
  13. Problem fixed, uploading should work again.
  14. Hi Guys, For the past few days there has been an issue with uploading games. It has to do with the server denying permission to save the game. @Evan is looking into it for us. For now, keep your saves. You can change the filenames so you don't lose track of them (i.e. MTLvsBOS), but keep the file extension as is.