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  1. chaos

    2018 Classic Fall League

    For the time being, yes you will be able to. But I hope to phase it out eventually.
  2. chaos

    Et Tu Brute Deuce Schedule & Groups

    We need a drunken schedule creation video
  3. Hi Everyone, Originally, I wanted to start registration today, but I'm pushing this off until this Friday, October 19th. In turn, I will be extending registration until Friday, November 9th. The reason for a 3 week registration period is 2 main points: - King of 94 is the last weekend of October, and I would like to give those newcomers playing in the tournament a chance to join the league. - We are moving away from Gens/ZSNES emulators, and going with the RetroArch frontend with Genesis Plus GX and SNES9x as the cores for Genesis and SNES. Instead of using the emulator/Hamachi combination, we will be going with RetroArch + core + netplay server. Netplay is very easy to setup and this setup eliminates the desync issues that have plagued poor connections in the past. The 3 weeks will allow some time to for everyone to become familiar with using the new combination. As of right now, the Genesis Plus GX core requires that both players use the same platform (Windows vs. Windows, or Mac vs. Mac) for Netplay. All people who play Genesis online have Windows PCs, so no change here. Hopefully in the future, it will allow for cross-platform play. Also, the Genesis Plus GX core has way more accurate emulation than Gens, and feels more like the real hardware. The SNES9x core allows for cross-platform play too(Mac vs. Windows), so any combination will work. This has been tested. Uploading games will be the same procedure, so no change there. The most confusing thing about setup will be controller configuration. I'm trying to write a program that can help in this aspect. But, many people will not have an issue; RetroArch comes with preset controller configurations (autoconfig) for many popular controllers. So this step can be skipped in most cases. If you have a controller that it doesn't recognize, the controller will have to be configured one time, then it can be saved. RetroArch uses a "universal" controller, with a layout like an SNES controller. So SNES users will have no problem setting up the controller, but for Genesis it could be slightly confusing, as the button map is not how you would assume it to be. I will be uploading packages that can be used to install RetroArch on later this week, and they can be accessed from the main page. The package will include RetroArch, the ROMs for classic, a customized config file to eliminate the need to setup some hotkeys, and the cores. There will be separate packages for Mac and Windows. Stay tuned for more info! Check these threads out for some info on how to set up:
  4. @Jlnhlsegafan are you on a Mac? It's possible that python3 is not in your path. type "python3" (without quotes), and see if it gives you a prompt. If not, go to Terminal app (Under Applications/Utilities/ At the prompt, type: nano ~/.bash_profile This will open up a file editor window. Near the bottom, you should have something like this: # Setting PATH for Python 3.7 # The original version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave PATH="/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/bin:${PATH}" export PATH If not, copy the above, paste it in, then to exit the file editor, press Control and X at the same time. It will prompt you at the bottom of the window if you would like to save, hit the Y button, then press the Return button. Afterwards, you will have to close the Terminal app and open it again. Then try "python3" (without quotes) again. If it works this time and gives you a python prompt, you can type "exit()" (without quotes) to exit, then try the command Smoz gave you again.
  5. chaos

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    He doesn't like Luc Robitaille?
  6. chaos

    32-team ROM offsets

    At this point, I think you are better off asking for someone to do the work for you. These are simple instructions, and if you can't understand them, you should take a step back and see if you are actually capable of editing a ROM yourself. I would suggest finding youtube videos on tile molester if you want to continue down this route. Or else, explain what you would like done, with CONCISE instructions, unlike your vague responses, and maybe someone will be willing to help.
  7. chaos

    Et Tu Brute Deuce Draft

    4.1 Atomic selects B Leetch 4.2 MG22 selects Doug Gilmour 4.3 Aqua selects Al Rollins 4.4 dcicon selects Grant Fuhr 4.5 jer selects: Dave Manson 4.6 j&j SELECTS Felix Potvin 4.7 Spaceghost picks Gary Roberts 4.8 chef picks Steve Larmer 4.9 Flatcrusher gets Ulf Samuelsson 4.10 Zepp selects Dave Ellett 4.11 aj selects Tony granato 4.12 Skip selects Dennis Savard 4.13 chef picks Hy Buller 4.14 J&J picks Butch Bouchard 4.15 Lupz gets Bob Essensa 4.16 Brutus gets Fatso McSlowly 4.17 Ice picks Geoff Courtnall
  8. chaos

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    OTT trades 3.18 and 4.13 to PHI for 3.15 and 5.2 Confirmed via Discord
  9. chaos

    2018 Fall League????

    Plan on starting registration Oct. 15th.
  10. chaos

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    I doubt nhl94 will ever be rereleased due to licensing issues and EA. Tecmo bowl does not use the real players names on the rerelease, only their numbers.
  11. Install Virtual Box, download (illegally) a copy of Win 2000 or Win XP, install Win 2k or XP in Virtual Box, and run NOSE in there. It works for me. (Virtual Box is free). Then you can create a shared folder between the Win install and Mac, and transfer files that way.
  12.–92_NHL_season 91-92 season was the 75th season. Good point.
  13. OK, @slapshot67, I fixed it. New version in first post. You will have to uninstall the old version, just uninstall it like any other windows program (Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a Program)
  14. Found the problem lol, fix coming.
  15. Nvm, I got the error. I will check it out.