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  1. Guys, you won't be selecting teams right now. Once the Season 2 draft is over, then I will announce a C draft where you will pick from the drafted teams.
  2. Yeah gonna just use the same rom so team and roster unfortunately
  3. I'm not sure if you understand, you're gonna have to wait until the Season 2 A/B draft before you can choose a team. Or maybe, I can make this based on Season 1 teams?
  4. CDL Season 2 C League Signups CDL (Chaos Draft League) is a player draft league with the following: boosted Goalie stats (+1 to each Glove/Stick and +1 to Agl to all goalies except Roy and Balfour) shorter Goalie switch time (less time holding the B button to switch) farther Goalie range (can move farther out than vanilla 94 ROM) 1 min Penalties Warm/Cool player bonus (a weaker version of Hot/Cold). No Team Bonuses (Home/Away PP/PK all set to 0) Player Body Checks For/Against counted, as well as a +/- Stat I'd like to start a C
  5. Yeah, once I get an idea on who's playing, you can do that if you like.
  6. CDL Season 2 I plan on starting this up as soon as CDL Season 1 finals are over. Relegation and Promotion As was discussed at the beginning of Season 1, the bottom 2 teams in A will move down to B, and the B champion and team with the best regular season record during the season will move to A (if it happens that the best team won the championship (like they did in this case, then the second best team in the regular season will move up). This depends on who is returning, but as of right now: Moving to B - @kazelegend and @sheehy (mikegartner22 and dantml were r
  7. did you look at this? - Gives you a starting point to look for the logos.
  8. Let me know what topic it is, I can pin it to the top of the nhl95 section
  9. Love the graphics job Raph! Didn't even notice the CDL zamboni or the CDL logo on ice, gonna have to look for that!
  10. Trades are allowed until 12 midnight eastern tonight (January 6th). After that the ROM will be finalized.
  11. Team Name: Calgary Flames aka Calgary Bruins LD: Ray Bourque RD: Kevin Dahl LW: Nikolai Borshevsky C: Cam Neely RW: Adam Oates X: Mike Ricci 3rd D: Bruce Driver G: John Blue
  12. You can drop a player and add one who went undrafted, or was dropped here. Reminder: You need 6F, 4D, 2G for your final team. Link to sheet - You have until midnight eastern tonight (Jan. 5th) to make drops and adds.
  13. Corbettkb: trades 20 and 68 to AJ for 14 and 83 trades 29 and 77 to to scribe for 41 and 56
  14. @dcicon5148 receives Jeremy Roenick, 2.23, 4.23 @Uncle Seth receives 1.10, 2.15, 4.15
  15. 1.5 szpakman takes Selanne 1.6 Sheehy takes Ciccarelli 1.7 sonoffett takes Gartner 1.8 scribe takes Klima 1.9 raidercanuck takes Fleury 1.10 UncleSeth takes Recchi (trade with dcicon)