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  1. No it does not. I will update this this week, thanks for reminding me!
  2. HFD - Line 1: Sanderson-Kron-Cunnyworth-ZZ-Burt Line 2: Verbeek-Nylander-Poulin-Weinrich-Pronger Line 3: Cassels-Petrovicky-Janssens-Keczmer-Pedersen Goalies: Burke-Pietrnglo Bench: F: Leach-Kypreos-Corriveau D: Houda-Agnew
  3. Please look at this thread - Check the estimated framerate for both players
  4. We can help you with that on Discord too
  5. Welcome!! Yes, you can play exhibition games at anytime. Join the Discord server (link on front page -; that's where everyone hangs out to play games.
  6. Or take a nap in the middle of the tournament, wake up and win it.
  7. Washington Capitals Miller-Bondra-Elynuik Ridley-Khristich-Carpenter Hunter-Pivonka-Krygier Iafrate-Johansson Cote-Hatcher Cavallini-Anderson Beaupre (or a trash can) -Tabaracci Bench: F - MacDermid, Jones, May, Savage, Konowlchuk D - Langway, Woolley
  8. Hey bud, Some corrections - - Don Sweeney is a starter, Wesley is not in SEGA. (BOSTON) - Goulet also is a starter in SEGA, not Ruutuu. (CHICAGO) - Garpenlov is also a starter in SEGA, not Gaudreau (SAN JOSE) EDIT: - Jelinek is listed as D in SEGA as well. (OTTAWA) I just checked with classic rom. I guess website is wrong? Or maybe based on a different revision of the game?
  9. @Edge of '94 Midwest when you get a chance, the SNES bracket graphic is incorrect (its the Genesis one).
  10. 40"? holy crap. My 20" weighs 70 lbs., cant imagine a 40. 13" CRTs are the sweet spots for tournaments. Easy to carry. Lots of them on craigslist/FB/let it go/offer up. Ask @Mike Gartner. He has a ton of CRTs.
  11. @clockwise quit while you're ahead, you got enough goodies. 20" BVM is a holy grail. Are they all working OK (geometry all good)? My 20" is good, but my 13" I needed to replace some capacitors in it (needs some more new ones actually).
  12. The best way to get them is looking for govt auctions I’m gonna guess. I thought you already had some @clockwise