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  1. chaos

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    Please leave them headered. They need a header if you want to play them on real hardware with a flash cart or repro (SNES Everdrive, SD2SNES, etc). I dont think Snes9x cares either way, header or no.
  2. chaos

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    Yes, header and checksum. The newer versions of Snes9x require it to be correct I believe. The old nhl94 rom that was on the site didnt work with new versions of snes9x either.
  3. Congrats bud. I bought a Framemeister years ago when I added an NESRGB board to my NES. RGB made it look like a whole new console. I then bought all the cables for the rest of my systems. Modded my SNES Jr. (only the old SNES outputs RGB without a mod), and was living the life. Then, early last year, I was able to pick up a 20" PVM free from work (looks just like yours). It was in MN, so I packed the living hell out of it and shipped it to myself back in NJ. It's so much more enjoyable to play on there than on the Plasma with my Framemeister. Now, the Framemeister just sits there. It's a sad story for the little guy. Then, a month or so ago, I picked up a 14" PVM for free (well it was broken). Fixed it up and we used it at the tourney. Worked at a museum in Phili last week, they has 2 PVMs and a BVM laying around. I'm not sure if I can take them though. These things went for big money back in the day. Now people just rip you off on eBay selling these. I think PVMs were $2-5k new (depending on size), BVMs (Broadcast Video Monitor) were in the 10k range. The reason they are so much better than a traditional CRT, is the line count and the quality of the tube. A line count on a reg. CRT maybe below 300 lines. On a PVM they are 600-800 lines (depending on the model). And the tubes are made to last a long time. Even playing on a $20 CRT, composite video looks much better than on an LCD.
  4. You can get a lot of interference calls with manual GC, using the goalie as a third defensemen near the crease. I don't think best-of-5 would be good. At this point both guys had already played a ton of games, it would be mentally draining. Keep it at a good length with best of 3, so if momentum screws you in one game at least you have another to bounce back.
  5. chaos

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    Hahahaha. Those who downloaded the previous one, use this new one I just updated (7/6/19 - ends in fix2). I fixed the checksum (previous worked for me, rexershow said it didn't work for him). This should work for everyone.
  6. Should be fixed
  7. chaos

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    This version of the ROM should work in RetroArch (along with ZSNES). EDIT: Download this new one, I fixed the checksum. NHL94-2on2-xstioph-fix2.smc
  8. Yeah, this is covered in another thread - The host is the only one who needs to have set up port forwarding. Anyone can connect to the host.
  9. Doesn't support Windows 7 as a host. Worth trying, but there are many guys on here that play online with older laptops. All Parsec is basically doing is giving the person who connects to you a "Twitch" video stream and using their inputs as player 2. So the person connecting is actually not running the emulator, just streaming the video and sending inputs.
  10. Full Rosters, Includes Tex Add G/Drop F, Ray Ray trade, Luc-Courtnall trade No Lines, no graphics done yet. ETB3_PreseasonV1.bin
  11. Calgary Flames C - Cam Neely LW - Wayne Gretzky RW - Stephane Richer LD - Ulf Samuelsson RD - Scott Stevens XA - Craig Janney First Forward Sub - Craig Janney First Defense Sub - Vachslav Fetisov Goalie - Grant Fuhr
  12. This includes all teams and rosters up to the end of Round 13 of draft. Note: Graphics are not done, but team names are correct. Please check your team's rosters (remember, they will only include players you drafted up to and including Round 13). Also, before playing, set your lines. ETB3_Rnd13_V1.bin
  13. Not in Genesis unfortunately (from the Menu). But in RA, you can pull up the Quick Menu (F1 key or "Menu Toggle" from one of the drop downs on the Menu Bar) and Restart from there. You would basically be hitting reset on the console.
  14. chaos trades 6.6 and 7.13 to Tex for 5.18 and 8.13