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  1. Spring '21 Classic League Registration! Register HERE For those of you who have registered on the NHL94Online site before, then registration will be easy. You just need to choose "Yes" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?", type in your site user name and password (NOTE: This is different than your forum password and user name, unless you made it the same), and choose the league you will be joining (right now, you can select Genesis or SNES). Then, hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. It's that easy. For those of you who have not registere
  2. I have an old DS Lite with an R4 card, it can run homebrew/emulators and DS games on it no problem. They have a R4 3DS card, probably does the same, though there may be better options for 3DS now.
  3. Its funny that Aggression doesn't get any in-game bonuses applied to it. All the other ones (except for the Fighting stat, Spd and Agl, and Wgt of course) get bonuses. I always thought Checking is used to determine if the player will check, and thus eventually cause a PIM. Ray Bourque has an Aggression of 2 and a checking of 6, and he's very aggressive and is always in the penalty box.
  4. He needs to save his controller inputs in Settings-Input-Port 1 Binds. Without a game loaded, set the controller input buttons, then when done, select Save Autoconfig.
  5. @jer_33 did a test on speed and acceleration: I was under the impression that speed is the top speed. Agility is how fast they get to that top speed (acceleration). Agility also affects turning and how quick you can stop.
  6. I believe that Alexander Mogilny (BUF) 's name is shortened too. To Alexnder
  7. Yeah, this is a known weird issue, and it has to do when the game was made. SNES does not have the duplicates, and it was released after the Genesis version. So it looks like the game was made around the time of the expansion draft, and they didn't bother removing guys from their previous teams.
  8. It's also funny he's rated the best D, when he was second in Norris voting that season. (Though he was either 1st or 2nd between 89-90 and 93-94). Chelios won the Norris in 92-93, and Larry Murphy had the best +/- of Defensemen.
  9. I think Al MacInnis has a 6/1 shot pwr/acc?
  10. I'd also note that if there were injuries where the player missed a significant amount of time in a season, their attributes were not affected. Cam Neely played like 10 games a season throughout the 90s and his attributes barely changed each year. 91-92: 9 GP, 9 G, 30% SPCT 92-93: 13 GP, 11 G, 24.4% SPCT How can you judge a guy on 9 and 13 GP?
  11. Kirk Muller is 4s across the board. There are 5 players with 6 Shot Accuracy: - 4 of them (Mario, Lindros, Khristich, Robitaille) have 4 Shot Power. - 1 of them (Petr Nedved) has 2 Shot Power.
  12. Below is the draft order for C league. You will be choosing from the drafted teams in the CDL S2 ROM. To look at the rosters, you can use the google doc that @kidswasted made: Become familiar with a few teams, so when it is your turn to draft, you have a list of teams you prefer. I will officially start the draft on Friday, March 19th, but you guys can start drafting before that (deadlines won't take effect until March 19th). The ROM can be downloaded from the Discord c
  13. Team: Calgary Flames LW: Wayne Gretzky C: Cam Neely RW: Pat Verbeek LD: Jamie Macoun RD: Teppo Numminen G: Patrick Roy 3D: Kevin Dahl Extra: Craig Janney Change Doug Bodger from #8 to #3
  14. Guys, you won't be selecting teams right now. Once the Season 2 draft is over, then I will announce a C draft where you will pick from the drafted teams.
  15. Yeah gonna just use the same rom so team and roster unfortunately