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  1. The reason NHL 2002 won't get to any menus that allow me to select teams is because of an error in Event Viewer that gets triggered that states that the faulting module is ntdll.dll, a system file.

    1. I got the puck

      I got the puck

      hello there, I wish I could help.  I have no idea what is the ntdll.dll...have you try to start all over again, erase the program, reinstall it and use nglide.  That's unfortunately the only thing I can think of for your case.


    2. Jlsegafan2001


      ntdll.dll can be found in two locations; system32, and SysWoW64, which are system files located in the Windows directory.

      I have tried that, but nothing changed.

  2. I wound up using v0.16, anyways. This is the error I received, by the way.
  3. This leads to another issue: Java 8 is the most recent version that doesn't exclusively come in a jdk. It's also not supported by TM 0.21. And I tried using the javaw.exe that came with Java 22 to open the jar file, but it does nothing. It doesn't open the program, no error message (unlike what happened with Java 8), nothing in Event Viewer, and it doesn't even become a background task. What do you recommend I should do?
  4. Yo, I would like to see player photos be supported.
  5. Because the faulting module is ntdll.dll, a system file.
  6. Brave of you to assume this changes anything.
  7. I see. I thought it was a hack of 95 on the Game Gear.
  8. Three years later, and the site already doesn’t go anywhere. 👍
  9. I thought this wasn’t a Genesis rom at first.
  10. I feel like it was because of a Windows update as well.
  11. Btw, NHL 2001 was the game I used as an example. NHL 2002 has the exact same crash.
  12. 1) If you know me, you'll know that the solution is never this easy. 2a) The command shown is incomplete. 2b) The troubleshooter will always tell me that the game isn't supported. 2c) NHL 2001 wants me to insert the game into a nonexistent drive and run it from there, and if I cancel, see 2b). 3) That worked once... then when I ran the game again, the issue came right back. 4) Windows opens Edge instead, because of IE being retired. 5) I only have one computer with Win10 on it, and even if I did have another one, Windows would prevent me from replacing the dll.
  13. Heard back, and received this as part of a larger message: “We were able to add read and write support for some of the NHL 96 archives/images, but not all of them.”
  14. What if you’re like me, and get a crash trying to play a game, and the faulting module is ntdll.dll?
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