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  1. Just started an AI vs AI match involving the Lumberjacks and Aviators, and right away... honestly... that rendition of the main theme almost made me cry because of how beautiful it sounds. I also had the idea of making a rom using fantasy rosters, but with the actual NHL teams. However, that can be easier said than done.
  2. Oh, okay, thanks. I saw an extra 4 that wasn't there, instead of the second one.
  3. It’s a rom hack I was working on using the 30 team rom as a base because I was told not to use the 26 (28) team rom.
  4. Alright, I might do that when I have the patience. The whole “faking getting more channels” thing may be difficult by simply hex editing. Interesting.
  5. I would like to find a way to replace the main theme of NHL 94 with Something Good, which you sent a midi of. Unfortunately, I find the guide you sent very convoluted. May I please have a visual guide on all the steps? I see myself as a visual learner.

  6. Ahhh, okay. I wanted to replace the main theme because that's what Drezz was able to do.
  7. Alright.. But now I find myself with a bunch of .csv files. I'm going to look at the video you sent in regards to the process. For the record, "Something Good" is going to replace the title theme.
  8. Looks like something went weird with the copy/paste, as using the link to save it all of a sudden worked
  9. I had to create it myself by copying and pasting the script, since the script on your Github cannot be downloaded
  10. I see. I didn’t know that required the command line. No, this was a new file I created. Yeah, that is weird. I think I might be cursed.
  11. By the way, the song I wanted to use was supposed to replace the base title theme.
  12. Nice. I see two .ips files in the directory. What are those used for?
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