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  1. NHL 99 didn't have that feature, because it debuted in NHL 2000. Edit: RIP Greg Johnson
  2. The Internet Archive has this: https://archive.org/details/NHL96ED When you unzip the file, there's a txt file that mentions Blomman, aka one of the gods of NHL editing.
  3. *Created a team in NHL 97 using Sonic and friends, and played a game with them. *I created the players and put them on the Maple Leafs.
  4. 1) What PS1 emulators support online play? 2) The PC version requires a modem, which no one uses anymore.
  5. One of the things that I wish was possible is an editor for the PS1 versions of EA's NHL games. NHLInfo can read the PS1 files, but it can't replace them, as it's made for earlier PC versions (pre-2004). Say, for example, you want to update NHL 2001 on the PS1 to the 2018-19 season. Unfortunately, you can't do that. But with an editor for the PS1 versions of NHL, you can.
  6. I saved another file in a VM as a 256 colour image, imported the image as a face, and the colour pallette STILL looked off.
  7. It seems like anything to do with rosters once you create a player in the PS3 version of NHL 08 softlocks the game. I tried entering the Player Movement screen. Guess what? It didn't load. I had to quit the game. I tried editing players. I was met with a black screen with the game still playing. I had to quit the game. What's the reason behind created players softlocking the PS3 version of NHL 08, when it works fine on the 360 version?
  8. 2004 wasn't able to work with Wine. In 09's case, only the menus worked. The game looks corrupted when I try to play it.
  9. The games release in mid-September these days.
  10. Some screenshots I took while playing the game in Boxer, a DosBox equivalent.
  11. Here's my modded NHL 94 ISO. I tried putting it in an emulator, and the emulator couldn't detect the game. Like, at all. Could you guys please help me? sega94.iso
  12. I tried that in NHL 2001, and when I was creating the player with my name (put myself in the DB because why not?), I still got a corrupted face palette.