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  1. Jlsegafan2001

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    Some screenshots I took while playing the game in Boxer, a DosBox equivalent.
  2. Jlsegafan2001

    Forum Reorganization - 2019

    I kind of like this idea.
  3. Jlsegafan2001

    NHL 94 edited ISO not working

    Here's my modded NHL 94 ISO. I tried putting it in an emulator, and the emulator couldn't detect the game. Like, at all. Could you guys please help me? sega94.iso
  4. Jlsegafan2001

    NHL 2000 problem - face palette

    I tried that in NHL 2001, and when I was creating the player with my name (put myself in the DB because why not?), I still got a corrupted face palette.
  5. Jlsegafan2001

    NHL 2000 problem - face palette

    How do I save it as a 256 colour image, though?
  6. This is the problem I'm having currently in NHL 2000. Is there any way around this or not?
  7. Jlsegafan2001

    I discovered something revolutionary!

    But, alas, when I tried to mod a file into the game, I got this error. I don't know what this error means. Can anyone explain it, or is this all for nothing?
  8. I just found out that you can use NHLInfo on the PlayStation versions of the NHL games (of course. I'm using this test file in an emulator.), so I'm testing it to see if I can mod NHL99.bin, then combine it with the .cue file and play the modded file through OpenEmu.
  9. Jlsegafan2001

    N H L W A V E

    To ring in the new year, I have uploaded a song that only samples audio from the NHL games. Experience... the N H L W A V E.
  10. Jlsegafan2001

    NHLView NG Error

    This was before I even started editing using NHLView NG, and after I created all the players (all of them 17+) in NHL 11.
  11. I wanted to change the birth years of Sonic and friends so that they are accurate to the characters in NHL 11. However, the saved roster wouldn't appear in NHLView NG because of this damned error that also trashed my attempt in NHL 09. And yes, they're created players. Is there any way I can escape this error, or will I need to reset the rosters?
  12. Jlsegafan2001

    NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Where can I find the software that this screenshot is from?