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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bnTMCjigTAqLrb0E-3IQVArYc3gqX7rP/view?usp=sharing Here's an update on where I've been
  2. I used to play the Ultimate Team modes because of the fantasy team building aspect, so I can confirm that you can basically place bets and you do need to buy loot boxes in some cases to do this. They beat you to it. Some cards receive stat boosts or sale value increases based on real world performance/results.
  3. You also made it much more realistic, reminding me to BET NHL NOW. I always forget to place my television network mandated same game parlay, and with NHL 24 there’s still no reminder.
  4. There hasn't been much in the way of modding Nintendo console games other than '94 here, and that is limited in scope as well. They seem to be pretty different in regards to the actual composition of the code than GENS games. For example, if you open up a GENS NHL game in a hex editor, the names of players and teams in the text editing side; compare this to SNES games where the code is not as plain to read. One of the geniuses here may figure it out someday though.
  5. Excited to see! There’s definitely some players earning their way into roster spots too…
  6. I am in a similar boat, but live near Northeastern and BU so I gravitate towards them. I’d love for some more of the northern ACC programs to add D1 teams, especially Syracuse and Pitt who have big brands and natural rivals already playing.
  7. There was a box art… but I lost my laptop to water damage. Thankfully, my actual working files are backed up and I started making my to-do-lists and such today. I’ll be sure to make box art this coming season. Here’s an invite to the NHL Legacy Discord. I discontinued my NCAA project over there (this is still very much alive) because working in LE wasn’t really my speed, but may do something with NHL 2k11 because of the easier texture swapping and lower overhead for people to run the game. Thanks for checking in!
  8. One of my favorite parts of this site is when a new league ends up getting showcased through a ROM. Awesome work!
  9. Well, I'm sure this is a touchy subject... but they fit pretty naturally as a cheat-code/guest school in the eventual B1G ROM now.
  10. Came back to this after a HHOF trip made me quazi-nostalgic for the "old days". Had to say... just so, so, so good.
  11. Just wanted to give a peek at the next level to this project, my NHL: LE mod. Lots of possibilities, but here’s a draft of what BU looks like (pending white glove tweak). edit: modding new games is at times a lot more meticulous than fun... this may be put on hold to focus on the cool s**t we do here
  12. Hi. I made a promise I won’t be able to keep. So I wanted to let everyone know now - I am slightly shifting my focus away from this specific project, which might cause some delays. This is because I am working with the folks from the NHL Legacy Revamped mod to create a College Hockey fork. NHL 14/15/LE are *my* generation’s NHL 94 in a sense, so this is very exciting to me! This is a very ambitious project as the NHL LE modding community is rather new, so it will take a good amount of time/effort to create new templates/guides/explore the possibilities in the game. I can provide more info to anyone interested I hope no one is TOO disappointed, and I will do my best to get something out for this project here during the season.
  13. He signed today so he is ineligible for NCAA action. So he at least would be playing AHL next year.
  14. Happy he didn’t get stuck in Disney Land with the league’s mascot, Trevor Zegras.
  15. I know UW is in the “dynasty” mode thing that went up here, along with a few other PAC-12* (pending whatever happens next with realignment) schools. These ROMs are not on the same “base” as the new ones, so the custom in game music isn’t there, along with some other noticeable but not major differences.
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