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  1. I *LOVE* that Ron Barr has an arena in his background.
  2. Well whatever you do, I’m excited to see it! Bummed out to hear you’re thinking it’s your last season, but I’m sure you’ll send yourself off with something amazing. Also heads up if you didn’t see, the image importer is working for 32 teams now, so re-alphabetizing when Utah comes to town should be a little easier.
  3. Dropping here since it’s closest thread - would it be feasible to make it so a road team’s goal song plays when they score in place of the boo?
  4. It’s a heavier lift than what you’re proposing from a hacking standpoint and also somewhat covered by JKline/VO’s hack, but for a “classic” version I’ve always thought something with 1994 branding for all of the teams where it is possible would be cool. Just to double down on the throwback nature.
  5. I can definitely say these 4 will be given preference because of the fact they play D-1 teams. I also like the idea of including the NE10 D2 teams (since they’re TECHNICALLY D1, just don’t compete for the Nat’l title), future teams like TSU, the NTDP teams, and USport teams that play a lot of D1 teams. Did some graphics work last night, hopefully can get some good stuff done this weekend.
  6. The good news is that the infrastructure for a great NHL 94 mod is already in place, and with new tools like Chaos’ image importer + some tweaks on my end, there’s no reason I can do this if I have the time. And trust me, I won’t forget all of the extra schools. I think I might swap the list a little bit, but it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the mod. Is there any you’d specifically want to see?
  7. Whoops - here you go: source.zip Let me know if this is what you need. Has the modified scripts and so on.
  8. This will only work with 32 team ROMs since I'm not a great programmer and just swapped the offsets and raised the team limit, but it will work. Someone more talented could probably do some if-then stuff. Thanks for making this super helpful tool @chaos! 32teamIU.zip
  9. I also am wondering this - assuming no support for 32 teams right now?\ Edit: I think I have this working with 32-teams with some edits to your code. I'll share once tested more.
  10. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t taken the year off, but the modern NHL stuff was fun and a cool challenge. Might try and find a way to convert FHM10 rosters to NHL 94 rosters which would make doing a 23-24 roster super easy, and some guys would definitely make the all-time roster for their schools from this past season. I think this one is worth revisiting too, but don’t wanna get too ahead of myself yet. It would look great with the crowd/music updates, and and the sprite tweaks I made inspired by some of what Drezz did.
  11. Is there interest in a project with alumni rosters for the top 32 or so programs? I was feeling very nostalgic for this mod after playing it during a train ride, and would love to make something again. I have some unused sprite and music updates that I’d love everyone to see!
  12. 1. Yes! A lot easier in fact. Since everything is contained in one file instead of jumping between 4 ROMs. That was what mainly drew me to it, honestly. 2. Higher power PCs and (unofficially) modded PS3s, for now. As emulation gets better this could expand - but it’s a very CPU heavy task. I only know how to do it on a higher power (8+ cores) PC.
  13. Hey there - I’ve moved my efforts to working on a mod for NHL Legacy just so I have more surfaces to mod and make something more realistic. It runs on less devices because it has a high CPU overhead, but it’s had great results (see attached). Sadly I only have time for one mod lately, so this mod is not going to be worked on much more (if ever).
  14. This and goalie control...
  15. I feel uniquely qualified to answer this, as a person who used to mod here a lot and now has shifted to NHL Legacy Edition. There are only 3 (to my knowledge) in progress mods of any games after NHL 2k10. 2KHS is a mod of NHL 2k11 on the Wii, but download availability is sporadic - I don’t have anything but it’s worth poking around. Full engine tweaks and everything, it’s a marvel. NHL Legacy Rebuilt is a work in progress mod that had a few releases with updated in-game textures and rosters for (you guessed it) NHL Legacy Edition, but right now they took all of their downloads down and have been “working behind the scenes”. My mod, which had a sort of closed alpha test last month, College Hockey Faceoff is also of NHL Legacy but if you’re not into NCAA it might not be your speed. Here’s a link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BoKWfpkfKmyRdgN94_ZukVfkLJ2GvZvS. Very incomplete, but expecting another release this spring with most of the big brand college teams, not just the east coast. Mods for these modern games are very uncommon, as there’s not a huge draw like College Football Revamped or College Hoops 2K Reborn since hockey is a smaller sport. As someone who has built/used 3 PCs and seen these games emulated on all of them, NHL Legacy is by far the most CPU intensive sports game I’ve seen so the power requirement blocks out a lot of people who would otherwise be interested.
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