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  2. Hi this game is awesome any plans on making a 2022-23 version?
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  4. In other words, make up a hex code or what!?!? It's still NOT clear to me...
  5. https://youtu.be/o--vwFE52iM - Kernkraft 400 (the woaaaaaaa, aaaaooooo, aaaooooaaooo goal song the Bruins have - needs tweaking) https://youtu.be/SNA5cbHp6YY - Dirty Water Just a few notes so other newbies can try this tool out: I used Visual Studio and imported Smozoma's Github through the repository download feature - I recommend doing this and installing mido using the built in features if you're new to Python like me. MuseScore has free trials and all of their notes sheets allow you to download midi versions. MidiEditor then is good tool to combine tracks or delete things you may want to. These were more reliable since they were midis made for transposing/learning and not for listening. If you see any values on the Excel output column fourth from the right or furthest right that get up above 30-40, you may want to shorten them if there aren't major gaps in your song. Count the # of bytes whatever track you're replacing has and then convert to decimal and divide by 4 to count how many rows of Excel cells to copy.
  6. I have no idea what part of the tutorial you are stuck in. In any case, you would need to insert the Lidstrom image that you wanted to use into the ROM, and then you would need to update the pointer for that players card, as per the tutorial.
  7. Well... Those players that are using generic skater portraits, unlike players with portraits... For example in NHL 94, let's take the Detroit Red Wings... Steve Yzerman has his own portrait but a skater like Nicklas Lidstrom does NOT...
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  9. Where in the tutorial (provided in the first post), are you getting stuck?
  10. Again, how do I assign a new picture to a player without a portrait of his own!?!?
  11. I just want to assign pictures to players,,, That's the part I'm getting stuck at... There are players without portraits of their own... What to do about that!?!?
  12. After all these months... I still don't get it... It's all still very complicated and confusing for me...
  13. Hey all, Caught a bug that needed quick patching while playtesting something else, so you get a bug fix and the new rink template I was toying with. Have a nice American Thanksgiving.
  14. Good question - I personally consider the neutral site ROM to be the playoff ROM. The only reason I used the general NCAA Hockey logo instead of the Frozen Four logo was to make it flexible for anyone who wanted to play conference championships or in-season tournaments (as a proud Bostonian, I love the Beanpot!). If you look closely at the splash photo, it’s actually from one of the NHL rinks they had the FF tournament at a few years ago. In terms of future updates - I have a small graphics tweak (added scorekeepers, coaches, and refined bench players) I hope to publish soon after some more testing. I may or may not add a separate pod with all of the major club teams that people speculate could go D1 within the next few years around Christmas time. Thanks for the continued support!
  15. Hey Seamor...still enjoy your games...these are biblically HUGE and fun..I got a question, you did the neutral and outdoor roms but for the end of the year, do you intend to do roms for Final four? where any and every team could be part of the final four with the final four ice and crowd stuff? Just thought I ask since it hasn't been mention. I know there's a lot of work involved and wondering if you might not do it, which could be understandable..but just wondering if sets of playoff roms will be added. Stay safe and thanks a million for your work. Always there to support you man!!
  16. Hey all, 4.0 just went up. Included in the update... Spreadsheet Season Simulator Regular Season schedule tracker, conference playoff seeding randomizer, and NCAA tournament seeding randomizer There is an example spreadsheet so you can get a feel for how it works - feel free to delete my notes or the conference/non-conference game designations, but make tweaks to the total games played or formulas at your own risk. I tried to make this as user friendly as possible, but it may be finicky for some and hell, there's a chance no on even uses it! If you have any issues, send me a Discord message and I can try to help you out. Updated ROMs with small visual tweaks ESPN+ scorebug updated, bracket banners restored to original pallette, and portraits updated Anyways, let me know if there are any problems.
  17. I hereby express my interest in participating in the new season i.e. in.
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