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  2. this chart is so great, you mind sharing the working doc with me to make a bastardized nhl 95 version?
  3. Good examples, and I personally like Hull and Verbeek at C. More personal preferences while we are at it: Detroit: Dino vs Yzerman Calgary: Roberts vs Fleury Quebec (sometimes): Sundin vs Sakic New York Rangers (sometimes): Messier over Gartner Washington (sometimes): Khristich over Bondra
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  5. seamor

    NHL Legends

    Yep, definitely put Mary instead of Marty. Did most of the roster work over the course of a day or two, so my apologies. Ironically I had just talked with him on Instagram the night before I started this project, so it should've been fresh in my mind, but oh well. I'll fix it when/if I do an update.
  6. Other guys I'd swap in as C.. Ottawa: Baker over Turgeon Hartford: Sanderson over Verbeek St. Louis: maybe Emerson over Hull? NY Islanders: Turgeon over Hogue depending on the other team's defensive play
  7. Thanks, I definitely want to do more YouTube instructional videos! You definitely don't need to have the 1st F as your Center, though many of them usually end up that way. Personally I have Oates on LW on Boston, Gretzky in LA is also best on a wing, Savard in Montreal. Ultimately how you stack the lines becomes your own personal preference and how you prefer to play. For some more reading material, I highly suggest reading "Building Lines with AJ", which is a comprehensive guide to structuring lines for each team: Building Lines with AJ There's a thread for each team.
  8. This is great! Question about the 1st Forward though...does that also mean they should be your Center in your line & not just the best overall forward? Enjoy the YouTube posts, by the way.
  9. Attached is a Screen Saver I made for Windows Should work with Windows 7/8.1/10 Compatible with Shockwave 7+ Enjoy! ShootOut94.exe
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  11. Man, I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this. You and all of the others (like Smoz) who have written all of these programs; whatever time you put into it just makes me like this community more and more. Also, if it ever comes to it that you are able to add batch conversion to the extractor, I'll be able to die in peace.
  12. Loving the inclusion of Tsujimoto. That's one of my favorite hockey stories. I haven't had time to take more than a cursory glance but I did notice you misspelled Marty Turco's first name.
  13. That won't work with what we use within the community as a whole, but if you head over to, you'll get everything you'll need to play with us, including the necessary communication via our community Discord channel, so you may find opponents for pickup(exis) games, and eventually even leagues if interested.
  14. Thanks man! I would love to, I play using emulators off of an old OUYA box modded with Android, I'm not sure if that'll work for online but I'd like to give it a shot for sure!
  15. Something I've always wanted to get around to doing. finally had some time. Would be better if i could do some in person vs games to discuss more. In due time buds!
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  17. Thanks man! I would love to, I play using emulators off of an old OUYA box modded with Android, I'm not sure if that'll work for online but I'd like to give it a shot for sure!
  18. Hey everybody, just joined up today but definitely want to give a huge big thank you to all the developers for their time and hard work putting these crazy amazing roms together! I never knew about this until a few days ago and wow..I'm seriously in hockey heaven!
  19. Welcome Bud! SNES rules! You should play some of us online. It's a lot of fun!
  20. It's Halifax, posting them on all the socials (facebook, twitter.. apparently we have an instagram?)
  21. Hello Peeps, Who is the person responsible for doing the Instagram tips lately? Cool idea!
  22. Yeah, I'm down most nights after 10pm
  23. There's been some games played recently but I haven't been a part of it because of timing or whatever. Does anybody wants to try and schedule some exhibitions here?
  24. Season 03 ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_03_final.bin
  25. Yes, read the original post. That's what we are doing!
  26. Is there a way to play nhl 95 online vs friends?
  27. Thank you for this! I had put a message earlier looking for a 1990 rom and glad I stumbled upon this, I have to right the wrong that the Jets got dealt at the hands of those same Oilers you speak of lol
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