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  2. Bid posted. I trust xot. He’s a good fella. Played a ton back in the day and smashed a lot of buds while he was at it!
  3. @smozoma It’s not nhl luc Robitaille’s twitter. Just wanted to make someone named luc Robitaille feel special
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  5. don't sell it an unboxing video! lol
  6. Adding some more pictures to show the things I mentioned.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I just researched a bit about fake SNES factory sealed games and one thing that it supposed to be very hard to fake are vent holes. My game has that. You can see one of them on the picture I posted. One is above the head of the LA Kings guy and if you follow that mark in a straight line down to the black part of the box there is another hole. And there are two more in between that the picture doesn't show. Another thing that the fakes rarely have are "roller marks" beside the seam on the back of the box. It's marks that the real sealing machine makes. It also have a small plastic overlap where the seams meet at the top and the bottom of the box, which is also an indication it's not fake. No paint has cracked of the folds on the box either, indicating it has not been opened. I'm no expert though, so if there is anything you can show me that confirms it's fake, please tell me. I'd prefer to not open it obviously, if it is real. The videos you posted didn't really say anything about SNES games either.
  8. I thought this was Allan bester maple leafs goalie .......he's the Bob basses of gc
  9. Hey Besteric, I wrote a guide for new guys: It is a bit out of date, but still helpful, I think. Welcome!
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  11. Hi @Besteric99! There aren't any leagues running right now, but you can always request some exhibition games on our Discord server. Discord is where you can interact real-time. It's also best to plan ahead of time instead of just asking for an immediate game. So something like, "I'll be around tonight or tomorrow at 9pm est if anyone is available for a game". You can find the link to our Discord chat server in my signature. Here's a guide on how to play online as well: Good luck! Hope to catch you around.
  12. Hi I'm new on NHL 94 gaming I'm wondering how it works and how I could join a season or playoffs I have retro arch and the roms but don't know how this works so if someone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. @halifax losing his mind after legalization of weed in Canada.
  14. that Luc Robitaille's Twitter? Plays a lot of video games
  15. We are just posting this in our Facebook and Twitter pages, no system preference, just whatever people want to vote for. The only people mentioning systems are the buds from this community and the vast majority (95+%) of the rest of the people just vote and probably don't know there is much of a difference to begin with. Ultimately it's meant to be fun and for a way to get new people to engage....response and discussions have been fun so far. We even got Theo Fleury to retweet his round 02 poll, and he's running away with it vs. Robitaille, lol
  16. Selling my factory sealed NHL '94 for SNES on ebay. Figured some of you guys might be interested
  17. where r these votes coming from?? isn't this really just gdl with Excel pivot table ........sorry but I been awake for 24 hours just had job interview with licenced mj company .(so kg said he was good at excel lol 10hrs of YouTube and he is an expert is lucky he didn't get stuck in China 2 canceledx before Trudeau fucked it up for all Canadians........all things happen for a reason confusous once never said
  18. Cool and Fun! How did Dino lose to Chelios is the only opening round shocker. Yzerman looks to have the easiest road to the Final 4 coming out of the Adams. I can't see him not making it. Roy/Bure winner in the Sweet 16 should come out of the Patrick. Theo/Belfour in the Sweet 16 and Gilmour in the Elite 8 makes the Norris the toughest Division. Mogilny/Roenick is a colossal Elite 8 Match-up with the winner taking it all. Yzerman/Bure/Belfour/Roenick are my Final 4 Roenick over Yzerman in the Final. How do you vote in this? Another piece of awesomeness brought to you by @kingraph
  19. Hello, you have to download “NOSE”, the NHL 94 editor program. Then open the rom, and you’ll be able to modify the players abilities.
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  21. How did you edit the stats I can't seem the find players names when I open hex editor?
  22. Hello Here is a rom I made in collaboration with @Jkline3, who made the opening title screen for me. I took the 2000-2004 rom made by @naples39 as a base. It's based on the 2002-2003 opening night rosters. Player cards for all starters. NHL2003.bin
  23. 19_3.rarPlayoffs extra! I forgot Jordan Weal in Arizona, though he moved to Montreal in the trade deadline. Now he is in the right team. I also added few rookies and tweaked ratings, especially faceoffs. Quite a few old farts are also slower in this update, which means that for example Detroit is now as bad as it should be.
  24. I'll do one final update for the Stanley Cup playoffs, right before it begins. I'll make some minor player overall adjustments based on stats, final team ratings, pp/pk, etc. All that good stuff.
  25. Thanks very much! I use the GenPlusGX emulator and the game works great. This made my day!
  26. I wanted to provide an update on the stats tracking. A couple of spreadsheet glitches are leading us to go through each of the score sheets by hand. These glitches had no impact on tournament day action. This is a lengthy process that requires quite a bit of time and investigation to fill in the blanks, as there were a handful of games where people didn't turn in sheets and verbalized their results. We know the results of this will have impact on the world rankings list that @smozoma maintains, and we want to make sure the results are accurate. Post tournament I've been extremely busy at work and in family life, so Ref and I do ask for your patience.
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