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  2. Bumping this post with Breaking news, WTG Bear Studios has recently re-emerged and is looking to re-release his xbox 360 indie game, Blockey on steam this September. Check the steam page for more information. No word yet on the fate of the 3d sequel Blockey 'Rockin Hockey since its development from 2014 through 2017.
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  4. and just realised i could have just downloaded SMOZOMA's 64 team rom and spreadsheet instead! so i got everything mapped again, because it was EASY TO DO NOW also trying to work out where the first team data block was and spent a lot of time looking for it ..... yeah i found it ..... somehow we've all been managing to put a a whole load of FF's between the first team data block and the team players data, and we've been doing that for ages (can't get a download of WBOYs original 30 team rom to see) but it should be easy to ..... my original international roms are fine there's no space between them check your roms, it's not a game breaker as all the pointers are correct otherwise they wouldn't work, just a bit of clean up required
  5. Jammer, Case and I are not going to Toronto for Kingof94 4 this Sunday. Sounds like so much fun. Somebody please get a video of Bob Kudelski (Adam) playing NHL’94 songs on his piano. I’d pay to see that in person. Haha classic! One of these 3 players probably will win SNES NHL’94 Kingof94 4 in Toronto. Adam, Oliver or Kevin good luck buds!
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  7. also i've noticed you've switched the teams around in the start menu ..... WHY YU DO THIS could actually change Team 1 and Team 2 to Home and Away got the team structure mapped, although the "00 02" before the team i don't know, i'm assuming that is the number of goalies? also not found the team stats nor the team lines either .....
  8. I found this on YouTube SNES NHL’94 Speed run! Whitman Price well done! This is probably the record! 10 Goals in 2:34 game time!
  9. You're awesome! Cant wait till opening night.
  10. Any new Rbi roms...ive just found these 64-68 roms....
  11. Hi All! I just uploaded the preseason version of this ROM. All UFA signings are updated as of today (9/15). I updated jersey numbers as well. The next version that I release will likely be the opening night version (like last season). Enjoy!
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  13. Good look'n there but I got 2, 14 hour days at work on Saturday and Sunday (10am to midnight).
  14. @clockwise You should hit up RetroCon this weekend the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks. I did spot one vendor with NHL 94 on Sega CD in a jewel case spotlight, and another with a NHL94 on Canvas (among other classics).
  15. and no it isn't i was just putting in the WRONG address PALLETE - 00035E70 TEAM BANNERS - 000A0EIA (10x64) TEAM DATA - 000AD65E
  16. One thing I've always noticed is that It really feels like the game will try to balance out penalties if PIM becomes lopsided. Anytime I end up with a 5-on-3 against me, I know if it's early in the game that the pendulum will swing back the other way.
  17. I like it! Would be at least interesting to try. Penalties are *sometimes* random and it sucks, but to me it's another part of the randomness of the game, which makes it so fun. If there was a way to have this game have a "tournament" setting, where all randomness, boosts, momentums were turned off, that would also be interesting for the guys who want competitive play.
  18. anyone do anything with this yet?
  19. 77

    i have a REQUEST!!!

    take NHL98 for genesis and edit the ice to make it look like 92/93/94 less dithering, try to make the ice and the lines look the same
  20. Yeah the Drone Penalties are killer and random I think the only way to enforce would be pausing and switching to auto goalie which kinda kills flow of game.
  21. Always a bummer when the cpu gets you 2 in the sin bin for something that is completely off screen. Never a fan of playing enabled them for this reason.
  22. too hard to enforce... but yeah the PP is a double-edged sword. In the Vancouver round robin video, I refer to it as the "power kill" because there were so many short-handed goals so on the other hand.. the penalties are pretty random, so the fact it can work out either way is maybe not a bad thing?
  23. @halifax I just made $130 selling some of those useless Mcfarlane hockey figures. Would you take $130 for this copy? Nice little ROI for you bud. C'mon.
  24. So what do you think of this wrinkle to game play? I always thought being on the power play isn't that much of an advantage in the 16 bit version of game. So to give the power play more oomph what do you think about "no manual goalie" for team on penalty kill rule? I like it a lot, but my biggest worry is can it be enforced during the heat of the game. What would be the penalty if someone switched to goalie during PK?
  25. If you are talking about the 2KHS link, DJNEO is working on the next release and the old game version has been offline for quite a while. Visit http://PlayNHL.TK and get the latest NHL2K19 roster, that is the closest you can get right now, until his next release.
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