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  2. Always interesting when a logo font is finally tracked down, even if the official font is not completely identical to the version used in said logo. You have a point about the 5 though, so I'm curious what EA decides to do with that. Possibly they do even keep it as is. Possibly they slightly modify it, using a bit of the shape of the 3 to "unquirkify" the character. Possibly, and this is looking over the history of EA's NHL series, they have averaged a new font about every 4.5 seasons, so there is a non-zero chance that they do continue that trend with a new word mark that, like the logos from 2000 on, is based around a bold block font that maintains the similar feel, but also adopts changes that are keeping with current ad design trends. Regardless, I'm probably just going to do what I always do and wait for the official cover art and just adapt that.
  3. I finally buckled down and identified the font EA has used for NHL 21–24. It's Termina Black, designed by Mattox Shuler, published by Fort Foundry. https://fortfoundry.com/fonts/termina It is also licensed with Adobe Creative Cloud, so Adobe users get it for "free" after they (or their employer) pay their exorbitant Adobe fees. https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/termina You may notice some small discrepancies between the lettering used in the EA NHL artwork and the font. This is normal, as one usually customizes the letterforms in a font when preparing a logo. I hunted this down because I am trying to get my '25 done as early as possible. But the default "5" in the font is kinda quirky looking for a mainstream sports video game. I wouldn't be surpassed if the designers either (a) use an alternate letterform, (b) customize it heavily, or (c) change fonts altogether for '25. Only time will tell. FYI, I read somewhere that for non-commercial use, the designer does provide a limited version of the font for free. I've not verified this however.
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  5. I was planning doing one for 95 with the season schedule as well. But amazing job on the rom and everything about it.
  6. Rather than going on cynical conjecture, [there is a big story out of Edmonton about how AI integration is going to enable the termination of about 1500 jobs with Turbo Tax which may have influenced my assumption], I decided to actually read up on this [crazy!] and apparently you are correct. The three Davis [brothers?] are going to be brought on to help run their platform. Beyond that the public information was slim, but good for them.
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  8. I'd bet money that at least one person, if not more, will be working for the Caps for awhile. Systems will be adapted and redeveloped to be less of a looking glass, and more of a strategic analytic tool. They don't need the design doc on how the systems worked as much as they need the system to be constantly re-worked for them and give them a competitive advantage. And my guess is that some key parts of the system were never fully automated, and relied on some human intelligence.
  9. Oh yeah. Going by the Conroy statement, I'd say (c) was their motivation. To be honest, I'm not ever sure that the previous owners/administrators would be kept on for much longer than the time required to give an internal guy the design doc on how the systems worked.
  10. This ROM was ultimately used to release the Tucson Roadrunners 2024-25 schedule Thanks again for all the help to make this happen!
  11. With all due respect to those people, in my experience that makes little sense. When a company buys a website like that (highly successful with limited appeal & limited monetization potential), it is usually because they (a) need to protect themselves from a potential IP infringement, (b) want to aquire new IP, (c) want to acquire back-end infrastructure, (d) want to acquire skilled staff, or some combination thereof. They did the math, and this was quicker and cheaper than their internal infrastructure plans. The front-end of the CapFriendly website was almost certainly worth very little compared to the back-end. I'd wager money that (d) was seriously important to them.
  12. PuckPedia.com seems to have taken over as the replacement for Cap Friendly. They've massively upgraded the site since the news broke and have even brought on several former CF people, including the guy in charge of maintaining rosters/depth charts. Still a bit of a work in process, IMO, but what they've done in the past month or so is pretty impressive.
  13. I recall hearing several people mentioning that the Capitals could just keep it going as a pay-per-view website, I actually didn't really use the site so I didn't think about this until the Hockey Guy pointed out that the site used what could be considered "proprietary information" about the other 31 teams, so selling access to peasants could get the Caps into a lot of trouble. I also recently heard an interview with Craig Conroy on the matter where he basically admitted that they used it for some features, but they had already been developing an internal tool that wasn't publicly accessible as well. Didn't mention specifics, but he did say that they had some features that they liked better with CapFriendly and were looking to import them into their internal tool. Back to Hockey Guy though, he pointed out how this is kind of part of the NHL's current attempt to pull the wizard's curtain closed again. Fans know too much about the business. We should just stop worrying and learn to love the game. Like ignorant kids who don't question how the league made a few billion in profit, but I should still be prepared to follow the three month's salary guideline for buying season tickets. And then make a few prop bets while downing my beer and popcorn at an 800% markup. Oh well.
  14. And just like that, it's gone. RIP CapFriendly.com. 2015–2024.
  15. The reason NHL 2002 won't get to any menus that allow me to select teams is because of an error in Event Viewer that gets triggered that states that the faulting module is ntdll.dll, a system file.

    1. I got the puck

      I got the puck

      hello there, I wish I could help.  I have no idea what is the ntdll.dll...have you try to start all over again, erase the program, reinstall it and use nglide.  That's unfortunately the only thing I can think of for your case.


    2. Jlsegafan2001


      ntdll.dll can be found in two locations; system32, and SysWoW64, which are system files located in the Windows directory.

      I have tried that, but nothing changed.

  16. I wound up using v0.16, anyways. This is the error I received, by the way.
  17. Here is the areanpc.viv file for NCAA fun!! Depending on the success of the demand, I may add other leagues. I rediscover this game 3 months ago and ever since I adapted jerseys for the game for other leagues such as Canadian Junior, AHL and ECHL. For those who do not have NHL 2002 pc game, google around, it is abandonware and if needed go get the nglide software to get it going to present computer standards. With nglide, it works very fine. I hope you will enjoy. arenapc.viv
  18. Hello there, I am back again, this time for nhl 2002 stuff. Here is a set of NCAA D1 jerseys. They are very recent and includes the new teams such as Augustana and Lindenwood. Those jerseys go into the 'teams' folder located in the 'user' folder from your main nhl 2002 file. I also include again my NCAA arena to replace (after backup of the original file) arenapc.viv located in the 'gamedata' folder in the main file. To access these file when the game is open, please click on 'Cutomization' then 'Custom teams'. Out there, you will be able to change 2 teams. Look at the bottom right and click on the jersey icon. There you will access all the files and apply the one you want. Please note that I did not make the jerseys. They are mainly from other internet sources and I kindly adapted them to NHL 2002. the jerseys are not absolutely perfect. The fonts maybe not accurate but all of this should not stop you from getting an NCAA feel for this great game. Enjoy!! teams.zip
  19. I'd recommend reverting to v0.16. While v0.21 runs smoother for me, it does have a couple new quirks that are likely not worth it. v0.16 is fine. FWIW, I am running v0.21 in Java 8 u411 without any Java issues.
  20. This leads to another issue: Java 8 is the most recent version that doesn't exclusively come in a jdk. It's also not supported by TM 0.21. And I tried using the javaw.exe that came with Java 22 to open the jar file, but it does nothing. It doesn't open the program, no error message (unlike what happened with Java 8), nothing in Event Viewer, and it doesn't even become a background task. What do you recommend I should do?
  21. Yo, I would like to see player photos be supported.
  22. Looking forward to checking it out later today!!!
  23. I'm excited to release an updated ROM for SNES with current rosters as we haven't had one in a few years now. I've been working on it the last month or so. Some notes about the ROM: 28-team ROM replacing Campbell and Wales All Star teams with Nashville Predators and Vegas Golden Knights Quebec becomes Colorado while Hartford becomes Carolina Arizona(Utah), Columbus, Minnesota, and Seattle are all excluded as they were further down the standings. I hope to rotate the two All Star teams with the best of this bunch(including NSH/VGK) Jerseys have been updated to match their current home/away colors Rosters are current through the 23-24 trade deadline. I may have missed some add/drops but will look again this Fall Advantages for Home/Away/PP/PK/Offense/Defense have been set up based on each team's 23-24 performance Player portrait tool was run so everyone should have stock images Lines are set based on overall, not by real life lines. Again, I will revisit this Fall when free agency has essentially ended. I've set 1-minute penalties Defense Control is enabled by default Implemented a new hack from @McMarkis that reduces hitting the post and allows more goals. We'll see how it goes. I've attached a CSV containing the rosters as well as team rankings Special thanks to @AdamCatalyst for sharing his NHL 24 rosters with me and providing some tools to grab ratings from EA's NHL 24 game. I was able to use both as a starting point before going through the rosters myself to make alterations. Thanks to @McMarkis for his various ROM hacks(1min penalties, post hack, etc.) as always. Team Ratings: Here are the team ratings. I've also attached them as a PDF: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RMbjeMnrHyScHlpqyxi0z_NtFbjS1fnW8RdJ4ifLIJQ/edit?usp=sharing Jerseys: NHL 24 Team Rankings - NHL 24.pdf nhl24.smc SNES NHL 24 Import.csv
  24. Friendly reminder to folks that if you use this, you likely also want to update the Organ Music Assignments in your ROM. Here is a tool that might help.
  25. Here is a spreadsheet I put together to easily set the organ music tracks for a 32-team ROM. It only works in Apple Numbers, which you can access online for free like Google Docs. Basic Usage… Use the drop down menus to set the desired track for each team and scenario. Copy the generated code at the bottom right and paste into your ROM. Additional Options… Input the names of your teams if you like (optional). You can also rename the songs if you like, just leave the first two character HEX code intact. (optional) Review the track usage stats in the table below (optional). Anyone can edit or download the spreadsheet. There is a locked version on a separate tab that can be copied over to reset the sheet. https://www.icloud.com/numbers/061eEqXOHx8LdwjpIKHvMZpZw#NHL_'94_Organ_Music_Assignments_v0 p.s. Here are the MP3s of the Organ Music renamed with the HEX codes for easier reference. NHL 94 - Audio - Organ Music.zip
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  27. Anyone playing this or hang out in their discord regularly? if you are I'm Philladelic over there. The game is coming along very nicely with the addition of created players and teams. Season mode and Fighting is on the roadmap for the game as well.
  28. Thanks for the kind words. I have to say that the silly thing with testing ROMs is that you do run into that issue where some glitches pop up and you might not notice them for a few versions. And then after those get figured out, a new one might show up as a result of the "fix".
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