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  2. Should I pull an EA and market a bug as a feature?
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  4. here is my link for jerseys that you can put in user/teams and use it as custom teams...quite a few jerseys for any league, any occasion
  5. Nah... just sticking with the standard Home/Away schemes.
  6. Not going to follow the NFL's lead with a Color Rush version of the ROM?
  7. That's the Stars new alternate jersey color scheme. Rumor has it, many teams will have a "4th jersey" this year. I saw Vegas' the other day. Gotta make money back so way/how. This will not be in my roms as it is an alternate.
  8. superb Rom seamor - just some feedback - one bug happened twice playing the CPU (as All Stars 94) (me Tampa) in the "Challenge" Final - an Allstar 94 player sent to the bench for a foul - as he took his place on the bench this happened - but the rom is good and i feel somehow the CPU plays tougher than traditional 94'
  9. Going to revise all the jerseys based on the all the new changes.
  10. Not sure if I like them in real life, but these jerseys will look great in 16 bit form
  11. I'm in i guess... kinda.. no idea how it's works... but in... simply cause SNES Rules even if you're playing 0:40 Seasons :-D
  12. Congrats to @sonoffett87for winning OHPL season 6. Some pegged him right away as being too overpowered, and maybe they were right! He lost only 4 games on his way to the championship. Selanne should be banned apparently. Too good when combined with sonoffet's insane D. Here's the new season teams. As usual, b***h and moan or try to trade within reason, and I'll allow it for a few days before we tag chaos to upload it to the site. GOOD LUCK! 1) @hokkeefan - NEW YORK ISLANDERS 2) @Scribe99 - ST. LOUIS 3) @Tickenest - NEW YORK RANGERS 4) @chaos - EDMONTON 5) @Tess - QUEBEC6) @Mitch
  13. @mitch13 caught a headshot mistake within the ROM, and was kind enough to hit me up. Thanks Mitch! I felt it was worthy of a timely fix (as opposed to waiting for the next version) so I took care of it and the rom has been re-posted in the OP. Cheers!
  14. Yes, a whole lot of time/effort does go into them. But, it is worth it. No, I do not change/modify the sounds. I can't speak to what the others do but feel free to ask them on their posts as most appear happy to discuss their own work. I long since solved the issue of hearing things I don't want to hear. I simply press on the volume button on my laptop or TV until it is zero. Problem solved. Cheers!
  15. You can get all Roster Editors here However. There are no addons there as I did not save them.
  16. Tell you what- these Genesis hacks might be what it takes to stop playing SNES. The amount of time you guys are putting into these mods deserves it! Question- do you (or others) change/modify the in-game sound effects? That's primary why I don't play Genesis versions; they drive me crazy.
  17. I ran into the same problem... You can use goodbyeccha's rinks if you want to switch out the main rink for a certain team's rink but there's not a fix to update each team's rink that we can find so far unfortunately. It's a shame because his rinks look awesome.
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  19. Anyone know how to substitute goodbyeccha's rink work into the original nhl 95 PC? There is a folder "rinks" and within are subfolders for each team and each of those contain a "rink.qfs" file. (something like that) In the original game there is a single "rinks.qfs" file so I'm not sure how to substitute all rinks?
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