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  2. Looks like 24 Teams, 60 Game Season Draft Order 1. JCariello - Det 2. Badass94 3. DanK 4. Lego 5.MightyEskimo 6. BlacktopKid 7. Triple A 8.Skills324 9. KidsWasted 10. Big_Valboski 11. TecmoJon 12.Dcicon5148 13. Ellis_10 14. Millertime_Van 15. BlackDevil19 16. PistolPete42 17. Tickenest 18. BobKudelski26 19.Dangler 20. JotaC007 21. Stantonator 22. Dethrox 23. Annatar 24. TheProfessor
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  4. Can anybody play today, @MikeGartner22 @Mitch Kramer @Thrillhouse @Brutus @pistolpete42?
  5. chi 88 buf 84 det 84-x nyr 84 pit 83 stl 83 bos 81 mon 81 tor 81 cal 80 la 79 njd 78 van 78 dal 76 win 76 phi 75 edm 74 sj 74 wsh 74 que 73 nyi 71 fla 70 hart 69 tb 69 ana 65 ott 65 Rankings for The REALNHL94ROM
  6. Thank you. Will let you know how it plays. Looking forward to it.
  7. Off topic: Just dropping by to say how cool I think this is. I'm realizing the naming could be better and not entirely satisfied with how it plays against ai so I'm very curious to know how it plays player VS player. I might have set the stick handling a bit too high overall. Please pm if you have any concrete suggestions. Make sure you grab the latest version I posted last year. It has "Def controls ON" by default.
  8. If I can get confirmation from 23 more NHL94 pals in the next 2 days, I will create a tournament using the 2020 ROM, and we will play out the current 2020 playoff tree. All 24 players will be placed in a random lottery and will draft teams in that order. Take note, of course, that seeds 1-4 on each side automatically will get to first round. If you pick a qualifier team, it's a chance you won't make the final 16. Also note, you can pick your team based on who you DON'T want to face after they have already drafted. Example: if @angryjay93 takes Florida, maybe you might to choose not to take the Islanders, haha. Also, after the draft, team trades will be allowed. There's a lot of Leaf fans out there, so they may be in high demand. Especially with Anderson on the bench Once we are whittled down to 16 players, I will have @chaos upload it to the site where we will play best of 7s with the last 16 players. Thanks to @halifax for the idea. Who's in?!
  9. I meant more in the complete experience (season, awards, etc.) But yes 95 with some of the 94 visuals.
  10. Not at all. However, playing '95 with '94 sprites and arena / visuals would be interesting. And I'm sure @segathon has a patch for you to wear.
  11. I think taking the players from 94 and copying into 95 would be pretty easy as long as there is a match for each movement. And if so, I’ll be starting this week with that project, once I’m done updating all the logos in NBA Live 98. Great developments in that game.
  12. That’s right. I think a lot of people prefer the players in 94 over 95 (myself included). But the game play is superior in 95, plus you have the season, stats and offseason awards. There would be some interesting aspects, like even adding the bleeding from 93. I think it would be interesting to try melding a few seasons together to have a superior overall experience. Not sure, if you think so.
  13. Having the season mode and other features from 95-98 with but still having the game play from 94 would be ideal. Floating doing this for a while but never got started because of how old / outdated the hardware is.
  14. Last week
  15. Nobody has attempted anything with 95 beyond what you or I have done, lol. Players would be an easy update via NOSE, but if I'm understanding correctly, you will put some 94 graphics into 95?
  16. no can only have 1 team in each league on the website
  17. Hello All, I'm doing something that might have been attempted or not. But thought the conversation may need to be asked. What are your thoughts of merging NHL94 and NHL95? Using the players from 94 in 95? Using end of period/penalties screen from 94 into 95?
  18. I’m in. I thought I marked it on discord. Are there multiple instances of the same team?
  19. New development. I may have found the location of expanding the divisions, as well as reducing the total games to 82. Need to test it a few times to make sure. @Asher413you unclogged my brain with your division breakthrough.
  20. Looking for 26 snes players for a league on the nhl94 website that chaos will put up using therealnhl94 ROM created by xstioph. The ROM and player ratings are slightly different from the usually one adding a little wrinkle. The teams are updated with trades made at the deadline in 94 and the ratings are updated based on the actual 94 season stats with accurate rosters, as the original game was made after the 93 season. There is only a 19 point overall rating swing between the best and worst team for the most part, so the teams are more even than the original version. We will have a 26 team draft with the lower rated guys getting the top picks. We will have 2 divisions of 13 teams with (East and West) for 74 game reg. season (4 games in division and 2 outside). This will be penalties, no offsides, and line changes. Top 16 (8 in each conference) will make the playoffs. This will most likely be put on the site after classic ends soon. Let me know who is interested as spots are limited. Can create a second league if there is a lot of interest. Teams interested: 1.Triple A 2. Blacktop Kid 3. Big_Valboski 4. TheProfessor 5. Tickenest 6. Dangler 7. DanK 8.Lego 9. TecmoJon 10. Badass94 11. Dethrox 12. MightyEskimo 13. JCariello 14. Dcicon5148 15. BobKudelski26 16. Annatar 17. Millertime_Van 18. skills324 19. Ellis_10 20. Kidswasted 21. PistolPete42 22. BlackDevil19 23. JotaC007 24. Stantonator standby if needed angryjay93
  21. I found the coding to fix the FA Mode, will go through and make sure everything is working correctly, but I had to find the code that loaded the table from SRAM for team control type (MAN/COA/COM/SKP) and RAM location x7E0E23 & x7E0E24. Found the coding, have changed it to load to RAM location x7E0E60 & x7E0E61. First check loads SEA, now I will make sure everything works correctly. I will update the first post with the locations to adjust this in the ROM. Updated: First run through and everything seems to check out. Done until further testing. I've updated the doc on the first page with the updated location changes.
  22. I have made a small breakthrough today (which will need more exploring): I was able to create a functional season of 48 games with the 1994-95 schedule, that did NOT require any ending of the season early. The key was to move the 'empty' days from the end of the season to the front of the season. I also copied the next few lines of code to the end of the schedule as well, then filled in the gap with FF's. I'm not sure how much code is needed to move. This does lead to a longer time period to set up a season, and the game was auto-simulating the 80 or so empty days of lockout when the season is created. This was disappointing in the fact I can't use the correct dates, and the 15th of the last month *must* be the last day of scheduled games, but a step forward none-the-less.
  23. New Developments keep popping up. NBA Live 98 next up for complete game overhaul. - Jerseys - Logos - Courts - Players, etc.
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