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  2. I have the same problem with the playoffs from a rom, i see that the .srm file is not created... and there is no way to create it with any other emulator. Something prevents it. A curious detail is that despite this, it has a saved game, since it has the option "continue playoff" but when I enter it shows you a lost playoff, and it starts a non-existent match between two random teams managed by the cpu anyway lol
  3. The Road to Tampa 1.0 is the latest version. Rosters will be as of after Conference Playoffs.
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  5. My son just reminded me that we may have discovered an issue, at least when playing on real hardware with our custom cart. You can setup a playoffs run in 'Two - Teammates' mode but after winning the first game, the setting switches to 'Two - Head to Head' and cannot be changed. Haven't tested this in emulator. Would it great to be able to win the playoffs together!
  6. I made an account just so I could hop into this thread and offer heartfelt thanks on behalf of myself and my son. We have spent hundreds of joyous hours together recreating this season's greatest (and for our beloved Sharks, most embarrassing) contests through your mod, AdamCatalyst. It has been a wonderful way to connect with my nine-year-old hockey fan and has rekindled my love of the game, both on the ice and in the cartridge slot. Using a flashkitMD clone from AliExpress we even created an NHL '23 cartridge to play on our Genesis. Sitting side-by-side in front of our '94 Panasonic broadcast preview monitor is our favorite way to play. I'm happy to share the custom label we made and recommendations for making your own. (For personal use only, of course. Adding to the discussion above, a commercial release would be inadvisable without permission from all rightsholders.)
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  8. For the record, in this instance I only had to remove a "NHL'4.com credit blurb" that I normally keep at the bottom of the hex code of my ROMs. Never noticed an issue with this before, but this was also the first time I also had a @Drezz background. So I'm wondering if it was simply a matter of the free space being encroached upon too much for the hack tool's liking. Thanks @AdamCatalyst for figuring it out.
  9. Your secrets are safe with me. I can barely remember my own secrets half the time.
  10. Just sent you a PM. You get a bit of a preview of my next "secret" project, but if you can figure it out, I would be immensely grateful.
  11. Would you be willing to send me the ROMs in question? I want to see why the script is failing or how it’s screwing things up for you. I’m certain that you can just implement the 0-15 system following the code in the script. I’m happy to try and help if you like
  12. Okay, so I was a bit worried that I messed something up as this tool was crashing when I tried to save something. Had the problem with two different games with different edits applied but then I tried a third and it worked, so I thought I tracked down the issue. The first two games just happened to ones when I manually messed around with the weight scale. Unfortunately pasting in the original version of the weight scale data didn't resolve the problem, so it has to be something else. Problem is, this is late in the game and I've modded so... so many things. Long story short, I guess my question is that I would really like to know if there is a way that I can just manually change the rating scale from 0-6 to 0-15?
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  14. heya @Sean I'm a little confused on the versioning ? ...From reading thru all these posts, I am assuming that you reset the version back to 1.0 because this project went thru several brand changes ? ...So... essentially, I'm curious that the download on the 1st page is the most up-to-date, which was last modified on 3/22/2023 and that 1.0 is the correct version ? ...Or is 1.0 a mistake ? Thanks !!!
  15. Welcome @Fred_Speed! Most of the chat these days takes place on the Discord server instead of the forum, head over to https://discord.gg/H7vrytU
  16. You may laugh, but the side experiment thing bears some serious fruit. That's where I figured out how to edit the menu theme and the menu background tiles. I didn't feel like doing the arena tile work for the reverse angle view. So I started on those instead LOL
  17. Picturing this exchange makes me happy.
  18. All my best work is done when something else is more important to do.
  19. 3 years ago, a game studio by the name of Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. created and published a game called Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, a 3 on 3 hockey game. this game not only had NHL players like Wayne Gretzky, Alex Ovechkin, Brad Marchand, and Tyler Seguin. playing against each other in this futuristic hockey game, but also feature other athletes from other sports such as baseball (MLB), football (NFL),basketball (NBA,WNBA), and Soccer (WNSL). athletes like Skylar Diggins-Smith, Alex Morgan, De'Aaron Fox, Jose Altuve, and JuJu Smith Schuster you would never think or imagine slipping on skates and hitting the ice, and each player also has their own ability based on their respective sport they play in. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink seemed like a promising game that was ambitious game with a more ambitious crossover than Infinity War having access to more leagues and player associations, that this would make 2k and EA blush. with athletes of both hockey and other sports playing a space jam style version of hockey with skillful and action-packed arcade gameplay and unique presentation. Unfortunately, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was released as an exclusive through Apple Arcade on December 12, 2019 and can only be played through IOS supported systems, while the game was doing alright and was getting updates going far as August 25, 2020. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was quietly withdrawn from Apple Arcade in Fall 2021. Some users speculated that this was related to the game being beta-tested on Steam for a PC release, though it has yet to be officially released there or on PC. but as of now, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is Discontinued. On July 9, 2021 Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc would also try a similar approach with the sport of basketball in its next installment Ultimate Rivals: The Court, ever want to see NHL players dunk on other sports athletes and even wrestlers from the WWE putting them on ice, NBA jam style complete with Tim Kitzrow on commentary? this might be the game for you Sadly like the Rink, this venture of Ultimate Rivals would not last long as Ultimate Rivals: The Court was released as an exclusive through Apple Arcade and also was quietly withdrawn from Apple Arcade in Fall 2021 getting the same speculation this was related to the game being beta-tested on Steam for the PC, like The Rink. but nothing much is official yet If these games were to escape being exclusive to apple arcade to being playable in multiple places like steam. How long would they last and what sports would Ultimate Rivals take on ? no one knows, as of right now, Ultimate Rivals is at a stand still. by Concept Art House by Goran Bukvic
  20. I told my English teacher wife about the semi-colonoscopy. She is going to include that in her grammar arsenal.
  21. oh man, that’s annoying, to say the least. FWIW, LibreOffice does not have that problem (I don’t own Excel either.) I switched to LibreOffice from Open Office many years ago because it seems to be much better maintained. I highly recommend trying some comparison software. Has helped solved so many problems like this, and prevented me from making countless mistakes. I personally use Beyond Compare, but I’m sure there are cheaper options out there.
  22. @UltraMagnus ultimately i've found myself playing a lot your CHL '21 (95) rom... Since i've came across the 100 points bug in season mode, and I've read here that it can be fixed (as has been done in the nhl 23 edition), could you explain me how to do it on the CHL rom too? Thanks in advance
  23. Oh I found another thread that has all the scores and teams! Sweet trophy Geez guys look young in that pic Unfortunately the coin flip / team choosing rules make it impossible to know who was home/away - https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16572-saskatoon-smash-fest-live-tournament-nhl94-documentary-time/
  24. I definitely remember picking vancouver vs Toronto with stheds2000 and he took Toronto...beat me like 5-3 or something.
  25. I frankensteined a full bracket together. There are some scores and teams missing towards the end, does anyone remember the details? @angryjay93 @stheds2000 @The90Jacket @halifax I also notice some asterisks next to many of the games. My guess is that it means the guy who picked the teams and was the away team, but can anyone who was there actually confirm that? (on mobile, tap the picture first in order to get the full quality picture then zoom on that) EDIT: version 2 of the frankenbracket based on the thread containing all the scores (though some transcription errors)
  26. Of course had the correct number of teams. I'm not an idiot. Although I did notice that I was using the hex letter instead of the number for the player weights [never said I was smart either] Sadly this moment of inspiration wasn't the droid I was looking for. I did test on an original 26-team ROM and it seemed to work. I even got it to work on a 32-team team ROM, exporting 26 teams [so it skipped the last six] and then re-importing the resulting .csv data to a new 32-team ROM. This saved as a new .bin file just fine. So I obviously tried to take this one step further and exported a default 26-team ROM and then edited all of the player attributes to a rating of one. Saved the .csv. Tried to import it back to the original ROM and it worked fine. Keep ruling out variables. Export a 32-team ROM, re-import to that same ROM, saved as a new .bin file. Hmm, it's working this time... Okay, next step open the .csv in notepad. Edit the top player to a bunch of 1s. Rinse and repeat. This works too. Okay, open in notepad again. Edit the first team to be a bunch of random numbers from 1-15. [This particular ROM is still using 0-6] Import still works and new file saved. Okay, open in OpenOffice [because I never paid for Excel and it's a long story] type in some 1s for that first skater again and save. Go back to import and.... WHAT!! ARE YOU BLOODY KIDDING ME!! <many muttered expletives deleted> So yeah... apparently OpenOffice is taking that .csv file, and even though it saves as a .csv file that opens just fine in notepad and whatever, it's doing something to it that .csv file the Import tool simply does not like. Why this even happens is well beyond my pay grade and completely stupid and arbitrary and stupid. Just a minute... The story was about to end there in a huff when I decided to try one last thing before hitting submit. I opened an original clean exported .csv file side by side with an edited .csv file and that's when I finally noticed it. The unedited export, when opened in notepad has tab delimiters represented by the common comma. OpenOffice saves it's tab delimiters as commas holding periods over their heads like they're John bloody Cusack or something. So I opened the spreadsheet as a text doc and gave it a semi-colonoscopy and pasted that into a new text file, saved as a new .csv file, and what do you know. Commas man. Probably would have been less grumpy about this whole situation if I didn't miss lunch trying to figure it out...
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