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  2. calling @seamor , he might know more.
  3. I think you'd be the first here to try it. You have to enable Developer Mode on the xbox (requires paying $20) and then you can install it. Here are instructions: https://www.howtogeek.com/703144/how-to-install-the-retroarch-emulator-on-xbox-series-x-or-s/ I have no idea if netplay works between the xbox retroarch and PC/mac retroarch. In theory it should, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We already have a problem playing Sega NHL'94 between PC and Mac. I suspect that while you're in Developer Mode your actual XBox games won't work and you have reboot into regular mode to play them.
  4. hey Sauce, you know where I can find the 32-team ROM template ?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hello everyone! Long time no talk again. A little over a year ago I asked about playing on my tablet, as my laptop was basically on it's death bed. This route seemed futile. A couple months ago I was able to get my hands on an XBox Seres S. I have recently seen videos on YouTube that are saying that retroarch can be installed onto an XBox, as it is a Microsoft device. I am wondering people's opinions on how I can possibly go about playing through my XBox, and if online play is even possible on it. I would like to get back into playing and being with this community, but I'd really rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer that would solely be used to play this game, as I have no use for one otherwise. So if I can find way to get back to playing this wonderful game on my XBox, that would be the ideal scenario. Thanks so much for your ideas and help, it's much appreciated!
  7. I don't contribute much, so I feel obligated to recognize a few of those who do so much for the community. This is from my myopic SNES perspective. 1. Bud of the year. To the person who’s done more for the community in the last 12 months than any other. This is a tough one so I'll mention I wouldn't know how to pick this one, so I'll just mention someone here that hasn't been mentioned - @INDIO for Rewind league including the ROM, streaming and trophies! Also @Tickenest for all the gifs, and of course.. cup chase 2. Best entertaining bud. The one who provided the best entertainment streaming online @lego @INDIO and @dangler come to mind. Very hard to choose between them all. Also @Tickenest for all the gifs 3. Best Rom/ Rom creator. The one who made the best rom for the community in the past 12 months. @INDIO for SNES Rewind, @kidswasted for salary cap and @dangler for SDL ROM 4. Best League/ tournament and organizer. The most well run/funnest league/event in the last 12 months they put together. Again, I have to go with @INDIO Fun league, great stream, and what other league awards personalized Stanley Cups? honorable mention to @kidswasted for starting up the SNES salary cap league I probably forgot one or two others I could have mentioned here.
  8. It is good but only a little of the shape does not fit and so is the norm
  9. It will follow similar to my 95 mod of KHL KHL '21 (95).bin
  10. Hey everyone, Ive recently been running an online league for NHL95 (completing season 2). Its been a blast and crazy amount of fun. Im reaching out to you all to see if there is any league you would like to see start up. Draft League, Keeper League, Dynasty League, or just a base. Here are some of the options: Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - Draft and dynasty league NHL95 - dynasty league - currently running World Series Baseball - base league NFL Primetime - keeper league/dynasty FIFA NBA Live Bill Walsh Football Coach K Madden 93 or 95
  11. Working on it as we speak should be within the next week or so. Can;t guarantee a timeline
  12. When released
  13. I have not been around much lately. I moved from a big city (population in the millions) to a small town (population 20k), and my internet is pretty spotty now. I wouldn't want to subject anyone to the inevitable lag. But.... The two buds I put above all others, at least for the 5 years or so I have been active, are: 1. chaos 2. halifax That said, it is great to see so many names mentioned that I am not familiar with! The community is still going strong, thanks to so many!
  14. Last week
  15. Extra info about what your Elo rating means: It's a rating scheme where the rating difference between 2 players corresponds to a probability of winning. And points are transferred between the players according to that probability (much like betting odds), which makes the future ratings/odds more accurate. Over time if you play someone many times your rating difference will correspond very well with the percentage of times you won/lost according to the following relations: 0 point difference corresponds to (obviously) a 50% chance for either player to win. 100 point difference corresponds to a 64% chance of the higher-rated player winning. 200 -- 76% 300 -- 85% 400 -- 91% 500 -- 95% 50 -- 57% Our ratings were originally calibrated so that an average "B" league player has roughly a 1500 rating. (Thanks @Tickenest for his Elo calculations based on Classic league results!) An elite player with a 1900 rating will win ~91% of the time over a player with a 1500 rating (400 point difference). And a 1500 player will also win ~91% of the time over a 1100 rating player (400 point difference).
  16. Speak for yourself. I've made millions hosting tournaments.
  17. I'm a big fan of @kingraph @angryjay93 @TecmoJon and @chaos for all of their contributions along so many areas, specifically in all of the Edge online tournaments we ran this past year, with score entry, mic contributions, or both. I'm sure I missed someone that's helped with all of that, but they're contributions were greatly appreciated.
  18. If 3v3 is your "jam", like myself, I have posted (rather, re-uploaded) a 3s version of this ROM in the GENS section. If not, please disregard. Cheers!
  19. Greetings! I updated the 3v3 version of my NHL94 2022 ROM. Based on some feedback, I wanted to make certain changes to it for a while and finally got around to it. Unlike my NHL94 2022 season ROM, I added Jack Eichel to Vegas. As I'm not sure if (or when) I'll make another update for this ROM, I decided to add him. It should make for some fun 3v3 games. The playoff brackets, for this file, have been updated for multiple scenarios (as I recently did with my NHL94 2022 v2 ROM). Anywho...additional (important) details about this ROM are in the original post. Cheers!
  20. Hi there, I've been learning to mod by reverse engineering your ROM. Sometimes I even play it! Thank-you so much for sharing. I noticed something… Hex offset 00BB88 is set to 7024, which, if I understand correctly, should increase the speed boost to 112.5% of the original, rather than decrease it to 75%. Am I misunderstanding? And if so, would you be willing to point out where I might be going wrong? cheers, -AC
  21. @kidswasted and @UltraMagnus for ROMs not qualified to vote anywhere else
  22. He who must not be named. -Rangers Nation
  23. NHL94 2022 v2 LOL - man, you're not fooling around. By any chance, is your last name Lamoriello?
  24. DELETED. I'm an idiot. My secret is out.
  25. Update to the previous post... I just re-posted V2. I forgot to add some additional playoff scenarios to this version. Using @baronsfan88's feedback, I added some additional bracket scenarios. I still included last year's bracket (MTL vs TBL finals), as well, but wanted to incorporate this feedback into this ROM. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers!
  26. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! V2 of this ROM has been uploaded in the original post. *No Jack Eichel (yet) - let's see if he actually recovers and plays this season. If so, he'll be added to a later version. Alex Tuch, who was part of the VGK/BUF trade that included Eichel, has been added to Buffalo's roster. He is rumored to return in early 2022. *As with prior versions of my ROMs, if an injured player is rumored to return this season, I left them in the game (more fun that way). In some cases, I left a few in even if they won't return. Do with them as you will... *No Evander Kane. Since he was waived, yesterday, I took him out of the ROM. There is a chance that he won't play for the Sharks again but, we'll see... *Updated player and team ratings. *Updates to some NLC line-ups/headshots. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers!
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