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  2. Amazing, can't wait!
  3. Exciting news!!! NHL '21 reloaded is going to be an exact copy of the current season. Completed all new divisions, updated rosters, logos, ice, announcer, main screen and most importantly, the 56 games season division only games. Will be released this weekend. As I only have half the schedule to finish.
  4. I'd like to try out the NHL 2002 version.
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  6. Here's Dallas @ Anaheim - PERFECT GAME!!
  7. Here are all the roms for the Dynasty League. NHL'51.bin NHL'52.bin NHL'53.bin NHL'54.bin NHL'55.bin NHL'56.bin NHL'57.bin NHL'58.bin NHL'59.bin NHL'60.bin NHL'61.bin NHL'62.bin NHL'63.bin NHL'64.bin NHL'65.bin NHL'66.bin NHL'67.bin NHL'68.bin NHL'69.bin NHL'70.bin NHL'75.bin NHL'80.bin NHL'93.bin
  8. @UOfootballI believe this is the most recent updated one that has more than just names changed. the file download is halfway down the top post.
  9. Original 6 Era Dynasty League (1951-1967) Team Draft of @CoachMac Premium Retro Roms WBF/CB Fix Period Length = 5 minutes Penalties = OFF (B checkenabled) No overtime in Regular Season 20 Game Regular Season Play each team 4 times (2 H 2 A) Playoffs Best of 7 Top 4 make Playoffs (1 v 3 and 2 v 4) Bobbleheads and other cool retro hockey swag will be given each season and to the overall dynasty coach. First Season will be 1951 NHL'51.bin Team Draft Order #1 @CoachMac selects (Red Wings) #2 @aqualizard #3 @AtomicRaven #4 @sheehy #5 @JSchmidt
  10. Oh thanks for clearing that up for me. As you were.
  11. No, each logo has a separate palette that you have to load in order to see it properly. The colors I had loaded for that particular image was for the Black Hearts only.
  12. its interesting that the logos on the pucks are different colors in the menu and easy to tell while here seem to use some of sort of corresponding coloring for every logo, perhaps the colors are coded in for each layer? i hope this does not disrupt the idea of custom logos.
  13. Here's my next installment of a Perfect Game - St. Louis @ Anaheim. Enjoy! Please forgive the quality of the video - we're transferring these off of VHS tapes that are more than 20 years old in most cases!
  14. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, that is a programming logic that I cannot correct. I can assure you that I purposely removed Nikita Kucherov (for example) as an assigned extra attacker, from all lines, with NOSE, due to his LTIR status. If the game is overriding said logic, I cannot correct it without physically removing him (which I will not do due to his popularity). It's possible, if a player on a line or the assigned extra attacker to that line is injured, the game logic may, by default, pull in a highly rated player (active or inactive), such as Kucherov, into the gam
  15. Last week
  16. Excellent rom. Congrats. If I could point out one thing though, injured players sometimes come on as the extra attacker or penalty shooter. For example, i was playing against tb (cpu), and kucherov (though not available in the regular game) came on to take a penalty shot for them. Same goes for extra attacker (eg, voracek (i think it was) came on as an extra attacker for philly even though he was not on any line)
  17. The latest snes rom was made with the 2015 or 2016 rosters if I remember correctly, you'll find it in the roms section.
  18. Congrats to @MikeGartner22... Game 6 against chaos in a tight final. was tied 2-2, and gartner won the next 2 by a goal each. Coulda went either way! Here's our season 12 lineup below. Good luck to all participants!! Only 5 more chances to win and punch your ticket to the OHPL Master Series where the 16 winners will face off for cool cash and prizes. Trading allowed between players, or changing teams within same tier or below. GOOD LUCK! 1) @JSchmidt - TAMPA BAY 2) @chaos - PHILADELPHIA3) @Mitch Kramer - EDMONTON4) @hokkeefan - QUEBEC 5) @Mr. T - TORONTO 6) @sheehy - DALLAS
  19. Awesome. One number change for Montreal. Edmundson is 44 not 5.
  20. Here's the next installment of a PERFECT GAME - All Stars West @ Florida!
  21. Yes! I totally know what you're talking about. I'm not sure if it's a glitch because there's an actual sound effect associated with the whiffed shot (unless that sound is associated with another action?) Doesn't happen often though. It'd be interesting to test your theory.
  22. I was hoping to make this a dynasty type league starting in the 1950's and progressing through the Original 6 Era, but we need 6 guys to get started. I'll bump this to the top one more time and see if we can get it going. If not, Oh well
  23. Every once in a while when I'm playing, I will unintentionally start to take a shot but I can seemingly cancel it out by pressing the B (pass) button quickly, and I'll get a sound like a piece of paper being ripped quickly (hard to describe). Has anyone else experienced that?
  24. The team has been known as the Monsters of the Midway on and off for ages, though this is probably with particular reference to their mid-80s squad. The full scoop is on Wikipedia.
  25. Because they were the "Monsters" of the mid-west at the time? [my, it has been a long time since da Bears had shuffled their way to a Superbowl eh]
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