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  2. hello everyone. I'm looking for 10 more people of various skill levels who are willing to sign up for 5 seasons of what I am calling the FAIR DRAFT League. What is it all about? FAIR DRAFT stands for: F - Fair (a certain set of rules and regulations will be agreed upon before beginning including, but not limited to, controller as the only input method) A - Accessible (no cost to join, no barriers to entry) I - Inclusive (all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions are accepted and welcomed) R - Respectful D - Democratic (if 6 of the 10 agree that something isn't working right, we will change on the fly to end up with the desired result in season 5, even if I disagree with it) R - Revolutionary (nothing like this has ever been attempted) A - Awesome F - Familiar (settings are basic, no WBF, offsides off, no line changes) T - Timely (due to the selection criteria, we do not anticipate allowing anyone in who historically has trouble completing games very quickly) I'm looking for 10 more individuals to self-identify as the following skill levels and who commit to participate in 5 seasons of a new experiment in seeing just exactly HOW unbalanced the skaters on a team must be to overcome the skill level of the coach. ELITE - 2 spots A/B - 2 spots left (after me) B/C - 3 spots C/D - 3 spots Once you agree and commit and apply, I will find choose my participants based on the following criteria: 1) I have a list of some names in my head of people I REALLY want in here, for scientific reasons, and if they apply, they will be instantly accepted. 2) history of completed seasons and games 3) history of lower pings against all other players in group (sub 70 ping preferred) 4) history of respectful and polite communications on discord and in-game * if multiple applicants are "equal" in my opinion, I will have a lottery to see who is allowed in (see how fair that is?) How does the FAIR Draft League work? What makes it different or special? Season 1 will have draftees do a regular snake draft in order of approximate skill (Elites FIRST, A/B next, B/C next, C/D last). "That doesn't sound very FAIR Dan! aren't you breaking your own rules?". Thanks for your question Tickenest. The answer is found in what happens NEXT! Season 1 will be 4 GP against each of the other 10 opponents. This season will very likely be won easily by one of the two elites. Especially with top 1/2 players! When is the last time you saw an elite player with a top 5 pick in a draft league? But it's truly what happens NEXT that makes things fair/equitable. There are no playoffs. The winners of S1 will be decided by total points (with standard tiebreaks in effect). TBH, season 1 is kind of a throwaway or rather a litmus or baseline test for how well an elite player does with top tier talent. The worst three records in a season will be able to retain up to 5 skaters/goalie. The next two worst in a season will be able to retain up to 4 skaters/goalie. The next two worst in a season will be able to retain up to 3 skaters/goalie. The next two retain nobody, but get the first picks in subsequent season. The top two records retain nobody, and get last picks in the draft. After running a quick sample, assuming that one of the elites wins season 1, they will end up with someone like Robitaille/Bondra/Ronning as their star forward. If they win again, in season 2, their best F will be someone like Sundin/Hogue/Savard as their best forward. By season 3 and beyond, it would be Bradley/Juneau/Reichel. After season 4, the final season 5 will begin. Season 5 will have playoffs at the end, and BIG prizes for certain things that I want to award (TBD). The ideal situation is that the playoff race is very close, and most series are very close, and we all have a grand old time! FAQ Q: Trades? A: Yes, *after the draft only* with a short exhibition period, UNLIMITED trades will be allowed, but subject to league approval or reversal if it appears that a new player is too hurt by the trade. Q: Couldn't someone throw their season one year and screw everything up. A: Sorta. But I won't be letting in anyone that has a propensity for that kind of s**t. I can't even imagine why someone would want to do that. Q: What makes you think an Elite level player wants to slog through 120 games of s**t players vs. elite teams? A: IDK... science? curiosity? Q: What made you create this? A: I miss OHPL. The parity was super entertaining, and although an Elite player one it also, at least he had to work his ass off for it lol. Q: What if I see a problem with your system? A: DM me privately, but for the most part, because it's democratic and I'm extremely open to creating a league that all of us can use to gain new skills and glean new information, I only want the "general" concept to stay the same, and the nuts and bolts about fine tuning it can be left open for discussion once we find the 11 of us who are ready to turn this pipe dream into a reality. ========================================================================================= That's it! If you want to join the league using classic ROM, 1 min penalties, just say yes below, indicating your approximate skill level (Elite, A/B, B/C, C/D) and depending on interest then I'll figure out what to do next. If we get 22 people, I could run two at the same time. If we get 5 people, I can nix the whole thing. What happens next is up to you!
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  4. I LOVE THIS PATCH Seriously, I hope this could be used in conjunction with all future NHL '94 (and other) mods. Being able to see more of the ice is a game-changer!
  5. So the last issue I can notice is that in 94, the bench animations and fans that get up and move around are out of place. Still amazing work, and if anyone was super eager these could be turned off by coloring transparency over the sprites. I am guessing that these are treated differently than the fan arms because they’re multiple tiles moving in conjunction as opposed to new drawings that go over the same tile.
  6. Some new resources for any fellow travellers who happen upon this thread. PDF (1.5 megs) - This contains a map of every tile used in the NHL 94 rink. There are five pages, two of which are blank, so that you can extract them, or add your own rink watermark to them. The last page shows the exact settings that were used in Adobe Acrobat to import the rink image to be aligned with the grid. PSD (40 megs) - This Photoshop file uses the previously aforementioned PDF, to create a template where you can easily insert your own rink image. You will need to scale your rink image up 1000% (use Nearest Neighbour) and then simply paste it into a layer (centred). No rink images have been included to reduce the file size. NHL 94 - Rink Tilemap - 2023 02 07.pdf NHL 94 - Rink Tilemap - 2023 02 07 - 10x.psd
  7. Yup! Seriously, the single best thing you can do to keep your sanity is homogeny them as black & white. Great job with this, good consistent look! I'm blown away that you were able to put in every single player. Seriously, I need to ask you about whatever black magic you fellas are using! BTW, I love the theme of this one.
  8. May I ask, how did you guys do that Stars of the Game icon in that arrangement? I could really use that insight right about now.
  9. What a difference a day makes. Version 1.1 of the widescreen patch means Version 1.1 of the Widescreen Edition. IIHF 99 - [Widescreen Edition 1.1].bin
  10. Oh man, that was fast. Can confirm that it has been fixed and is awesome. Now I have some work to do. Now I can't help but wonder why '92 isn't getting any love...
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  12. I'm going to simulate a season on 76. The Broad Street Bullies... Plus I grab a few late 80s so I can play as Gretzky and Messier
  13. Try re-downloading, i updated the roms with version 1.1, from the readme: Changes in version 1.1: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Fixed NPC sprites disappearing at the very edge of the screen.
  14. Lebeau also scores wacky goals, definitely one of my picks 1m39s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bMFquzwdFw#t=1m39s
  15. The 73 nhl/wha one was cool played that yesterday.
  16. Stephan Lebeau on Montreal. Sneaky good when used on the wing, hard to get off the puck.
  17. Neely is a household favorite in my family. My dad used to jokingly pretend to elbow me in the head growing up and yell 'NEELY!'. I agree with Carson for sure. LA has become my favorite SNES team. I haven't played much with Fetisov but I do hear he's underrated,
  18. Neely is my favourite player in the game. Two guys I love that are a bit underrated are Carson and Fetisov.
  19. I super intrigued by this. I think with some additional bug testing for the sprite load/unloads, that this will be.a great addition to the ROM hack toolkit.
  20. Но в сезоне 1998-99 шталенков вратарь играл за Эдмонтон а сезон 1999-00 играл за флориду
  21. Всем привет Ромы класс
  22. After trying for several weeks, I coincidentally have found the solution to this problem by myself yesterday. 3d-accelleration was turned Off. As soon as i turned it on, the modded mask appeared without being messed up. Thread can be closed.
  23. Alright. Just resurrecting this thread to note that in light of the widescreen patch, I decided to make an IIHF 99 Widescreen Edition. It's pretty nice and does help the game play look like an upgrade to match all of the graphical changes I tried to do in this version. I will mention that one drawback is in the drawing of player sprites. I noticed that the players seemed to blink out when they get too close to the edge of the screen. I think it has to do with the way the patch works in that the background displays at the wider resolution, but the player sprites are unloaded from memory when they reach edge of the original display area. Given the trade off, I kept both versions. Version 1.1 has fixed this. And it looks great. There is another change to this version however, with the addition of the puck collision data for the full series of Genesis games, this widescreen edition also features a closer tolerance to the board and net sprites. Not too drastic, just going from a 0005 to a 0002. Not that the '98 engine needs any help in making it more difficult to score, but I like the slightly closer bounce off the boards. Also copied to the main post.
  24. Sadly the 94 patch doesn't work on the PS2 '94 Anniversary port either. Got this when I tried to start a game. Can't really screen shot this, but another heads up, I noticed, for 98 at least, that players tend to disappear when they get too close to the edge of the screen. My guess is that while the background is displaying at the wider resolution, the area in which the player sprites load and unload remain the same as the default version. Haven't decided if that is too jarring yet, but I think I'm going to use it anyway...
  25. This game is crazy. I love these juiced games.
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