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  2. Nah that would have been cool. New arena will be nice !
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  4. KC8907

    NHL 87

    I have found the location where Ron Barr talks about the teams before the start of the match in NHLPA '93. Using Hex Workshop, look at offset 184008 [0x002CEC8]. I hope this helps.
  5. Minn. Wild LW-Davydov C-Recchi RW-Fedorov Other fwds: Reichel, Cullen, Thomas * Make Thomas come in for any penalty or injury LD-Ulf RD-Patrick LD-Kasparaitis RD-Ellett G- Hextall (starter) G- Chevy
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  7. There are few tools to change the colors and even the logos. Here is my 2021 mod that I did. NBA Live '21 (98).zip
  8. Hey this sounds great! Last year I started a little project to do a Mutant League Hockey version of NHL 94. I was hoping to change tons of stuff but anything beyond NOSE is way over my head. I’ve come up with Mutant League versions of all the NHL 94 teams (including possibly being sacrilegious by changing some of the existing MLH versions of NHL teams!) I also have brand new logos created for all the teams. Backstories/histories for some of them finished or planned. The next step was to make Mutant League versions of the players but I never got around to that. I’m more than happy to collaborate if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve got
  9. Thanks Naples! I always appreciated your original concepts/work as you raised the bar each time. Hope you come back to it one day!
  10. Nice work. I have decided not to make a '23 rom this year myself, but I trust you and AdamCatalyst to carry the torch!
  11. Long Island Islanders F - Jeremy Roenick (4) F - Adam Oates (5) F - Alexander Mogilny (3) F - Mike Modano (5) F - Cam Neely (2) F - Pat Verbeek (2) D - Teppo Numminen (2) D - Jamie Macoun (2) D - Al Macinnis (4) D - Eric Desjardins (5) G - Patrick Roy (2) G - Grant Fuhr (4)
  12. Definitely give me a PM when you're ready. Not sure if all my notes are typed up here but I'm pretty sure everything that was needed to hack has been done.
  13. You don't say eh. I'm a bit too busy at the moment, but this game is definitely on my radar. Going to have to stick a pin in this one for later and se what's possible.
  14. Do you have any advice on editing team colors in NBA Live 98 on Genesis? I am able to change career stats and ratings without a hitch, but I'm stuck on finding colors. I don't even know if there is a tool I should be using as I've just been trying to read the rom straight. Thanks
  15. Helsingin Jokerit F - Jeremy Roenick (5) F - Tomas Sandstrom (4) F - Gary Roberts (2,3,4) F - Steve Larmer (3) F - Andrei Kovalenko (4) F - Luc Robitaille (2) D - Phil Housley (3) D - Kevin Hatcher (3,5) D - Eric Weinrich (4) D - Jyrki Lumme (2) G - Tom Barrasso (2) G - Sean Burke (5)
  16. Hey! I had found the palettes, team graphics, team and player data structure. So basically if anyone wanted to make an update the information exists now to make it happen. I haven't touched it since then, but if anyone is interested in making new names, teams graphics and such, I'd be happy to collaborate on a '23 MLH!
  17. Let me look into it and see.
  18. @UltraMagnus Have you got any advice for Madden 92? I've found all the team uniforms in Hex Workshop. But I have no idea how to independently change colours for home and away team banners and the end zones. I can see they're all linked to a different part of the uniform for each team. Green Bay's end zone colour is linked to their home number colour, whilst Minnesota is linked to their helmet. Minnesota's secondary home banner colour is linked to one of the skin tones. I was gathering it works like the centre ice logos for NHL 94, but I can't get Tile Molester to run, or Tile Layer Pro to display anything properly, so I can't really tell if it needs to be edited there or if it can be changed in Hex
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  20. Magically as always. Keep making these amazing roms... you have mad my life alot easier.
  21. Brat hul, ronning, zhamnov, sandstrom, savard, fedorov Housley, Ray Ray, smelios, iafrate Essenssa, joseph
  22. St. Louis Blues Fs: JR (3), Dino (4), Laffy (2), Emerson (4), Fedorov (5), Damphousse (3) Ds: Zhitnik (5), Svoboda (2), Stevens (5), ZZ (4) Gs: Terreri (4), Vernon (3)
  23. I have to know, by chance any updates. Just happened to come across this forum, and really got interested how it's coming along and Bones Jackson fan to the bone. New to modifying ROMs and was just happened to be playing MLH on RetroArch.
  24. Ottawa Senators: F- Gartner (4) F- Sundin (3) F- Oates (1) F- Gretzky (2) F- Mario (3) F- Drake (4) D- Ray Ray (1) D- Murphy (5) D- Leetch (4) D- Numminen (2,3) G- Roy (2) G- Blue (1, 4)
  25. IN: (subbing for Raph as Anaheim) 6 Forwards - LW Adam Oates RW Russ Courtnall C Eric Lindros F4 Luc Robitaille F5 Steve Larmer F6 Andrei Kovalenko 4 Defenders - LD - Zarley Zalapski RD - Ray Bourque D3 Al Iafrate D4 Ulf Samuelsson Goalies - G1 Patrick Roy G2 Ed Belfour
  26. It does I honestly only though HxD was the primary editor. I'll check those out. Much appreciated.
  27. I used Hex Fiend as my main hex editor, along with a bit in Sublime Text. I also used Beyond Compare for diffing files, often used to troubleshoot or verify an edit was made cleanly. Does that answer your question?
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