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  2. Team - NHL jersey counterpart - NHL roster counterpart Belguim - Boston Bruins - Winnipeg Jets Canada - Detroit Red Wings - Los Angeles Kings Czechoslovakia - Edmonton/Islanders - Boston Bruins Denmark - Detroit Red Wings - Detroit Red Wings Finland - Quebec Nordiques - St. Louis Blues France - New York Rangers - Buffalo Sabres Germany - Vancouver Canucks - Montreal Canadiens Hungary - Hartford Whalers - Hartford Whalers Iceland - Winnipeg Jets - Toronto Maple Leafs Italy - New Jersey Devils - Washington Capitals Luxembourg - Toronto Maple Leafs - San Jose Sharks Netherlands - New York Rangers - Edmonton Oilers Norway - Montreal Canadiens - Minnesota North Stars Poland - Calgary Flames - Quebec Nordiques Portugal - Minnesota North Stars - Philadelphia Flyers Soviet Union - Calgary Flames - Pittsburgh Penguins Spain - Boston Bruins - New Jersey Devils Sweden - Buffalo Sabres - Chicago Blackhawks Switzerland - Detroit Red Wings - New York Rangers United Kingdom - Montreal Canadiens - Vancouver Canucks United States - Washington Capitals - Calgary Flames Yugoslavia - Edmonton/Islanders - New York Islanders
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  4. Disable Penalty Shots Problem: Request for the option to turn off Penalty Shots. Solution: This hack allows you to disable Penalty Shots regardless if Penalties are On or Off. Technical Details: The change is simple but finding it was tricky. We just have to branch to the code that signals no penalty shot. Old Code: 1) Checks if the BreakAwayActive flag is set and if it is, Branches to 9EC068, this code sets up a flag to call a penalty shot. 2) The code at 9EC068 Sets a flag to call a penalty shot by setting the value to #$FFFF New Code: 1) Still checks if the BreakAwayActive flag is set but now it Branches to 9EC06D instead of the 9EC068 2) The code at 9EC06D sets a flag to signal NO penalty shot by setting the value to #$0000 Download the patch tool to create your own ROM or patch an existing ROM https://github.com/Mhopkinsinc/NHL94SNESVault/releases Hex Version: 1) Replace old hex value with new hex value. Headerless ROM (.SFC) ROM Offsets: (hex) F4064 Old: 03 New: 08 Headered ROM (.SMC) ROM Offsets: (hex) F4264 Old: 03 New: 08
  5. Sorry to hear that, hope there'll a breakthrough one day...
  6. I won classic 2008 Fall i made a post about it.
  7. Ah, yes, the rather infamous Scott Walker.
  8. For exempel this is player with ID 2324 witch is missing pictures. I only find a signature card, but I can only dream of how it can look if we manage to put the portrates inside the .VIV file
  9. For number 2, I'll have to wait for a response.
  10. Ok nr 1 its hard I understand, maybe we can ask around. For nr 2 when do you think we can have a result? 42 players lacks face cards, and 382 needs cards. I can help you find all of the pictures and cards and send it to you in the right size and so, just let me know how you want them. I'm very keen to do it right away !
  11. 1) I'm not sure how to do that. 2) I got in touch with a software developer I know of that could maybe add support for those files in their own application, which would then allow me to add new files to the viv files.
  12. Ha ha my friend, you need magical fingers πŸ™‚
  13. I can send you guys my file with the right attributes so the players can skate and behave conformably ( I'm still using the Original Players ratings, just adapt it to look more real. Let the players play by themself in rookie mode and look at the result ! It does look really good. If you want to play with friends or alone I rec other attributes, the computer will give you a challenge for your money. Just let me know
  14. Now, I will try to do the same to all the others players and if you help how to add new cars in the ISO file I will do it. 2 other things maybe you have an idea. 1. The puck is very big. I want to keep the size but to put a smaller dot and around it with a shadow. It will look great. 2. The attributes need to be change. for exempel i would like to have a player with attribute 100 in the card to move like a player with attribute 65, but still show 100 in the attribute card. when i do it in the nhl view, of course the fields in the card stops half way. Thank you
  15. Huh. That's strange. It didn't work for me.
  16. IT WORKED IT WORKED !!!!!!! I'm so happy !
  17. Unfortunately, editing player names doesn't really work as expected.
  18. Jlsegafan2001


    You can tell the post is from 2007 because the original website is dead, and replaced with a completely different one.
  19. To see Cheveldae's card, find where it is in DONRUSS.VIV (you might need to extract the game files from the ISO and put them in a new folder to see the file). Then go into the roster editor, and press "D". This is the database editor, where you can assign new picture IDs to players. Photo 1 is the portrait, and Photo 2 is the Donruss card. Type in the ID of his Donruss card in "Photo 2". It should be the same as the number in Photo 1. After that, you make an iso out of that folder, and install the game... ...sike! Even if you do all this, the button allowing you to switch between the card and the photo still won't show up. But if that DID work, these would be the steps to take.
  20. I was able to get it to work. I just was confused on where to download the Genesis and master system games. I, like an idiot thought all the games came preloaded on the everdrive πŸ˜‚
  21. In my case, the 32GB card was just larger than the Genesis EverDrive was willing to read. I've been using that particular card in an N64 EverDrive without issue. But, that's getting off topic.
  22. Hi, How can you change pictures, I use NHLINFO and i want also to add new cards for all the players and change pictures. For exampel Tim Cheveldea (golie win) does have a donrus card but you cant see in the game. Thank you
  23. Format the 32gb card to a fat32 format. And try it again, if that doesn’t work, you may have a bad sd card.
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