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  2. I can't say thank you enough for this. Wanted this for so long. Thanks man.
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  4. Love the SNES controller style design on those. Probably a bit easier to set up, and also more practical if you're not looking to play DS-era or later stuff.
  5. I'm one of the bozos who has an iPhone. I don't own one of these and wasn't a big fan when these all came out. I was a big fan of the OG Gameboy but I'm not really a fan of that style for retro handhelds that have been coming out in the last few years. We'll see how this Pocketgo S30 is whenever it comes in the next month from China LOL.
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  7. I have an old DS Lite with an R4 card, it can run homebrew/emulators and DS games on it no problem. They have a R4 3DS card, probably does the same, though there may be better options for 3DS now.
  8. Yeah, in the works. Trades all done, but still reviewing some player ratings and lines for updating. Hopefully I'll be done soon.
  9. A New Model 3DS/2DS/3DSXL is quite possibly the greatest emulation device you can get your hands on right now. The entire 3DS, DS, GBA, SNES, NES, Genesis, Gameboy libraries in your pocket. Does alright with N64 and PS1, both are currently in the experimental stage as far as I know though. The older model can play most of the above games and is cheaper, just won't run as quickly.
  10. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the The Real NHL '94 Rewind regular season.
  11. HB's completed for the following: Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys
  12. I made another video tonight that demonstrates how I create those special animated GIF files with the special slo-mo, zoomed in part:
  13. I use retroarch on my Android mobile. Sure, touchscreen controls are awful, but you can bind a variety of controllers to it if needs be. Battery life is decent, and emulation quality is generally good. The fact you can emulate everything up to PS2 era games on a moderately powerful 'droid is a big plus. Literally as cheap as free.
  14. that looks like you lost the puck as your shooting & turning hold down C then spaz on the d pad to try and lose the puck
  15. I hacked my PSP and works really well (plus, the process is idiot proof). The battery life is awful though, regardless of whether you play ISO-based PSP games or old school games. Plus, in the UK anyway, they're still not that cheap second hand though.
  16. I know the sound and situation the original poster is talking about. I've experienced it and am not sure how to reproduce. This is a different type of "fake shot" but repeatable. You can actually take a weak shot aiming down and away and catch it.
  17. I would also double check your own controller inputs to be sure that you haven't set Port 2 binds. That can create a conflict sometimes when player 2 joins you in netplay. This is what Port 2 Binds should look like - follow the path Chaos listed above to Port 2 Binds:
  18. I'd love to see some recommendations on this, too! A couple resposes from the Discord chat: scribe99: I’m considering getting one of these. If you buy the 16gb +64 gb version it supposedly comes with the games preloaded. Or you can load them yourself. chaos: I'd just get a used PSP and hack it
  19. Its funny that Aggression doesn't get any in-game bonuses applied to it. All the other ones (except for the Fighting stat, Spd and Agl, and Wgt of course) get bonuses. I always thought Checking is used to determine if the player will check, and thus eventually cause a PIM. Ray Bourque has an Aggression of 2 and a checking of 6, and he's very aggressive and is always in the penalty box.
  20. He needs to save his controller inputs in Settings-Input-Port 1 Binds. Without a game loaded, set the controller input buttons, then when done, select Save Autoconfig.
  21. Does anyone have a recommendation on a handheld emulator they currently use that can store SNES and Gens games(and similar eras like NES)? I've watched videos on Youtube and read countless articles on them. There seems to be a ton of different options and opinions. I was looking at the Supaboy but it seems massive and I would like to play Gens games too. I'm looking for something with a decent screen size/quality as well as decent sound. Form factor comfort is a nice to have as well. Looking for something under $100 if possible too. Not sure if any of you currently use a handheld for on-the-go
  22. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the SNES Draft League Season 6-A regular season.
  23. Not to interrupt the discussion regarding speed/agility but I want to retract what I said earlier (couple of posts ago) about aggression. Aggression has been confirmed to be tied to fighting tendency in NHL 93 but in NHL 94, it is most definitely tied to penalties. Looking at stats from the 1992-93 season, players with the highest PIMs were assessed 6s and 5s on down, in the game. So, it makes sense or why bother even having the numbers match stats? It's not an exact science as to who will take penalties and when but it does seem likely that certain players may be prone to take more or at
  24. @jer_33 did a test on speed and acceleration: I was under the impression that speed is the top speed. Agility is how fast they get to that top speed (acceleration). Agility also affects turning and how quick you can stop.
  25. This is interesting and worth testing either by a side-by-side with two players or frame by frame analysis. I still think agility is more "left/right" ability with the stick rotation and not a straightforward acceleration. Something weird thinking about Leetch skating at 6 and decelerate to 3. I think Leetch can turn on a dime or spin around quicker than others. I do agree that speed is more top speed. No way everyone is same speed.
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