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  2. I'm very interested in making an all-time greats ROM, if it's not too much work. I'm very well versed in all of the top 1000+ players of all-time, and wouldn't have much trouble building up all their attributes compared to eachother. I've read up a lot on what aspects of the game the attributes drive. But still, I don't know where to start. Here are my questions: 1. Could I do this using the recent mod that contains 32 teams, aggressiveness pinned down and the weight big fixed? I feel like that's an improvement even if it's not used in official league play. 2 . Should I just create a starting lineup or do a full roster for each team? Would it be a waste of time if no one even plays with line changes anymore? 3. Do I need to have programming knowledge? Or is there some sort of ROM editing app that makes this easy? I remember back in 2002-04 I used to use something called Blommann's NHL editor to tweak player ratings 4. Would anyone actually be interested in this or would it just be a vanity project for a historian?
  3. (via Discord) rexershow picks PIT skankhunt picks BOS @Triple A you are up!
  4. Aqua takes CHI Atomic takes DET Schmidt takes BUF Leif takes BOS @wallywojois up!
  5. I will select Detroit Red Wings. Originally the Cougars from 1926-1930, and the Falcons from 1930-1932, they began as the NHL rehash of the WHL's Victoria Cougars, Winners of the 1925 Stanley Cup FInals (and losers of the 1926 series). They took on the name Red Wings after the Notorious James Norris purchased the franchise. They won 7 stanley cups between 1937 and 1956, and four more in the past 13 years.... none between 1956 and 1996, though. Detroit has had many illustrious players in their long history, most notable among them Gordie Howe, arguably the greatest player of all-time. Niklas Lidstrom, an outstanding two-way defenseman, and Steve Yzerman, a superlative two- way forward are two others. But not to be forgotten are sixteen other current or future members of the HHOF whose best years were spent in Detroit: Terry Sawchuk, Ted Lindsay, Red Kelly, Sergei Fedorov, Alex Delvecchio, Sid Abel, Pavel Datsyuk, Marcel Pronovost, Ebbie Goodfellow, Henrik Zetterberg, Norm Ullman, Jack Stewart, Syd Howe, Brendan Shanahan, Bill Quackenbush, and Herbie Lewis. The only seasons in franchise history that one of these all-time greats did not suit up for Detroit, were their first two, the last two, and the nine seasons from 74-75 through 82-83, 13 total seasons in which they earned just one playoff berth. Hey, it's almost like having good players helps ya win!
  6. We will be having 1 league this season in SNES. Once the draft is over, we will start the new season, with a 40 game schedule. I will be dividing the single league into 2 conferences, essentially an "A" level conference, and a "B" level conference. Schedules will be weighted (Playing more in-conference more games than out of conference) and playoffs will be divided by conference, with the winners of each playing each other for the final (like the NHL Playoffs), with 4 teams in each conference making the playoffs. The list of coaches playing this season is below: SNES Coaches: 12 coaches: Triple A Skankhunt42 annatar BlackDevil19 JotaC007 therexershow BobKudelski26 McMarkis dethrox angryjay93 KaBa78 hotelcalifornia Below is the draft order for the SNES league. The pick order was randomized (using to generate the randomized list). I gave the newer guys and "B" a weighted advantage, so they had a better shot at getting a top pick. When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team, or the #snes-draft channel on Discord (or do both, which is preferred.). You can choose any team that has not already been selected. Below the draft order, you will find a list of available teams. The draft starts now! Deadlines are set starting Friday, 11/15, in 1 hour increments. All deadlines are in EST (Eastern Time). If you miss your deadline, you can choose your team at anytime. If you do not choose a team, you will be given best available team at the end of the draft. Once you have selected, please pass along the message to the next person up via PM, Discord, email, etc to let them know they are up. I'll try to do my best to stay on top of it. If you don't think you will be around, please or Discord message me (chaos) a pick list. This will help move the draft along. Or, you can message me on Discord your phone # and I can text you when it's your time to pick. As long as it is your turn, you can choose your team. Drafts tend to go quick, so it would be best to pay attention on Discord in the #snes-draft channel to see when you could possibly be picking. ON THE CLOCK: Triple A League Draft Order (Deadlines in Parenthesis): therexershow - PIT Skankhunt42 - BOS Triple A - (11/15 7PM EST) KaBa78 - (11/15 8PM EST) McMarkis - (11/15 9PM EST) angryjay93 - (11/15 10PM EST) hotelcalifornia - (11/15 11PM EST) annatar - (11/16 12AM EST) dethrox - (11/16 1PM EST) JotaC007 - (11/16 2PM EST) BlackDevil19 - (11/16 3PM EST) BobKudelski26 - (11/16 4PM EST) Available teams: ANH XXX BUF CGY CHI EDM DAL DET FLA HFD LA MTL NJ NYR NYI OTT XXX PHI QUE SJ STL TB TOR VAN WSH WPG
  7. Team draft selection has begun! We will have a 10 team "A" league and 12 team "B" league. I weighted the draft in B to give new players a better chance at a high draft pick in B. I did the same with "A" , but just slightly. When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team (or hit me up on Discord). You can choose any team that has not already been selected in your league. I honestly don't think there will be a need for deadlines (haven't ever used them before), but if we go 24 hours without your pick, your turn will be skipped and you will be given best available team at the end of the draft based on the default list. You can also post your draft list in this thread, or PM me your list if you don't want to post your team selections. ON THE CLOCK: A: wallywojo 01 - aqualizard - CHI 02 - AtomicRaven - DET 03 - Schmidt - BUF 04 - LeifErikson - BOS 05 - wallywojo - 06 - MikeGartner22 - 07 - dcicon5148 - 08 - zeppelin55 - 09 - corbettkb - 10 - angryjay93 - B: Ozmataz_Buckshank 01 - seventieslord - DET 02 - Ozmataz_Buckshank 03 - MR.T 04 - Chris O 05 - Boehm23 06 - AdamWoodrow 07 - Dantml7 08 - sonoffett87 09 - Chefstar88 10 - jmj 11 - jer_33 12 - Quetzalcoatlus DEFAULT DRAFT LIST (links are to "Building Lines with AJ" Thread)
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  9. Would be easy to figure out. Write down numbers from one team (lets say the best regular team, not all star team) in snes version and then compare it with the original Genesis version. Then check numbers from updated genesis rom, again from the strongest team and compare with the original. If the distribution is +- the same as in the original rom, copy the rest to snes rom, if its not and skills are inflated (deflated), figure out how much they are inflated and make changes in SNES rom. The more teams you compare, the more precise results you have. I am sure you got the idea, but eventually someone else who would like to start with updating roms will find this useful.
  10. Because people are lazy and wait till someone else does all the hard work. SNES people have all the information they need to make their own roms, there are step-by-step posts here with info what to do by smozoma (mostly in Genesis hacking section), me, BobKudelski and couple of other guys who did the hard work, there are snes roms for download with tru's changed graphics, without star indicators/with star indicators, there is also great statto's editor, you got everything you need, just go through the forum and read. Some people here spent extremely large amount of time figuring out how to hack and edit the game and those who want updates dont make them when its, in comparison with what has been previously done by others, pretty easy and takes just couple of hours?
  11. Has anyone had any success holding the B button down and pressing a D-pad direction on face-offs? I wrote a blurb about it in this topic earlier this year : Was this just my imagination that you have more success on face-offs by holding down the B button and timing the d-pad direction with the B button held down rather than just tapping B, or was I on to something?
  12. About having all 31 teams in the game: Make more versions for each season. For instance for 18/19 leave worst 3 teams (those finishing 8th in their divisions) out, Ottawa, New Jersey, LA. That will be main ROM, lets call it version A. In B version, swap Ott, NJ and LA with 3 teams on 7th place, Rangers, Edmonton, Detroit. Thats gonna be rom B. If you need rom with different combinations, for instance having Rangers, New Jersey and Ottawa in the game is important for you, make another one. Dont make things too complicated and swap only worst six teams, not more, coz the rest you already have done and you dont need to make any changes with them, you will save time this way as youre gonna edit just three teams. Then run the rom with teams you want to play with/against. There is no full season in NHL 94 so its not important to have all real teams in the game, its definitely better to have only one edited rom like Genesis players have but its not that huge problem to have couple files prepared and open the one you want to play. If you want knowledge about editing, go through whole hacking SNES subforum, read every single thread about hacking and editing. Maybe you can start by reading all post made by me and tru, we were posting in such threads. Make notes and try it on your own, you will learn what to do quickly, they are basically step by step tutorials... open this utility, open file with the original rom, then press F3, write this, then press INSERT, rewrite 09 09 DA DD to 01 01 02 02 and so on. Do not be scared, it is EASY and SIMPLE, its not hacking, just following tutorials. If you have no idea about editing players and their skills with the editor, just copy everything from Genesis roms. Wait till someone makes Genesis rom, open it in the Genesis editor, run SNES editor and rewrite/copy players names and their skills. One day, two teams. tru had his own method and made skills according to real players stats, its good but more difficult. Let Genesis players make the hard work and then (ab)use it for SNES updating :-D
  13. Btw, Bud of the year awards are still awarded... Thats cool. If you dont mind (and you you dont) I am gonna get SNES Bud of the decade award this year. There is another serious contender, tru, but he is banned, so sorry tru, this award is M I N E! :-p ;-)
  14. There is mail address at tru's profile. About adding teams, editing, knowledge and so on: Adding teams is just too difficult, forget about trying to figure it out without coding knowledge. With it its *maybe* even not possible. If it is, no one tells you without proper investigation and if there hasnt been anyone interested so far, there will hardly be any hackers-newcomers. Take it as it is and work with original 26+2 teams, dont waste your time and dont wait for 30 teams rom to come, you can wait forerver ;-) All the knowledge about erasing center ice logos, altering jerseys colors and everything else needed for editing and updating the game can be found in SNES subforum, I always explained everything in detail so even people without hacking knowledge should know what to do when they want to change something, usually its step-by-step tutorial and you cant go wrong. SNES editor for editing players, numbers skills etc. exists, but... So keep it on your mind when editing rosters.
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  16. I received a message from tru in 2016 and now he is banned, heres my reply. Hi mate, I had some health issues (broken arm, problems with ankles, tendons, shoulder and I am still not 100% healthy /and will never be, life sucks :D/ due to injury) and at the same time I was reinstalling my OS and sorting out all the bookmars (couple of hundreds), then (then=almost four months) was busy with getting back to life. For years I thought I accidentally deleted my hacking notes (not just NHL94, everything I had about other games) and forum passwords (didnt know what email I used when registering) as well so I decided to take a break for year or two, actually it is almost 5 years now (time flies so fast) before making new profile and posting here again. Today I found my backup with everything on one of my external harddrive, including passwords, so I am checking whats new here and realizing its been almost five yrs since I visited this forum for the last time. I have no new discoveries regarding SNES hacking, everything I had found was posted by me in the forums. I remember I was trying to figure out more but it was in the "not possible / too difficult" area, I believe there is nothing or extremely little that can be hacked with simple hexediting or graphic tile editing in SNES version. And who knows if its possible to add teams and do more difficult stuff even with coding knowledge, SNES is not Genesis and it might be impossible to do same stuff like ppl do with Genesis. I remember slapshosts goals were discussed here on the forum: I got plenty of replays with slapshot scoring (SNES). I plan to put them together, create one long video and write some stuff - call it tutorial maybe, how to score this way in SNES NHL 94 because its not that rare as people say (but its not that common as in Genesis version though) and Genesis scoring habits cant be applied to SNES (thats probably the reason why ppl dont know how to score this was coz they try to socre in the same way like in Genesis version, it rarely works). I hope I will put it together next year, its on my have-to-do-this list and its something I want to share with other SNES players.
  17. Check SegaVisions, doubleissue (October, November) from 1993, Hot hints. According to that its all about timing.
  18. First I'd like to thank @clockwise for volunteering to look after this. He's the 2v2 guru imo. Just some thoughts from comments made already 1. I'd say for the first one, we leave money out of it. 2. I'm kinda torn on how teams are picked. I like the idea of just picking a buddy and playing. But I'd voted for captains not being able to pick other captains. Pairs would likely be more even and produce closer games, which is always more fun than blow outs. 3. I'd recommend keeping it on the same day(instead of seperate days). Most people that play on their favourite systems are there for two nights. They'd now have to stay three nights just to play 2 v 2. There's King players and there's Duke players. I think everyone should have a chance to play 2v2, the same day. This also means I need to re-visit scheduling for King of 94. I've been looking at some ways of reducing time and games. ex. Having 4 RR wins (instead of 3) to move on the final bracket and putting the rest in the single elim wild card bracket to qualify. Also, going back to a best of 1 on the loser bracket side until the final 4 perhaps.
  19. Bought a bunch. They're great controllers. The Retrobit, licensed Saturn ones are awesome, too. I have to figure out how to get them going on a Genesis.
  20. I picked this bad boy up, and it's definitely legit. The cable length is 10 feet, all the action is smooth and solid. I also picked up one of the USB offerings, and it too works great. This is available via Amazon, and I recommend it to anyone who attends local tournaments. If you play Genesis games online or via emulator, I recommend the usb variant. This is not an affiliate link or a sponsored promotion. I just figured if everyone in the community had one, they wouldn't have to worry about what controller they end up with when they attend tournaments, as there are a ton of different options out there.
  21. Former champs approve too. Playing until 5 am with the Chicago crew was probably some of the most fun I've ever had. Im sorry I missed out on the leagues from years ago. That was my bad.
  22. Does my heart good to hear the champ say this. I've always felt, in a way, like 2on2 was a my sideshow creation that needed to be kept in the dark. The whole, pay-to-play thing will have to be up to Hali, but, as stated above, I'll bring whatever is needed. I hope we can get 6 teams for each console. That would be incredible to see.
  23. Also, I am giving anyone who has signed up for the league, and has yet to be confirmed with a test game, up to 11PM EST Tuesday to be confirmed. If you are not confirmed by then, you will be placed on the league waiting list and can be used as a replacement player. Please check the Waiting List to see if you've been confirmed - League Waiting List
  24. Hi Guys, First off, I'd like to thank everyone for joining the league! We seem to have a ton of new guys playing this season. I know there have been guys having issues with getting set up for direct connect on RetroArch. Thanks for being patient, and for those of you who are still having issues, please post in Discord. A huge shoutout to @danTML7 for helping some guys out with their setup. Luckily, this is really a one and done kind of deal; once you are set up, you should be good, until you change your computer or router. I plan on setting the Team Selection Drafts up for Friday, November 15th and will go into Saturday, November 16th. There will be a separate draft for each sub league. I will announce who is in what league on Thursday, along with the draft order. The way the draft works: - The draft order is randomly selected. All Star teams are not allowed to be selected. Each coach selects 1 team that they will play the 40 game season with from the available teams remaining. - You can post your picks in the Team Selection Draft thread, or the #gens-draft or #snes-draft channels on Discord. - There will be 1 hour deadlines to make your selection. The deadline times are set based on Eastern Time, and are set between the hours of 5PM-12AM. So, the deadline for the 1st pick is Friday, 5PM EST, 2nd pick is Friday, 6PM EST, etc. - You have up to your deadline to make your pick. If you miss your deadline, you team will be assigned to you AT THE END OF THE DRAFT USING BEST TEAM AVAILABLE (based on tier). You will be allowed to change that team and select one of the available teams up to 12PM EST Sunday. - You do not have to wait for your deadline to make your pick. For example, let's say it is 6PM EST, you are pick 5. Your deadline is 9PM EST. But, the 4 coaches ahead of you have already made their selection. You can go ahead and choose your team. Think of your deadline as "up to 9PM EST". The draft tends to go fast, because most guys are around waiting to pick. - If you don't think you will be available to make your pick, you can leave a "pick list". Send me a DM on Discord (or ask on Discord if anyone will be around and can take your pick list). Leave enough teams on the list to guarantee you will get one of them (Example: We are on pick 2, but you are pick 5 (3 picks later), so leave 4 teams on your pick list). - Please keep Discord running on your phone, so you can get notifications when it is time for you to draft. - After the draft, I will generate the league schedule and we will start league play. League play will begin sometime early next week. Stay tuned for more information about that. Ask draft related questions here or in the #gens-draft or #snes-draft channels on Discord. Any league questions can be asked when the time comes for that!
  25. I AM GOOD FOR WHATEVER. Live 2on2 is the apex of NHL'94 for me. I assume this would be for exhibition, and not a paid separate entry? If it's paid, I think you have to allow people to choose their teammates ( @Freydey, I'll pay your fee bud). If it's exhibition, then I would suggest "A" guys, or known 2v2 players to be split up. It's such a different game than traditional '94 and, quite frankly, 2 veteran players will absolutely dominate and not make it fun for anyone else.
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