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  1. The rosters are finalized! Check the original post for the link.
  2. Just WSH and WPG left and then the attributes begin!
  3. Another rough week in work. However I have completed ANH through TOR regarding the rosters and lines. I just have VAN, WSH, and WPG left to do and then I'll be able to start working on the attributes. I think this will take the longest as I have to research each player's stats during the years they were with the team they appear on, consider any accolades during these years, and compare with other players in the league during the same time period. I'm getting there guys...I'm getting there. Stay tuned.
  4. I'm slowly getting there. Busy season is starting to slow down now that school is back in session. Rosters are finalized from ANH through QUE. Hoping to get the rest completed by the end of this week. Then I can begin working on the attributes based on CoachMac's post here: The final part would be to put all of this into the ROM. I may work on jerseys and stuff like that after the initial release. I'm hoping to have this done, realistically, by end of the calendar year as this is my first ROM. I may be reaching out to s
  5. This is great! Thanks for compiling and posting!
  6. EA is totally spying on us! @clockwise talking about @smozoma Thursday night streams.
  7. ANH through NJD(except MTL) are done with their rosters and lines. I'm going at a much slower pace due to busy season at work. Hoping for things to slow down in the next few weeks so I can tackle this thing.
  8. This is great. Something we can all agree on.
  9. It’s the busiest time of the year at work from the past few weeks through September. My updates may be a little delayed but I am still working on finalizing the roster and lines where I have some free time during the day. ANH through FLA are done but I’m not posting anything quite yet. Stay tuned buds.
  10. I just wanted to provide and update and say that the setup from my previous post works perfectly. No noticeable lag and the controller itself feels solid and responsive.
  11. I’m in. I thought I marked it on discord. Are there multiple instances of the same team?
  12. I just bought these two: The controller is coming tomorrow while the adapter is coming Sunday so I will let you know then if it works or not.
  13. That's exactly what I'm talking about if I go the 2.4 wireless route.
  14. Have you had a chance to test the Bluetooth lag yet? I’m trying to make a purchasing decision on either the Bluetooth 8bitdo to usb receiver into my pc or the 2.4 wireless 8bitdo with the original snes receiver and plugging that into a snes to usb convertor and into my pc. It sucks because 8bitdo does not have a 2.4 snes wireless to usb receiver option at the moment. The reason for the push for the wonky 2.4 set up is because I heard the lag is drastically lower than Bluetooth.