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  1. I successfully set up the Sega CD ROM today but there is no music. I did download the tracks from I know most of you are probably cringing just reading this heading as it was a 'fun' process of getting it to work to begin with. All I want to know is if it's possible to get the music working with the ROM. I've been unsuccessful in doing so this afternoon. If it's not, I will just play the game as is. If it is possible I will continue my efforts. Any advice is also welcomed.
  2. LMFAO this is my favorite so far!
  3. Hartford is nice and close but Toronto I'd probably fly to. I've always wanted to go there.
  4. Yes! That way @jmomonyccan beat me in person instead of just online.
  5. I'm new to this forum and would love to attend a live tournament if life ever returns to somewhat normal. I live in New England so I'd probably only be willing to travel to the NYC or maybe a Montreal tournament(although I've never been to Canada) since they're both within a reasonable driving distance. I don't travel much LOL. Is the NYC tournament strictly for Gens or both? I play mostly SNES but will play Gens if it's the only option. I would agree with having different divisions(A, B, C) so people aren't deterred after getting smoked by an A player in a tournament and never returning due to costs of travel. Having lanyards or name tags with Discord and real names could be helpful and maybe even break the ice for some of the shyer people. It seems like it would be worth the trip for me personally even if I get tossed out of the tournament early so I could meet some new people. Whether it's the first time meeting someone after playing against them online or just meeting them for the first time regardless it would be cool. I'm hoping a tournament eventually comes to Boston but who knows. I'm too disorganized to host one myself. I can barely plan a family BBQ. LOL
  6. Maybe a team of figure skaters? lol
  7. Classic Rock Stars(Zeppelin, Who, Floyd, Stones, AC/DC, Sabbath, etc) Military/Police? Dead Presidents Canadian non-hockey athletes(Steve Nash(NBA), Larry Walker(MLB), Lennox Lewis(Boxing), Gary/Paul Gait(Lacrosse), Ben Johnson(Track), Georges St Pierre(UFC), etc) Cartoon Characters-Looney Tunes, Muppets, Disney, etc
  8. This is cool! I'll have to check it out later today. I too grew up on NHLPA '93 on Genesis but had 94 on SNES. Loved 93!
  9. What’s everyone using for controllers? I was originally using the ibuffalo snes controller for both gens and snes but my left thumb was killing me from pushing the d pad down too hard lol. I started using an Xbox one controller the other day with the joystick and it feels a lot better. Curious to see what others are using.
  10. That worked! Thank you sir!
  11. Hi @chaos you mentioned the SNES ROM Editor by Statto but I haven't been able to find one that works with Windows 10. I've been looking for the past week but only found one from 2010 I believe and it did not open on my computer after installation. Am I doing something wrong or just not using the correct ROM Editor? Btw the Roster Import Tool is AWESOME! Thank you for that!
  12. Same thing happened with me the other day. However I just sorted by Abv(Team Abbreviation) and it worked fine. Otherwise if you just start editing the raw export file(.csv) and try to import into the ROM it will not work.