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  1. Team overall ratings weren't updated for 99 and 00 so I fixed that and re-zipped the files.
  2. I'm really hoping it's not up to date. I already told my brother I'll just beat him real quick 1v1 if there's no tournament. The cartridge will be there in the classic console section.
  3. I bought my ticket for Thursday hoping I will show up and stumble across an NHL 94 tournament. Otherwise, I'll just play in the classic console room by myself lol
  4. Neely is a household favorite in my family. My dad used to jokingly pretend to elbow me in the head growing up and yell 'NEELY!'. I agree with Carson for sure. LA has become my favorite SNES team. I haven't played much with Fetisov but I do hear he's underrated,
  5. As the title describes feel free to share who your favorite player is in NHL 94. It doesn't have to be the best player in the game but someone you love playing with whether it's Classic, a draft league, a salary cap league, or exis. If you play both Gens and SNES feel free to post both and maybe why you like that player the most. If you just can't narrow it down to a single player feel free to post your top 3. For SNES, I'd go with Sandstrom. Yeah, he's a bit slow(4/4 skating) but can check and poke-check most players. He's usually in the right spot at the right time with his 5 o awareness. I also prefer his 5/5 shooting over guys with 6 accuracy. He seems to score a lot of one-timers but isn't the best dangler with 4 stickhandling. Turgeon and Hull are near clones of Sandstrom with different shooting and/or stickhandling. For Gens, I'll have to go with Bure. I love his blazing 6 speed and being able to dangle(5 stickhandling)goalies out of their skates. Having the 5 o awareness helps too when he leaves the d zone a little early to possibly catch a breakaway pass.
  6. I released an update on 1/19/23(see original post) containing updated ROMs for 92, 93, and 00.
  7. @Zippy Are you running any tournaments at PAX East this year? I'm thinking about going.
  8. You just want him to go so you can say, "Elvis has left the building"
  9. Yeah, I had to re-do the poll 3 times last night from my phone and apparently forgot to include Slap Shot the last time. I thought I added it but apparently not. I can't seem to figure out how to edit it either.
  10. What is your favorite fictional hockey movie?
  11. I feel most people use emulators these days especially with the price gouging on original cartridges. There are a lot of reproduction(fake) cartridges out there too that deter people from collecting games. Then there are those sort of in the middle who buy a flash cart(like krikkz’ EverDrive) where you load ROMs(aka games) onto a microSD card, put it in the flash cartridge, and pop it into the console(Genesis/SNES) to play on real hardware. I believe some flash carts come with the ability to utilize game genie too for those annoyingly hard games.
  12. I created this spreadsheet to coincide with dangler's rankings. I moved some teams around a bit based on my own rankings. It's sorted by tiers and includes player overalls. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vfEOfOERVjddJlbpW88jrGRyG3sTfvVLRN9YgtF6FE8/edit?usp=sharing
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