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  1. Hey @angryjay93 any chance you(or another veteran) would do this for SNES? I know you(and other primarily Gens players) have been playing a lot of SNES lately. I loved reading all of these for Gens and still use them for Classic and other tournaments.
  2. One week left if anyone else wants to join. Still 11 open spots with 17 currently signed up. Deadline to submit rosters is EOD 6/27. ROM should be ready sometime 6/28 with exhis going through 6/30. League starts 7/1.
  3. 17 teams so far with 5 submitted rosters. 4 games versus each opponent(2h, 2a) for a total of 64 games as of now. Reminder that 6/27 is the due date for rosters. After that it will take me a day or two to get the ROM ready for the season. Hoping to start the season by Friday 7/2 at the latest but hopefully by Wednesday 6/30.
  4. Alright boys. Now that Classic is underway I want to start preparing for the first league I will be running which will start after Classic ends. This 76-game league will be relaxed in terms of schedule as it will take place over the summer, which happens to be a time where people actually like to do fun things outside. This league will be using the default 94 rosters similar to MikeGartner22's Gens Summer Salary Cap league he ran last summer(however I won't be requiring a 150gp season). How it works is everyone builds their own team using a pricing sheet I have come up with sorted by the average SDL draft ranking. There are some caveats including the salary cap you must stay under as well as having a top and bottom player not having a difference of more than $40. The template below includes the Draft Ranks based on the average taken between SDL 5 and SDL 6, the Price List, a Team Template tab for you to experiment with two lineups, as well as some Example Teams I have created to show you that you could actually have a $100 player on your team and still remain under the cap. Download a copy for yourself to tinker with. Some things to note: Your lineup will consist of 6F, 4D, and 1G using the default 94 rosters Your team must be under the cap meaning $740 is the maximum salary your team can have. You don't have to spend the entire $740 if you choose not to. The highest and lowest salaried players on your team cannot exceed $40 from each other. I have built in formulas on the Team Template tab to let you know if you've gone over. 76gp season to be played throughout the summer. If everyone plays their games sooner then we can set up playoffs sooner. TBD on number of teams that will make the playoffs as well. Post your desired team here. First come, first serve on teams. I'm reserving Boston . I'm keeping this to the existing teams in the default 94 template(i.e. not updating Quebec to Colorado or anything like that). I'd be open to utilizing ASE and ASW if someone wanted. The team advantages will be the same for all teams just like SDL(Offense/Defense/PP/PK/Home/Away as 4/4/1/1/1/1). See Smoz's pic chart below. Penalties on, except offsides Manual goalie No line changes Submit rosters to me through Discord by 6/27. I will be updating the ROM as the rosters are being submitted. Please submit your roster and lines using the following format: Line 1: LW-C-RW, LD-RD, G Line 2: LW-C-RW, LD-RD I will not be posting anyone's rosters publicly. You will all find out once the ROM is finalized. Let me know if I missed anything or if anyone had additional questions. Teams: BOS @kidswasted NYR @Mooney OTW @Bob Kudelski HFD @TecmoJon PIT @dangler EDM @koke_45 TOR @mikey_mac94 WPG @Gambi MTL @Heinz57 QUE @lego DAL @Decadent BUF @Grillbit WSH @annatar SJ @Fed CHI @dcicon5148 STL @INDIO FLA @slipperypete VAN @halifax is back! DET @TheProfessor PHI @Jammer - KO94IIsnes
  5. @smozoma @kingraph Just an FYI-It appears slapshot's videos no longer work as they are flash-driven. Not sure if there are any other NHL 94 tutorial videos out there for TM. I'm trying to follow along with generic YouTube videos.
  6. Hey @dethroxit looks like the link is broken for your step by step video. Your videos may have expired on Twitch.
  7. That did the trick! Thanks @smozoma! I can't believe I didn't have Java installed on my PC. I always thought it came with it.
  8. I can't get TM to run for me. I tried the following steps: run Notepad (Start->Run...->notepad or [WindowsKey]+R), and write this: java -jar tm.jar File->Save As... set "save as type" to "All Files" give it this file name: "runtm.bat" save in the same directory as tm.jar double-click runtm.bat I verified that my jar file is named tm.jar and the batch file I created in Notepad is in the same directory.
  9. Hello All, I'm new to using NOSE, EARE, etc. I'm basically 'porting' my All-Time Rosters ROM from SNES over to Gens. I am using Sauce's 2021 32-team ROM as a base with the help of @seamor. I have already updated the team order, the home/away/pp/pk advantages, the number of selectable teams(30), the team ratings, the players, and the lines. I thought I was using the 30-team ROM from the start so rather than start over and use the 30-team ROM as a base I'd like to just continue with the progress I've already made on this 32-team ROM if possible. What I'm looking for help on is basically tying the new order of the teams with the actual team name and logos. I believe I would need to update pointers and, if needed, rearrange team data in the hex code to properly align with the correct team. I'm not sure where to start after browsing the forums for a while now. I will be copying logos and colors from the default NHL 94 ROM as a base to start with. I will then most likely update the jersey colors to align with my SNES version. I have also never used Tile Molester before after opening it one time and immediately feeling discouraged lol.
  10. I'm one of the bozos who has an iPhone. I don't own one of these and wasn't a big fan when these all came out. I was a big fan of the OG Gameboy but I'm not really a fan of that style for retro handhelds that have been coming out in the last few years. We'll see how this Pocketgo S30 is whenever it comes in the next month from China LOL.
  11. Does anyone have a recommendation on a handheld emulator they currently use that can store SNES and Gens games(and similar eras like NES)? I've watched videos on Youtube and read countless articles on them. There seems to be a ton of different options and opinions. I was looking at the Supaboy but it seems massive and I would like to play Gens games too. I'm looking for something with a decent screen size/quality as well as decent sound. Form factor comfort is a nice to have as well. Looking for something under $100 if possible too. Not sure if any of you currently use a handheld for on-the-go NHL.