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  1. I'm one of the bozos who has an iPhone. I don't own one of these and wasn't a big fan when these all came out. I was a big fan of the OG Gameboy but I'm not really a fan of that style for retro handhelds that have been coming out in the last few years. We'll see how this Pocketgo S30 is whenever it comes in the next month from China LOL.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation on a handheld emulator they currently use that can store SNES and Gens games(and similar eras like NES)? I've watched videos on Youtube and read countless articles on them. There seems to be a ton of different options and opinions. I was looking at the Supaboy but it seems massive and I would like to play Gens games too. I'm looking for something with a decent screen size/quality as well as decent sound. Form factor comfort is a nice to have as well. Looking for something under $100 if possible too. Not sure if any of you currently use a handheld for on-the-go
  3. In! Just sent you the cashflow and submitted the form. Woo!
  4. I just recently bought a game genie for genesis so I'm excited to try out some of the codes!
  5. I just confirmed my sheet is up to date regarding the lines.
  6. Just an FYI my sheet is updated as of about 11am ET yesterday(an hour before the trade deadline ended). I will check tonight or tomorrow to update it. You can always just check the CDL pinned draft sheet which contains the updated teams and lines too.
  7. For some reason I’m just seeing this now. I’ll have to check it out. Cool idea!
  8. This would be so nice for various leagues, including Classic.
  9. Wasn’t sure if we would be copying just their roster or the entire team and roster.