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  1. FINALLY got the attributes done. Holy crap that was a painstaking process. Now I need to spend this week and next week on setting the lines. Then the ROM should be ready for testing. I'm hoping to have the ROM completely finished by the end of January.
  2. All set! I've updated the OTT rosters. I'm onto NYR alphabetically for setting the attributes for forwards. Goalies are already done. Once F's are done it's time for D-men! With my kid finally back at daycare I finally have the time, for the first time since Xmas eve, to get this ROM done. Once attributes are completed I just need to set the lines up manually and then get the ROM ready for testing. I'm not including any custom menus or anything like that as of right now. My goal is to get the players in there for a fun ROM. Maybe I'll revisit after but will most likely need someone's help.
  3. Team Name: Boston Bruins LD: Igor Kravchuk RD: Matt Schneider LW: Paul Ysebaert C: Gary Roberts RW: Sergei Fedorov X: Dimitri Khristich 3rd D: Dimitri Yushkevich G: Tom Barrasso Duplicates: Paul Ysebaert can be changed to #12 Scott Niedrmayer can be changed to #30
  4. Thanks for your input. I'll see what I can do. You make some very valid points here. Stay tuned. I'm almost there.
  5. I decided to include players on multiple teams if necessary. Guys like Gretzky, Messier, Bure, Hawerchuk, Bobby and Brett Hull, just to name a few. They would have slightly different stats between the two teams.
  6. I was hoping to have this finished by end of year, and that might still happen, but the attributes are taking longer than expected. I was able to play a demo game between ANH and BOS which was fun. After the attributes are set up I will then need to edit lines so the game loads properly. After that I'm going to 'QA' and see how skaters and goalies play. After that I might have to tweak/nerf some attributes accordingly. tl;dr- It's almost done!
  7. So would there be a cap of 28 teams combined then if it’s all one single draft consisting of A and B?
  8. When trying to load my updated rosters CSV and using the default nhl94 ROM to make the new ROM I've been receiving an error saying 'There is not enough player space to add (player's name) for team ANH. You are 6 player bytes short.' He's on row 19. I was hoping to have 25 players per team(3G, 14F, 8D). Is that not possible due to a certain byte cap? All I really want to do is a roster update to include these all-time rosters for each franchise.
  9. @chaos This might be a dumb question, but when importing an updated rosters CSV does every team have to have the same number of players as the original ROM? For example, ANH with 18 players, BOS with 24, DET with 25, etc. I'm working on a ROM and have 25 players per team. If I have to trim the fat for each team I can but was hoping to avoid that.
  10. I’d be down if you had the additional B league.
  11. Try downloading the ROM directly from the homepage. For some reason that's the last hurdle some of these guys have had to get over.
  12. The rosters are finalized! Check the original post for the link.