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  1. I just noticed this over the weekend on the Nintendo store. I forgot about this a few years back. I might pick it up on the switch since there are practically no hockey games on the console.
  2. Uploaded updated ROM version 4.2 which fixed some player names and player handedness.
  3. Alright buds it's time I finally run a SNES All-Time Rosters(ATR) league using my ATR ROM. I have attached the ATR ROM to practice with and explore as well as the team rankings and the entire roster list in CSV format. This will be team draft, not a player draft. I will run a player draft in the future. The league signup deadline is 2/6. We will conduct the team draft sometime during that week but won't start the season until at least the SDL playoffs begin. This gives you time between now and the draft to test teams as well as time to practice your drafted team before the season starts. Draft order will be randomized using a draft randomizer website. There will be A, B, and C divisions. If you have a preference please let me know. Otherwise I will place you into the division I think you're suited for. Every team will play each other 6 times(3 home/3 away). A and B divisions will play a 42-game season. C division has 9 teams with a 48-game season. The team advantages will be the same for all teams just like SDL and Salary Cap. Penalties on, except offsides Manual goalie No line changes Top 4 in each division will make the playoffs with a Bo7 for each series Playoff tie-breakers: Games played, head-to-head record, overall goal differential, overall GAA, overall Save % All-Time Greatest Rosters Team Ranking - Sheet1.pdf All-Time Rosters Game-Ver4.2.smc ATRv4 Default Rosters.csv
  4. Apparently there's a Slapshot iOS app too: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/slapshot/id475515609
  5. I won Classic B with the following lineup: LW Robitaille-C Sandstrom-RW Carson LD Sydor-RD Blake Some games Carson or Robitaille would be too slow and I'd sub Gretzky in for them. He's so tiny and has such a weak shot he's mainly just a setup man in SNES. However some A coaches have seen better success with his shot. Granato isn't a bad second replacement either with his 5 speed but his 3 stickhandling means he doesn't always catch passes successfully. Sydor was surprisingly agile(or at least controllable) on LD and could still crush people despite being a 9 weight. I received less penalties this season with McSorley on the bench. Sydor is a lefty and Blake being a righty had them playing on their natural sides. Having defensemen playing on their natural side in SNES has been noticed by this community over the past few years and seems to work well on faceoff breakouts with how the d-men curl. Blake might be the best all-around defenseman in the game IMO. I'm glad I was able to play as them after passing them up for Buffalo the previous season and finished dead last.
  6. Here’s the main link with the ROM located on the far right of the page. http://www.nhl94online.com
  7. I realized I never followed up on my previous post. The Pocketgo S30 is really great. Having it during work meetings or long road trips is awesome. I play to practice 94 on both Gens and SNES but it can play pretty much every console from Atari through some N64, Dreamcast, and PS1 but I don't recommend it. I can't remember if it came with a microSD card or not but they're pretty cheap to buy. The microSD card stores the ROMs(which you will need to download yourself) and pops right into a slot. I guess it's modeled after 8bitdo's SN30 gamepad. I had to update the emulators as the ones that come with the handheld aren't the best. However it's extremely easy to do. With the Simple 30 update mentioned below it comes with Retroarch so it should be familiar to most of us here. There is no WiFi for this model although some different models may have it. The sound isn't the best but it's not bad either. It comes with a headphone jack in case you want to play in bed and don't want to wake your partner up lol. After playing for a few hours my fingers and hands start to get cramped but I'm rarely ever playing more than an hour. The screen looks great especially after the Simple 30 update below. Here are the official specs: Quad Core 1.2GHZ AllWinner A33 CPU 512MB RAM Mali400 MP2 GPU 2600 MAH Battery (5 HOURS) 3.5″ IPS Display (480 X 320) USB-C Charging Headphone Jack I purchased it last year from RetroMini here for $59 USD but it looks like it's currently sold out. However there are alternative models on there. Amazon used to have it for $89 USD but it's also sold out there. eBay might have it but not sure. Simple 30 update to update the emulators(includes video and guide)
  8. kidswasted - SNES/GENS Name, age, occupation, location, system Chris A, 34, Software Support for an EdTech company, New Hampshire(originally from Massachusetts), SNES and Gens What hobbies or other interests do you have? Hiking, listening to music, guitar, movies, video games, watching/playing sports, brewing and drinking beer(love hefeweizens) When did you get introduced to the game NHL'94? How did it happen? My cousin had 92(best intro music in the series. Reminds me of Road Rash). My older brother eventually got NHLPA 93 which had the player names and edit lines features. For some reason that was the last Gens EA hockey game we owned but my parents bought us 94 for SNES the next year. My next-door neighbor friends had 93 and 95 on Gens and 94 and 96 on SNES for some reason. We almost always played 93 Gens or 94 SNES just like I had at my house. 95 felt too fast and out of control so we always gravitated back to 93/94. We would play on almost a daily basis until about 2005 when we graduated high school and went off to college. What's funny is we would enable manual goalie and d-control in the menus but never figured out how to use either in-game although we didn't try very hard either. Both households apparently lost or threw out the game manuals and the internet was rather new. I would play 94 SNES every now and then on emulators over the years but mainly against the CPU. Although I've had almost 30 years experience with 94 SNES I had to learn how to utilize manual goalie on both consoles and one-timers in 94 Gens over the past 2 years as neither were present in NHLPA 93. When did you get introduced to nhl94.com and the online community? Were you playing between these two dates? (That is, between first becoming aware of game, and first becoming aware of nhl94.com.) I found this site when looking for the 94 rom one day around 2010. Then I found updates rosters and things like that which was amazing. I believe I joined around 2010 as that was then a requirement to download roms from the forums. I would come back almost annually for the latest roster updates but didn't join any leagues or anything. I finally dove in once I received a SoChel invitation through EventBrite where I ran some 5k's through in the past. What are a couple things that you love about the game? 10 minute real-time games, the fluidity of the skating, ease to play/difficult to master. I feel Gens is like chess while SNES is like checkers. I love both but Gens is more strategic with weights, different ways of scoring, etc. SNES is great to just pick up and play but still tough to master. It's more arcade-y to me which I love. Are you a gamer in general? What other games do you play? Yes I took a break for a few years in the mid 00s but came back to own every generation of Xbox. Feel free to add me(kidswasted). I typically play the perennial COD games as well as Fortnite, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon, Far Cry, Rocket League, Sea of Thieves. I have EA Access too which provides 10 hours of gameplay for all EA games each year. I rarely make it the full 10 hours each year in NHL and Madden but still play from time to time. Do you follow hockey in real life? Any other sports? Yes I used to run a money fantasy league until it became too much of a burden. I still join random Yahoo leagues for fun. I follow the 4 main sports including the Six Nations rugby tournament(go Ireland) but baseball is dying for me. I don't catch as many live games as I used to outside of football. Bruins, Patriots, Celtics, Sox, Boston College fan here. If you have been to a live tourney, what was it like meeting the real people behind the screen names? Any big surprises? I have never been but would love to when COVID stops actin a fool. What is behind your screen name? (Origin story, if there is one.) I originally joined as BergieandFries47 to gain access to the custom roms. This was in reference to one of my favorite Bruins of all-time, Patrice Bergeron, and my love of french fries. However I updated it after the SoChel invite to kidswasted. Kidswasted started years ago with my family and friends as sort of a SMH replacement. If someone does or says something stupid or funny we would always say "wow kid's wasted". Favorite NHL94 player in game (and why)? Gens-Loved the Red wings on 93 as well as 94. I'd say Yzerman was my favorite on Gens growing up. I think JR or Bure are my current favorites. SNES-Neely/Bourque growing up. Sandstrom these days.
  9. You won’t be able to use the snes editor for this rom. I used it up until a certain point and then made some tweaks to the hex code. Therefore the hard-coded references the editor uses are no longer valid. This is why you would be receiving error messages when trying to edit my rom. If you try and edit the default rom found on the 94 site it should work.
  10. 1. Bud of the year. To the person who’s done more for the community in the last 12 months than any other: @chaos and @kingraph for their multi-hatted work and @Tickenest for his graphs. 2. Best entertaining bud. The one who provided the best entertainment streaming online : @danTML7 @smozoma @lego and @halifax Also, not a streamer but @DanK is hilariously entertaining in discord and audio channels. 3. Best Rom/ Rom creator. The one who made the best rom for the community in the past 12 months: @kingraph @INDIO @UltraMagnus @seamor 4. Best League/ tournament and organizer. The most well run/funnest league/event in the last 12 months they put together: @halifax @smozoma @Edge of '94 Midwest for tournaments and @chaosCDL(assist to @kingraph for the rom and draft/draft sheet) and @dangler SDL for custom leagues.
  11. welcome aboard! if you're looking for a league to play in i'm running a salary cap league where you put together your own team based on a price sheet and play other guys who put their team together as well. if you're interested check out the forum post here:
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