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  1. ATR 23 has been added to the original post. Enjoy!
  2. If I had a picture of me watching the stream from my couch I would post it here lol
  3. I'll be working on updating this through the 22-23 season stats in the next few months to match my upcoming updated SNES version. In addition to attribute fixes/updates I will also be updating the following: Swapping newer players like Matthews, McDavid, and Makar in for older gen players Jerseys Player pictures Logos Splash Screen and more!
  4. Apparently I've already swapped those guys into version 4.3. I have to double-back on my notes for the new version. It may just be a few attribute updates based on 22-23 season stats(and awards).
  5. Yes. There will be a few subs including Makar on QUE/COL and Matthews for TOR.
  6. I’m hoping to release an updated ROM sometime this Fall. It will include some minor attribute adjustments for active players(with a handful of other older players). Moving forward I’ll probably release an update once every season since some players in the ROM are still actively playing in the NHL. Instead of version numbers I’ll be using the year of the release. For example, the update this Fall will be ATR 23. If there are updates(fixes) during the year I’ll name it something like ATR 23 v2. On a separate note I need to hunker down and finish(and release) the updated Gens ROM too. Stay tuned.
  7. I've spent the last 5 hours looking into this and testing but sadly all the same results you all mentioned above. Bummer. I tried comparing to the Gens ROM(Specifically CDL 6 league ROM) and mimicking the byte values there for a few penalties but it never worked out successfully.
  8. Trying to get my younger brother to play(and into the community). He's on the fence currently but the 22gp is enticing to him versus Classic's 40gp.
  9. Registration is now closed
  10. I will probably play those for fun but for this league I'm just going to go with the 90s ROMs with the EA player attributes. I'm excited to see how your ROMs come out! You do great work.
  11. I've decided to run a single division Dynasty league, with separate championship and consolation playoffs, using the 92-00 ROMs I've created(see attached). Each coach will pick a team to use for ALL 8 seasons. Coaches are not allowed to change teams throughout the 8-season league. The complete league would consist of 8 short(20-30gp) seasons, one for each ROM, while skipping 94 since we always use that during Classic. It would be over a period of a few months in between various Classic and SDL seasons. We will be using the same rules as Classic: 5-minute periods, penalties on except offsides, manual goalie, line changes OFF. Team selections will be in order of skill level(part ELO/personal experience) with B players having higher picks since we'll be using a single division each season. However, since the 92 ROM doesn't have ANH, FLA, OTT, etc those won't be selectable until they appear in a later season's ROM. If someone really wants to pick, say, OTT (ahem @Bob Kudelski) from 93 onwards they can just pick a bottom tiered team in 92 for a single season OR just wait to join the 93 season. I mention this because ANH and OTT especially get decent towards the end of the decade. I'm looking for dependable players to get games in rather quickly. Since there are 8 seasons(leagues) it will take a few months to get through all ROMs. I'm more concerned with finishing each season quickly and possibly taking a little time between each season so it's not a grind but that could change as the league progresses. If you want to play a season here and there that's fine but please don't quit during your team's weaker season(s). You may not get the same team if you drop out a season and return for a future season. If your previously used team is still available when you return it will be automatically assigned to you. If someone else took over the team in your absence you can choose a new one at an equal or lower tier according to the Team Ranking chart(see below) that is available. I plan on having a FINAL playoff(after 2000 playoffs) to be played after all seasons are completed. Final playoff seeding would be based on cumulative standings from all seasons. All participating teams make the Final playoffs. A "Super" ROM will be created where everyone picks a single season roster they used from any of the 92-2000 ROMs. If they want to use a 94 roster for the FINAL playoff they can do so even though we're skipping that season for this league. Below are the team rankings which include a year-to-year chart on team rankings, tabs containing team lineups per ROM, as well as by team. I've also included the Team Rosters sheet that contains the rosters and player attributes for each ROM. For other info on these ROMS go here: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/25062-snes-nhl-hockey92-nhl-2000-roms-in-nhl-94/ . One thing to note is for the 99 and 00 ROMs I sourced the rosters from the PC version where weights were finally corrected by EA(i.e. Sundin being an 11wgt in 99 and 00 instead of 7wgt from 92-98). You can see the weights in the Team Rosters link below. Team Rankings/Lineups Team Rosters(attributes) Interested/Semi-interested list(if you want to be added/removed to/from the list below just let me know): @kidswasted @koke_45 @dangler @Triple A @TecmoJon @Mooney @annatar @angryjay93 @TheProfessor @Skankhunt @Bob Kudelski @stewy Discord channel: https://discord.com/channels/149631645589176321/1033019757336731668 92-00 ROMs.zip
  12. If only there was one for SNES. That intro takes forever.
  13. I love these games. I played NHLPA 93 more than any other NHL game growing up as it was the first one my brother and I owned. We had previously played the OG NHL Hockey a few times borrowing it from our cousin. So many good memories. I still go back and play both mainly because of the different rosters from 94.
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