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  1. If it's NHLinfo what makes this, try following: Edit just one name/letter anywhere in the game with NHLinfo and save this slightly modified game. Now compare all the original files (unedited with NHLino) with the originial files. When you spot the difference, it might be the change that causes this issue. Change it to the original value and it should work fine again.
  2. Been a long time I used this SWOS launcher utility last time but AFAIK it's not the SWOS launcher at the first place but Amiga Kaillera client ( with SWOS implemented. Which mens they (guys from SWOS community) took virutal hard drive with installed Amiga SWOS (floppy disks would work too, check the configuration file), which is not difficult at all (you can do this with almost any multiplayer Amiga game) plus made virtual hard drive (hdf file, with custom teams, tactics etc), which is pretty easy too (any Amiga emulator can make this), rewrote the configuration file, and the guy from the Sensible Soccer community just added some code into that Kaillera client (I guess he edited the exe file) to give it SWOS look at the startup, which requires some skills but they definitely did not write the launcher from the scratch. About the PC version I know nothing but the coders most difficult task was to make the PC SWOS game playable online/P2P, they do not need the emulator like you need it when playing a Genesis game.
  3. Get it here:Ť=DOWNLOAD). Preinstalled, in English. NHL 94: Only one download allowed in 2 minutes, so wait after you finish the first one.
  4. You're right, it's frameskip:
  5. Hex-dec/dec-hex converter:
  6. Use the region swap method and add 51/102/204 seconds (17 %) in hex editor to each period.
  7. If I remember correctly there is somewhere in this forum (hacking section I guess) information about offset (location in the rom) with framerate speed.
  8. Package with NHL Hockey is here (STIAHNUŤ=DOWNLOAD), compare it with the '95 version.
  9. NHL Hockey is not a good game imo. NHL Hockey 95 is. They are different. Here's the pack of preinstalled NHL Hockey 95 in DOSBox for playing it on modern systems, just unpack it and enjoy:Ť=DOWLOAD).
  11. Depends on SD card size. With 16 GB card practically every single ROM available.
  12. Nylander "STATUS: RETIRED" Anyone knows more? Kozlov "STATUS:RETIRED" This is confirmed:
  13. My post with the tutorial edited: open the rom in the emulator. Not the editor, of course. I play Genesis version more often (when I have time to play) but what is absolutely excellent about the SNES version - skating, players movement. Its like real ice hockey, players are fast and turn easily, but not that fast and not that easily to be too unrealistic. This is something I miss in the Genesis version. There are too many updates of your rom every year and it takes time and effort to make changes in TLP with each update. The tutorial above is so easy everybody can alter the rom in the way (s)he desires. Or you can release two or three different versions everytime you release new NinetyFlow rom from now. Making a rom after each season is time consuming, it deserves more people to play it and if they need star indicators to enjoy your roms, they got them now. P. S. This post contains bashing Genesis version--> I am a freaking troll!
  14. No, I checked the rosters after I uploaded both roms. And I dont have Windows installed right now, cant work with the editor. The first version (justnumbersandpositions) has no stars and no arrows, the second one (original) has stars and arrows. Nets, pucks, zamboni and other changes done by you are untouched.
  15. I checked rosters, very quickly, found this spelling mistake: Pavelec, not Pavalec (Jets) Roman Polák not on Maple Leafs roster? Mrázek as a backup goalie for the playoffs? If the rosters and attributes are based on the regular season stats only then I understand Mrázek is a backup goalie but Polák should be on the roster, he missed only ~15 last games. If the rosters are more like play off ready rosters then Polák must be out (inj) but Mrázek should be a starting goalie imo.