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  1. Actual footage of checking in SNES 1:11 - 1:27
  2. is the '93 part of the site if you want to check it out. It's actually the same style that used to be in - except it's red instead of blue - before was updated. It's dormant and I haven't updated it in years.
  3. No differences at all. I have the Japanese NHL Hockey; NHLPA'93 sequel, and there aren't any differences in that game. There is an Japanese, SNES version of '94. I don't believe there are any differences but I've never actually played the ROM.
  4. You win! Stuck at work. Slow night. No 2on2
  5. ESPN felt that EA's EASN logo resembled it's own a little too much and threatened to take legal action if they didn't abandon the EASN brand name. There was also a short-lived EASN magazine, like, 5 issues. EA created the then-new, EA Sports logo for it's sports franchises in 1993.
  6. Was supposed to be a PM but everyone loves cake don't worry about it.
  7. Been super lazy bud, shipping it out today, and you're not going to believe the 7-tier vegan wedding cake in the October 2019 ish. Safe to say it's a-may-zing.
  8. Nice! Good job on the kits. The Whalers look like their uniforms are purple in the original game.
  9. @chaos in the running for bud of the year. I edited my post because it said, "front runner," instead of, "running." Can't forget about @halifax who will surely be a favorite. @kingraph also got his first KO94 title. Who's it gonna be? What will they be wearing on the berber carpet? Full coverage on Entertainment Tonight.
  10. "People don't like the relay server on, but we figured it out in 3 days, it's the best. It is the best relay server there is. Zsnes? Who remembers that? Doesn't cut it in this economy." "Gens? What is that? Gens isn't even around. Gens doesn't have it. Retroarch is yuge. It's got everything. It's the best. Gens is yesterdays news. Retroarch, and I'll tell you. Retroarch is very bright."
  11. It's great when it works, but I can't host without the frame rate dropping. @chaos helped me for two nights and we couldn't figure it out. Anyone else experience this when hosting?