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  1. Offsides off; penalties on. Line changes off.
  2. Been trying to get a Whalers blank with a GZA name plate #93. Just can't find a place that will do the crest as a one-off.
  3. Sweet logo, there. Almost as cool as Whale-Tang-Clan.
  4. I'm sticking to wired controllers and TV sets that weight 400 lbs. Only way to be sure-for-sure.
  5. He's recovering but still has a long way to go. There are a lot of scars. I'll post a video after rehab.
  6. They're all playable online. There isn't much of a '95 scene online at all. You could have a hand in changing that. Far as '93 goes, there is a '93 site that I built nearly 15 years ago.. There have been some leagues over the years, but there aren't any active ones. I'm sure you can find a pickup game of '93 with someone if you ask on the discord server. The inability to use goalie control makes the game a break away fest that gets stale pretty quick for me.
  7. @DrBill please forgive my brother @segathong. He's a good kid but still hasn't fully recovered from his fall.
  8. I prefer a different term: Really cool, Tick!
  9. I see this as an absolute win. His and hers exercise. What woman wouldn’t love this as an early x-mas present? Someone please talk me out of this...
  10. That's one thing that Photoshop offers that is great for doing these types of logos. Once selecting the # of colors when saving for web, you can then adjust the amount of dither with a slider. Or you choose a dither preset. Helped me a ton over the years. From there, you select the swatch to input the exact values as they are in TM**. Not sure if Gimp can do that or not. ** Make sure you update the values in TM for colors first, and use that value before saving the file in the image editing program you use. Otherwise, they won't match whatever you're using as a reference (NOSE, for instance). This will prevent oddities when importing your image or logo.
  11. No idea bud. The red button makes it look more cool and makes me want to buy it. Now I want an Air Jordan 6 button in red suede.