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  1. Slow day at work, here. Thought I'd rank the Cancuks away jersey vs the rest that year: Hartford Chicago Los Angeles Winnipeg Montreal Quebec Detroit Edmonton Boston Calgary New York R. Vancouver San Jose Tampa bay Pittsburgh Buffalo Philadelphia St. Louis New Jersey Anaheim Toronto Florida Ottawa New York I. Washington Dallas East / West All-Stars
  2. Opps, wrong link: The Maple Leafs are also having a 53rd commemoration jersey from their last cup in 1967! What logo they're going to use isn't confirmed yet, and they still have some kinks to work out. Looks great so far.
  3. They're back for the 50th anniversary!
  4. This is the making of Micro Mages. Thought this was really interesting for those into old hardware:
  5. I don't have any tips for capturing video games, but I do know if a, "baby on board," sticker is a little faded and beat up on the car in front of you that the kid is at least a year or two old now and the car is safe to ram.
  6. I actually played 2000 in the attic of my parents old house with no heat in the dead of winter when it came out; long but uninteresting story. Hard to believe it was 20 years ago. Played a bunch of games with @HABS and @donnybrook years ago. Really easy to setup and play and if anyone wants to have a mini-tourney I'd be down for sure.
  7. @chaos If they don't want them, Jesus' Salvage, BBQ Towing and Notary Service can oblige. @kingraph Apparently a good way to find one is just to email every local broadcast studio, university and news station in a 30 mile radius and ask them if they have any tube monitors that they no longer need. A lot of people who are persistent have gotten huge hauls. For most of these places, you're solving a problem. I plan to do this next week myself as I'm smitten with these PVM's.
  8. Leave your NHL'94 cart under your pillow and the CRT fairy may visit you. guy with tv on head leaves old tvs on front porches of homes
  9. Thanks for keeping the flame burning . You guys make me want to get back at it again.
  10. This video appeared in my Youtube recommended. Good review for the Retro-Bit controllers for anyone still on the fence.
  11. Great save. Now I need to find my fantasy team ROM with Wu-Tang Clan, Tech Support, Cosa Nostra, San Quinten Fugitives, Middle Earth Orcs and Vatican Holy Rollers, among other teams.
  12. What I remember from 5 years ago, yes. If you're close enough to the goalie, and fake a shot, the goalie will make a save attempt. When behind the net, the goalie makes a backward save attempt will face you, I think. We used the (Y) / goalie control button to test it since we already had that figured out, but we never finished it. This was supposed to be the new wrinkle for the NHL15 ROM. I thought it would be cooler than a line changes button since most people don't play with them on, so I wanted to add this first. Just taking shots, for hours, with a tracer until I found it, I think. I don't know where the ROM is. I lost a lot of stuff when I got rid of an external HD and sold my work station to a business owner in New Jersey. I thought I had all that stuff backed up but I didn't. @chaos bailed me out a week or two ago when I asked him if he still had the Pixelpuck and files on the sites' shared hosting package, here; all my ROMs were supposed to be in that .zip. Fortunately he did have it, which was a big relief. I still don't know where the goalie control patch is or where a lot of other files that I worked on are. But if I can find the ROM, I'll post it.