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  1. NHL91pixelpuck.bin NHL94training.bin - 2014 by Clockwise (original post)- 2013 by Clockwise (original post)- 2012 by Clockwise (original post)- 2011 by Clockwise (original post) - NHL2007_2on2.bin 2on2.orgfinal (original post)
  2. Does this mark the first time anyones actually edited visuals in EA / NHL Hockey? Great stuff!
  3. That was joke. EA has been voted the worst company in America several times and they've destroyed many of amazing game studios by running them into the ground with unrealistic expectations. So, just by using their current logo, not the old one, it is EA logo as a ruined structure. That's why I posted that pic of their current logo. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, having to explain your joke is the true mark of a comedy genius.
  4. Might be the hardest thing to master, right next to pass shots. Maybe in a few years if you play consistently. Much as I'd like to play, I tore my rotator cuff and it's really painful to do anything with my right hand.
  5. If 21 is anything like 20, it's as good a year as ever to end it all. Gotta watch my post count I only have a few left.
  6. Great effort. Hope you're not good with predicting stuff.
  7. To be fair, I started it. The fact that I, Clock J. Wise, AKA Jesusplaysnhl94, AKA Jesus, AKA Jebus, AKA Hāso͞os', AKA David Lo Pan, AKA Frank Dux, AKA Chester Copperpot, AKA Tom Servo, AKA The OG; now play SNES, shows how much we've grown together.
  8. Cool I'll be sure to bring extra lighter fluid.
  9. Nope, can’t say I do. Was in his 92 league back in 06. Sent him a pm on his boards hopefully he responds and is doing well.
  10. Man thats so cool I nearly forgot it was 95 for a sec.
  11. Ski Free Yeti is best Yeti... Then Planet Hoth Wampa, then abominable snowman.