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  1. Still haven't returned from the mountain yet.
  2. Every player should have their own intro song before they play on stream like pro wrestling.
  3. The worlds first NHL95 world tournament and the apocalypse is upon us. Coincidence ? I think not. Expect Segathon to ride the 4 horses into August. God help us all.
  4. Should feel right at home for you.
  5. Quick and dirty, simple update to the original ROM that anyone can use to sharpen some of their skills. I created this to help me prepare for KO94. Nothing spectacular, but it is fun to play around with. If you want to get a bit better at dekes, you can try the 1 skater VS 5. Maybe you want to work on getting better at defensive positioning? Try playing with 1 D-man VS 5. For 1-timer practice there's the classic, two-forward, 2on2-style line. Lastly, there is a, "no skater," team. You can use this to practice your goalie control skills. This can be very challenging. However, the CPU goalie will have to make a save before you can go into the goalie control mode. This is because there's no skater to switch from No Skaters is Washington 1 D-man is Winnipeg 1 Forward is Wales All-Stars 2 Forwards is Campbell All- Stars If someone wants to do the rest of the teams with only a LW skater for 1 team, or something like that, I'll replace this one. NHL94training.bin
  6. I made a terribul terribul terribul video like 10 years ago with a remix: I go to the public events just to see someones soul leave their body when I setup a 5 pass one-timer... I just go for the bros, actually, and to hang out.
  7. Yeah man you gotta tell us more. Is it more than 1 team? Can you take a save state of the replay and upload it for us?
  8. This bad boy weighs 330lbs. Space man is actual size there.
  9. THEY'RE MY FRIENDS. All good except for the 40" which got messed up when it was bumped hard. It's so frigg'n massive. If I'd had gotten the 10 I would have tried to setup a tourney next year in the Philly area.
  10. @chaos I have... 20" inch PVM 20" inch BVM I just picked up recently 40" inch Sony KV-40 32" inch Sony 27" inch Toshiba Haven't had much success with gov auctions over the last several months. Nothing close to this particular auction. @kingraph Actually looking at the pic again, from top to bottom: $750 $450 $900 $1200 $850 $900 I've been on the look out on /r/crtgaming on reddit to see if anyone there got any of these. Felt like these guys got in a bidding war. I'm not chasing these types of prices for something you can find for free if you're lucky or know where to look.
  11. Thanks man! First time in years I actually missed the trade deadline I've been so focused on work. Plan to get caught up by playing the ROM for a while this weekend.
  12. Looks like they removed the pricing but I put in $400.00 for all except the single one. Had my Friday after work planned out and all. I'm just bitching because I called over 150 companies in the last 2 months before I came across this auction.
  13. Lost an av liquidation auction for 10 pvms today. Feel gutted I thought I had em for a song for sure. It was in Jersey too. Inflation is crazy high the lot, combined - they were listed two at a time - went for over 3500. If this bubble doesn’t burst they’ll be like 1k a piece in 5 more years.
  14. Those banners are the great!
  15. Trojan said he didn't know clockwise was the same guy. Should I consider a switch?