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  1. Or, ya know, just leave it in the back of a taxi...
  2. @halifax Please excuse my absence as I got in a fight with a giant talking grape over cosmic fruity pebbles. I also had to give my shield away... Long story (like 3 hours long) but I'm back. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in September as I'm relocating back to Philly this summer. Budgeting will be the tricky part for me; buying an house and moving n'all.
  3. Very cool. In theory, would it be possible to shrink-the-rink and adjust the play-field? I'm talking about removing the neutral zone, basically.
  4. Seeing this video boggles the mind as to why the Jaguar wasn't wildly successful.
  5. This is cool. I'd like to see some more of these. I have a NHL Super-Series guide from 90-91 (it's like Zangeif vs Guile) and he wrote it.
  6. Great job Mikey; I loved it! Seeing Mark Lesser was like finding Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. So many awesome memories. Thanks for all your hard work!
  7. I just watched it. It's awesome; go get it!
  8. Too far for me from Pennsylvania to Vancouver, and I'm working 80 hours a week, right now, but I'll be there in spirit. Can't wait to see all of the content from KO94III.
  9. Really want to go to this but I can't get a day off right now. I'll probably hold out till the next KO94. Hope everyone has a blast.
  10. And all this time I thought Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and jumped to Windows 10 because Windows is just smarter.
  11. First off, Windows 10 doesn't even exist. It's actually Windows 9, but they called it 10 because 8 sucked so bad that they had to skip a number to throw people off the trail. Which fooled a grand total of noone at all. In the immortal words of G. Dubya: "Fool me once, shame one me, fool me twice, can't be a shame-fooled-again." Windows 8 is the reason Microsoft skipped Windows 9. We already covered this. Windows Vista... Don't trust it. Not a bit. Windows 7 is a solid and a really good OS. Never had any issues with it. Windows XP has a lot going for it. For starters, the start-up sound is bang on. When I start a machine up, I want that sound. I'd have it in my car when I turn it on if I could get it working. Shut down sound is great a well. That background with the rolling hills looks great when Gens is windowed. Really helps you relax after a long period. 5/5. But there's no more security patches so even after you clear your browser history after a sketchy browsing session you could have spyware / viruses. I'd go with Windows 7 or Linux / Mac.