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  1. This is f**king AWESOME !!! ...but if you do an update, just an FYI that Europa on the Celestial Planets is actually female. And I agree that she should be one of the "stronger" players considering that her "planet" (moon) hosts one of the biggest hockey rinks in the Galaxy: Hence, my name (but no bias). Really, I'm not a "defensemen", but in high school & college, I was so fast that I did play both ends of the rink Also, I took a screenshot of the title screen & flipped it horizontally: Lemme know what you think. NHL94 - Hockey Stars (v1.1) [!]001.bmp
  2. hey Sauce, you know where I can find the 32-team ROM template ?
  3. wow, this is absolutely amazing ! ...How did i not know about this, lol ? Thanks for sharing!
  4. Yeah, the two NBA Jams were 1994 and 1995... Hang Time and College Slam were 1996. The original NBA Jams have 28 teams while Hang Time has 29 teams and College Slam has over 40 teams. Like I told Magnus, I don't keep up with the NBA, but it looks like they have 30 teams. ...But the 32x version does have an extra MB to work with... but i guess you could just expand the BIN also from 3 MB to 4 MB (the max before you have to start using page tricks i think) ? Not Sure
  5. What's the maximum total player cards you can have for the 32-team rom ? Also, for the Player Card Tutorial VS the Player Card Reference... https://nhl94.com/html/editing/player_card_tutorial/Player-Card-Tutorial.htm https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/2977-reference-tile-molester-reference-screenshots/ One says that the 1st player card is 120294 (ANA goalie) and the other one implies that the 1st pic would be C75E0 (a few after the Template, Handiness & Goalies) ? I'm looking at the 2020 rom, and each team has 6 player cards and the last team (NHL-94 All-Stars) has all 26 player cards. i guess once i learn about assigning the pointers, it'll make more sense, Not Sure
  6. Gee, I wonder why it doesn't work on Windows 7 ? Is this more proof that Windows 10 is spyware ?
  7. Can you release other versions of Pond Hockey ? ...Like 1on1, 2on2, 3on3 ? Would that be fairly easy ? ...Or would it be too time consuming ? At first, I was little perplexed at no penalties, but now that I think about it... I think you are right... It makes a more fair matchup in online games, i guess ? (by removing RNG) Also, how did you choose the rosters ? ...because it wasn't that long ago that Mike Ribeiro played for the Nashville Preadators... ...he's one of my favorites because of his amazing stick handling & sic shoot-out goals !
  8. Looks good: Also, the checksum at offset 18E should be DB05 (for v1.2).
  9. Here are the teams & rosters so far... https://gist.github.com/Europia79/ac04844bf5e0e402676df7a9514f42b2 This is just a rough draft.
  10. The XHL-All-Stars is a league comprised of mostly mutants & aliens that fight it out on the ice... FOR THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE !!! Well... That's the general idea... There are exceptions to the rule... Like billionaire Scrooge McDuck making a risky investment to buy the Aniheim Mighty Ducks in order to turn a handsome profit by winning the Stanely Cup. The console-wars have also made its way onto the ice... Sony, Sega, & Nintendo have entered teams into the XHL in order to determine once and for all, WHO IS THE BEST CONSOLE !!! Not to be outdone... Disney, Koei, & Square-Enix have entered teams in a bid to gain prestige and promote their brand ! The XHL contains many all-star characters past, present, & future: Including Sith Lords, Jedi Masters, supervillians, & superheroes... as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the X-Men. Right now, I'm in the concept stage. And I was hoping for a peer review of the rosters & team names.
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