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  1. Thank you @Stepher1980! Unfortunately, it will be my last one. I warned (in this very thread) that if people kept copy and pasting my original work into their own files (and then posting), I'd stop doing my ROMs. Well, apparently, someone wants to continue to do that and as such, I'm done. They steal from my "way too early" version, make a couple edits and think that isn't ripping me off. Sadly, they admitted to me in private that is exactly what they are doing. Well, now, they will have to do their own research/work. I will continue to make ROMs for a league that I play in but unfortunately, I will not be posting here anymore. One jerk-off had to ruin this despite me asking for them to stop. There are some good folks on this forum and then there are some that are lazy and disrespectful to requests. I'm done asking. Take care.
  2. 3v3 version of this ROM is now available for download.
  3. Hello! For folks, like me, who enjoy playing a 3v3, I am posting such a version of my NHL94 2023 rom. About the ROM: * All 32 teams. * The game features the ability to do 4v3 powerplays. If you want to do so, you must play with penalties ON (except offsides) and play with line changes ON. All skaters (minus goalies) have the position of D so that you can select whoever you want for your 3v3 combos or when you are on a 4v3 powerplay. * Penalties are 1 min in length. * You can now edit/update PP units in the game. In the past, because I would only show one Dman, if I had a second on the PP point, you couldn't see them in the Line Editor. You would have to download NOSE to see them and edit accordingly. To remedy it, I simply show 1 D and 3 wingers. This way, you can edit one of the 4 within the game. * Periods are 3, 5, 7 and 10 minutes. * OT is five minutes and if there is no winner, it results in a tie. Players can then battle it out in “Shootout Mode” for the ultimate winner. * Each team has 6 forwards, 3 Dmen and 2 goalies to choose from when editing lines. Feel free to change them as you see fit. Known bugs: * WSH/WPG Freeze Bug if you cycle player cards, on the Team Selection page, for both Washington and Winnipeg. If you use Kega Fusion, as an emulator, it will not freeze. * If your team has two players penalized, the powerplay becomes 4 on 2. However, since penalties are only 1 min in length, it shouldn't be a big deal. It adds to the excitement. LOL * Due to how the game must be edited in Hex Code, the checking line, when you play with "line changes on", becomes the top line ("Scoring Line 1). So, I renamed the checking line to say Sc.1 when editing in-game. The original Scoring 1 becomes Sc.2 and Scoring Line 2 becomes Sc.3 (with line changes on). I use the same PP and PK lines, for each instance, so I renamed them to PP and PK instead of PP1/PP2 and PK1/PK2. * The in-game line editor and team roster view, when line changes are on, sorts as Sc2., Sc3. and Sc1. for the 3 lines. Just keep that in mind when you do in-game changes. *If you like to watch intermissions of other game highlights, there is a "ghost" player who appears at the home team's 1st and 3rd period blue line (bottom right). It does nothing but stand still and players will skate through him. It is likely due to this ROM having 3 skaters (per team) as opposed to 5. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! NHL94 2023 3v3 v1.bin
  4. Just re-posted V1 (see notes above for ROM details and whatnot). Turns out, one of the players that I edited didn't save, with said changes, in the original V1 that I posted. My buddy who did a beta test for me caught it and was nice enough to remind me. I have fixed it and can confirm it is now how it was originally intended... Cheers!
  5. V1 of the regular season version of this particular ROM has been posted (on page 1 of this thread). Notes: * Lines and D-pairings are not 100% accurate for all 32 teams. Feel free to change them as you see fit when you play. In some cases, injured players (Marchand, McAvoy, Landeskog, Wilson, Duclair, Chychrun, etc.) are in the active rosters. I find it more fun that way and they are expected back this season. Some players like Max Pacioretty are expected back sometime this season but when is not known yet so they are in the game but not active. Sean Couturier is anyone's guess so I left him in as the Flyers aren't very good and folks may want to play as him. * Anton Stralman is not on the Bruins roster in this latest version of the ROM. While he just signed with the team, last night, there are visa issues being resolved and he is not playing on opening night. As his addition to the roster likely impacts waiving a player, and we don't know who (yet), I left him off this ROM. I prefer to keep McAvoy and Gryz (who are out of IR and LTIR right now) in this file. The latter of those two is practicing with the team so his return should be in the near(er) future. Since we don't know the odd-man-out yet, on defense, I didn't include Stralman. * Juuso Valimaki was claimed by Arizona but not included in this ROM. I prefer to keep Jakob Chychrun (who is on IR right now) and don't know who is the odd man out is when he returns (assuming his inevitable and heavily rumored trade doesn't occur first). * Ian Cole was removed from the ROM. The "grooming" allegations against him are pretty serious and may keep him out for a while/forever. * Alex Formenton has been removed from this version. He is still unsigned by the team. He is also one of the players linked to the rape allegations against some players on the 2018 Team Canada roster. That may be part of the cause for the delay in re-signing. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks Tabs! Appreciate the enthusiasm (assuming it is for both the season AND my ROM - LOL). It's about 98-99% done/ready at this moment. So, either today or tomorrow I will post it but before I do... Every year, for the past 2-3 years, I have had to go after people for "lifting" my original work. Yes, there is some originality to season ROMs. My player ratings and my artwork (namely, headshots that took tons of edits and/or re-drawing) in particular. I will not be calling out anyone, in this post, as they all know who they are and it hasn't just been 1 or 2 or even just a recent thing. So, I'm not singling any one person(s) out and please don't waste time trying to guess. Especially, as some have decided to take it to heart and do their own unique thing in the end - kudos! I realize that not many will understand how much work goes into the player research (don't get me started on prospects) and the artwork editing that myself and the other ROM editing colleagues do. It is a SIGNIFICANT amount! I encourage anyone to be brave enough to do their own original ROMs (not just season versions) and I will root for you but stop taking my work if you do!!! It is NOT flattery to tell me that you like how I do it. It IS lazy and pathetic to take my original thoughts to make your version better or to garner a few more downloads. And, that is what it really is. This isn't a case of using a hack to fix a deficiency/bug in the game or a patch to enhance art/animation. This is taking someone's well-thought out/time consuming logic for yourself because you are being lazy and won't do your own. It's not hard to take my ROM and side-by-side compare it to others and see what was a copy and paste job. So again, please stop if that is your intention! And, editing 10 or so players differently then me is still ripping me off if the majority is the same. Be like Skip, Naples, Jkline, CoachMac, etc. Do you own thing/logic. Go see how they did it and do something different to stand out (as much as the programming will let you). Add to the buffet of the greatest hockey video game of all time! I am happy to point anyone in the right direction for where to find useful stats and analytics that can help them do their own, unique thing. Fair warning, it takes a lot of learning and time but there are folks, here, who will help you if you want to put in the time. However, to be honest or transparent, if taking my aforementioned hard work for one's own continues, then unfortunately I'm stepping down from posting ROMs. It's not worth it as I am putting in too much time just to have someone take the quick/easy way instead of doing the same. I'm just not going to help people by posting and shortly thereafter, my original work suddenly appears elsewhere. Giving me credit, for that, isn't what I want. I'm not going to argue this so save your breath. Just want to be transparent to those who enjoy(ed) my work, if I step down, and warn those who rip me off that you'll have no choice but to do the work if I do. End rant. As always, I love the enthusiasm from those who look forward to the monthly posts, give it good feedback or "likes" and enjoy playing it. While I'm not a downloads counter, I do appreciate that so many have done so. Even my GoT version which was a corny, late night idea that took off. So, thank you, thank you and thank you! V1 is in the oven and almost done... ~Sauce
  7. It has now been posted (see OP above). What's new... * Added recent signings and updated several jersey numbers (not all have been confirmed yet). * Updated San Jose's new home and away jersey (as best as I could). The jerseys leaked online and are apparently being sold in stores despite no official announcement (ooooops!). The pants, gloves and helmets have not been confirmed but online leaks show them as teal. So, I updated the pants and helmets too. If it proves to be wrong, it will be fixed in the next version of this ROM. The same goes for the Vegas home jerseys (rumored to be gold). * Added a 2nd set of playoff trees so now each team has two possible playoff experiences. * All remaining RFAs (I believe that there are 8 as of 9/10/22) are in the game. None of the players who signed PTOs are included at this time. I realize several prospects are not included and may cause a "what about so and so..." reaction. I added several that are rumored to have a good shot. I didn't include some, that could make it to opening night, as it is too early to tell. Of course, if they do, the Opening Night version of this ROM will include them. That said, the next version of this ROM should be the Opening Night version unless anyone catches any significant errors requiring re-posting. Enjoy! ~Sauce
  8. The Sabbath fan in me is gitty now! If only we had a devil's horn hand "like" button... Nice work!!!
  9. "Preseason" version will be posted within a week or so. I'm just waiting on a couple of things.
  10. @hokkeefan The wait is over...
  11. What I'll likely do in the "Preseason" (next) version of this ROM, is add two more brackets of a playoffs from another season (those who made it and those who didn't). Most likely the season when TB played Dallas (as the year TB played Montreal was a screwy scenario/bracket setup). That way, there will be 4 bracket trees and each team will have two possible playoff journeys. But, nothing beyond that...
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