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  1. This is awesome news, thanks for doing it! I look forward to downloading it and trying it out! If I notice any "bugs" (if you will), I will certainly pass them along.
  2. Hi! I decided to post a Playoff Version of this NHL94 2021 rom with the stamina hack. I did this for the 2020 version, last year, as well. Some folks like it so there you go... The hack simply reduces fatigue faster so that you'll see more frequent line changes per period. If you've downloaded the non-stamina hack version, and prefer it, please disregard. No other edits/changes were made to the previous version, besides this hack, and none will because, well... AUGUST 2021!
  3. I guess the game foreshadowed that Bret would eventually own a hockey team in Calgary, three years later, with that very color scheme.
  4. Thanks for downloading it! I have never played that mode (at least, for playoffs) and haven't noticed or heard of this bug. I suspect the answer is no. There was a lot of re-work/re-arranging of the code, to this file, to make it accommodate 32 teams. As we have begun to notice, over the last couple of years, any fixes to one bug could create a new one. So, not worth it. Sorry.
  5. Sounds good! Thanks homie!
  6. Hi! Just posted the Playoff Edition of this ROM (in the OP). It will be the final version, that I post, for the current season. If anyone notices any mistakes, please let me know. *I updated the playoff brackets to reflect the current lineup of teams. Those teams that didn't make it, will be in a separate bracket. *Injured players, who played at some point this season, on teams that didn't make the playoffs, are back on their active rosters. *Added Nikita Kucherov to the active roster for TBL. *Updated a headshot or two. I removed ROM versions 2-5 (from the OP). They're not really necessary at this point of the season. However, I have them saved if someone really liked one vs the others. So, PM if you need one of them for any reason. No, I will not be re-posting them nor taking custom requests. Thanks for understanding! Enjoy! Cheers!
  7. Not to interrupt the discussion regarding speed/agility but I want to retract what I said earlier (couple of posts ago) about aggression. Aggression has been confirmed to be tied to fighting tendency in NHL 93 but in NHL 94, it is most definitely tied to penalties. Looking at stats from the 1992-93 season, players with the highest PIMs were assessed 6s and 5s on down, in the game. So, it makes sense or why bother even having the numbers match stats? It's not an exact science as to who will take penalties and when but it does seem likely that certain players may be prone to take more or at least, each game, if given more ice time. I did some more sim tests and took four teams in which I made all forwards and Dmen have a zero aggressive rating. I did notice less penalties per 5 and 7 minute period games. There were still some but it "seemed" less than usual and I simmed 7 games. I know it is a small sample size but seems note-worthy unless someone is able to confirm otherwise. I also figured out why my original findings seemed to suggest there was no difference. I missed a few players in NOSE which might have altered my findings. Once I made four teams, with all zeros, it seemed to yield less penalties in simmed games. Anywho... back to "oddities"... I think this might have been mentioned before, somewhere on this forum, but if not... Patrick Roy, for goalies with 10 or more starts, had the 8th highest rated Save % in 1992-93. We know Goalie Defensive Awareness translates to Save %. Three goalies have a 6 rating (Belfour, Joseph and Potvin) and they were in the top 3 in 1992-93. There are 10 goalies with a rating of 5. Roy is not one of them despite being 8th in the league that year. Had he been assessed a 5, he'd have the same overall rating as Belfour (98). The "Eagle" did win the Vezina that year so maybe the programmers didn't want two goalies who are equal in NHL94 to take away from his achievement? Certainly, we know that Roy was a top 3 goalie, in the league, at that time, despite an off-year for regular season stats. Or, maybe the programmers were Blackhawks fans who were bitter that the Canadiens ended up with the Cup (Roy won Conn Smyth)? Hmmmm... lol Anyway, seems like a good "oddity" within NHL94.
  8. So, I always thought aggression was tied to fighting and likelihood of taking penalties (a 2-for-1 if you will). I just ran some tests, with two teams dialed down to zero, for aggression, for each player, and still saw plenty of penalties in each game that I simmed. So, as theorized, it appears to be carry-over and serves no purpose in '94. Now, checking rating is another story... I dialed down certain players to zero and only left a couple as 4 or 5. In each game that I simmed, those who were zero were getting the same amount of hits/checks registered as those with a 4 or 5. In some cases, more. In games in which I didn't tamper with checking ratings, left them "as is", I still saw guys with a 1 rating getting the same amount, if not more, than guys with a 3 or 4 rating. It's possible that this will always be the case due to the +/- of hot/cold on certain attributes. I used a rom which has Smozoma's hack applied. This way, I can get a checking count per player. Not sure if that makes a difference or not as I haven't been able to test on one without the hack.
  9. Hi! v5 (the Trade Deadline Edition) of this ROM has now been posted in the OP. Only 2 or 3 players didn't, officially, have their new numbers announced post-trade. So, to not hold this up, I went with numbers they have worn, at some point (Pros, Juniors, AHL, College, etc.), that are not in current use or retired. If they end up being incorrect, I will update them when I do the final post of the ROM ("Playoffs Edition"). So, what's new with this version? *Trades as of 4/12/21 *Added some rookies *Updated player and team ratings *Changed a couple of NLC players/headshots NOTE: Injured players, not officially ruled out for the season or returning, are still in the active lines. Those ruled out could be in the NLC scenario. If anyone notices any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers!
  10. Hi All! My trade deadline rom has been updated, since yesterday, but I am holding off posting it until all new jersey numbers have been confirmed. Approximately half have been, so far, as I write this post. My hope is to have this updated version posted by tonight/tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and for all of your (previous) downloads/kind words. Cheers! -Sauce
  11. Sorta of an oddity... Jon Casey. More the most part, each goalie, in NHL94, when it comes to stick side/glove side rating has a certain structure. So, 3344 or 4545 or 5566, or 4444 etc. etc. Basically, either the same 4 numbers or two sets of numbers. Jon Casey is 2234. He is the only goalie who was included that way. Then, there is Bill Ranford, Ron Tugnutt and Ron Knickle. Ranford is a 4454 and the others are 1112 and 2221. They are the only goalies besides, Casey, who aren't rated as the same four numbers or two sets of 2 for glove and stick side rating. Makes you wonder if that was by design or a mistake.
  12. Thus proving how +/- isn't a very good stat (compared to Corsi or Fenwick) for rating defensive prowess. Larry Murphy was more of an offensive dman. He was average in his own zone but playing in Pittsburgh, in the 90s, certainly meant lots of offense and higher +/-. Bourque's rating clearly benefits from inflated offensive ratings so I agree with your assessment of him vs Chelios when it comes to who should have been higher.
  13. They definitely broke some rules there especially as it didn't apply to other players of a like situation. For example, Sergei Federov not being a 6 or a 5 speed. Yet, he won fastest skater in 1992 and 1994. He also won hardest shot in 2002 and back in 1994, was known for it. In the 90s, he was even used on the PP point back when teams often went 3 FWD/2 D. Regarding Gretzky, he did have an off year that year but, he was also sidelined with a back injury so he deserved a little pass given the past and the fact that he was great again in 1994 (38 goals/130 points). Plus, 65 points (16 goals) in 45 games (1992-93) is pretty darn good. So, while I understand the logic behind the ratings structure, it was definitely an oddity that he didn't get a pass (slight bump) for accuracy.
  14. @LaTormenta So you bring up Matthew's slump, after I post this updated version, and he scores a goal. If he scores another tomorrow night... bow down to the power of the ROM. LOL
  15. LOL! Thanks! Unless his dry spell goes another month or so, his shooting rating should stay in tact for a while.