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  1. Hi! v5 (the Trade Deadline Edition) of this ROM has now been posted in the OP. Only 2 or 3 players didn't, officially, have their new numbers announced post-trade. So, to not hold this up, I went with numbers they have worn, at some point (Pros, Juniors, AHL, College, etc.), that are not in current use or retired. If they end up being incorrect, I will update them when I do the final post of the ROM ("Playoffs Edition"). So, what's new with this version? *Trades as of 4/12/21 *Added some rookies *Updated player and team ratings *Changed a couple of NLC players/headshots
  2. Hi All! My trade deadline rom has been updated, since yesterday, but I am holding off posting it until all new jersey numbers have been confirmed. Approximately half have been, so far, as I write this post. My hope is to have this updated version posted by tonight/tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and for all of your (previous) downloads/kind words. Cheers! -Sauce
  3. Sorta of an oddity... Jon Casey. More the most part, each goalie, in NHL94, when it comes to stick side/glove side rating has a certain structure. So, 3344 or 4545 or 5566, or 4444 etc. etc. Basically, either the same 4 numbers or two sets of numbers. Jon Casey is 2234. He is the only goalie who was included that way. Then, there is Bill Ranford, Ron Tugnutt and Ron Knickle. Ranford is a 4454 and the others are 1112 and 2221. They are the only goalies besides, Casey, who aren't rated as the same four numbers or two sets of 2 for glove and stick side rating. Makes you wonde
  4. Thus proving how +/- isn't a very good stat (compared to Corsi or Fenwick) for rating defensive prowess. Larry Murphy was more of an offensive dman. He was average in his own zone but playing in Pittsburgh, in the 90s, certainly meant lots of offense and higher +/-. Bourque's rating clearly benefits from inflated offensive ratings so I agree with your assessment of him vs Chelios when it comes to who should have been higher.
  5. They definitely broke some rules there especially as it didn't apply to other players of a like situation. For example, Sergei Federov not being a 6 or a 5 speed. Yet, he won fastest skater in 1992 and 1994. He also won hardest shot in 2002 and back in 1994, was known for it. In the 90s, he was even used on the PP point back when teams often went 3 FWD/2 D. Regarding Gretzky, he did have an off year that year but, he was also sidelined with a back injury so he deserved a little pass given the past and the fact that he was great again in 1994 (38 goals/130 points). Plus, 65 points (16
  6. @LaTormenta So you bring up Matthew's slump, after I post this updated version, and he scores a goal. If he scores another tomorrow night... bow down to the power of the ROM. LOL
  7. LOL! Thanks! Unless his dry spell goes another month or so, his shooting rating should stay in tact for a while.
  8. Hi All! I just posted V4 of this rom (in the OP). I updated the ratings for a good chunk of players and added a few new ones here and there. I also updated the team ratings to reflect how the season is going so far. Like before, injured players rumored or expected to return are in the active lineups (for line changes) with the exception of Jonathan Toews. I had him in the active lineups and NLC lineup, in previous versions. However, in the latest version, he's just in the latter. His mysterious ailment and lack of skating/working out has many guessing if he will actually return thi
  9. Cue the cheesy porno music now and, action! LOL
  10. That's one of the hacks that I use. I have some others for the players cards, 4v3 PPs and relabeling of stuff.
  11. Mags - hit me up over the weekend (as I'm not available today). I accomplished doing these things, you mention as hinderances, in my 3v3 for NHL94. I have the following in my latest 3v3 rom: *4 player potraits (2 FWD, 1D, 1G) without freezing, on the Ron Barr page, for each team. Also cycles as 4 players (instead of 6) on the main team selection page. *Line changes within the game or in NOSE *4v3 PPs (now you can edit the 4 PP players in the game vs having to do so in NOSE) My guess is, without knowing the programming logics of 95, you'll have the same or similiar methodology to e
  12. He's a good egg. Beyond generous! Named after a transformer although sounding suspiciously close to a type of condom. LOL Ahhhh, the mind goes where it goes...
  13. I assume that you mean the officially released versions of the series. It can be accomplished in rom hacks as I have non-playable teams in some of my custom roms (by design). So, it can be done, by restricting teams in EARE (and not just the playoff teams). You are correct that you can't re-order teams, like players, through NOSE where you push a button to move something up or down. It's not an oversight. It's a major programming endeavor! Especially, as it impacts graphics/mapping and NOSE isn't used for that functionality. Given what wboy gave us and how much went into it, it isn't
  14. To Mac's point, you could put 8 of your 10 teams on one side of the bracket and on the other, just repeat team #9 or team #10. As you get a max of 32 playoff bracket scenarios, you can do this several times so that the eight random teams will always be guaranteed a particular opponent in the Finals. I did a similar concept with my Game of Thrones rom. I was random with the various Houses(teams) entered on one side but on the other side, you always end up facing off against the Night King and the White Walkers. Unfortunately, the older the game, the less hacking you can do without "brea
  15. As I think on it, now, I don't think you can. However, I haven't tried it so I am going off of the logic of the game. You'd have to give it a whirl to confirm or, as I mentioned somewhere above, to try out Coach Mac's Original 6 roms and see if it works or not. If it doesn't restrict them from appearing in a playoff game(s), then I recommend the alternative idea of having all 8 teams play themselves in round 1 so that round 2 is realistic. Like Magnus said, if you go that route, consider different scenarios for the 8 teams as you have 10 to work with in the game.