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  1. It has now been posted (see OP above). What's new... * Added recent signings and updated several jersey numbers (not all have been confirmed yet). * Updated San Jose's new home and away jersey (as best as I could). The jerseys leaked online and are apparently being sold in stores despite no official announcement (ooooops!). The pants, gloves and helmets have not been confirmed but online leaks show them as teal. So, I updated the pants and helmets too. If it proves to be wrong, it will be fixed in the next version of this ROM. The same goes for the Vegas home jerseys (rumored to be gold). * Added a 2nd set of playoff trees so now each team has two possible playoff experiences. * All remaining RFAs (I believe that there are 8 as of 9/10/22) are in the game. None of the players who signed PTOs are included at this time. I realize several prospects are not included and may cause a "what about so and so..." reaction. I added several that are rumored to have a good shot. I didn't include some, that could make it to opening night, as it is too early to tell. Of course, if they do, the Opening Night version of this ROM will include them. That said, the next version of this ROM should be the Opening Night version unless anyone catches any significant errors requiring re-posting. Enjoy! ~Sauce
  2. The Sabbath fan in me is gitty now! If only we had a devil's horn hand "like" button... Nice work!!!
  3. "Preseason" version will be posted within a week or so. I'm just waiting on a couple of things.
  4. @hokkeefan The wait is over...
  5. What I'll likely do in the "Preseason" (next) version of this ROM, is add two more brackets of a playoffs from another season (those who made it and those who didn't). Most likely the season when TB played Dallas (as the year TB played Montreal was a screwy scenario/bracket setup). That way, there will be 4 bracket trees and each team will have two possible playoff journeys. But, nothing beyond that...
  6. You can change the playoff trees in NOSE which is an editing software that you can download from this site (just search "NOSE" and you'll see the thread for it). I went with two scenarios in this particular ROM file. The teams that made the playoffs last season are one bracket and the teams that didn't are another. I'm not going to bother with creating alternate scenarios of the 32 possible brackets. But, feel free to download NOSE and edit the structures for yourself.
  7. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it. Thank you for saying so!
  8. Hello! I decided to re-post my "Way Too Early" edition of this ROM. I wasn't happy with the gold and grey used for Vegas (updated both home and away) and made the change. But, to make it worth while, of course, I had to have some other notable changes/updates. Soooooooo... *(While not been made official yet)Carolina's black alternate jersey is now in the game as it leaked as the new primary home uniform. For any purists, I had to leave some white in the uniform to accommodate the center ice logo colors. Did the same thing for the Senators (the gold) once upon a time. For other uni updates, please see the OP. *Nazem Kadri is on Calgary. Added some rookies and some vets (recently signed). *Carey Price and Robin Lehner have been removed as both are on LTIR and rumored to miss this season. *Updated several jersey numbers. Some are not confirmed yet so TBD. *Cleaned up/changed some headshots for NLC. Sometime in September, I will post a "Preseason" version as the rosters continue to update. That will be followed by the Start of the Season ROM. If you notice any big mistakes, please let me know. ~Sauce
  9. Nice job! FYI... https://vegashockeynow.com/2022/07/09/vegas-golden-knights-gold-jersey-home-2022-2023/ Recent draft confirmed, as such, as well. Up to you if you prefer to wait until it is officially confirmed.
  10. Really? WTF? Why would you post that on my thread??? It's no disrespect to him but, think about it! smh
  11. You're welcome... hope you have fun with it!
  12. Thanks Naples! I always appreciated your original concepts/work as you raised the bar each time. Hope you come back to it one day!
  13. Hi All, A buddy of mine caught a mistake, in this ROM, which led to me catching a few more. They have been corrected and I have re-posted the file. Sorry about that! A couple of player new/changed jersey numbers were announced yesterday, after I posted the ROM, so I was able to make those updates too. I'll likely do a "Pre-Season" version in September (as I have done before) which will include more roster updates. ~Sauce
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