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  1. NCAA baseball game would be cool!
  2. still love this game, still needs more teams from movie and freeze bug fixed. but still fun...
  3. do you know of a good ncaa mod with team logos
  4. wish u were able to change the logos
  5. how you edit this game to to make different teams names and logos
  6. whats the best NCAA Rom Hack someone as or know
  7. how you change banners above and add pictures (Like change start menu ,etc)
  8. is parsec easy to set up and host and get playing, like what do i have to do to play with buddy, does he have to download the program and sega emulator, etc ?
  9. i love it too, wish you change logo, but its all good.. i cannot wait for settle team ..
  10. Bushhockeyfan ,ya I saw this one , but I am looking for someone who could make one similar and add more teams from film (with my help) idk how to mod or hack
  11. Would anyone like to make me a nhl (anyone version, like the 94one) mighty ducks mod, with teams and roster, etc, possibly pay for work, dont make much but i would like a game like that... there was one similar on this site, but idk felt like it could have more teams etc email me at if interested thanks
  12. do you have a more recent updated one , with more teams?