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  1. Just noticed this again... did this league actually run at some point?
  2. @PenguinFan1985 I adjusted just goalie ratings little bit down.
  3. Oboe answered me to this same question on this same thread:
  4. Check those files for example from goodbyeccha's conversion:
  5. I think it is awared to player/goalie who get most EA stars, which are presented after the each game.
  6. R means if player is rookie or not, but NHL Hockey does not use that attribute, so NHLinfo prints it out as *, meaning that there is no yes/no value. D is dressed yes/no, so is player marked to play on next game.
  7. Oh, which ones in your opinion? OVR calculation does not include WGT, AGG and BIA. On these values lower can be better in some cases. Oleg Petrov is also quite high rated.
  8. I think there is no fighting, maybe I will have a lot of penalties thou DB is attached here if someone is interested. NHL Hockey Kiba
  9. I am planning to do this, but bit differently. I will get 16 forwards, 9 defencemen and 3 goalies to my roster from all players and goalies in game, but those will be worst on overall. Then I use line changes, but if my player will have a injury I will randomize how many games that player is out from play. Also, if someone got 5min or 10min penalty, I will do same thing. I have to play each goalie as startup goalie on minimum 12 games. If my goalie got below 90% save percentage, that goalie have to rest next game. Maybe I even stream this in twitch... ;)