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  1. Oboe answered me to this same question on this same thread:
  2. Check those files for example from goodbyeccha's conversion:
  3. R means if player is rookie or not, but NHL Hockey does not use that attribute, so NHLinfo prints it out as *, meaning that there is no yes/no value. D is dressed yes/no, so is player marked to play on next game.
  4. Oh, which ones in your opinion? OVR calculation does not include WGT, AGG and BIA. On these values lower can be better in some cases. Oleg Petrov is also quite high rated.
  5. I do not know why it is like that. Have to figure this out later if something comes to mind...
  6. Is that image indexed? If not, index it and try again.
  7. Apply it still, color on that logo should change.
  8. and there is also your screen capture from dosbox opened in GIMP? seems so, next just do that Colors->Map->Set colormap thing for palette.
  9. No, use the gif file you posted here as a base logo and go through the whole tutorial again.
  10. That file did not work. Anyhow I took that file and did changing the palette, like starting my tutorial from beginning. Then I followed the tutorial and all went fine, it worked. Take that gif you sent here as your base logo and try to do the tutorial again.
  11. You tried this with wnhlinfo? Did you used right file, the one you will have after last exporting from GIMP?
  12. So close, oh well... wnhlinfo was not working on your computer? I was just wondering that you now know how to change that palette in GIMP and you can do the rest with wnhlinfo.