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  1. Hello! Some famous players did not make to free agents? I am looking for fa. Patrick Laine.
  2. @peruukkiI think you are the only one who have tried to add new teams to NHL95PC
  3. We have not found out how to export raw graphics from TIL-files. TIL-files have a team logos which will be layered on top of the rink in the original game. That is how in original game each team have their own rink. MAP-files are holding the information where and how to place those logos, it can be done by placing the logos on different places on ice and/or multiple spots. We have not found out how that works exactly either. What goodbyeccha did on his mod, was that he emptied the MAP-file, so logos would not be placed over the rink image. Then he just painted new rink to RINK.QFS file for each team to separate files. All those images are placed in RINK folder and selected there manually for each team. So, just have to replace that RINK.QFS each time you start a new game.
  4. @PenguinFan1985I did add link to this, in editing & tutorials list. Sorry about delay, I have not came here often for couple of years
  5. Link added to EA Graphics Editor in first post.
  6. Just noticed this again... did this league actually run at some point?
  7. @PenguinFan1985 I adjusted just goalie ratings little bit down.
  8. Oboe answered me to this same question on this same thread: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16399-nhl15pc-nhl95pc-conversion/&do=findComment&comment=162365
  9. Check those files for example from goodbyeccha's conversion: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16399-nhl15pc-nhl95pc-conversion/
  10. I think it is awared to player/goalie who get most EA stars, which are presented after the each game.
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