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  1. What about a team of hockey brands.. past and present? There's gotta be enough of those to get a team made up.. you could rate them on quality or longevity that they were in the hockey gear business maybe? spit balling ideas here.... another would be to take a look at the teams from Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball.. they have some interesting line ups for the player names in that game.
  2. Saw it and now I'm here. Nice work.
  3. I ran into the same problem... You can use goodbyeccha's rinks if you want to switch out the main rink for a certain team's rink but there's not a fix to update each team's rink that we can find so far unfortunately. It's a shame because his rinks look awesome.
  4. What they should do is revamp the NHL Arcade they released on the PS3/Xbox and make it with actual nhl teams instead of the mix and match idea they originally had. That game was fun and it was a lot like NBA Jam but 3 on 3 hockey. It would be cool to have a team of 6-7 players plus a goalie for each team. Anyone else play that?
  5. It's not Jon Casey but actually Casey Jones...... Plot twist.
  6. this doesn't have the Vegas Golden Knights in it but you can beat the Predators... download the .smc file in this link:
  7. all good. Glad to see you back.
  8. We're not worthy! @dangler Thank you.
  9. hey man, at least you have Wendy's... love that stuff. Not a bad item on their menu in my opinion.
  10. It would have been cool if they had gotten some of the 'big names' around here involved for a test and comment type of thing. Get the professionals involved... well I look at a lot of you guys as professionals anways.
  11. Wonder if someone from EA was just surfing around on here undetected and really pushed for this to happen. Would be a shame if they used somebody's work on here and didn't give them proper credit. I haven't looked to see what the new rewind looks like yet, but I do hope they choose to make it available by itself on the new consoles as a small purchase download option if it's good.
  12. I'm a nobody but I'd love to be included.