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  1. thanks @Koppe! Always appreciate your work on these.
  2. thanks for the top notch work as usual @Koppe
  3. I dig it. A fun rom with over the top ratings.. i like the player selection for the teams.. Nice work!
  4. If you can't find it in the manual, I highly doubt that happened. Your mind is playing tricks on you.. must have dreamed it up. I have played this game for most of my life both NHL hockey & NHL95 and have never called a timeout. I believe it's strictly there for show.
  5. @Ottohoffman I don't think any of us have figured out how to do that... think it's just a rumour.
  6. Hey Jenzie! Good to hear it. I encourage anyone to hop in and join in on the fun. Send me those audio clips. LOL
  7. @UOfootballI believe this is the most recent updated one that has more than just names changed. the file download is halfway down the top post.
  8. Hi guys, I just recently started trying to stream on Twitch.. been doing some NHL95PC games on there... no commentary so if you're looking to kill some time or just check out how the game is.. look up Spooger420 (don't ask) on Twitch and give a good man a follow! New name coming soon. Any support is appreciated. (if this post isn't allowed, let me know) Also, if you're on Twitch, let me know and I'll give you a follow.
  9. I hear ya. I bought it and checked it out and had more fun setting up teams/jerseys then I really did playing the actual game.
  10. haha I just saw this game and was coming to post the link! Looks fun!
  11. What about a team of hockey brands.. past and present? There's gotta be enough of those to get a team made up.. you could rate them on quality or longevity that they were in the hockey gear business maybe? spit balling ideas here.... another would be to take a look at the teams from Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball.. they have some interesting line ups for the player names in that game.
  12. Saw it and now I'm here. Nice work.
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