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  1. @smozoma Thanks for that information...makes sense now. I’m using the extractor with @Jkline3’s ECAC Hockey ROM, which must be based on a ROM using the checks for/against hack.
  2. @chaos Something I just noticed when using the extractor last night is that the penalty minutes column isn't actually recording PIMs. It looks like it might be recording Checks Against in that column, but I’m not sure. Have you noticed this before?
  3. @chaos Sounds great! Really appreciate your taking the time not only to implement the RA compatibility but also to improve upon the tool with multiple game exports and potentially totals. If you can figure out a way for Excel to interpret TOI as minutes and seconds (rather than 24-hr time), which will be necessary for totaling, I would think, then you’ll have achieved the holy grail as far as I’m concerned!
  4. Thanks @chaos! Glad you have been able to incorporate compatibility with RetroArch save states. Looking forward to using the finished product!
  5. Thanks, chaos, much appreciated! Do you know whether there’s a way to make the extractor output Excel file automatically recognize number values as numbers? The output file does not interpret many of the number fields as number format, which is causing a little hiccup for the way I intend to use the file. Not something I can’t workaround, but if there’s a way to fix the output file, it would save me a little trouble. Thanks!
  6. Chaos, I’m curious whether you had a chance to look into RetroArch compatibility with the stat extractor. Did you run into an unexpected challenge with it, or have you just not had a chance to pursue it yet? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you very much! I wish there were a version of the stat extractor that worked with Retroarch, as the custom ROM I'm using tends to get a little choppy in GENS when play goes through the neutral zone (whereas Retroarch plays smoothly throughout), but it certainly doesn't make the game unplayable. As you said, it'll take a little spreadsheet work from me to add stats together, but I can handle that. This is great stuff...awesome community!
  8. Hi all, new to the community (and to emulation/ROMs in general) and planning to start a little project using Jkline3’s ECAC college hockey ROM in which I’ll play out the 2019-2020 season. (Many thanks for the awesome college hockey ROMs, Jkline3...I’m in heaven!) I’d like to keep track of stats throughout the season, and I’m wondering if anyone knows an easy way to do that, perhaps using save states and some kind of existing program to do the stat tracking? I’ve never played in any of the NHL ‘94 leagues, but from what I’ve been able to deduce on this website/forum, it seems the leagues keep track of the NHL players’ stats (goalies and skaters), so is the program that does that available for use outside the leagues? Thanks!