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  1. I'll use this forum here along with Discord to get your team selections as well as logo/unis. Current list is as follows: Anaheim Ducks --------- kingraph Boston Bruins --------- Mr. T Buffalo Sabres -------- szpakman Calgary Flames -------- Chaos California Seals ------ Schmidt Dallas Stars ---------- corbettkb Detroit Red Wings ----- kazelegend Edmonton Oilers ------- Scribe Florida Panthers ------ TecmoJon Halifax Mooseheads ---- Sheehy Los Angeles Kings ----- sonoffett87 Minnesota North Stars - LeifErickson Montreal Canadiens ---- Sebe New Jersey Devi
  2. Looking forward to massive drop in productivity during draft again.
  3. Another one here if anyone is interested: Though your price was better! And another to bid on:
  4. This can happen -- it's a known bug. Hitting someone after the whistle or end of period on a breakaway beep can create a penalty shot.
  5. I think each team can have 26 players, so the maximum cards you can have on a 32 team rom is 832.
  6. 1,000 pucks on @Sebe_The_Legendwith Tampa Bay. Zeppelin is @kylewat 200 puck longshot on @niuhuskie224 assuming I get some odds.
  7. BUMPING this post. Thanks to @smozomafor sleuthing this, but the origin of the phrase "EA Special" is confirmed to have been coined by @backhandfloater. And indeed because @IAmFleury'sHipCheck was abusing people with that shot
  8. I don't believe I had I never updated the overall ratings for the 34 team ROM (I should have, just never notice). The right way to do this would be to find an empty location for 34 bytes to load the overall values, and then change the pointer at 0A06BA to the new location. Pretty easy fix if anyone wanted to do this. So right now teams 29-34 are using the 63 63 32 45 4C 46 values, which is actually a different part of the code and should not be changed. To your point, I don't think these overall team ratings are used for any team simulations. I never looked into the seas
  9. From my notes when I hacked 95, I have Offset: 0A06BA offsets to TEAM OVERALL Ratings. Each byte represents the overall rating Check and see if that helps. Again, this is me blowing the dust off my notes, I haven't checked, but this sounds right. lol. EDIT: CONFIRMED, this is the offset to the team ratings. So the value at 0A06BA is 000A 06DC. That's the pointer to the team overall offset. Starting at 000A 06DC, the team overall values are in hex. It starts with 3A 4D, which is 58 and 77 (Anaheim and Boston's rating, continuing for all t
  10. This is damn impressive! All of them are, but getting 100-0 with TB with 10pts for each player is sick.
  11. I rearranged the tiles for the team logos so it's much easier to see and manipulate in TM. Now the 23 logos are each 6x4 in order as you can see in the screenshot. I also remapped the palettes to make it possible to edit in TM easily. So as of now, it's pretty easy to edit the logos. Each team has 7 unique colors they can change (3-9) and the other 8 are shared (2; 10-16), which is the two reds and the black/whites/greys. Color 1 is transparent. (Some snapshots of the 15 colors all working properly from TM to the game, as well as what the puck looks like unedited and
  12. No, each logo has a separate palette that you have to load in order to see it properly. The colors I had loaded for that particular image was for the Black Hearts only.
  13. Yes! I totally know what you're talking about. I'm not sure if it's a glitch because there's an actual sound effect associated with the whiffed shot (unless that sound is associated with another action?) Doesn't happen often though. It'd be interesting to test your theory.
  14. Yeah, I wonder if sometimes they just didn't spoof someone specifically.