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  1. kingraph

    94 Memes

  2. kingraph

    2018 2v2 League Idea.

    Haven't given any thought to structure, but I'm definitely...
  3. kingraph

    Classic Official ROM

    Nope. Each person has their own preferences for a "better" version of the original, but classic remains classic. Coach is right, this would be a can of worms if you started this.
  4. kingraph

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    Glad to hear you're in good health bud, that sounds scary...few grey hairs may show up now!
  5. kingraph

    94 Memes

  6. kingraph

    94 Memes

    This one went for over 190+ shares since yesterday
  7. Couldn't swing it this year... schedules were just too busy unfortunately.
  8. kingraph

    95 the year 2020

    I'll buy you a beer, call it even. '94 side pots! (If allowed by @segathon)
  9. kingraph

    95 the year 2020

    I seriously thought you were joking. The fact that '95 has an actual 2v2 built in makes me slightly jealous as this is my favorite '94 hacked mode. Retroarch is a all-in-one emulator that we have been recently experimenting with and it's been pretty damn good! Shout out to @chaosfor really putting in the work to push this along. We've used in a few league games as well. Since it's newer, it seems more stable that the old GENS emulators and I wonder if it can handle '95 and NBA Jam. Check out all the details here:
  10. kingraph

    95 the year 2020

    I'll create one by 2020 so we can GA in Toronto! Separately, I am wondering if Retroarch can be a viable option for '95 online play, as well as NBA Jam as those games desynch with GENS. TBD.
  11. kingraph

    95 the year 2020

  12. kingraph

    95 the year 2020

    You got 2 years to practice bud
  13. kingraph

    95 the year 2020

    Nice! I'd totally be down for a '95 tourney in Toronto 2020!
  14. kingraph

    94 Memes

    This is for the upcoming Long Island Retro Gaming Expo Tourney