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  1. kingraph

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Official ROM

    Hmm, not sure how that's possible. The only change is speed of the timer that counts down the penalty time. Maybe @chaos can double check the upload?
  2. Here is the official season 02 ROM: Et_Tu_Brute_S02.bin Included hacks: Blitz Style (weight bug fixed w/checking factor) Ratings accurately display hot/cold boosts 45 second penalties (time will show 1 minute, but run 45 seconds of game clock time Home/Away Advantages set to minimal/equal 17 sexy teams Music matched to teams (San Jose has jaws, Hartford has the Brass Bonanza, etc) Graphic hacks Stephane Richer (season 01 Art Ross winner) on the title screen! Et Tu Brute Bubble Title and Game Clock! Coors Light Sponsor! New Team Banner Style! Commissioner @Brutus as the announcer! All 187 player card portaits included! HAPPY '94'ing!
  3. kingraph

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    For penalties (i.e. "in the box"), the other two F have to remain. At least in a no line changes game. If this were line changes, you can set your PK. I will double check tonight and make sure that Wendel comes in on injuries, that's not a problem.
  4. kingraph

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    I will send out a final ROM tonight with updated lines (and picture/music updates). If you don't have your lines set, I will make them a default as best I see.
  5. kingraph

    32-team ROM offsets

    Have you been able to edit ANYTHING in TM? Maybe I'll make a quick TM video to help folks out, but please stop posting "it doesn't work" type of posts everywhere. They are really not helpful. At least provide a screenshot/description. I know you've been asked this repeatedly.
  6. kingraph

    Exis Rom

    Thanks Coach! Credit for the Oilers logo goes to @DaDonch44! I grabbed it from GDL05 ROM per @IceStorm70's request. I will update Brad Park's picture. It's funny, I had to grab about 50 old timers and I had a feeling I was going to mess them up because I have no idea how about 40 of these guys look! If you have the pic handy, just attach it here, if not I'll create a new one.
  7. kingraph

    Exis Rom

    Here is the official preseason ROM to test out. Extra special thanks to @chaos for helping out with the rosters today! Et_Tu_Brute_S02_preseason_01.bin NOTE: Penalties will show as 1 minute, but the timer has been sped up such that the actual time in the box will be 45 seconds of game time. The reason is penalties are limited to whole minutes as of now. I will tinker to see if this hack can be accomplished, but for now the speedier timer for penalties will suffice. Let me know of any updates/changes.
  8. kingraph

    King of 94 Trailer October 2018

    Awesome job on this vid!
  9. kingraph

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Team Selections

    Alrighty, this thread is done. Major ROM work planned for tonight. Hoping for beta/exi/preseason ROM to be out soon.
  10. Hey all, I'll be putting together the ROM for this league, so I'm giving you all a chance to pick whatever team/jerseys you would like (makes it more fun). Here's the current list. I'll leave this open just for 2-3 days as this is the first step in creating a ROM and I'd like to get that done for you guys in time. So just reply on this thread if you would like another team, and/or any jersey/logo preferences. Even better if you reference a previous ROM/season! @Brutus - Chicago Blackhawks @corbettkb - Dallas Stars (recently used) @IceStorm70 - Edmonton Oilers (dripping) @dcicon5148 - Florida Panthers @AtomicRaven - Hamilton Tigers @kylewat - Hartford Whalers @aqualizard - Los Angeles Kings @MikeGartner22 - Minnesota North Stars (2v2 style) @spaceGhost9 - New York Islanders @Lupz27 - New York Rangers (same from recent) @chaos - Ottawa Senators @chefsuperstar88 - Philadelphia Flyers (orangey!) @skip - Quebec Nordiques @angryjay93 - San Jose Sharks (classic) @jackandjose - Tampa Bay Lightning @jer_33 - Toronto Maple Leafs @flatcrusher - Winnipeg Jets
  11. kingraph

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    Thank you sir! And yes, Scotty is @MikeGartner22
  12. kingraph

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    Scotty is @MikeGartner22? Scott Stueve is @LeifErikson? Jeremy is @jer_33? Who is Kevin Brennan and Chris O'Rourke?
  13. kingraph

    94 Memes

  14. Streamed it, here it is with some minor edits due to desynchs to make it cleaner.