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  1. Marc, who was St. Louis finished the regular season with a 2.33 GAA. That's amazing.
  2. What we really need is a connection at EA that has an ear to listen.
  3. The rom they use is 33 team, and the rink graphics are all vanilla, so I think they modified their own ROM. No Winnipeg freeze issue either. I'm trying to get answers for you guys! Let's just say I'm plugged into the Empty Clip Studio guys with my questions, but they are just slammed right now. Should they get the green light from EA to update, online play and other bugs are on the table. It's just in EA's court now.
  4. What's interesting is Freydey is 7-3 vs Carse, yet you have Carse ahead.
  5. Updated, thanks for sleuthing. The leagues that are not on nhl94online require some extra work to find.
  6. You are 1-10 in this data set. The W was the IceStorm final in Classic.
  7. I like this. What I did was I took the series win against other "top" coaches that we are all listing here, for the most part, and put it into a matrix. Read TOP DOWN is W-L. So AJ is 1-2 vs Carse, for example, and 16-13 in this sample set. What stands out to me here is Plabax's win% against those top coaches, followed by Freydey and swos. To me, this is a nice statistic that backs up TomKabs' rankings and is great to see. IceStorm had the most series' played at 42, followed by me at 39 and Carse at 37 due to the many GDL/Blitz/Classic participation.
  8. What are you doing? You say the name and you know what may happen
  9. I put those results up without a lot of analysis. Was a fun research project to fill in some missing pieces from the older leagues since the sites aren't around. The section where Carse has consecutive Blitz, GDL and Classic titles really pops. April 2010 to June of 2013 Carse was a champ, runner up, or losing to Freydey. In hindsight, I may have to give him more credit. His style was more direct, but clearly effective. Not everyone played each league each season, obviously, but it's still fun to review. Swos only played one season of Blitz and won, for example. Maybe I'll
  10. Apparently GDL 02 semifinals took months to schedule.
  11. There was a lot more DRAMA back in GDL 3-4 days. BUMP!
  12. Omg, you're right. I don't even remember that. Or why nobody was in 15. I'm going to put together a more complete timeline.
  13. My point being that you, Frey, AJ, etc stopped by then, who I have as in my top tier