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  1. Use 30 team and apply hacks would be my suggestion
  2. 30 team and original ROM are two different ROMs. the 30 team expanded to 2 MB vs 1MB to make room for all the new graphics. And as such all of the locations of the splash screens, etc are different. And the 32 team rom is also different location. Look at my ROM list, I'm sure the 30 team base is available. (goalie control patch) use wboy's ROM for the offsets. It's easier. You can always expand the original ROM and redo the graphics and offsets yourself. But it's probably easier to just use the 30 team ROM as you have the playbook done.
  3. I NEED TO TRY THIS OMG. Thank you for sharing. From what I read, you are actually using straight audio from a wav. file and using the hex values in the ROM? I am trying this tonight!
  4. For the title screen - my guess is that you didn't change the header information of the picture to the new size. So what is happening is, I think, it's grabbing the color palette tile as your final repeatable tile. Did you move the title screen to a new empty part of the ROM and decompress -- i.e. remove shared tiles? Or is this still in the original location and you just manipulated the title a bit? I am pretty sure I can figure this out for you -- can you post the ROM and the pointer locations/any information you have? I'll take a look.
  5. As we (all collectively) have been doing more live events and streams, I have realized that the stream set up needs to be well thought out ahead of time. It requires some planning along with the tournament. A checklist of things I would consider for a livestream: Dedicated announcer (s) Very difficult as people want to play too! Color commentators (assuming only one dedicated play by play guy) Plan ahead of time in coordination with tournament Planned list of streamed games Working backwards - The finals, set of the semis, set (or two) from the quarters, set of round of 16. Dedicated RR stream games -- so people know ahead of time. This will allow for constant action during the day Multiple layouts for livestream Live game - players, commentators, teams, etc. Whatever the streamer has available Live break - commentators talking, chat screens, replays (if possible), brackets Schedule of events and progress bar (where we are) Passive break - "we'll be back" screen, perhaps countdown timer to return Schedule of events and progress bar (where we are) Tournament status screen - round robin results, bracket Having said all of that, the livestreams have been nothing short of damned impressive. The setups that @Coffeyhad in KO94 and the last few @Edge of '94 Midwest have been professional grade. Can't say enough thanks to everyone working to make them happen.
  6. NHL'95's mighty leader @segathon is ushering in a new era for the game. ONLINE PLAY! We will try to use Retroarch as the emulator of choice (link to thread all about Retroarch). Current Retroarch Version (as of 03.24.20): RetroArch 1.7.9 32-bit (For Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10) RetroArch 1.7.9 for Mac (Mac OS X 10.7+) They can be downloaded here: NHL95 ROM: nhl95.bin Download and put that in your Retroarch ROMs Genesis folder. NHL'95 Discord Server:
  7. The only thing I can add that is interesting here is that the game doesn't have any 5/6 shots in the standard players. It's all 4/6 or 5/5 for the best shots (or 6/3 if you love Hull). I wonder if 5/6 creates some wonky effect? But I agree, on paper Brent should be lighting up the f'in lamp.
  8. That's actually my point. I assume the difficulty in getting past 30 isn't from the individual hot/cold players, but it's when the game goes into haywire mode -- defense AI is all over you like a cheap suit, they get to all loose pucks and are flying all over, successfully checking you, while your team is always skating in the wrong direction, running into each other, missing the net, passing blind, etc. It's those moments, which I have called "momentum", that determine your success. In a world record attempt, you will undoubtedly encounter a period of time where it's just impossible to score and you can FEEL the computer is about to score on you no matter what. It doesn't matter if JR is Hot or Cold during that ain't happenin'! The length of time that "haywire mode" lasts, what causes it, what prevents it, etc. is somewhat of a mystery and will be the biggest factor in your success at the record (next to being able to score slappers/dekes/crease-cuts). The same thing is true in human vs human games. There's a scale, and sometimes it's tilted one way and sometimes the other throughout the game. Sometimes it's for a period or so, sometimes it's tilted one way the entire game! The degree of tilt can be major or minor. I definitely picture a RAM byte going -99 to +99 that represents "momentum" lol.
  9. There are people who swear by this, so I think so. I THINK I can, but personally I feel the overall momentum of the game is a much bigger factor than an individual player's ratings hot/cold, so I don't pay too much attention.
  10. If I understand this correctly, the fact that the bonus is -9 to +8 has some deeper implications. Because you have to divide by 3 and round down, the -9 bonus is the only one that will get you a 3 adjustment. Taking that a step further, there really isn't a range of 18 different bonus attributes, but rather 6 possible adjustments (-3,-2,-1,0,1,2). Here is a chart that shows what the "under-the-hood" ratings bonus would be for each of the bonus values. I then translate it back into our familiar "0-6" rating scale to make it easier to digest. The percentages are the chance you have of getting one of those bonuses assuming each bonus has an equal probability of being selected. You'll note that there is more RED here than green (because of that -9), so you are more likely to have a cold player than hot player on any given game. Also, a super-cold player (-9 bonus) is the equivalent of a hot player (+6 -- +8).
  11. kingraph

    NOSE 1.2b download

    It does, I use it on my windows 10 laptop.
  12. Unfortunately we are postponing our NYC tournament due to the coronavirus outbreak and guidelines:
  13. League Season 02 ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_02.bin Classic ROM with 1 minute penalties Lines altered to make substitutions bring in 3/4 line guys. Players removed from duplicate teams to expansion. Jarsolav Modry added to NJ for Defensemen. Also, homage updated splash to original:
  14. New Jersey Devils LD - RD - LW - C - RW Line 1: Albelin - Stevens - Semak - Richer - Barr Line 2: Niedermayer - Driver - Lemieux - MacLean - Zelepukin Line 3: Daneyko - Fetisov - Nicholls - Stastny - Holik Goalie (1-2): Terreri Goalie (3): Billington