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  1. Yes! @UltraMagnusis running a dynasty league that is in it's 5th season and there is a pretty active '95 community! Check out the '95 discord here: https://discord.gg/KYUs8zd3Qn
  2. And here's the Sega Genesis Font in case anyone else comes across this thread: NHL'94.ttf
  3. I also made an SNES '94 font for those interested:NHL94SNES.ttf
  4. Haha, awesome man! We have a live tournament in Toronto coming up Oct 15th! I expect we'll have another in Minnesota sometime around February and maybe NYC area in the later spring/summer. Aside from live in-person events, we play '94 all year round in leagues. Best to join our Discord server for immediate chat/help. https://discord.gg/5aQwEcH3HG
  5. For '96, '97 and '98, the game should pretty much play identical on the emulator and console as the ROMs are unchanged. Not sure what would possibly be causing the CPU to act differently unless something has changed in the code.
  6. This is pretty cool and useful. It was posted before I had my elementary understanding of assembly language (which I learned from Markey Jester's site!). Makes a lot more sense, I like the way the subroutines are identified into pieces. Yes, there is a TON of work to do, but this organization helps a lot.
  7. This was fun to read 5 years later. I could have definitely done a better job explaining as I found it hard to follow some items...and I'm the one who friggin' wrote it! Perhaps @UltraMagnus, you can continue to post updates and other items related to anything you find in season mode and data. I'll also have to re-check my last local notes. You never know who can see this and get inspired!
  8. Definitely give me a PM when you're ready. Not sure if all my notes are typed up here but I'm pretty sure everything that was needed to hack has been done.
  9. Hey! I had found the palettes, team graphics, team and player data structure. So basically if anyone wanted to make an update the information exists now to make it happen. I haven't touched it since then, but if anyone is interested in making new names, teams graphics and such, I'd be happy to collaborate on a '23 MLH!
  10. Just have to redraw the tiles. If you're not sure which ones, the best thing to do is to overwrite the tiles with a 1,2,3,4 and map it out. I usually do something like this:
  11. Yet again, bumping this amazing post!
  12. I recently did this with intro, menu AND organ music from '93. I had the same issue on looping and/or stopping (in the case of organ music) when a goal was scored. Swapping the pure music is easy, but there MUST be some other reference bytes regarding looping/stopping. What I CAN say is that when copying the organ music from '93 (there are only 5 unique instances) into '94, the data for the songs/sounds is back to back. Meaning, immediately after the first organ song, the header of the 2nd song started. And it wasn't just songs, each sound is stored in a giant block. For example, the goal horn is the first sound, followed immediately by "lower ding", "higher ding", etc. until we start getting to longer data sets for organ songs and it finishes with the opening game music/menu/matchups. The data for the sounds/songs is all a large block of data, if that makes sense. So I thought if I copy one organ sound from '93 to replace another, this would be easy. However, I was surprised that the new organ sounds wouldn't "stop" at a goal, OR that the menu music during intermission wouldn't loop (or stop). Even if it's in the same location! Having said all of that, my current theory is that the information containing the start/stop/loop was stored somewhere else, perhaps tied to a particular data size. I haven't spend more time yet on this, but this triggered my memory and wanted to share as this IS a current hack I would like to spend more time working on. I'll post a separate/more cohesive thread on my findings.
  13. Hope this helps. I did this years ago, and I know it holds plenty for the entire Genesis library.
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