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  1. Given I am 4th pick, I get the last team!
  2. So if there are more than 4 coaches available for a given week, how does the draft work? Random, or if the coach played previously, etc? I'll also make it for Dec 1st.
  3. A lot of people use Gens, but we have recently started using Retroarch, which uses Genesis Plus GX. Having said that, even though you are manipulating RAM addresses there is most likely a way to alter the actual ROM that loads those RAM addresses. I know I've worked with you on that with you on some of your previous RAM finds. For example, let's say you have a RAM address such as FF1234 that has a value of "0001". You go and change the RAM address to "0002" and recognize the change in the game. Now, in the ROM, there must be some instruction or set of instructions that say something like "load value 0001 to RAM address FF1234". If we find that part of the game code, you can change the ROM to say 0002 instead of 0001. That way the game will work with your hack on any emulator or hardware.
  4. Welcome bud. Really awesome to hear how you have jumped in and been a positive presence in the '94 community!
  5. Check out @CoachMac's historical ROMs, he is our resident historian and ROM creator! As far as making your own ROMs, the NOSE tool allows you to make roster edits very quickly and easily. Graphic hacks take a little more time and effort with Tile Molester, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad. Ultimately any ROM will take many hours to complete, without considering the amount of time it would take to rate players. Check out the hacking and editing section of the forums to get a better sense of what is involved, there is plenty of information and a bunch of modders who will be happy to answer questions/help (including me)!
  6. This is very cool, I will try this!
  7. Aqua takes CHI Atomic takes DET Schmidt takes BUF Leif takes BOS @wallywojois up!
  8. Team draft selection has begun! We will have a 10 team "A" league and 12 team "B" league. I weighted the draft in B to give new players a better chance at a high draft pick in B. I did the same with "A" , but just slightly. When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team (or hit me up on Discord). You can choose any team that has not already been selected in your league. I honestly don't think there will be a need for deadlines (haven't ever used them before), but if we go 24 hours without your pick, your turn will be skipped and you will be given best available team at the end of the draft based on the default list. You can also post your draft list in this thread, or PM me your list if you don't want to post your team selections. ON THE CLOCK: A: DONE! 01 - aqualizard - CHI 02 - AtomicRaven - DET 03 - Schmidt - BUF 04 - LeifErikson - BOS 05 - wallywojo - WPG 06 - MikeGartner22 - MTL 07 - dcicon5148 - VAN 08 - zeppelin55 - LAK 09 - corbettkb - DAL 10 - angryjay93 - HFD B: DONE! 01 - seventieslord - DET 02 - Ozmataz_Buckshank - QUE 03 - MR.T - CHI 04 - Chris O - MTL 05 - Boehm23 - VAN 06 - AdamWoodrow - CGY 07 - Dantml7 - BUF 08 - sonoffett87 - BOS 09 - Chefstar88 - WPG 10 - jmj - STL 11 - jer_33 - TOR 12 - Quetzalcoatlus - DAL DEFAULT DRAFT LIST (links are to "Building Lines with AJ" Thread)
  9. I AM GOOD FOR WHATEVER. Live 2on2 is the apex of NHL'94 for me. I assume this would be for exhibition, and not a paid separate entry? If it's paid, I think you have to allow people to choose their teammates ( @Freydey, I'll pay your fee bud). If it's exhibition, then I would suggest "A" guys, or known 2v2 players to be split up. It's such a different game than traditional '94 and, quite frankly, 2 veteran players will absolutely dominate and not make it fun for anyone else.
  10. kingraph

    NOSE 1.2b download

    (when you have time )
  11. kingraph

    NOSE 1.2b download

    I think smoz's hack only works for the 30 team ROM, and doesn't quite function with the recent 32 team ROM for some reason with NOSE.
  12. Thanks @Edge of '94 Midwest and @LeifErikson, this looks GREAT and I'm excited about Minnesota! I would love to come and defend my Genesis title, so I will start working out a plan soon!