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  1. That would be AMAZING and would love if you can share how you do this for the hacking community. I don't think this is an easy task.
  2. I say yes. This isn't greatest players ROM, it's a greatest teams. So to the extent an awesome player was on two different, but all-time team, I'd have them on there.
  3. If any of the modders can make the logo and take a screenshot of the start menu with Seattle, it would make great social media fodder.
  4. This is great. I know there is some information out there on the internet, and even programs, that explain how the Sega Genesis music works and how you can create custom songs. I looked into this a while back as well, so I can dig up stuff if you haven't.
  5. @seventieslordis the foremost expert on legendary players and NHL history. Might be worth you two connecting on this as I think he was also considering a similar type of project for Genesis.
  6. Dear @Bob Kudelski, Thank you for your inquiry. Our stats department has working over the last 10 months to process your request and I am happy to report that they have finally updated the data for the last few Classic seasons. In the OP you will find the IIHF rankings based on the finish of Fall'19 Classic. Please note that your current ranking is #3, which you should feel good about. Please expect an invoice for services rendered in the next 9-12 months as our billing department is also restructuring. Sincerely, MANAGEMENT
  7. You also don't want a 26 team league -- those bottom tier teams really get tough to use. One time we mixed everyone together, gave the C guys top picks, B next and the A's had the bottom teams. That's also interesting if the numbers work out, but we had a lot of people this bonus summer season!
  8. For reference:
  9. Also, thank you @jesusplaysnhl94for resurrecting this thread 5 and a half years later!
  10. The intent was to make everyone a "4", or 85, like gens 2v2. I didn't think this would be considered boosted? Basically a bunch of Brian Bellows or Steve Larmers with lighter weight. I don't think anyone has hacked SNES to turn off the hot/cold?
  11. Literally made this ROM in this thread, lol. Please check original post and let's see if it works in RA