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  1. This ROM was ultimately used to release the Tucson Roadrunners 2024-25 schedule Thanks again for all the help to make this happen!
  2. CDL 09 Official ROM:CDL_season_09.bin 26 Drafted Teams of 12 players! Hot/Cold Reduced to "Warm/Cool". Boosts are limited to +1, 0, -1 vs original ROM -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 1 minute penalties 12 second Penalty Shot Time (reduced from 25) Body Checks after whistle don't count in stats +/- stat added for boxscores Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie Slightly Increased Goalie Roaming Range Boosted Goaltenders - All goalies get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings, except Roy & Belfour 312 Updated Player Cards All 12 player cards cycle on start menu 26 Unique Teams Drafted by these rather dapper gentlemen: Eddie Belfour graces the cover in his Sharks uniform! Commissioner @chaos returns to the announcing action Updated menu screen featuring some familiar backgrounds from NHL '96 Pringles has sponsored CDL 09! ESPN remains the 3 stars of the game sponsor:
  3. I connected with @chaos on Discord and he helped confirm that the game logic described above is correct. So the implications that you guys are describing with regards to how often a matchup is selected, based on where the teams are located in the table, will also be correct.
  4. Instructions from 00011086 to 000110B8, comes up with a value in data register D0.
  5. This intrigued me, so I did a little research into how this works as I didn't see anything on the forums. From what I can tell, there definitely seems to be a random element. The code loads up the playoff draw table Then (apparently) a random number, always a multiple of 16, is added This essentially selects a random playoff draw from the 32 playoff draws from the table by creating that new offset. The game first checks if the Team 1 is less than 25 (which is 26 teams given we start at 0). This was the limit for "no all-star teams", which since has been hacked away to allow for all 30/32 teams to be selected. Game checks if Team 1 is listed in the playoff draw row, going incrementally from 1-16 If Team 1 isn't in that playoff draw (i.e. after 16 instances), it loads up the next playoff draw row and starts again Once Team 1 is found, if finds the opposing team and loads Team 2. I started the original '94 game from the beginning and traced 3-4 times from the start with Montreal and had different outcomes each time. Meaning, the entire sequence was the same, but the "random" assignment changed. I also selected the next team, NJ, and the random number changed again. So I can't confirm if the number is truly random, but the code where that number is generated is a lot of multiplication and the infamous $D066 RAM value is called, which from what I remember @chaosnoted is used in the RNG calcs. So I feel pretty confident that it's meant to be RNG, and I'm not going to decipher more of this .
  6. Current working ROM is here: AHL_24_beta_05.bin So incredibly grateful for the pixel Picasso @von Ozbourne and @smozoma's help. This could be a good base for anyone looking to complete an AHL ROM.
  7. Posting here for posterity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF449QxbBqQ
  8. I took some time to create a cover page that pays homage to the original. I will redo the AHL shield as I realized that an older logo that I just stuck in there. But anyway, more progress on this ROM. I'll post the template once all the team logos are incorporated.
  9. Ooooh, that looks amazing. I'd go with that one!
  10. Just to be clear -- though not posted, Hershey, Rockford and Milwaukee were previously done by me for other leagues: I'm keeping the OP updated as to what teams are left so we are not accidentally duplicating efforts
  11. Here's an alternative Admirals logo I found and used because the text was too much. I think it looks great And the ice logo (not asking for those here) was the name:
  12. I CAN'T BELIVE I MISSED THESE POSTS! I feel so dumb With regards to the text in logos, I agree, I have removed the text myself if I couldn't find a logo without text. Sometimes it's not so bad, like the Ice Hogs I say go for whatever you feel looks good!
  13. These are looking great even when I knocked off a color:
  14. I messed up - the first color is transparent, so also unusable. So it's really 9 colors plus black/white. My bad!
  15. This has been wonderful! Thank you @smozomaand @von Ozbourne! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and efforts so far! This project WILL be completed...I should have some time after this weekend to get out a ROM:
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