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  1. Maybe we'll have a meet up one night for some exhibition games! Keep an eye out. Will e-mail and post here if so!
  2. kingraph

    anybody play rocket league?

    Yes! I know I'm 3 years late, but this game is amazing.
  3. kingraph

    Forum Reorganization - 2019

    I have the basic framework now done and am now in the process of organizing older posts. I encourage all mods to help when they can as the vast majority of posts were previously made in "Global Announcements" and "Locker Room" because it wasn't clear where else to post. A lot of these will now belong in new areas: * NHL'94 Community -- Anything relating to the actual people in this community. Personal achievements, stats, stories, etc. * New League Ideas - self explanatory * NHL'94 Game & Strategy Discussion - Anything relating to gameplay, videos, questions examples. * Team & Player Attributes - Anything relating to the actual players in the game and attributes. * Playing online and getting started sections Anyway, if something looks funny, just post here.
  4. Hey all, HEADS UP that I will be reorganizing the forums over the next few weeks. Something that is long overdue. Here is the high level outline I will use as a guide, but will be flexible as I go along. I won't list every subforum, but there will be a little more depth in some: * Welcome & Getting Started * About NHL'94 - Gameplay Discussion - NHL'94 Media / Press - Strategy Discussion - Team & Player Attributes - General Information * Playing on Emulator & Online - How To Play Online - Online Leagues * Live Tournaments * Editing & Hacking - Genesis / Mega Drive - Super Nintendo - ROMs * Other NHL Titles * NHL Discussion
  5. I am crying happy tears as @Lupz27 and @IceStorm70 are fully registered to play! This means in addition to some very high level '94 play, there will be lots of 2v2 after the tournament! Also, recent Classic participants @aepurniet and @kuefner have also registered! Looking forward to meeting you fine gentlemen (unless we've met before, in which I am dumb). As of this post we have reached our cap of 32, though we are holding a few spots for some special guests. People can still register for the waitlist or to just keep up on the tournament details via e-mail. Anyone can attend to be part of the crowd. Very excited about this event and we (all the organizers) are working hard to make sure it's gonna be great. Stay tuned!
  6. Awesome, hope you can make it! We'll try to get a station set up with an Mega Everdrive to show off your ROMs if we can! If you do end up making the trip and going to Del Friscos, I would kindly suggest that you try the Pineapple Infused Vodka Martini. It's one of the more memorable drinks I've ever had in my life. I tried to replicate it, but didn't quite get it right (wasted a bottle of vodka too, ) .
  7. He went to the LI tournament and is going to this one, so I'd give this a good shot!
  8. kingraph

    NHL Custom Draft Site

    Here, I made a copy of the last sheet we used: I think you should be able to view and save a copy for yourself to edit. Take some time to review the sheet and you can PM me directly if you have questions as I designed most of that thing.
  9. Don La Greca has showed interest in attending this morning. In addition to being a local NY radio and TV host for NY teams (check out his wiki in the link), he is the ESPN office NHL'94 champion! We are holding his spot for #32. Those who registered, but haven't paid will be notified soon, but we are close to being capped and starting a waitlist. And here is the full promo poster with Colton Orr (used with his permission!)
  10. kingraph

    NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    It's no bother, hope you get it working. Happy to help
  11. kingraph

    NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    First, in order for this to work in NOSE, you have to add the following text (and save) to the roms.ini file: [GM T-50856 -34] Comments=NHL 95 - 30 Team ROM OriginalROMProductCode=GM T-50856 -00 Teams=34
  12. kingraph

    Adding Teams

    Again, to Smoz's point, it depends on what you are looking to do. Changing teams within the 30 or 32 team ROM can be done with the links previously provided. If you want to know what is involved in adding additional teams to an existing ROM, I would read through my project where I took '95 from 28 to 34 teams here: I will list offsets for hacking the 32 team ROM in the near future, but not a step by step on how it was done. That information is in the '95 project, happy to answer any questions that come up from that.
  13. kingraph

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    Here is my analysis of KO94 1, tiers matter in so much that people don't stray too far. All of this is based on "average" players. Clearly forum/experienced players in Genesis will do just fine:
  14. Big time player @kylewat, aka Zeppelin55, has officially registered. Don't be surprised to see him near the finals, he has the chops to beat anyone.