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  1. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Yes I'm still alive

    Hokkee, really sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you being back here can make things at least a little better while you work through everything. I was asking about you over the weekend in Vancouver... you're always a name that's in everyone's mind when it comes to 94.
  2. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    OR... Smoz's basement of course. My apologies for overlooking the obvious. :-)
  3. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Agreed. There have been 2 out west, we need to head east. I feel like there's a pretty good 94 presence out there. There's VC, Bo and the Pitt contingent + all the guys in/around NYC... and if the Fins can make it, that would be awesome
  4. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    Smoz, I think there must be something wrong, Plabax didn't make the list.... ohhhhh that's right. 1st rule of top rankings, you have to make it to take it. @Plabax hopefully you can make an appearance to one of these buddy! .......... @HABS don't think I forgot about you, you're not off the hook... get your ass to Vancouver!
  5. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    [October 28, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    HAHAHA nice Coach... and that is probably way more accurate.
  6. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    [October 28, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    Raph, I really hope that behind those crossouts are not things like "brainstorm Chipotle order" "Bathroom trip for #1" "Bathroom trip for #2 (REMINDER: make sure to flush this time; don't want call from HR... again)" "leave troll message on forums as Plabax" --> b/c we all know Plabax does not exist IRL and is simply an entity that was created by Raph so he could let the evil out once in awhile (b/c no one can really that nice all the time!) OK, on second thought, I do hope that's what's behind the red there. lol
  7. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    [October 28, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    My girlfriend, Jill. haha In fact, that was news to me this morning that @kingraph wouldn't be there! What is this world coming to??? I have to echo Coach here, there's still time!
  8. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    [October 28, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    Very gracious of you Coach to put me in at a 25-1 shot. Smoz has beat me at every Ko94 event and even at Fleury of Goals in GB... I would swap him and myself. Could even make a case that him and Tex should almost even odds. Not sure who else from GENS will be there but lets just remember Coach gave Raph a run for his money in GB... I want some Coach odds! Vegas needs to know!
  9. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    [October 28, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    I was playing against AJ and Brutus about a month ago in Chicago and we were talking about how we were hoping you would be there. Anything we can do to persuade you to make the trip? I'm telling you from my experience, hanging out with the guys you've played with online for years is priceless. After the first Ko94 in Toronto, I couldn't imagine myself missing another one. The double bonus is @halifax runs a mean tourney! I know work is tough right now but I can remember the 2015 Toronto tourney vividly to this day and everyone I finally got to meet in person... since then, I've worked a lot of 80 hour weeks and you know, I don't remember any of those. Whatever happens, I think you're one that everyone would love to see at one of these events!
  10. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Good news... confirmed I will definitely have the adjoining rooms and they have HDMI & Composite inputs on their tvs so I think we'll be all set. I might just bring the Framemeister so we can get a good image and minimal lag on one of the HDMI tvs. If we had 1 more CRT or monitor, we could have 4 going at all times... that would be pretty cool. @smozoma@angryjay93@CoachMac@corbettkb
  11. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Great idea, Coach! Let's get those CRTs going for sure. I'll call LaQ now... now that I have booked, I need to call back anyway to make sure my note about the adjoining rooms is crystal since they said that was no problem.
  12. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Just for gaming... this one's on EA. Although, I may request to switch with someone else who has a king. That way, Jill can get away when she wants to crash out and we can have 2 rooms going next to each other. Hopefully that makes sense.
  13. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    OK, I just booked 2 rooms at that LaQuinta that have a connecting door. We have a dedicated gaming space... spread the word please!
  14. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    damn, just saw this sweet house we could have rented for 12 ppl < 1 mile from venue but that's ok. I'll book at TheQuinta now... I'll check into the adjoining room.
  15. IAmFleury'sHipCheck

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    I was just checking in to see where everyone was staying but it doesn't look like there's been much input here. Is this being discussed somewhere else. I would like to book my trip early next week. I like the big house idea... give us more flexibility for exis instead of cramming inside someone's room at TheQuinta. Probably would cost around the same once we have enough people as well. Man stink builds up fast in those small hotel rooms. More importantly, more room = more consoles = more exis = more fun = happy Smoz (let's be honest, I think we can all agree that's the end game here)