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  1. Hey Jesus! Thanks for posting this, I was wondering about these pads. May have to pick up a couple myself.
  2. Love this story. One of the great things about this game is that it holds a special place in all our lives... and to love something for that long always comes with a great origin story. It may have been years since you last fired up 94 but you wanted to see if there is anyone out there like yourself for the love of this game... which eventually led you, like so many of us, to this site. I can tell you from my experience that you have found a community for camaraderie, competition and more information you can shake a stick at. Welcome!
  3. Things in and out of work have been extremely hectic these last couple weeks so I apologize that it's taken me so long to chime in with some input. Going into this tourney, I thought to myself "well, @angryjay93 will be there. Buuuuut no @kingraph, no @smozoma, no @corbettkb, no wild card @CoachMac (who beat Raph game 1 of a 3 game series in the tourney last year)... hmm... I may be able to make a run for a 2nd place finish... maybe?" I couldn't have been more mistaken. I find out while I'm driving to GB that while most of those guys won't be there, Raph will be making it in. Oh boy. Annnnd Darik (don't know Mr Aho's forum name) and @LeifErikson will be there. So that rounded out the threats that I knew about., that didn't even include Mr @MikeGartner22 who I had never met or played until that weekend. I completely forgot about The Shield who is solid through and through. He actually ended up knocking me out of the tourney as well. Regardless, for me, the live tourneys have always been a place for fun first and foremost and I was excited that there was some great competition. My only regret is not getting to play more games. Those weekends go by way too fast. While I had such an incredible time and always look forward to the next tourney, this wouldn't have been possible without troy @Edge of 94' WI. He took everything that was good (and even things he sought feedback on) from last year's tournament and made everything better across the board this year. His passion to run a seamless and fun tournament is clearly evident in the final product. Both the Gens and SNES formats ran seamlessly. Big thanks to our ref who stuck it out the entire day collecting submissions to enter scores! Other things that I felt just made the tourney this year to name a few: 1. Plenty of CRTs for games (There were no lcds -- I understand this isn't typical given venue restrictions and accessibility but it really made a difference) 2. Lighting was darker (no overhead fleurorescent bulbs) 3. Plenty of space 4. Food and drink offered (last year was a soft opening at the VR arcade so this was a welcome surprise this year) 4. Plenty of printouts to record results 5. Small details like the pens and coins on top of every tv already there at the start of the day 6. Huge fan of the national anthem singing (I know @Edge of 94' WI said his voice was a little strained but he boomed out both anthems in fashion) It was great to see the Dmen's tap crew there this year again. @DPS @mort1237 Phil @Green Majik Those guys are ramping up quickly in NHL and can't wait to see how they progress in more tourneys. I will be at Dmen Tap again to play them soon. For a second year in a row @Votaw drove solo all the way there from St. Louis. He is always up for games and he never has a mean thing to say about anything or anyone... a complete pleasure to hang out with the whole weekend. Really missed seeing @smozoma @CoachMac @corbettkb this year. I definitely look forward to seeing you guys at these tourneys. @kevincabarello I'm incredibly sorry for your loss and you were one of the first guys I asked about when I got to GB. I was devastated to hear the news. Be strong and I hope to see you in Chicago or New York this year. Congrats to @kingraph & @angryjay93. These guys are the champions for good reason. Not only do they consistently play at another level but they are class acts all the way. Special thanks to these 2 for calling my SNES series vs Troy! I couldn't believe what AJ had to go through to get to the tourney on Sat. After the bad buffet offerings that almost killed him last year and traveling around the entire US just to get to GB this year, I'm really hoping for some smooth sailing for him next year. After my drive with AJ to get him to Ohare, I was actually just happy to get him back to the airport alive. Especially due to the snowstorm, we encountered where we saw over a dozen cars, trucks, semis in ditches with people still in the vehicles on the ride back home... and we were in a little 2 dr coupe. I kept thinking "I'm pretty nervous... buuuut I can't be as nervous as the guy sitting next to me from Cali!" haha I just want to wrap this up by saying Troy has quickly become a great asset to the NHL94 community. He's a great play by play announcer, host, singer and planner... the guy does it all. I hope that he can continue to host this tournament in GB every year. Thanks again @Edge of 94' WI for all your tireless efforts!
  4. Hokkee, really sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you being back here can make things at least a little better while you work through everything. I was asking about you over the weekend in Vancouver... you're always a name that's in everyone's mind when it comes to 94.
  5. OR... Smoz's basement of course. My apologies for overlooking the obvious. :-)
  6. Agreed. There have been 2 out west, we need to head east. I feel like there's a pretty good 94 presence out there. There's VC, Bo and the Pitt contingent + all the guys in/around NYC... and if the Fins can make it, that would be awesome
  7. Smoz, I think there must be something wrong, Plabax didn't make the list.... ohhhhh that's right. 1st rule of top rankings, you have to make it to take it. @Plabax hopefully you can make an appearance to one of these buddy! .......... @HABS don't think I forgot about you, you're not off the hook... get your ass to Vancouver!
  8. HAHAHA nice Coach... and that is probably way more accurate.
  9. Raph, I really hope that behind those crossouts are not things like "brainstorm Chipotle order" "Bathroom trip for #1" "Bathroom trip for #2 (REMINDER: make sure to flush this time; don't want call from HR... again)" "leave troll message on forums as Plabax" --> b/c we all know Plabax does not exist IRL and is simply an entity that was created by Raph so he could let the evil out once in awhile (b/c no one can really that nice all the time!) OK, on second thought, I do hope that's what's behind the red there. lol
  10. My girlfriend, Jill. haha In fact, that was news to me this morning that @kingraph wouldn't be there! What is this world coming to??? I have to echo Coach here, there's still time!
  11. Very gracious of you Coach to put me in at a 25-1 shot. Smoz has beat me at every Ko94 event and even at Fleury of Goals in GB... I would swap him and myself. Could even make a case that him and Tex should almost even odds. Not sure who else from GENS will be there but lets just remember Coach gave Raph a run for his money in GB... I want some Coach odds! Vegas needs to know!
  12. I was playing against AJ and Brutus about a month ago in Chicago and we were talking about how we were hoping you would be there. Anything we can do to persuade you to make the trip? I'm telling you from my experience, hanging out with the guys you've played with online for years is priceless. After the first Ko94 in Toronto, I couldn't imagine myself missing another one. The double bonus is @halifax runs a mean tourney! I know work is tough right now but I can remember the 2015 Toronto tourney vividly to this day and everyone I finally got to meet in person... since then, I've worked a lot of 80 hour weeks and you know, I don't remember any of those. Whatever happens, I think you're one that everyone would love to see at one of these events!
  13. Good news... confirmed I will definitely have the adjoining rooms and they have HDMI & Composite inputs on their tvs so I think we'll be all set. I might just bring the Framemeister so we can get a good image and minimal lag on one of the HDMI tvs. If we had 1 more CRT or monitor, we could have 4 going at all times... that would be pretty cool. @smozoma@angryjay93@CoachMac@corbettkb
  14. Great idea, Coach! Let's get those CRTs going for sure. I'll call LaQ now... now that I have booked, I need to call back anyway to make sure my note about the adjoining rooms is crystal since they said that was no problem.
  15. Just for gaming... this one's on EA. Although, I may request to switch with someone else who has a king. That way, Jill can get away when she wants to crash out and we can have 2 rooms going next to each other. Hopefully that makes sense.