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  1. She dragged her friend over like she was dragging a wounded soldier from a firefight within the jungles of Vietnam. The "wounded" friend was a lot taller as well so I mean, in a weird way, you have to admire what an incredible effort it was to simply go up to insult a group of random people. lol
  2. My apologies for the delay in posting my thoughts and feedback on this amazing tourney weekend. I originally had drafted another review but the page was refreshed and I lost it. (Yes, sad emoji face indeed) So first of all, it’s no surprise that Troy deserves a huge round of applause for organizing such an amazing event. I believe this was my 3rd Edge of ’94 tourney and Troy has continued to step it up year after year. I really thought that last year was going to be tough to beat but with @Edge of '94 MidwestTroy’s unrelenting efforts combined with the coordinated partnership hometown
  3. Is there a reason Halifax is not in consideration? if that’s not the case, not that any of them aren’t worthy of the prestigious title but I would have to say the man behind the scenes on our kof94 days... the one... the only... The Smoz
  4. PROS The Jeremy Roenick personalized message before the start of the tourney Could someone please share that story of how that came to be???????? @halifax Venue So many CRTs (that were all a worthy size, nothing too small) – loved it and I know that’s hard to come by (thank you Smash community) Lighting was ideal for play Streaming booth was a great setup – location was nice but that equipment was a huge thanks to Sroka @Coffey to making that happen EWaves Staff was super friendly – Laura couldn’t have been nicer and has an
  5. And if you know Coach, he literally will go crawl back in a cave... most likely that he dug out with a pick axe on the side of a mountain. haha Coach, not sure what to say about your response here. You were spoke about in the highest regard this weekend as your presence was definitely missed but that post is not a good look. Are you reading too much Nietzsche up in those mountains with all this " *fill in the blank* is dead" talk??? What''s going on here? Surprised to hear you say Kof94 III was horrible. You didn't have a good time when we went out to eat, you and Jill talked te
  6. Let's use a fresh thread to post thanks, feedback, suggestions, etc specific to Kof94IV. I'm at work now but I'll be back later to post my detailed recap.
  7. Hey Jesus! Thanks for posting this, I was wondering about these pads. May have to pick up a couple myself.
  8. Love this story. One of the great things about this game is that it holds a special place in all our lives... and to love something for that long always comes with a great origin story. It may have been years since you last fired up 94 but you wanted to see if there is anyone out there like yourself for the love of this game... which eventually led you, like so many of us, to this site. I can tell you from my experience that you have found a community for camaraderie, competition and more information you can shake a stick at. Welcome!
  9. Things in and out of work have been extremely hectic these last couple weeks so I apologize that it's taken me so long to chime in with some input. Going into this tourney, I thought to myself "well, @angryjay93 will be there. Buuuuut no @kingraph, no @smozoma, no @corbettkb, no wild card @CoachMac (who beat Raph game 1 of a 3 game series in the tourney last year)... hmm... I may be able to make a run for a 2nd place finish... maybe?" I couldn't have been more mistaken. I find out while I'm driving to GB that while most of those guys won't be there, Raph will be making it in. Oh boy.
  10. Hokkee, really sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you being back here can make things at least a little better while you work through everything. I was asking about you over the weekend in Vancouver... you're always a name that's in everyone's mind when it comes to 94.
  11. OR... Smoz's basement of course. My apologies for overlooking the obvious. :-)
  12. Agreed. There have been 2 out west, we need to head east. I feel like there's a pretty good 94 presence out there. There's VC, Bo and the Pitt contingent + all the guys in/around NYC... and if the Fins can make it, that would be awesome
  13. Smoz, I think there must be something wrong, Plabax didn't make the list.... ohhhhh that's right. 1st rule of top rankings, you have to make it to take it. @Plabax hopefully you can make an appearance to one of these buddy! .......... @HABS don't think I forgot about you, you're not off the hook... get your ass to Vancouver!