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  1. Is there a reason Halifax is not in consideration? if that’s not the case, not that any of them aren’t worthy of the prestigious title but I would have to say the man behind the scenes on our kof94 days... the one... the only... The Smoz
  2. PROS The Jeremy Roenick personalized message before the start of the tourney Could someone please share that story of how that came to be???????? @halifax Venue So many CRTs (that were all a worthy size, nothing too small) – loved it and I know that’s hard to come by (thank you Smash community) Lighting was ideal for play Streaming booth was a great setup – location was nice but that equipment was a huge thanks to Sroka @Coffey to making that happen EWaves Staff was super friendly – Laura couldn’t have been nicer and has an incredible passion for everything gaming. (Side story -- she left the Gens tourney a little early and even went home and watched the stream there. How cool is that?) I loved the big screen to watch the stream with all the sectionals in front to comfortably watch the games The video game chairs were extremely comfortable to play in (it was a nice touch for the entire experience) 2-day format First time going to the 2 day format and I have to say, I liked it a lot. At any other Kof94 with both consoles going at the same time, I never got to spend any amount of time with the snes guys outside of watching the championship series. This was a welcome change of pace. I didn't compete in snes but it was a lot of fun to get to know everyone. Commentary & Play-by-Play Thank you so much to @kingraph@Coffey @halifax @angryjay93 for putting on some amazing calls during those games. I wish more of the streamed games were broadcast louder to the crowd during the event b/c it was so entertaining. Also, I don’t know if @Halifax has been practicing his commentating skills but it was impressive to say the least. That gritty voice coming out when the intensity picked up … “Peter Sidorkiewicz is a house hold naaaaaammmmmmme!!!”. LMAO Seamless Tourney Organization With the way @halifax decided to run the tourney really worked for me. Then @smozoma& @CanadianDennis executed the plan perfectly. I will be interested to hear the Smoz feedback b/c I can never tell if that guy is stressed out b/c he is so cool all the time. I was happy to get away from the tier system and go to matchup calls Best of 3 for each match in the losers bracket Best of 7 championship series (including the player coming out of the loser’s bracket was down 1-0 for the best of 7 series) Preset round robin matchups saved so much time Also, each person had 3 away games where you could not replicate a team in any matchup you called was a great idea Homewood Suites Hilton suite – hotel was great and great space for exis The addition of Duke of 94 I would be curious to hear more feedback but it really seemed like a positive addition. Great idea to whoever came up with that! CONS NOTE – Honestly, this con list is more tweaks to consider than anything. I actually found myself backing over most of the points listed below b/c I’m fine either way. I don’t want to mention anything that could be taken as negative without providing a potential solution. At the very least, I’m hoping my input will cause further discussion on how we can make Kof94 even better than it is today Location 1. I am back and forth on this issue. Vaughan is a weird place. It’s a cookie cutter commercial area with an expansive cement suburby sprawl but without the actual homes. Access to the event or anything around the hotels will be an uber ride. However, Uber is pretty cheap in Canada right now and while the location was not the most convenient, once you’re at the venue, all you need is a lunch spot Potential solution – coordination of a catered lunch or preordered lunch brought to the venue at extra cost to those who want to partake (or make the additional cost a requirement for the event) I don’t think many would argue an extra US$10-20 to make that happen and there was plenty of room for a setup. 2. It would be nice if the event were in the middle of the action like Kof94-1 but honestly think back to that… the venue and atmosphere were great but the setups to play were less than ideal with all the small LCDs at bar tables. Access to sizeable CRTs is a huge benefit. The venue was a perfect gaming atmosphere 3. Also, while I wasn’t the biggest fan of Vaughan, what did I do in Toronto at Kof94-1 that was different??? Nothing. I practiced in a suite with everyone, I walked to the event, I played at the event, I walked back to the hotel… the only thing that was different is that I smashed a SNES outside the hotel 4 years ago. haha Venue 1. Food options -- It was limited but idea to make adjustment covered in 1a (I like the food truck idea that @KB27 mentioned) 2. Beer/Liquor At first I didn’t like the idea that it wasn’t a bar… until I walked into the venue and understood quickly how great this was going to work out. And you know, the no liquor thing wasn’t a big deal, I just brought a bottle of rum in my bag and drank after the event with mixers that they had there. There were other guys who brought beers in coolers, kept them in their cars right outside in the parking lot and would fill up to-go cups and simply bring them back in. I think it would be nice if we could get clearance for beer sponsored event or BYOB type situation (which I believe fell through at the last second) Recruitment 1. I think we all wish these were at the levels of Tecmo Madison and Smash. Unfortunately, we are a unique community since our game of choice is split on 2 different consoles. I hope people also understand that you have to be careful what you wish for. If we double the size, then maybe there isn’t time for a best of 3 out of the losers bracket option. More people will have to jump in to help coordinate on tournament day… It can’t be all Smoz and Canadiandennis! 2. But the participation level seems to be a consistent comment and if that’s the case, all of us should work on the recruitment efforts if we’re going to beef up the numbers at this tourney. Potential Solution Admins & community members discuss marketing ideas and how to execute far ahead of tournament date. Maybe it’s something as simple as making a flier and having guys from the target city post them in key locations around the city… hipsters love retro gaming (at least in Chicago) and they would make great cannon fodder in the opening rounds. Everyone needs some warm up, right? Reaching out to leaders in tecmo/smash communities for ideas on marketing and what’s worked to scale their signature events. Hotel coordination 1. As a group, we need better communication and commitment on accommodations moving forward. Large house Air BnB with walking access to restaurants would be ideal. I was happy with the suite that worked out at the Hilton but that was actually really lucky since I didn’t have that lined up until the day before I arrived. The issue was everyone else was an uber ride away so we just need to be better coordinated moving forward ..................................................... OVERALL This year’s Kof94 exceeded my expectations. @halifax I can’t imagine the amount of work that you put in to make this happen. I felt like there were 3 Halifaxes running around… 1 running the tourney, 1 playing and 1 commentating. I don’t know where you get the energy but I can’t thank you enough. (side note: what is the plural of Halifax? Is it Halifaxes? Halifaxi? or simply Halifax -- like sheep) I loved the fact that Gens, for the first time, had a top 3 finisher that was from the local area. Not easy to do with all the information that is available online. Big congrats to Nick for the way he played this tourney and Jaime was no slouch either. 2 friends that came out and could play with any of us. We may have to put an asterisk by their names though... I didn't realize these 2 use to play at KG's house 20 years ago. Who knew that @kgman's farm system ran so deep?!?! I enjoyed the time to meet new guys. The runner up from Duke of 94 with his gf were really cool people. Hanging out with @aqualizardis always fun and now the addition of his partner in crime, @AtomicRaven. I didn't get to play Atomic in the round robin but hopefully we can catch more games together next year. It was great to see that @KB27 Eric DL33 and the crew made it out from the east coast. Those guys add a significant amount of talent depth to our player pool. Congrats Voc Caged for winning Dof94... but next time, you play on the King side! @angryjay93 thanks for rooming up this year, that was a lot of fun being able to play that insane amount of exis 2 days leading up to the tourney. Thank you for always providing much needed insight to my game... it always helps. Also, congrats to @kingraph for the bringing home the title this year. @angryjay93 & @kingraph, that was one of the most exciting series to view and I always look forward to the opportunity to see you 2 square up against one another. It really is watching next level 94. @corbettkb @jer_33 I was happy I didn't have to face either of you in the tourney this year but maybe fate will have it for next year. Still always great playing some exis against you. So awesome that Chicago had such a great turnout this year with DPS, @mort, sean slapshot. Congrats DPS on your big wins on Jam this year! Hoping we can get Tom, Phil and the rest of the crew out next year. @smozoma @CanadianDennis -- you guys are the unsung heroes at these tourneys. Thank you so much for all your hard work over the course of the weekend to make things run smoothly. @smozoma -- ggs in our semis my man. I think it's fair for every 2 or 3 tourneys you knock me out of, I get to knock you out of one! To the SNES guys -- @kfed @annatar @Bob Kudelski It was great catching up with you guys. This 2 day format really lends itself to being able to hang out with you more. For those who didn't know, @annatar came to gens exis on Friday night at my place and then watched the entire genesis tourney on Sat at the venue.. that is pretty awesome. How about everyone's newest best bud, Mike Stanton "The Stantonator"??? For those who don't know, he is from Vancouver and came out last year to Kof94-III. He said that everyone was so great last year, that there was no way he was going to miss this year's tourney. Not only did he compete in both formats, but he fought his way out of the WC to bracket play in Gens and he finished 4th in SNES the next day! I hope next year we can see @kgman @Mike Gartner @ZEPPELIN198 @IceStorm70 @Brutus @kevincabarello @Edge of '94 Midwest @skoolyardpuck @LeifErikson @darik(cobrakai jersey) @HABS(forget the keyboard bud and come hang out!)... of course @Evan ... and hopefully we can get @CoachMac back in the mix. @angryjay93, please start working him now I have to say there were a lot of highlights from the trip and a lot of great memories made but meeting @clockwise has to be near the top this weekend and one of the greatest highlights I've had since being part of the 94 community. One of the great innovators on the site and longest time supporters of the community, it really was an honor. I walked into the tourney with AJ on Sat morning and we walked by a guy who was setting up a console. Without barely looking over, he says in this matter of fact way, "Hi AJ" "Hi EA". I respond "oh hey man" and continue walking. I walked another 20ft or so and turned to AJ "hey, who was that? I don't recognize him". AJ responded that he didn't know either. I think it was Raph that I asked and he responded "oh, that's clockwise". I immediately ran over to greet the man. So looks wise, he is nothing what I expected... he's about 6'3" and looks like he plays middle linebacker for the Steelers. However, his personality is exactly what you would expect... a super nice guy, laid back, everything that you've come to know about him on the forums or playing online is the same guy when you meet him in person. A class act all the way. My only regret is not getting more 2v2 in with him but I'll make sure that happens in future Kof94s. Post tourney 2v2s with AJ & Clockwise/Jesus
  3. And if you know Coach, he literally will go crawl back in a cave... most likely that he dug out with a pick axe on the side of a mountain. haha Coach, not sure what to say about your response here. You were spoke about in the highest regard this weekend as your presence was definitely missed but that post is not a good look. Are you reading too much Nietzsche up in those mountains with all this " *fill in the blank* is dead" talk??? What''s going on here? Surprised to hear you say Kof94 III was horrible. You didn't have a good time when we went out to eat, you and Jill talked teacher stuff, I heard all about how you made it to Nevada with your wife, to hear all about your kids and their adventures, when we watched your Blue Angels video, the exis in the room, good laughs with even greater buds? I don't know man, to me, I can't thank @halifax enough... Kof94 is the reason to bring us all together but you know it's more than the event itself that makes just as many memories. I'll be back soon to post my recap.
  4. Let's use a fresh thread to post thanks, feedback, suggestions, etc specific to Kof94IV. I'm at work now but I'll be back later to post my detailed recap.
  5. Hey Jesus! Thanks for posting this, I was wondering about these pads. May have to pick up a couple myself.
  6. Love this story. One of the great things about this game is that it holds a special place in all our lives... and to love something for that long always comes with a great origin story. It may have been years since you last fired up 94 but you wanted to see if there is anyone out there like yourself for the love of this game... which eventually led you, like so many of us, to this site. I can tell you from my experience that you have found a community for camaraderie, competition and more information you can shake a stick at. Welcome!
  7. Things in and out of work have been extremely hectic these last couple weeks so I apologize that it's taken me so long to chime in with some input. Going into this tourney, I thought to myself "well, @angryjay93 will be there. Buuuuut no @kingraph, no @smozoma, no @corbettkb, no wild card @CoachMac (who beat Raph game 1 of a 3 game series in the tourney last year)... hmm... I may be able to make a run for a 2nd place finish... maybe?" I couldn't have been more mistaken. I find out while I'm driving to GB that while most of those guys won't be there, Raph will be making it in. Oh boy. Annnnd Darik (don't know Mr Aho's forum name) and @LeifErikson will be there. So that rounded out the threats that I knew about., that didn't even include Mr @MikeGartner22 who I had never met or played until that weekend. I completely forgot about The Shield who is solid through and through. He actually ended up knocking me out of the tourney as well. Regardless, for me, the live tourneys have always been a place for fun first and foremost and I was excited that there was some great competition. My only regret is not getting to play more games. Those weekends go by way too fast. While I had such an incredible time and always look forward to the next tourney, this wouldn't have been possible without troy @Edge of 94' WI. He took everything that was good (and even things he sought feedback on) from last year's tournament and made everything better across the board this year. His passion to run a seamless and fun tournament is clearly evident in the final product. Both the Gens and SNES formats ran seamlessly. Big thanks to our ref who stuck it out the entire day collecting submissions to enter scores! Other things that I felt just made the tourney this year to name a few: 1. Plenty of CRTs for games (There were no lcds -- I understand this isn't typical given venue restrictions and accessibility but it really made a difference) 2. Lighting was darker (no overhead fleurorescent bulbs) 3. Plenty of space 4. Food and drink offered (last year was a soft opening at the VR arcade so this was a welcome surprise this year) 4. Plenty of printouts to record results 5. Small details like the pens and coins on top of every tv already there at the start of the day 6. Huge fan of the national anthem singing (I know @Edge of 94' WI said his voice was a little strained but he boomed out both anthems in fashion) It was great to see the Dmen's tap crew there this year again. @DPS @mort1237 Phil @Green Majik Those guys are ramping up quickly in NHL and can't wait to see how they progress in more tourneys. I will be at Dmen Tap again to play them soon. For a second year in a row @Votaw drove solo all the way there from St. Louis. He is always up for games and he never has a mean thing to say about anything or anyone... a complete pleasure to hang out with the whole weekend. Really missed seeing @smozoma @CoachMac @corbettkb this year. I definitely look forward to seeing you guys at these tourneys. @kevincabarello I'm incredibly sorry for your loss and you were one of the first guys I asked about when I got to GB. I was devastated to hear the news. Be strong and I hope to see you in Chicago or New York this year. Congrats to @kingraph & @angryjay93. These guys are the champions for good reason. Not only do they consistently play at another level but they are class acts all the way. Special thanks to these 2 for calling my SNES series vs Troy! I couldn't believe what AJ had to go through to get to the tourney on Sat. After the bad buffet offerings that almost killed him last year and traveling around the entire US just to get to GB this year, I'm really hoping for some smooth sailing for him next year. After my drive with AJ to get him to Ohare, I was actually just happy to get him back to the airport alive. Especially due to the snowstorm, we encountered where we saw over a dozen cars, trucks, semis in ditches with people still in the vehicles on the ride back home... and we were in a little 2 dr coupe. I kept thinking "I'm pretty nervous... buuuut I can't be as nervous as the guy sitting next to me from Cali!" haha I just want to wrap this up by saying Troy has quickly become a great asset to the NHL94 community. He's a great play by play announcer, host, singer and planner... the guy does it all. I hope that he can continue to host this tournament in GB every year. Thanks again @Edge of 94' WI for all your tireless efforts!
  8. Hokkee, really sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you being back here can make things at least a little better while you work through everything. I was asking about you over the weekend in Vancouver... you're always a name that's in everyone's mind when it comes to 94.
  9. OR... Smoz's basement of course. My apologies for overlooking the obvious. :-)
  10. Agreed. There have been 2 out west, we need to head east. I feel like there's a pretty good 94 presence out there. There's VC, Bo and the Pitt contingent + all the guys in/around NYC... and if the Fins can make it, that would be awesome
  11. Smoz, I think there must be something wrong, Plabax didn't make the list.... ohhhhh that's right. 1st rule of top rankings, you have to make it to take it. @Plabax hopefully you can make an appearance to one of these buddy! .......... @HABS don't think I forgot about you, you're not off the hook... get your ass to Vancouver!
  12. HAHAHA nice Coach... and that is probably way more accurate.
  13. Raph, I really hope that behind those crossouts are not things like "brainstorm Chipotle order" "Bathroom trip for #1" "Bathroom trip for #2 (REMINDER: make sure to flush this time; don't want call from HR... again)" "leave troll message on forums as Plabax" --> b/c we all know Plabax does not exist IRL and is simply an entity that was created by Raph so he could let the evil out once in awhile (b/c no one can really that nice all the time!) OK, on second thought, I do hope that's what's behind the red there. lol
  14. My girlfriend, Jill. haha In fact, that was news to me this morning that @kingraph wouldn't be there! What is this world coming to??? I have to echo Coach here, there's still time!