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  1. Chris


    Jesus Christ...the NHL is KILLING me with all these damn trades, most of the work I have already done as far as the rosters is all obselete now
  2. Chris


    Yes, either that or an actual Sega CD console if you burn it to a CD using Fireburner.
  3. Chris


  4. Chris


    Yeah 77, not cool
  5. Chris


    Update: All these trades have been pissing me off and frustrating the hell out of me. Theres nothing worse than busting your ass on stats/rosters only to have them rendered obsolete with every transaction and watching all your work go right down the drain. As a result of this, I have decided to take a bit of a break and finish up the game AFTER the trade deadline. Those of you that have been fortunate enough to play the prototype, please share all your thoughts on it. Lets keep this thread alive and let it remain a bright spot on the editing board which has been spammed with a lot of needless threads lately.
  6. Chris

    nhl94 vs new nhl gms

    What a coincidence, EA sports spent about 2 days on it too
  7. Chris

    how to edit the game

    I don't have them but they are fairly easy to find. Open the file, go to view, then codec then select 4bpp linear. then go to pallete, format, 9bpp Genesis. Use the up and down and right and left arrows to manipulate the screen until the first tile of the logo you want is in the upper left portion of the screen. Then go to Image, canvas size and put 6 under colums and 4 under rows.
  8. Chris

    nhl 92, 93, 95, 96, 97 roms?

    Guys a bit of a warning: You might want to refrain from posting links to ROM sites on the boards and keep it confined to PMs. The big game companies such as Nintendo and Sega are known for AGGRESSIVELY going after sites that provide these ROMs including sites that provide links to them as well. I'd hate to see this site get into trouble and possibly shut down for something as trivial as this.
  9. Chris

    BIN to ISO

    Hey I'm working damn hard're making me feel like I'm in some kind of Cambodian sweat shop or something
  10. I know how to hex edit NHL 94 for SNES but I'm just not interested because that version of the game just flat out sucks. However, I would be VERY interested in hacking NHL 95 for SNES because fixing the ratings flaws in it would present a good challenge, however last I heard, NHL 95 for SNES was just unhackable because its in a completely different format from the rest of the games.
  11. oh ok my bad...I was thinking you were talking about the pause screen, but I'd imagine changing the in-game one would be along the same lines.
  12. Well thats what I was talking about. There is something in the code that tells the scoreboard to display the score and banner of the visiting team on the left and the home team on the right. In order to get at that, we would probably need to look at the source code of the game which is just not available to us and quite frankly, probably never will be. If there was a way to invert the names on the scoreboard without the source code, it would be very very complicated if it was even possible.