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  1. anyone do anything with this yet?
  2. 77

    i have a REQUEST!!!

    take NHL98 for genesis and edit the ice to make it look like 92/93/94 less dithering, try to make the ice and the lines look the same
  3. besides the sock fix for 93... id like to be able to edit the 2nd teams lines on away games... and have the computer match your lines like they do for away games, on home games
  4. the jerseys over the head thing was in 95... as everyone is aware of, fighting in 94 was disabled and the fighting animations were replaced with the new checking animations because in order to have the NHL licensing they told them to take out the fighting thats where Gary Bettman's ruining the game all started... just looked at NHL Hockey and NHL Hockey 95 with hex editor and i see no fighting in the penalties... has anyone looked at 95 in a hex editor? looks interesting... i know ive tried to look at the files and there is editors to view the images in the game
  5. well??? did anyone ask lesser and find out how to add fighting back in to 94??? otherwise this doc was just a waste of time
  6. i did a hacked version long long time ago... right when the english translation patch came out... NorthtownHockey.nes
  7. i know the LNAH i've checked hockeyfights.com every morning for the past 10+ years =P
  8. i started the crowd meter at 100, thinking it would get the fights started earlier... doesnt matter no fights in first 3 minutes no matter what, and it prob some kind of set amount after that... before a fight can happen i use to think the crowd meter is what controlled the fights i should prob change that back someday =P
  9. look at the guy that remade that tecmo bowl...or that blood hockey... then the skys the limit you can make something new, thats looks mechanically the same the ultimate hockey game would be 92 + 93 + 94 a game thats editable beyond the capabilities of whats been accomplished here... graphics and rosters, big deal... considering its been 15+ years i was hex editing the roster by hand back in 99 theres really not much more you can do.... its time to figure out the decompression whats his name gave us, or build something new its too bad the file structure on the DOS/windows nhl wasnt garbage.... just saying... image a nhl94 with fighting image a nhl94 with fighting after the whistle image a nhl94 with goalie fights image a nhl94 with mutliple fights image a nhl94 with 4 players image a nhl94 with hip checks image a nhl94 with specific injuries image a nhl94 with a changing crowd
  10. instead of all these leagues and bullshit, why not open source code and make a new game... we're all in our 30 and 40s by now... get a couple guys that know what they are doing and lead the team. create a nhl 92 93 94 copycat, using all the original sprites. the ultimate retro hockey game...
  11. *bump* i give permission to swos or mah to take this rom and actually rate the players... ( make non arcade style version) DONT TOUCH NUMBER, HANDED/FIGHTING OR WEIGHT !! =)
  12. fighting after the whistle... goalie fights... 2 simultaneous fights... 3 simultaneous fights... line brawls... bench clearing brawls...