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  1. nevermind... i just opened it up with a hex editor and its different compressed? .gba to .bin conversion? or like the old days... make a nes table to see text
  2. you need to get rid of some... not make more =)
  3. nhl 2002 on GBA is pretty much the same as NHL 98 for Genesis... anyone have a roms.ini for NOSE that includes 2002? thanks and for reference heres the 98 info... ;--- NHL 98 --- [GM T-172176-00] Comments=GoodGen V3.00 - NHL 98 (U) [c][!].bin ROMVersion=SG98 ChecksumRoutineAddressOffsetHex=768 IntroTextAddressOffsetHex=1E452A IntroTextBytesHex=8FE PeriodLengthSecondsOffsetHex=191E6 PeriodLengthTextOffsetHex=1DBEC6 OvertimeSecondsOffsetHex=19186 ShootoutSecondsOffsetHex=1DE38 PlayoffDrawAddressesOffsetHex=272E0;29FDA PlayoffDraws=32 TeamsOffsetHex=77E Teams=62 TeamColumnL
  4. ahhhh shoot / pass kinda make sense penaltyhockeygames.txt
  5. so ive been playing around with penalties in 98... you can give 2 minute penalties for offsides and icing and faceoffs, kinda fun when a goalie covers the puck he gets a penalty and skates to the box as for fighting... there is only 1 fight per game in 5,10,20 min doesnt matter also the rating system is backwards, in NOSE theres the category "roughness" well the toughguys have a lower number 1 or 2... and the sissys have a 5 or 6 so im thinking what "roughness" actually is... is AVOID PENALTY or like composure ... umm whats another word AND when comp
  6. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0006-CUSA24010_00-NHL94RPRESTANDED does that say online play!? you know this is just a rom and emulator repackage... has anyone looked at the game files yet!? xbox or ps
  7. fights? line brawls?! goalie fights!? 70s mode with bench clearning brawls!? fan fights!? headbutting?! intent to injure with suspensions!? * sigh * i think EA should hire smozoma as project developer for the update
  8. one thing i though was cool was how you can "Dump VRAM" to vram.bin then edit it with YYCHR or TM then "Load VRAM" to see your changes IN GAME!!! (while the game is paused) its a fast and easy way to make graphical changes... BUT, i have no idea how to save it permanently!!! hey you know what... you are right, i dumped the VRAM and lined up the face and look at the address at the bottom 6E80 so the question now is... how do you trace the address back to the position in the rom =/
  9. i dont understand the address in the below pictures.... there must be a easier way to find a single tile in YYCHR OFFSET: 6E80 ID: 374 hmmmm in TM E358C +15 = E359B more later... if i line up the face to the first tile i get 0E3D0C, which makes me believe that is the real address
  10. 77

    NHL98 more like 94

    just played nhl 2002 for gba and re-visited 98... if the ice looked like 92 93 94, i think people would like it more =) just a quick ice cleanup, need to find more tiles
  11. 80% of the roms on this site are better than what EA will do =P if only we got nhlpa 94... *sigh*
  12. MARKEYJESTER !!!??? the guy i badgered for the 94 disassembly....