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  1. that looks like you lost the puck as your shooting & turning hold down C then spaz on the d pad to try and lose the puck
  2. no fighting... whats the point? =P
  3. back in the old days there was a editor for some of the NHL games on PS3... the rosters where in your save data, then you transfer it to your PC and use a database editor... EA database editor? ummm cant remember http://www.artemkh.com/ maybe something similar back be done to edit rewind on console
  4. its in 93 too... its just a glitch that happens sometime... i think its when you get checked as your trying to shoot maybe they wanted to add a fake shot someday and never finished it?
  5. soooooo awesome!!! thanks now if i had eye and stick for 30team 93 i could call my rom finished =P
  6. anything to do with 95 is a waste of time... 94 art in 98 would be the way to go
  7. i dont know about you... but i consider a player belonging to whatever team they played the most games for... by those standards, i see some players on the wrong team
  8. HOLY s**t!!!! this rom has the correct penalty box stacking for 93 !!! how did they do it!? SLAPSHOT67!!!??? (we could use this to correct 93 and 94) HOCKEY 2015.bin
  9. nevermind... i just opened it up with a hex editor and its different compressed? .gba to .bin conversion? or like the old days... make a nes table to see text
  10. you need to get rid of some... not make more =)
  11. nhl 2002 on GBA is pretty much the same as NHL 98 for Genesis... anyone have a roms.ini for NOSE that includes 2002? thanks and for reference heres the 98 info... ;--- NHL 98 --- [GM T-172176-00] Comments=GoodGen V3.00 - NHL 98 (U) [c][!].bin ROMVersion=SG98 ChecksumRoutineAddressOffsetHex=768 IntroTextAddressOffsetHex=1E452A IntroTextBytesHex=8FE PeriodLengthSecondsOffsetHex=191E6 PeriodLengthTextOffsetHex=1DBEC6 OvertimeSecondsOffsetHex=19186 ShootoutSecondsOffsetHex=1DE38 PlayoffDrawAddressesOffsetHex=272E0;29FDA PlayoffDraws=32 TeamsOffsetHex=77E Teams=62 TeamColumnL
  12. ahhhh shoot / pass kinda make sense penaltyhockeygames.txt
  13. so ive been playing around with penalties in 98... you can give 2 minute penalties for offsides and icing and faceoffs, kinda fun when a goalie covers the puck he gets a penalty and skates to the box as for fighting... there is only 1 fight per game in 5,10,20 min doesnt matter also the rating system is backwards, in NOSE theres the category "roughness" well the toughguys have a lower number 1 or 2... and the sissys have a 5 or 6 so im thinking what "roughness" actually is... is AVOID PENALTY or like composure ... umm whats another word AND when comp