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  1. I use a Hyperkin controller for NHLPA 93 and NHL 94 on the PC: They are literally exactly the same as a Genesis controller, except with a PC plug. I love them and have never had any issue with them at all. They're a little more expensive but totally worth it! They use the exact same blueprints for the controller as the original 6 button Genesis controller. I used to use a Mayflash Adapter and the original controller for Genesis on my PC, but started having button mapping issues. Plus I wanted a direct controller-to-PC connection without the clunky adapter. So the Hyperkin was perfect. No mapping issues, direct connection, and feels just like an actual Genesis 6 button controller.
  2. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I remember something about if a defenseman's "offensive awareness" is too high, he might have a tendency to run around out of position a lot. Maybe try lowering the offensive awareness and see if that helps. Might make him focus more on defense!
  3. Hey man thanks so much for the kind words. Some of the moves I learned just by watching some vids on youtube from members who post their games on there, and others I just kinda did on my own, but then later I found out other people came up with the same moves I was doing too. It was so much fun to be with so many top level players in the same room together. Maybe I'll join the online league but I have WIFI which might be a problem. I'll see if I can get a direct connection going instead. I think the best part about going to this was how cool and easy to talk to everyone was. Loved the entire setup with the CRT TV's everywhere. And playing the 2 on 2 hack afterwards was really fun. Good stuff.
  4. Thanks guys it was a lot of fun. This was my first tourney so it was cool to see all the different styles of play each player has. I got lucky to make it to the final 8. Won a game in OT against Chaos with L.A. after he stormed back. Also lucky against DaWookie, he definitely would have tied up the game we had but Roenick was knocked out of the game with less than a minute left which would deflate anyone. Before that he was storming back. Finally got beat by Zepp but I hung in there with him both games until the end. Felt good about that since he is definitely one of the top players. I was down 1 the 2nd game with less than a minute left when the refs decided to put my entire team in the penalty box LOL but even if I somehow tied it I feel he would have beaten me for sure in OT. He outplayed me both games for sure. I tried to make a pass 5 seconds into the game right up the middle to Bure but Zepp picked it off and scored right out of the gate. You can't make mistakes like that against players of that caliber! Thanks again guys! Cool to meet everyone.
  5. Hey just one question. Will you guys be using the 3 button controller or the 6 button one? I always use the 6 button controller but if you're using the original 3 button one, I'll have to dig it out of my closet and practice with that.
  6. I know there is a guide on how to change the 94 net pallette but I'd like to know how to change it in NHLPA 93. Can someone help?
  7. Hey guys! Any chance for some screenshots of some of the offsets in tile molester for this 32 team rom? Would be really helpful for those who want to hack the game themselves! You know, like splash screens, Ron Barr, center ice logo etc. Any chance for that?
  8. Really looking forward to this rom! Any news?
  9. Great stream and continuing to get better all the time! Fun to watch, thanks.