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  1. Bob: I don't care what the f@¢kin' qualifications are to be in your game...you f@¢kin' put me in it. You: uhhhhh...well, I ummm... Bob: F@¢k this! We're goin' right now, kid.
  2. Just another Covid-19 public service announcement: Alcohol, NHL94, and Tattoos Don't Mix. Spring...1994. Deep-into-the-night-NHL 94-tourney with the boys. End of the 2nd period, game 7, for the cup, down 10 goals... All your friends watching: You're gonna lose by 18 You: channel your inner Herb Brooks and pull of the biggest miracle on ice. ------------------many years later-------------- Present day NHL 94 tourney...: Someone's chirpin' you 'bout how you can't play manual goalie good anymore. You: Smile and remember that magical night back in the Spring of 94. Drink your 12th beer and make plans to get a tattoo on your a$$ of Herb Brooks yelling and NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick taking the winning slapper where the goal is on your a$$hole to commemorate your miracle on ice. Tattoo artist after hearing your request: (crickets)
  3. If only 1 from the above (Mogilny) makes it this year, then I think it's safe to say the committee has never played NHL 94 and they should resign their positions for next year. [They put the SNES console in the HOF and the Sega box... it's near the Slapshot jersey if you ever go there one day]
  4. So what team you dudes going with to win the Mario?
  5. Cam Neely: Who's the dead man who made me a 10 weight and now people are putting in Ted F@#kin' Donato in the lineup over me!?!? (Jim Simmons points to Mark Lesser) Neely Fanboys: Kick his a$$, Sea Bass!
  6. Aww schnapps!!! Thanks for the heads up. Fixed it so the goalies have their original Sega ratings. Each team also has their own page if you wanna print. NHL 94 Teams & attributes final copy.xlsx
  7. I know I may be asking too much...and maybe I'm even a big a$$holio for even suggesting this...pretty sure I am...but I think it actually might help hockey fans & NHL94 fans like myself, who can't hang in an online league due to the fact that I still lose games to the computer in NHL 94 when I get a little too jumpy with my manual goalie, as well as those who have major skills...if this were to go down...my request? To watch the best players at NHL94 play the best players using the best teams and then load that onto YouTube. Hear me out...I beg of you...I watch the streams on YouTube and I love them...but sometimes, I go, motherf#@#&r is killin' with Anaheim?!?!! And even though it is fun to watch, if that dude playing Anaheim were Chicago and he was going up against Detroit... I'm not saying the Ronavirus would cease to exist...but I believe it's worth a shot trying. And no rush on delivering on my humble and possibly Ronavirus-saving request...but I heard even Gretzky would watch those games...just saying. The Great One watching the Great Ones.
  8. Oh yeah...good call...whenever I play with Chicago, I want to put in Goulet but man he's so slow and that shot
  9. So overall, I think the NHL 94 ratings are pretty good...but a few players must've gone home to their kids playing this game and been like, "Why aren't you putting me in the starting lineup?" Kids would be like, "You're a 2/2 skater and a 69 overall... can't make Mario play with one hand tied behind his back." Rick Tocchet then breaks the Sega. He's my pick for completely hosed... there's some others that I would guess weren't happy either, but Tocchet was 14th in scoring that year (1 pt behind Bure and 2 pts ahead of Roenick). Just think if NHL 94 given him the indestructible qualities of big 27...world could be different now. Sometimes, when I really get to thinking deeply, I power on the Sega and select Pittsburgh and I start to put in Tocchet...and then I put in Stevens instead 'cause I can't do that to Mario. Any other players you think got hosed more than Tocchet?
  10. Back in 1994, I was a LA Kings hater because of LA...so I missed out on playing with the Kings...now that I don't care about hating LA anymore, they are pretty fun to play with...although I haven't found a way to get past my anti-Hrudey bias yet.
  11. My 8 yr old daughter's been racking up some NHL 94 hours in between her grueling 2nd grade distance learning curriculum...she won't touch her Sharks 'cause they're no good in 94 but she's turning into #16's biggest fan.