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  1. All of us D level players when @kingraph starts talking about the mental game of NHL94.
  2. Not sure if any of youz listen to Spitin' Chiclets at all, but occasionally, they got a NHL '94 player on their show. If you haven't ever heard this story before, it's worth a few minutes of your time when you're bored. (This is from the first time Jeremy Roenick went on Spitin' Chiclets...not the second time which cost him his NBC job joking bout a 3 some) Prank story starts at 47 minute mark. The story confirmed by Torrey Mitchell below: https://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/d8113031-c5fe-4d24-b19f-af05d3c5d0a5__7C___0.html
  3. AJ...you pretty much wrote the NHL 94 Bible in terms of who to play with using each team. Along with your YouTube videos, these gotta be the greatest resource on NHL 94 for Genesis. I compiled all these team rankings, player lines, etc... into what is now one of my favorite "books." Many thanks @angryjay93 and to @kingraph @smozoma and @CoachMac for the excel sheets on each team. My 11 year old and 8 year old...daughters by the way...want me to make them a copy of their own. Not sure if you're working on an NHL 94 project now, but I do have a suggestion that has been done to vari
  4. This site is the best! I know I just sit on the bench and chirp in every now and then, (one day when I get my sh!+ together and drop some funds into a new laptop I'll jump in and play online) but I just want you all to know how awesome all this site and the dudes who keep it going are. With 'Rona Season sucking butt, and sports on and off, and all the other stuff goin' down, you dudes have kept NHL 94 going strong...and for that, I salute you. #yesI'mdrinking #butYouAllKickAss
  5. Why you got no shot taking down the champ angryjay93 entering the room to take on his next contender:
  6. Selected Gaming New Outlets: "Breaking NHL 94 News! NHL 94 may be rereleased!" The World:
  7. This, in a way, sums up the whole story on the subject better than most History textbooks.
  8. Bob: I don't care what the f@¢kin' qualifications are to be in your game...you f@¢kin' put me in it. You: uhhhhh...well, I ummm... Bob: F@¢k this! We're goin' right now, kid.
  9. Just another Covid-19 public service announcement: Alcohol, NHL94, and Tattoos Don't Mix. Spring...1994. Deep-into-the-night-NHL 94-tourney with the boys. End of the 2nd period, game 7, for the cup, down 10 goals... All your friends watching: You're gonna lose by 18 You: channel your inner Herb Brooks and pull of the biggest miracle on ice. ------------------many years later-------------- Present day NHL 94 tourney...: Someone's chirpin' you 'bout how you can't play manual goalie good anymore. You: Smile and remember that magical night back in the Spring
  10. If only 1 from the above (Mogilny) makes it this year, then I think it's safe to say the committee has never played NHL 94 and they should resign their positions for next year. [They put the SNES console in the HOF and the Sega box... it's near the Slapshot jersey if you ever go there one day]
  11. So what team you dudes going with to win the Mario?