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  1. I'll sign something but I'm not giving them money when they could literally just fart the amount out.
  2. I think EA has a 100k in petty cash. If they wanted to, they can do it.
  3. Yes, we always find each other in live play but we also do a really good job in finding each other for those secondary leagues. (Line Roll, Et tu Brute, 91) I wish the secondary leagues counted for more. I feel like I have done better proportionally speaking there.
  4. For real bud. I am ashamed of myself!
  5. I'll keep this short and sweet. This is by no means comprehensive. Whatever tier I'm on, Raph is at the very least on it if not one ahead. Last 4-5 years have been he and I duking it out at every opportunity granted. Carse was the best I ever saw at imposing his will on people. Scary thing was by the time I was stepping away/fooling around with a controller (I was a keyboard player up to 2010) was that Carse evolved as a player. Once he learned how to do that, he took off. Plabax is tier 1, all controversies aside, results speak for themselves. The rest of the names I'd put
  6. I gave this a couple more tries with Ottawa and never really got much beyond 60-65 goals which led me to wonder if I could do it with a better team. I ran attempts with Chicago, Quebec, and Los Angeles and only came away with slightly better results than I did with Ottawa. LA was my best run, I scored 75 goals, all of my forwards had 10 points except for Gretzky (9 pts), but only 4 defenseman and 0 goalies were able to attain that point total. I don't really know if I can even muster one perfect game with any team because it is just so brutal to get the defenseman and goalies involved alo
  7. I gave it the same mathematical breakdown in my head during my commute home and came to the same conclusion as Raph. My thinking switched to the fact that the shutout would be the easiest part, followed by 100 goals, followed lastly by each player with 10 points. I ended up giving it a run last night and won 60-3. I had 10 players with 10 points, only one of them being a defender. Getting 10 assists from each goalie while scoring quickly seems to be a real bugger. I'll give this a few more tries but this seems like a Herculean task. I can manipulate a few things to aid some o
  8. I may give this a try as well. I agree that on paper, the shutout seems to be the biggest hurdle.
  9. Question 1: I like Minneapolis because I have decent flights, it is affordable, and I can get around to several parts of town without having to rely on a car. Plus it's about as far west as any tournament comes so I will take what I can get. Question 2: I'd still most likely be able to attend in Green Bay. I was monitoring flights earlier this year, they appeared to be numerous, convenient, and affordable. In previous years it has proven somewhat difficult to find all 3 features to the point where I have flown in to Chicago to save on time and money despite the 5-6 hour round trip via car
  10. Perhaps I'm not thinking this through but is there an impossible hockey scoreline?
  11. Well I have officially written the book because you have published me bud! This is a big day, I'll be looking for those royalty checks in the mail. When I started doing this oh so long ago, the hope was that people would be able to pick up a few pointers or tips to help them out. I never imagined guys bringing massive printouts to tournaments or producing books with articles that I have penned. Seeing those sorts of things make it all worth it and I wish I've been able to do more as I have had long periods of inactivity. With that said, I have just recently moved to a place with a t
  12. Woah, hold the presses! I had two 33-7 seasons. One in 2010 (DAL) and another in 2015 (LA) and now 2020 (STL) Something about round numbers and western conference teams it seems. Look out in 2025 when I get WPG rolling.
  13. Koke (Van) vs Token Toma (Wpg) #1 @koke_45 (Van) - 1000 #8 @TokenToma (Wpg) +1000 Season Series: Van 3-1 Koke showed a new dimension to his game this season as he was able to add a stout defense to his high flying offense punctuated by a sub 4.00 GAA and allowing fewer than 10 shots a game. Always a tough out in the playoffs, this may be Koke’s best opportunity at a breakout playoff run as he seems to have the pair of Bure and Linden flying high on both sides of the ice. TokenToma put together a clutch 9-1 streak to squeak into the playoffs