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  1. angryjay93

    GENS A - Fall'18 Games Played WARNING

    Please feel free to replace me. I'm in the process of moving and will be out of town the next few weekends. All in all it doesn't leave much time for playing.
  2. angryjay93

    Dallas Stars

  3. angryjay93

    St. Louis Blues

  4. angryjay93

    Fall'18 GENS Team Selection Draft

  5. angryjay93

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    Oh, I forgot this hidden goody. Push the tab button and all the players will have the jersey number displayed. Push tab again to turn it off.
  6. angryjay93

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    You can do a hook/hold on defense by pushing B and C together on your gens controller. Also escape is the pause menu.
  7. angryjay93

    Detroit Red Wings

  8. Pretty sweet that they have majors still. I remember it took until 96 on gens to get double minors and majors.
  9. angryjay93

    Home/Away Advantages Analysis

    I don't have EARE or any of the modding stuff to verify this so I'm hoping someone can help me out here. In the manual all the expansion teams beside SJ have a low home ice adv and a low road ice disadvantage (0/0). In Smoz's table he lists OTW, ANH, and FLA at Avg home and brutal road (1/3) with TB remaining at (0/0). What are the actual home/road ratings for OTW, ANH, FLA, & TB within the game presets?
  10. angryjay93

    Tournament Format

    I'm very open to hear ideas and talk about this topic, so it's unfortunate that Coach removed his post. I understand it is opening up a can of worms, but this is an important conversation to have as a community. I'd hate to see people get discouraged to have a discussion in attempt to make things better for us as a whole. Even if we can't agree, I think the healthy discussion is extremely important. The more people that speak, the more we know and the better we can make educated decisions instead of ones based on perception.
  11. angryjay93

    Tournament Format

    You certainly do not dodge anyone Coach, I would never suggest that. You've never been anything but an amazing host every time you have had me over. You are an amazing bud. I think I need to steer my thoughts a little bit more towards what you are addressing here. I personally feel the triple elim. is very similar to needing to win 3 games in a pool to move forward. The triple elim in Toronto consisted of 4 16 man brackets with the top 4 in each bracket moving onto a final 16 bracket. The initial 16 man brackets were still seeded and it was a very difficult thing to seed with so many unknowns at the tourney. I feel one of the main purposes of the King of 94 rankings is to make seeding easier as we move forward and learn more about the participants. Let's say in New York next year we have 64 buds, and we do a true blind triple elimination, it could get very messy very quickly. For example its very possible to have AJ vs Raph and Icestorm vs KGman as 1st round matchups, it is also entirely possible that the losers of those matchups face off in the 1st round of loser bracket. This would assure one of those 4 players being tossed into Loser-Loser bracket from the jump. Both formats obviously have downsides, but I'd personally rather try to be a bit more scientific about than just putting the whole thing in a blender and see what comes of it. The more info we get on people, the better the science will be, I think currently we are still trying to smooth some things out. When it comes to the guys who lost in the round of 16, I do personally think they should have been sent into a loser bracket. Maybe with a few more setups and more time available, that issue can be rectified. Regarding the mercy part, I don't enjoy doing that to everyone but I personally desire that exposure to other players. If I'm playing the same 5 guys all the time things will get very stale for me very quickly. I like talking to different people at these tournaments and online about 94. I like being able to help people who are open to it. More than anything, I just like being a part of this group as a whole, I dont want to seem like I'm trying to be elite about it and stay within my own little group. I don't think I truly answered the competitive portion of your question but if me playing the majority of players is a deterrent in terms of people signing up or enjoying the tournament, then I'll just have to swallow that pill I guess. I just hate the idea of suggesting people should go into a different tournament at the door. The idea of a blind triple elim. tournament is also a bit scary because you really never know what you will get in that format. I think the seeding will eventually get better, it's just been rough for some people in the mean time and I get that it can be very frustrating to be placed in that situation.
  12. angryjay93

    Tournament Format

    I think I understand the reasoning to break the tournament into to two groups but I'm not sure if I agree with the reasoning when I dig deeper. I think this format would be suggested for only GENS tourneys? SNES has had 3 different winners come out of nowhere to win each major King of 94 event. I would hate to break up their bracket and eliminate the unknown factor. I'll try my best to be concise here but here are some bullet points I'd like to throw out there -The weekend before King of 94 III, I went to Green Bay to play in a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. I'm maybe an average player in that game, even then I might be giving myself too much credit. I knew I had no chance of winning with the likes of JoeyGats, The Retro Sports Gamer, Nelson79, Justin Peters, DPS, etc. attending the tournament. That said, I didn't want to avoid playing any of them, in fact I wanted to play as many of them as possible because if I'm going to travel and lose a tournament, I may as well get my moneys worth and play the best guys there. You never know what may happen on any given day, the eventual winner of the tournament Nelson79 is someone I beat in Green Bay earlier this year at the edge of 94 Tecmo tournament. You never know when a top player will just lay an egg and let an average player like me steal a game from them. - If you don't play the best, how do you ever measure you're game if improvement is an important factor as to why you play. Maybe King of 94 III isn't the year for Chris O, Darik A, Leif Eriksson, Dave S, or any number of other guys. Perhaps the time they spent playing a top player in that tournament propels them in a future King of tournament. Maybe it motivates them to work on their game that much more after a really impressive showing. I don't want to discourage players by not allowing them to play in what is considered to be an elite tournament. - Also, I think making the entire tournament inclusive is awesome. It's like the World Series of Poker, everyone wants to play Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, Phil Ivey, etc. because those are the guys they see on TV and yeah they will probably take your money but there is always the chance you can bust them. Same with the US open for golf, it allows amateurs and people who win a play in tournament to compete against tour pros. Every once in a while a no name makes a run and thus creates a name for themselves. If I'm going to pay money or travel to play poker, I want to play a big name. Otherwise I'll just stay home and play online or in a home game. - I also don't want to be handed anything nor do I want to only be playing a handful of other people all the time. One of the best games I had during the tournament was against Dave S, I don't even think I laid an egg that game but he played great and only lost 4-3. Who's to say something doesn't going wrong for me in that game and I end up losing it? Nothing is a gimmie in my mind. That's why I play every game 100%. I don't think any of us expected EA to lose in group play but he got upset by a guy named Francis in group play. Sometimes stuff happens and I'd hate to see the chance of that sort of thing removed. - I think the consolation tournament for guys don't do well in pools is our way of meeting people in the middle. So you had a rough tournament, now you can play some good games against guys within your skill level. I'd hate to see guys shuffled off to the side before the word go. I think I covered the main points. If I'm wrong about a lot of this and there is a major push for something along the lines Coach drew up, then that's the way it should be. I don't want us to offer a product the people don't want. If the general public has no interest in playing a top player, then I wont fight it. I think part of the allure for the unknowns or mid tier players is the idea of giant killing and ruining a top players day. Ask any of the guys who won SNES, they didnt expect to come in and win. They just wanted to have fun and play some '94, it just so worked out that they won. I understand GENS has been different, but I want to see the pack catch up and the other great players come to the live events. I also think there are unknowns out there who can be good. I don't want to take away these players chance to make a name for themselves by discouraging them at the door.
  13. angryjay93

    Yes I'm still alive

    Im really sorry to hear the news about your wife Hokkee. Welcome back bud, we have missed you.