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  1. angryjay93

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Official ROM

    it had the same issue on the preseason rom as well. id guess the upload is ok
  2. angryjay93

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Official ROM

    Thank you for the rom Raph, everything look great. Just an aside, I think the 45 second penalties are throwing off some of the timing stats like TOI and Attack Zone. Attack Zone looks very inflated and through 4 games Rob Blake is averaging 15:00 TOI despite having 2 penalties taken and no overtime being played. I killed both penalties so theres no way he should be at 15:00. Not sure if thats an unavoidable bug but just thought I'd throw it out there for info sake.
  3. angryjay93

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    Gretzky-robi-granato Gretzky-granato-kamensky Granato-gretzky-kamensky Extra: kamensky Murphy-blake Sweeney-rouse Moog Fiset
  4. angryjay93

    Florida Panthers

  5. angryjay93

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Team Selections

    I'll just stick with classic 94 sharks stuff. No changes needed. Thank for doing this for us raph.
  6. angryjay93

    New York Rangers

  7. angryjay93

    Philadelphia Flyers

  8. angryjay93

    Blue Angels

    Awesome coach, I know you have been excited about this for month so it's really cool to see it happen!
  9. angryjay93

    New Jersey Devils

  10. I'm sorry it took me so long to post this one but things just kept coming up. Also I forgot the change the matchup graphic...oops! I still hope everyone enjoys the action in these games none the less.
  11. angryjay93

    New York Islanders

  12. angryjay93

    Washington Capitals

  13. angryjay93

    2018 2v2 League Idea.

    I'd prefer to not be a captain because I don't think I'd play consistently enough
  14. angryjay93

    2018 2v2 League Idea.

    I would be interested in being one of the players in the pool.