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  1. Bud, I think you have the Patrick division flipped around. Wouldn't I be #3, annatar #4 and Bob #5?
  2. Los Angeles @angryjay93 sorry I didn’t update this thread, Discord was updated. HotelCalifornia picked LA. LA and WSH are off the board
  3. Former champs approve too. Playing until 5 am with the Chicago crew was probably some of the most fun I've ever had. Im sorry I missed out on the leagues from years ago. That was my bad.
  4. If you're telling me I'm not going to notice a difference in game play then I think it's a no brainer decision if it helps the tournament organizer and streaming audience.
  5. yes, i have had this same issue. while i have been unable to host, I have had the frame rate tank when playing by myself in a game i made available for netplay.
  6. Looking forward to another Edge of 94 event in what seems to be the great state of Minnesota. I'll be keeping the itenirary open!
  7. Looks like I might be getting last crack here but that's what I get for being in Canada an extra week. I think I might do a video recap instead of a written one to alleviate the wall of text I feel coming on from my pen. Maybe it will get me going on the whole video creation thing again...
  8. Oilers has a few epiphanies up but that's pretty much it in terms of documented stuff. It's kind of a bummer because before CB checking was discovered in GENS, I feel like SNES gave people a lot more freedom in their lineup choices. The general SNES summary is this (when talking to a GENS guy who is only familiar with weight bug checking) -Heavy, fast and skilled players are monsters (Bourque, Lemieux, Neely) -Light but fast and/or skilled players are pretty damn useful, especially at wing (Roenick, Selanne, Mogilny, Bure) -Heavy but slower players with some skills are also useful (Andreychuk, Shanahan, Lindros) -Light and unskilled players don't really warrant ice time. (Bassen, Emerson, Kovalenko) -Goalies almost don't matter. When it comes to checking, weight isnt the end all be all. Momentum can be a great equalizer for smaller players when going after bigger ones.