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  1. San Jose Sharks Ronning-Hull-Zhamnov Errey-Zhamnov-Dahlen Zhamnov-Ronning-Olczyk #7 Ex: olczyk Kasparitis-Iafrate Dahlquist-Rouse Essenssa Riendeau
  2. In my heart, he is Essenssa
  3. San jose sharks Messier-sandstrom-sanderson Donato-sanderson-kurri Kurri-donato-falloon #15 Extra: kurri Weinrich-zalapski Featherston-diduck #5 Diduck-featherston Bob "Curtis Joseph" Essenssa Racicot
  4. SJ trades 35, 68, 110 to Wpg for 46, 51, 99
  5. Hello everyone, we currently have the season ending January 3rd. Below is a current look at the adjusted standings. As noted in our previous post starting the season, the top two seeds are determined by the team with the most points in each conference. The next six spots are determined by points but their ranking is based off win percentage. All teams receive a -2 for each DNP. I will do my best to update standings at some point each day up until we reach our deadline. We currently do not anticipate extending the deadline, please do your best to complete your schedule before January
  6. I know we had mentioned doing one of our games together ages ago. If you want to revisit that idea just send me a DM.
  7. If I may add a few items to game knowledgeable off the top of my head it would breakouts and zone entries. These items don't fall under defending or's basically turning your defense into the opportunity to be able to create a chance.
  8. Yes, I practiced with a fight stick as a gag for a review many years ago. I used it in Gens and it was completely unplayable. Maybe RA would give a better experience.
  9. I'll sign something but I'm not giving them money when they could literally just fart the amount out.
  10. I think EA has a 100k in petty cash. If they wanted to, they can do it.