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  1. San Jose Sharks: Shanahan-Turgeon #87-Broten Broten-Nylander-Cullen #12 Nylander-Broten-Berezan X: Cullen Bourque-Housley Richardson-Diduck Hrudey Riendeau
  2. Hello everyone, we currently have the season ending at end of day November 14th, below is a current look at the adjusted standings. For leagues with two divisions, each division winner will obtain one of the top two seeds and a bye with the remaining 4 teams qualifying based on points but seed will be based on win percentage. For leagues with one division, the top 2 finishers by points will receive byes while the next 4 teams will qualify by points but seed will be based on win percentage. All teams receive a -2 for each DNP. These standings should update automatically with the standings on NHL94.com. We will not be extending the deadline, please do your best to complete the schedule before the end of November 14th. If necessary, we will do our best to replace inactive coaches with those who can get games in.
  3. Brat hul, ronning, zhamnov, sandstrom, savard, fedorov Housley, Ray Ray, smelios, iafrate Essenssa, joseph
  4. Buffalo? Damphousse-sandstrom-muller Smith-Sweeney
  5. San Jose Sharks (Angryjay93) Sc1: LW - Brendan Shanahan C - Michael Ricci RW - Denis Savard LD - Raymond Bourque RD - Christos Chelios G - Kelly Hrudey X - Ronald Francis Sc2: LW - Robert Carpenter C - Denis Savard RW - Robert Francis LD - Frantisek Musil RD - Robert Rouse G - Vincenzo Reindeau X - Robert Carpenter Chk: LW - Michael Ricci C - Robert Carpenter RW - Robert Petrovicky LD - Robert Rouse RD - Frantisek Musil X - Robert Petrovicky
  6. Hello everyone, we currently have the season ending at end of day May 2nd, below is a current look at the adjusted standings. For Gens, each division winner will obtain one of the top two seeds and a bye with the remaining 4 teams qualifying by points but the ranking will be based on win percentage. For SNES, the top 2 finishers by points will receive byes with the next 4 teams will qualify by points but the ranking will be based on win percentage. All teams receive a -2 for each DNP. These standings will update automatically with the standings on NHL94online.com We currently do not anticipate extending the deadline, please do your best to complete the schedule before the end of May 2nd. If necessary, we will do our best to replace inactive coaches with those who can get games in.
  7. I am to hear that you found the previous post helpful and I'm more than happy to answer whichever questions you may have in the future. Many years ago there was a league ran by Smozoma called Blitz League that incorporated the weight bug fix with the bonus/penalty feature and it was a very unique league. I found it to be an incredible league because there were more pros and cons to weigh with each player in respect to their checking ability. When comparing that rom to a rom that is only weight bug fixed, there are some differences but fewer from the default rom. I personally would prefer the weight bug fix with the bonus/penalty checking if I were to deviate. I think having lighter players with high check ratings punching above their weight and heavy players with low checking being a bit of a defensive liability to be a more interesting and realistic take on hockey. Unfortunately, Blitz League ended several years ago. In addition, the vast majority of leagues we run now use the default rom with the weight bug enabled. Every now and again someone will create a rom which may get used for a tournament that has some sort of weight bug fix but those seem to be far and few between. Leagues can also tend to come in cycles, which means a weight bug fix rom may come back in vogue but it is tough to predict when that my take place.
  8. Hey Deckard, i appreciate you taking a look at things here and posting the above question. I will do my best to assist you. A weight bug fixed rom can really change some things up for Detroit, especially for their blue line and checking line. Forwards like Yzerman, Ciccarelli, and Fedorov will still be your best players due to their skating and skills. Even at lower weights, they can avoid a lot of slower and heavier players. I would recommend having two of those three being your first 2 centers with the other being your first line LW as before. The rest of the Detroit forwards are kind of tricky to place as they largely have similar skill sets but are a bit on the lighter side. Trying to maintain weight balance will be key so that one line isnt too big and slow while the other is too light and struggle on defense. Defensively, Coffey really becomes a star as his speed and skill along with his size make him an absolute pain for the defense to stop. Chiasson is a solid choice for your 2nd pairing and then you'll be left to mix and match with lighter players with high endurance or somewhat heavier players with less endurance. Fortunately, Detroit has 8 defenseman I would feel comfortable with and you can use this depth on your special teams to help keep everyone fresh. Line 1: Fedorov-Yzerman-Probert Line 2: Ysebaert-Ciccarelli-Primeau Line 3: Drake-Ogrodnick-Sillinger Line 1: Coffey-Konstantinov Line 2: Chiasson-Lidstrom Line 3: McCrimmon-Konroyd PP Line 1: Fedorov-Yzerman-Drake Line 2: Ysebaert-Ciccarelli-Ogrodnick Line 1: Racine-Coffey Line 2: Lidstrom-Howe You'll still be using your best forwards on the PP and I inserted Drake for his speed and to help save Probert for the PK. On D, a lot of your lighter defenseman are very similar hence the insertion of Racine and Howe. We want to save our bigger and more defensive minded guys for the PK PK Line 1: Probert-Yzerman Line 2: Fedorov-Primeau Line 1: Chiasson-Konstantnov Line 2: Konroyd-Coffey Our depth forwards aren't great penalty killers as they are neither big or fast, this means we have to use Yzerman who has perfect endurance and Probert who does have the size and skating to make a difference as a checker. Fedorov has good D aware and is very agile, meaning he can at least pester players even if he can't body check them effectively. We can then use his playmaking ability to help draw attention and dish off to Primeau for short handed chances. Chiasson and Konstantinov are the best defensive players and they aren't on the PP which means they should have plenty of energy. Coffey should also be a part your PK as he has very high endurance that should allow him to play a role here despite being very involved in your other lines. If he is low on energy you can sub in McCrimmon who is very good in his own zone. Feel free to make adjustments that you see fit, especially if you prefer specific players in your lineup. With that in mind, I would do everything I could to ice Yzerman, Coffey, Fedorov, and Ciccarelli as much as possible as they are your game breakers and most of the rest of the team is your support.
  9. While it has been quite a while since we have had a live tournament, the art of running a successful one has clearly not been lost. I understand a lot of people, especially international travelers had various concerns with a live event but please put this event on your to do list for next year. Getting to the event is pretty easy as Minneapolis has a good size airport that serves both America and Canada relatively well. I got in on a Thursday night and was able to easily get an Uber to the Moxy Uptown, about a 10 mile drive that cost $25 each way. Bring a bud and that price gets whittled away even further as you split the costs. On top of that, the Moxy provides a deal for 94 players providing a room at a very reasonable rate. I believe my room ran $89 a night for a stay in a part of town that is easily walkable and has plenty of food/entertainment in the immediate vicinity. The rooms are fairly modern and comfortable as well, not exactly great for multi person meet ups within a single room but they certainly get the job done for a 2-3 night stay at a reasonable rate. As for the tournament itself, the setup was spot on with their being several setups of original hardware and CRTs. @LeifEriksonand his company AV For You brought in a lot of CRTs, lighting, audio, and other accoutrements early on Friday well before the majority of people rolled in for exhibitions. They made this process look so easy and it helped to provide a classic and hassle free experience to the tournament. @Edge of '94 Midwest during this time also was able to set up his streaming and announcing station along with all of the original Sega Genesis hardware. It was set up so that anyone, if they desired could walk up to the mic start and spitting hot fire live on stream. On top of this all, there was plenty of space to move around and a bar literally steps away from all of the game stations. Wait times to get a drink we're minimal as the Moxy staff were attentive and from what I heard, generous with their drinks from an alcohol content standpoint. Friday night consisted of a several exhibitions including a fully functional 2 on 2 setup on the big screen CRT. It allowed guys to spread out a bit consume their drinks, and take in the 2 on 2 experience that gets ratcheted up several notches with it being live. The tournament started on Saturday at 11 am which allowed plenty of time for people to make it to the venue and of course, the BAR WAS OPEN! The tournament itself, went along seamlessly from my perspective, Round Robin wrapped up within 3-4 hours which is a comfortable pace in which to get your games in, socialize a bit with everyone who arrived and get a good drink or two under your belt. For the lunch break, there are ample restaurants in which to choose from with varying types of food, it might have been the best food setup aside in terms of variety and only second to those with food on site for convenience. After the lunch break, there was a raffle that was flooded with prizes consisting of vintage hockey trading card sets, classic starting lineup figures from the 90's, classic video gaming accessories and a wide selection of autographed jerseys. Everyone received 3 complimentary tickets and additional tickets could be purchased as well. There must have been at least 30 different prizes available which meant that just about everyone went home with some sort of souvenir in which to remember the event by. Once the excitement of the raffle quieted down, we entered the bracket stage of the even which can be found below. There are a lot of great games included with commentary provided from a range of individuals like Trojan1979, TecmoJon and the completely off the grid Dan K. Again, this portion of the tournament went very smooth as there was little waiting around and we were able to wrap up the tournament with plenty of time afterwards to socialize some more while grabbing a few post game drinks. I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience at this event and am looking forward to going to the next one in Minneapolis sometime next year. I know a lot of people were on the fence this year but I think you will be very happy if you jumped off that fence and joined us. This is an excellent event and it can be even better if we get more buds to come in from out of town as the grass roots scene materializes in Minneapolis.
  10. Just found this yesterday while hanging out with @CoachMac. John McIntyre is listed as part of the credits for NHLPA 93, what in the world did he do during that time to be left out of nhl 94!?
  11. Time to start setting your lines. This basic format works for most, but if you want to set particular replacements, you can if you understand how that works - How It Works Otherwise, I assume you want a 3rd defensemen to come in for either LD/RD who gets a penalty/gets injured. The 4th only comes in as necessary. I also assume your extra attacker will be your 4th F if an injury occurs. On a penalty, I'll keep your starters on unless otherwise indicated. IF YOU KNOW OF A JERSEY NUMBER CONFLICT - you can also indicate it below. Otherwise I will bump up the lesser known players up/down one. If you have two starters with the same number, I'll look for a previous NHL number. Team Name: Anaheim Ducks LD: Raymond Bourque RD: Glen Wesley LW: Andrei Kovalenko C: Luc Robitaille RW: Ted Donato X: Ron Francis 3rd D: Vladimir Malakov G: Kelly Hrudey
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