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  1. Brutus

    IIHF Legacy 2019

    Great work guys.
  2. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    Smoz, yeah as coach says, if you just go in regularly, then it's like basic stuff, they snip s**t growing in your shitter! Lol I had one done last week on Tuesday & Doctor found a large one he made me reschedule to take it out on Friday & I guess he wasn't setup to do it during initial one Tuesday. basically, anything large growing in the lower region if left alone eventually turns cancerous, is what I come to understand. since I'm never sick, my basic checkup with a doctor I barely know ended up with me freaked out thinking something was really bad with me for 2 weeks while I waited for the specialist. ive got an 8 yr old princess & most of my mental issues were self-induced thinking about dying on her while I waited for that appointment & then after that, one week of 2 procedures, even if minor, just destroyed a busy working/family man's video play time. once I'd seen the specialist & had the operations setup, my mind wasn't worried anymore but the prep for colonoscopy is disgusting (drink nasty s**t that drains you) & getting put under gives me at least a foggy mind for a day. Losing a basic week for me is hard to catch up on things. appreciate the support. I'm fine, never really was in the bad other than in my own mind & if I had not gone in to get checked up. Oddly, my regular doctor when I asked him last year said I should just wait till I'm 50. i think I need a new regular doctor.
  3. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    ALSO, as a fair warning to all my fellow buds out here, if you are over 40, approaching 40, get checked out. They used to recommend 50, but now are moving it to 45. You'd be STUNNED at the stories I heard after I told mine around work/friends/circles, etc. And, my gastrologist specialist I went to said 100% I'd have developed cancer if I hadn't gone in when I did. Like, I'm never sick, don't have grey hair, all my hair, decent shape, sitting with good genes, no allergies, no history of nothing, and I'd have been in a bad way fast if I hadn't been listening to the radio and Eddy O was crying, dealing with his battle with cancer and talked about getting yourself checked out. Scary stuff, not knowing what you can't see. Don't have anything without your health for real.
  4. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    Hey guys. So I planned on running this league and had a nice window of time open to set it up. It's a cool idea, but complicated to setup and required time. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. I tried to get help, but wasn't able to do so in order to get things set up. Recently, Coach reached out to me offering to help, but I failed to clear any time to even call Coach over the phone and set things up with him. He's since then started up his cool little Retro league, so I'm going to put this league on hold until I get my more free time for NHL94. As it stands, I had a scare by a doctor got me all paranoid I might have cancer, and I ended up having to set up all these doctor visits, and get a colonoscopy done twice in one week (getting put under twice in one week). Everything got taken care of and it turns out I'm in the clear, but that WHOLE situation just messed me up and took up a lot of my free time, which I often used for NHL94! Not to mention losing just several days of prep for the procedures followed by being all foggy for a day after. Anyhow, long story short, I've been playing catch up on EVERYTHING in my life right now, and being real, won't be setting this league up any time soon. Sorry to stroke you strokes. I feel most bad about not doing a draft video for a second time on Flatcrusher! Once I get my routine back, and find a nice window to set things up properly, I'll re-post and start up a league. I might work on the setup slowly in the background in the meantime. Running a draft for a different type of league (Plablegs, GDL, anything like that, setting up one of Raph's pre-done google docs), that's easy for me. You guys get together on Discord, or on the forum, figure out when/what you'd want to do, and I'd help out, no problem. Brute
  5. Freedom of schedule for a group of guys who all play at various times randomly when they feel like it for a few weeks and then disappear for a month, and then play at 7 pm eastern, but then next time always at 11 pm eastern, etc. The rigid schedule is probably best suited for when most the site was filled with guys playing between 7-11 pm 3-4 nights a week plus, and the only way you DIDN'T get your games in was by not showing up. Now, you can show up 3-4 days in a row and not see a soul, or show up one day and get 15 games in! So, I really felt the theme of a Summer League and stretching it out fit with it completely. However, I think if you were going to have an easy rest/extended season, should have timed out a double elimination playoffs to not last so long. In other words, guys would have to know they will be facing off this coming time frame, and it's show up or forfeit, cause double elimination with guys showing when they want is a 2 month playoff all day. As for schedules, I think having LESS games to log vs the same users is probably a better idea. I'd say 6 games or 8 games. Either way, solid summer fun. Thanks JJ
  6. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    Guys, I ran into some personal delays that have prevented me from getting this league ready. I'm still willing to do it, but will need help to get it going for everyone. I'm going to message some guys to try to get the help and hope to have the bulk of the structure up by Sunday night. Apologies, Brute
  7. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    ^^^BUMP We are STILL OPEN for sign up for this league. Sitting at 14 coaches. Would prefer to get to an even 16, but good with a solid 14.
  8. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    KG SOBER!?!? Glad to hear you are trying to conquer your demons, and glad someone can live vicariously through my videos.
  9. I think if we were a true A/B, this might work a little better than just one team having more/less salary cap to spend. Ie, giving Mogilny type player to an A coach is WAY crazier than to a B coach, so I could set his A level salary 3 times higher type setup. But, we are more of an A- league w/ some A guys, and a few B guys. So, since it a short league setup & more of a trial run, I'm going to leave it as ONE salary for all players, and adjust TEAM SALARY caps to weight the league accordingly. Keep the ideas flowing, cause I'm going to work most of the final details out this weekend likely and try to have it all setup before end of the week.
  10. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    I'll take Chicago
  11. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    Until someone offers to do the custom ROM, we are only selecting NHL94 teams please. IF we get to custom teams, I'll lock you in at Hamilton Tigers. But in the mean time, please re-select.
  12. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    *bump* I updated the rules/draft settings for now. I will continue to discuss this further within Discord, and make everything final by Sunday. Maybe drafting mid August, so time for pre-season, where add/drops/trades will be allowed as long as you stay within salary cap for your team.
  13. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    So far, we've got 13 coaches "IN". Let's start selecting teams from the NHL94 Team List to play with. And if someone ends up volunteering to do custom work, we can work on switching team names then. #1 Brutus - Chicago #2 Icestorm - Buffalo #3 Aqua - LA Kings #4 Seamor -TB Lightning #5 MikeGartner - Northstars #6 AJ - Edmonton #7 AtomicRaven - Montreal #8 Corbetkb - Dallas #9 Lupz - Rangers #10 Jwebber - #11 Skip - Quebec #12 Flatcrusher - Jets #13 Boston Boy - Boston? #14 Zep - Hartford #15 Chef - Philadelphia #16 Chaos - Toronto Team selection will go by first come, first go, and again, only NHL94 teams for now, unless someone offers to do the customization work for the ROM, and we'd switch then.
  14. I was going to get some help to put together a decent size player pool, come up with a salary cap number that would yield a strong team, an average team and a weak team, and then try to back into what a top 5 type player needs his salary set to, then a tier the rest of the guys and make some tweaks based on position (Forward, Defense, Goalie). I was then also going to get a few vets to privately review the pool/salary set up and help make adjustments/comments. BUT MAINLY, me. IF the league is a success, high interest, it would serve as a good spring board into some different type of league setups and hopefully spice up some new interest. At this time, I'd probably then be able to tweak the salary per player and team total salary caps better as well.