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  1. IN: (subbing for Raph as Anaheim) 6 Forwards - LW Adam Oates RW Russ Courtnall C Eric Lindros F4 Luc Robitaille F5 Steve Larmer F6 Andrei Kovalenko 4 Defenders - LD - Zarley Zalapski RD - Ray Bourque D3 Al Iafrate D4 Ulf Samuelsson Goalies - G1 Patrick Roy G2 Ed Belfour
  2. Special thanks to @chaosand @kingraphfor their work on this. Please use this ROM for the rest of the season until we make another one, lol Plablegs04_v5.bin
  3. PLAYOFFS: There will be 2 playoffs, an A playoffs & B playoffs, according to the conferences above. 2 teams from each division will be the top 1-4 seeds, plus the next 4 best point totals, equaling 8 playoff teams per conference, best of 7 series. There will be DEDUCTS for games NOT played, if one coach is found to be at fault extensively, the other coaches on his schedule will be awarded points for those games missed accordingly based on win% vs the division those games are missed from. Hopefully, we won't have any games not played. I, as commish, will be the only one deciding, giving out deductions/final points.
  4. Regular Season SCHEDULE: Play everyone in your division 4 times, 2 at home & 2 on the road. Play everyone ELSE outside of your division (including A or B ) 2 times, 1 at home & 1 on the road. Total of 56 games. 7 weeks to the season. Deadline should be September 4th, unless the league gets to 90% much sooner than expected, in which case we would push end date up.
  5. MikeGartner22 — Today at 11:14 AM Hextall and Teppo are still 27. Hextall can be 72.
  6. CharlesWorth — Yesterday at 12:42 PM Winnipeg Jets C. Mike Gartner RW Robert Reichel LW Steve Thomas LD Gusarov RD Ulf Samuelson Goalie Beezer F4 Amonte D3 Driver
  7. dcicon5148 — Today at 1:45 PM Edmonton Oilers LW - G. Courtnall C - J. Roenick RW - J. Carson LD - S. Stevens RD - S. Chiasson G - D. Beaupre #4 FW - S. Corson #3 D - K. Lowe (change number to 44)
  8. Jcariello — Today at 1:27 PM Detroit LC-Hogue C-Sakic RW- Kristich LD-Manson RD- Brisebois G- Belfour X-Yake LD sub- Kurvers RD sub- Racine
  9. Trefizzle — Today at 1:29 PM LW PuKIN C VERBEEK RW BORSH RD HOUS LD COFF G ESS [1:29 PM] X MULLEN (edited) [1:31 PM] and add me paul cavallini and drop More 1 Trefizzle — Today at 2:02 PM i also have 2 16s borsh and verbeek...keep verbeek 16 [2:02 PM] make borshevsky10
  10. MikeGartner22 — Today at 8:30 AM North stars Lw- Ronning c- Kamensky rw- Ricci Ld- Wesley Rd- Teppo G- Hextall (72) X- Brindamour 2nd sub- Miller 3rd sub- Elynik Ld sub- Yuskevich Rd sub - Rouse (edited)
  11. DALLAS STARS (corbetkb) LW - ( 7) Neal Broten C - (91) Sergei Fedorov RW - ( 9) Mike Modano LD - ( 3) Doug Lidster RD - ( 4) Dave Ellett G - (31) Chris Terreri X - (20) Ray Ferraro • #CHG ( 2) Mark Howe *# 82-92 Flyers • If possible, same uniforms & (no)music as DAL in CDL5
  12. Washington Capitals LW - Emerson C - Klima RW - Zhamnov LD - Murphy RD - Fetisov G - Berthiaume #4 Forward Steen #3 Defender McSorley Only conflicting # is defenseman #4 Huddy & forward #5 Claude, are both 22.
  13. When you are all done with trades, please post team and lines. Remember, no penalties, so only need starting lineup and who comes in for injuries. like this: Washington Capitals C RW LW LD RD Goalie F4 D3
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