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  1. LW Fedorov C Sandstrom RW Russ Courtnall LD Zalapaski Rd Sweeney X Kozlov G Hasek First Forward sub: Kozlov Firzt Defense sub: Musil
  2. OK. LOOKING to finish in one month, so season would end Monday on June 8th. Here are the rules: 18 teams, ONE big blob*, no separate divisions/conferences, etc. 4 games vs each opponent, totaling 68 games. 2 home/ 2 away. 3 min periods, 3 min OT, ties will happen. Playoffs, top 10 make it with 2 play in series. #7 vs #10, #8 vs #9, winners play #1 & #2 seed, respectively. NO RE-SEEDING once the playoffs start. Will be run true tourney style, best of 7 series. REASON for this is so we don't have to wait for EACH series of each round to play next series. I
  3. Chicago Lines: LW P. Coffey C R Bourque RW P Verbeek LD M Messier RD E Tikkanen G C Terreri 3rd Defender C. Ruuttu 4th Forward K. Dineen 5th Forward C. Lemieux
  4. Brutus

    ETB F/D Trades

    Brutus drops Beaupre, picks up C. Lemieux
  5. So, only vote if you've had time to EXI w/ the Rom and have played some games w/ 3 min periods. It has plenty of pros & cons. One major pro is you can knock out a bunch of games quickly. One major con is sometimes it can feel TOO quick. Given that, stats will be harder to come by, which can be both a PRO & CON. In addition, I am doing a second poll to decide on settings for the playoffs as well. My thought now is let's vote on 3 options. IF YOU HAVEN'T EXI'd the ROM, hurry & do so, and then come vote.
  6. ROM I made was crashing last night, so I deleted it. This is just the base NHL94 rom w/ the B check fixed, and set to 3 min periods. Use this to add your teams for exi's, etc. We will get to an official exi rom later. ETB4_Ex1_Rom1.bin
  7. For those that know how, ADD your team if you want and upload it here. Re_name it each time the next number. SO, this will be ETB4_Exi1 rom. Next one is ETB4_Exi2 rom. And so on. DON'T BE THAT GUY! I'll try to add teams tomorrow. I was getting error messages when I tried to make some teams up.
  8. Brutus

    ETB F/D Trades

    Post your trades & add/drops post draft as well here.
  9. Brutus

    ETB F/D Draft

    6 1 92 Joe Mullen DET Mr. T 6 2 93 Mike Vernon BOS Schmidt 6 3 94 Teppo Numminen HFD MikeGartner22 Trade w/WPG 6 4 95 Scott Stevens DAL corbettkb 6 5 96 Dave Elle
  10. Brutus

    ETB F/D Draft

    5 1 75 Al Iafrate VAN zeppelin55 5 2 76 Andy Moog OTT Chaos 5 3 77 Curtis Joseph QUE Skip 5 4 78 Tim Cheveldae FLA dcicon5148 5 5 79 Eric Lindros
  11. Brutus

    ETB F/D Draft

    4 1 55 Jaromir Jagr CGY IceStormNHL94 4 2 56 Alexei Zhamnov CGY IceStormNHL94 4 3 57 Zarley Zalapski DET Mr. T 4 4 58 Brian Bradley BOS Schmidt 4 5 59 Dimitri K
  12. Brutus

    ETB F/D Draft

    3 1 35 Brian Leetch CGY IceStormNHL94 3 2 36 Denis Savard CGY IceStormNHL94 3 3 37 Sergei Makarov VAN zeppelin55 3 4 38 Dale Hawerchuk OTT Chaos 3 5 39 Tony Gra