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  1. This is f**king dynamite! A big "Thank You" to @Triple A and @Xstioph for the doing the dirty work on the ROM and setting the league stuff up. Also i swear i didn't look at the updated team rankings when i picked, but I took Chicago bc i figured they'd at least be "better than good" since it's still '94 and b/c i'm a total Blackhawks homer who may have a had few soda-pops while watching the CHI-EDM series wrap-up from the cu playoffs this year. And it looks like i got pretty lucky in terms of my pick (counterpoint: if i can't pick well at #3 then i deserve my lot in life). Regardless, I'm really looking forward to this league and, as they say in Canada, "f**kin' Eh!" (At least that's what I've heard. I'm American, so i don't really know what they say in Canada b/c i'm not f**king allowed to travel up there at the moment haha)
  2. i found this here online community by me talking random s**t about what a demi-god i was at NHL'94 hockey on twitter. and now i'm here in the C division, which is either exactly where i belong or some kind of Make-A-Wish Foundation type s**t and i'm just not in on the joke. Bottom line, you guys around here are really f**king good, and i've had the time of my life getting my f**king face beaten in lo these past 4 or 5 months. Im looking forward to this SNES league, and to having an opportunity to play against, and probably lose to, a whole slew of new faces. Let's f**king Go!
  3. Gimme Vancouver please
  4. My mom always hated me and my dad always hated me. But we had a family dog, and I have always loved me some peanut butter! Put me in Group B please. Looking forward to it!
  5. Thank you Bob! And i also would to add a big Thank You to @smozoma and @halifax for getting me sorted out on RA and the Discord, and also to @danTML7 and @jmomonyc for f**king beating me in my first two laps around the rink. I appreciate the gang-style "beat-in" initiation, fellas! I'll get better...
  6. Yep halifax is correct. I was talking smack to a buddy on twitter about how i wanted online play for the SNES version of the game, and the nhl94.com account jumped into the thread to educate me. I downloaded that RetroArch program; now i just have to find myself a suitable gamepad and order that sumbitch through amazon or something. Thank you for the welcome, and I hope to run into you guys soon! Quick question: does that software have any noticeable lag, or is it as smooth as playing the originals?
  7. Holy s**t that's an unreal series! Pardon my new-guy question, but does RetroArch have any functionality to record games and/or snip highlight clips for a little amateur SportsCenter type recaps of match-ups like this one? I love this damn game so f**king much. Cheers, DanK
  8. Greetings my fellow enjoyers of the best f**king hockey video game ever created! I just discovered this wonderful interweb-based haven for the greatest invention of mankind (NHL'94 hockey) this very evening. My personal poison is the SNES version. I was always a Sega/Genesis fanboy growing up, but once SNES introduced defense control on the shoulder buttons, well, lets just say that was right around the time I turned 14 and I was quite excitable, to say the least. It's the f**king best game ever. That being said, I have most always strictly played top-line/5 min periods/manual goalie/no penalties. That's how me and my friends measured ourselves in terms of "the best". Do many people here play that way in tournaments, or is it mostly penalties and line changes on? Regardless, its a damn pleasure to find a place like this. It's like that movie Field of Dreams except it's NHL'94 Hockey. I love it. Brass Bonanza forever, DanK