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  1. Use this feature, but don't have users connect to it, save one-two people who will stream this on the Internet with commentary on a public platform like Twitch/Facebook/Youtube. IE Smoz competes against Chris 0 in Genesis. Smoz streams his screen to the Discord server feature just mentioned. Trojan and Angryjay capture the game footage into OBS and stream on the preferred gaming platform. Users are then invited to chat in the stream on said platform, and the general public can see this as well.
  2. Would really like to see some board sponsors like Tim Hortons
  3. Thanks so much for the great feedback EA! I can't tell you how much I've come to appreciate our friendship in the past few years. I think you either overpaid for your hotel, or got in on things before the special deal package was announced. I believe normal fare for our group was supposed to be $69 a night, which is insane. When compared to our tight quarters at Edge VR Arcade, I found Pourhouse to be immensely larger, and the only significant deficiency I felt was the bathroom capacity, well that and the allotted amount of time. I want SNES to work out. We've made the investment, and had a good contingent in 2019. For reasons I can't get into, a situation prevented the Elmhurst guys from attending. I gave the "come to Jesus" talk with several SNES players I know who have told me, "Oh man next year for sure". If I don't get hard commits with paid signups when we're on the bring of announcing the tournament, we'll strongly consider tabling SNES and expand the Genesis experience. Additional investment for a 2v2 experience would be necessary, based on our current stock of 4 way play adapters, and 3 button controllers, as well as flash cartridges. It's certainly possible. If we don't table SNES, having a dedicated 2v2 event at Moxy Friday could certainly be a thing. I also imagine if we asked far enough in advance that we might be able to secure that same space Saturday and make it an official after party, still allowing us to have our cake and eat it too. The only negative there would be no official stream if we did it that way. The day has a way of sapping your energy by that time as well, so Friday sounds much more appealing for 2v2. Without the dedicated help of "The Ref", or someone like him, not playing in the Saturday tournaments is going to be an ongoing reality. The live stream is living/breathing billboard to what's possible, and I've found these things unwatchable without a dedicated hype box. I thought we missed an opportunity in 2019 with far too many streamed games with a dedicated voice. I actually really enjoy the commentary, I just need buds to fill in on color to keep me energized in the late rounds. Leif, the Regina bros, AJ and Raph, and Kevin C all did their part to help me stay energized best I could. I do think I would have had a bit more pep had I not been battling a virus(Not the Rona) the week before. Leif Erikson's contributions made this event super special. I can only hope with the financial setbacks being experienced by so many small business owners that we can continue as we have been in 2021. You hit it on the head for Minneapolis being amazing. It's crazy to see someone wearing literally thousands of dollars worth of clothing, and then just a few steps away is a homeless person. I did feel safe in Uptown. At no time did I worry for my safety.
  4. Put Ray at Center! The Bourque giveth, and The Bourque taketh away.
  5. That won't work with what we use within the community as a whole, but if you head over to nhl94online.com, you'll get everything you'll need to play with us, including the necessary communication via our community Discord channel, so you may find opponents for pickup(exis) games, and eventually even leagues if interested.
  6. The struggle to get our content to work properly on Facebook is real, at least when it's a tournament sized video. We've tried some tricks, and will be doing a 2PM CST rerelease of the SNES tournament footage on our Facebook page. I can only hope it actually works this time.
  7. For more important discussion and updates, please join us in the Blades of Steel channel on Discord!
  8. In all seriousness, despite having a decent stream in 2019, the bar has been raised so high by @LeifErikson and his team. @Coffey did an amazing job with the KO94 stream indeed! I really enjoyed the King of 94 stream, and look forward to how it evolves as well. The more dedicated volunteers you can wrangle the better. That being said, it takes a game veteran to function well on the mic. Guys like @halifax, @kingraph, and @angryjay93 are all top notch on the mic, but alas, they're typically in the field. It's rare to find someone with passion who will volunteer for something like this, then will take themselves out of competition. Given my talents/passion are on the mic, and I needed to address the tournament as a whole anyway, my position behind the booth on the stage for Minneapolis seemed to be the most appropriate spot. We had a ton of help from the tournament guys like @mort1237 and @hankthetank and others tearing down and helping setup. There is no real right way to do this, unless you get a guy like Arda to come back and do his thing. The tournament streams are amazing, but I maintain tournaments are for the people who attend them, and the stream is a living breathing billboard to attract other buds to the events in the future. I know it's not uncommon at retro sports tournaments to either skip group play streaming, or have it go without commentary until people start getting eliminated. Then the eliminated players come into the mix on the mic. There is no perfect system. I'm just glad people still want to come to these things. Here's to hoping everyone can get their tournaments in for 2020 and quick recoveries happen. Stay healthy everyone!
  9. We're hosting an online Blades of Steel tournament in April. I'd start it sooner but it takes time to make sure everyone can get hosting going.
  10. A few people still need help getting setup but we will be starting this week.
  11. You may get the rules and details at the above link if interested.
  12. Sign up here =====> https://forms.gle/hpp2nTjvZS6vq6Qh6 Edge of 94 Midwest proudly presents our first online Blades of Steel tournament for NES! This tournament will feature the US based rom for the Nintento Entertainment System. We will be using the Brudtopia emulator as is used by the Tecmo Super Bowl community at large. Assistance with setup for this emulator package is available by contacting me(Trojan) directly via the NHL94 Discord channel, or on Facebook via the Edge of 94 Midwest page. Free entry to the 2021 Edge of 94 Midwest NHL94 tournament will be awarded to the winner. Format : Randomly seeded double elimination. Winner of losing bracket must defeat opponent twice in the finals. The time to complete your game will be on average a 4 or 5 day window, however we encourage players to get their games done much sooner than the deadline. Rules: Have fun! Seriously, we aren't here to make enemies. This game is still fun today, and you should hope to make new friends by participating in this. There is a 10 goal deficit mercy rule, however in line with the above rule, you may wish to hit the brakes if you're taking someone to the woodshed. It's always best to let the game conclude for everyone's experience, even if it's officially over. There is no benefit for having a higher goal differential, as there is no group play phase. Again, in these situations, drop gloves more often, or dump the puck in the opposing zone to extend the game if it isn't in doubt. Find away to make sure your opponent is having fun. Games are a single match with the standard exhibition rules. Player 1 is the host of the game. A coin toss performed by the tournament organizer will determine who has the honor of being player 1. At this time it is not widely known if there is any game play advantage to being player 1 or player 2 beyond familiarity. Player 2 gets first pick of their favorite city, which is a purely cosmetic/aesthetic choice. A clear winner must emerge, so ties are not permitted. If an overtime winner is not crowned, the game converts to shootout mode.(I do not think Blades of Steel Games can end in ties but if the game ends itself without a winner, a new game must be started until a goal is scored, the game ending on that goal) Players should be generally advancing the puck to attempt to score. Continual and intentional "keep away"/time wasting is dumb. Don't be that guy. No intentionally introducing lag/disconnecting, or turbo is permitted. In the event of an accidental disconnect, the score is retained, and the period is replayed by starting a new game. In the event the disconnect happens in the 3rd period, and a goal differential of 3 or more already exists, the game is considered over. Games should be hosted by and played via wired Ethernet connection This isn't negotiable. Those that have played NHL94 over wireless connections know how futile it can be. Any disagreements or concerns that cannot be worked out between players should be brought directly to tournament organizer Trojan We will be streaming the best games from this tournament featuring the best games round by round with commentary. As a result we ask that people do not stream their games while they play. You will be required to submit a file via the recording feature in the emulator. Here is a video explaining how that works. Thanks to Frozensith for his video, also known as Tecmo Psycho.