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  1. We are just under 1 week away from our intended start date of January 25th. We're a handful of players short from where we'd like to be at, so I'd like to put out another ping/request and encourage folks to join us for this. What are the benefits to you? 1) All the work is done for you. This means you'll be setup to play literally anything you want to play on NES against/with other buds, be it Ice Hockey, Blades of Steel, RBI Baseball, Tecmo Super Bowl, Contra etc, and any rom hacks for NES. If you're already setup to play NHL94 online, then the effort required to get you going
  2. I wanted to provide an update as we're getting close to the start of this tournament. In order to have enough time to help everyone get situated with the technical end of things, I'm asking that you get signed up ASAP. Our goal is 16 players, and we're not there yet, so please help us spread the word, and if you're on the fence, I promise you'll have a good time! You can sign up here : https://tinyurl.com/EdgeIceHockey2021
  3. Here are the rules for the tournament : 1) Period Length 7 Minutes, Game Speed: 3 We feel these settings keep the games at a proper length to limit risk of "NES Thumb", while at the same time allow for proper reaction time for the heavy shots in an online environment, where the potential of latency has to be adjusted for. 2) Game Restrictions : You must always attempt to score goals by advancing the puck into the attacking zone. A missed pass or a blue line reset is acceptable, granted that it is not for the purposes of stalling. No use of controller physical or virtual tu
  4. Here is a quick snapshot at the start of the bracket. I'll be posting links to stream videos of the series games that are interesting. This is a single elimination bracket, with each stage being a best 2/3 series. Here is a link to the only competitive group play series we had footage for, between myself and @DPShttps://fb.watch/2LyTWdHJ7s/ The remainder of the games we will broadcast will be for the playoffs. Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy them, as much as we did making them!
  5. I am releasing signup information for our next qualifier tournament, Ice Hockey for NES! Because this is not based on NHL94 directly, no one will be prohibited from signing up, even if you win NHL94 Heroes. I can directly assist anyone with getting the emulator package setup. Since most of you already have port forwarding setup on your PCs, it's just a matter of showing you how to get into a game. https://tinyurl.com/EdgeIceHockey2021 UPDATE!! : Rules can be found in this thread at the following link: Details are in the signup, but $15 to enter, everyone plays a 2/3 series i
  6. NES TSB is the 2nd greatest sports game ever made. It's player base dwarfed this community when a particular website was still hosting forums and posting polished rom hacks annually. I'm a big fan of Madden 94 on SNES, and frankly all EA sports games back then were fun(cept for NHL95 and NHLPA93[SNES]). Are those games more "realistic"? Absolutely they are, but that's not the point. TSB on NES is just a perfect blend of depth, arcade mechanics, and just a balance on how things are supposed to work. In short, it's more fun, because it's made to be so. I probably played over 100
  7. I did pick the game up. I'm not in love with it. Not because it's somehow bad, but it doesn't feel like it adds any sort of unique gameplay experience. Given the option of playing a game with a friend, I'd rather play NHL94, Ice Hockey, or Blades of Steel.
  8. The links to our main 2019 "Barry Melrose Place" Twitch feeds are no longer available. Since then the original broadcasts have been condensed and reuploaded to our Facebook page. The YouTube links are still valid, as we had a 2nd stream going on The Retro Sports Gamer YouTube channel. 2019 SNES : https://www.facebook.com/266393173699412/videos/522475815079656/ 2019 Genesis, unsure what happened, but the video is no longer showing up on our FB page, may have to go back to the old laptop and reupload.
  9. @jer_33 did a nice breakdown on our streams in Minneapolis from this year's Edge tournament. Here's the link for reference.
  10. I use this gem, which is a Sega 1st party option. There is a black only version as well. I use it for all my 16 bit emulation needs. Now if only it made me any better at this game. I need a button that makes me win more.
  11. Just think how blessed we are that we have to ponder these difficult decisions. Who would have thought that mr double fisting bulldog himself @danTML7 would enter the bathroom(the NHL94 cocoon if you will), get photoshopped into a group photo, and transform into the invaluable community multi-purpose asset that he has become. If NHL94 was a religion, Dan would be the one to wake your ass up on a Saturday to tell you about his lord and savior, Doug Gilmour. I wanted to love on a few other buds along the way here that definitely deserve recognition. While the impact may have b
  12. Windows, spying on you before it was cool.... on Dreamcast.
  13. We're at 14 players, only 2 away from our goal. I know there are dozens of active Genesis players, and I only need 2 more of you to get in on this fun.
  14. I clicked the website link, and that same Pearl Jam song was playing almost in sync in our shop at work.