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  1. Glad it's going to a good home. @CoachMac hopefully that's not all you own.
  2. I had really hoped to be the "announcer" in this rom to boost my NHL94 status to an immortal legend. Let me know if you decide to hack a NHL94 Sega CD rom, and I'll record the intros. Now excuse me while I put fasteners into a plastic bag in my 9-5.
  3. I thought the Roenick video was cool. They showed it on stream at some point during the Sega tournament. Is anyone ever going to tell him that they weren't actually playing NHL94 in Swingers?
  4. If you think it means we're closer to Thunder Bay, Ontario than our previous venue, then you're correct.
  5. Constructive criticism has its place and it is something that's needed to grow, but I'm going to have to side with fellow organizers here. The amount of work that goes in year round to investigate and promote these things is insane. I wasn't in this community during the 1st event. Perhaps it was lightning in a bottle, but I think Halifax has done everything he can to keep this going in the right direction. He has national sports news coverage, many of the world's best players in attendance, and a venue that seems to have been well received. I still believe growth for this game is possible. Just look at pockets of success and interest in the past 3 years out of Vancouver, Chicago, and Green Bay. Let's look at the positives regarding the traveling idea..... Vegas introduced everyone to Jamil, and one of the best Genesis series that's ever been witnessed. What a storyline that was. This led to the Vancouver tournament, which brought Daf and his fan club to the show. I've put my foot in my mouth regarding overly criticizing things. I think these thoughts are better communicated privately. The only criticism to the tournament is that I couldn't stay connected to streams for 12 hours a day lol. I'm sure the guys there didn't mind it. Thanks for doing everything you guys do @halifax @smozoma Sroka, Raph, AJ, and anyone else who was pitching in. It was a pleasure to witness.
  6. Exactly three years from the date of our first #NHL94 tournament, we're happy to announce that Wisconsin was not big enough to contain us! We are now Edge of '94 Midwest! Coming in 2020, to a major city near you! More details to come in the coming weeks and months, but here's a hint.....
  7. They weren't uploaded to our FB page back then because of the sponsorhip. They were and still are on the TGFN page.
  8. We did a live premiere of our edited Genesis broadcast, clipping out the long pauses in between games. We had a good viewership. enjoy and feel free to share this with others. We'll be working on the SNES broadcast next so stay tuned for that! https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94/videos/527204178034146/
  9. Thanks for locking that down, I'll remove my other comment.
  10. I love the effort and attention to detail that gets poured into these individual roms. With the exception of a league custom rom, or the annual roster refresh roms, I don't deviate from the main games very often. I'm sure there are rom junkies out there that need another fix. Just realize, not unlike dozens of roms before it, this may and likely will end up on the shelf, unless you or someone else runs a league with it. I don't know what goes into doing all of this, just understand that most players will slip back into OG roms for that consistency factor, especially when training for a live event. Good luck in the process!
  11. Do you think the Raptors fans will be gone in time?
  12. @angryjay93, and a number of other Tecmo players have been doing a weekly broadcast covering the most competitive games of the 2019 GBLAN(my organization) Online Tecmo Super Bowl tournament that we do annually now. The games are played in advance, and we utilize the emulator's recording/playback feature that creates a very small file. That file uses the emulator to play back the action. It's about 95% effective. We take that, plug it into the emulator, and call the action while recording using OBS. I use the screen sharing feature of Discord to bring in the audio for my color commentators. I'm not sure if there is a similar feature built into the likes of RA, but we could work with a raw video file, should someone send me the link for it. Doing this live would be a s**t show. Doing the recording, then premiering it on a notable channel with eyeballs would be ideal. This year we partnered with The Retro Sports Gamer Channel on Youtube. The response has been very good so far. Here is an example of that. It's Tecmo, not NHL94, but the same concept could be brought to the NHL94 community, should we settle on how we capture the games being played. I don't see this working as a live endeavor.