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  1. Saturday February 5th, it's all about NHL94 on Genesis. Friday night, we'll have some options if we want to have a side competition. While there will most certainly be pickup games of 94 played all night, there is an opportunity here to play some other games in a quick single or double elim format should there be enough interest. The games should be on the Genesis since that's what we'll have setup. I'll throw out some suggestions, but feel free to add your own. These are meant to be fun, and not to be taken too seriously. Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition(the Genesis port of Hyper Fighting) -More people play this than you probably realize, and it even supports handicap(give/take more/less damage) which I'm in favor of to help even things out. I also have a ton of copies of this game on the cheap. NBA Jam T.E. - always a fun game, having this might coax some guys to travel that might not otherwise come. I have a number of copies and I know a few others might be able to bring an extra cartridge. NHL94 Rewind Custom Rom, would need some help getting enough flash carts, but I think this could be a blast. This would probably best the most intense tournament if we did it. We could probably get by with 4-6 total flash carts to make this work depending on how many people were there. NHL94 2v2s Pros and Joes, a really fun way to kick off the weekend. I would need some help with the 4 player adapters. We could probably get by with just a couple of these setups since it occupies 8 people at once. Mortal Kombat 1 or 2 - a hail mary if you will, since it's one of my favorite all time games, and I have multiple copies. Games are quick, and the nostalgia factor is pretty high. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. Thanks to your help it will be! Guys I'd like to give Leif a huge shout out again for all his help. He'll be supplying the broadcast quality CRT's again, and has been my boots on the ground for all of this.
  3. It's happening! Live NHL94 is back! We'll be returning to Minneapolis in 2022! There are many details to be revealed soon, but I wanted to get the date out to all of those that would be interested. Here's what we know : We will have Friday night activities/open play February 4th. Depending on how many people can show up for both days, we can potentially do something tournament-esque, or keep it casual and get the rust off. If we can get ahold of enough flash carts, doing something with the NHL94 Rewind rom hack was one possibility. Saturday February 5th will have a noon target start time. This will give people plenty of time that would be driving in from out of town if they can't make Friday's activities. We will be doing Genesis only officially. Based on past SNES participation, the situation in Canada, and the RSVP status for our past Elmhurst SNES guys led to this decision. The Genesis tournament will be expanded, and the pace of gameplay will be toned down, giving more people opportunities(myself included) to compete, announce, and take a breather in between games. Cost for the tournament will be $40. We will have a mix of door and raffle prizes available. Payouts will get boosted by our online tournaments. Our venue for both days will be Moxy Uptown in Minneapolis, MN, which is also our preferred hotel. This venue was used for a pre-party in 2020, and it was a big hit. They have told us they are adding a restaurant and it should be done before the tournament. They already have a great bar. If the restaurant isn't ready in time, we'll have plenty of short walk food options, and of course, delivery is always an option. Since it's a hotel, we can bring in these items. Since the schedule will be more open, we'll be adaptable to this situation, to make sure everyone has a chance to get some food, even scheduling a dedicated pause to give everyone a chance to scratch that itch. Our goal for this tournament is 24 or more players, but not more than 32. At this point, it's been so long since we've had a live NHL94 event, that I'd be ok with a compact group of 8 guys, but I know we can and will do much better than that. Registration will open on or before November 1st, and I'll be sure to share a link to the affiliate promo rate we'll be getting with the Moxy for our crew. It's been nearly 2 years since we ran our last event, and it's going to be amazing seeing so many of you buds again! For those of you who didn't see the venue last time, here are some pics of the venue. Here's some pics from the last tournament weekend for a better reference:
  4. Catch our 5 game "The Hustler" finals series between Green Majik and Birdhas with Trojan and @angryjay93 on the mic! https://t.co/2nvMo3xClP?amp=1 https://twitter.com/trojanvoice/status/1427595760103743488?s=20
  5. Our goal of starting tomorrow is slightly hindered by not quite enough signups. I'm looking for a few more warm bodies that wouldn't mind hearing Tim Kitzerow yell Boomshakalaka!
  6. Sign ups are rolling in. If you're able to help spread the word, I have a tweet out there that could use some retweets. https://twitter.com/trojanvoice/status/1401907851656937473?s=20
  7. I 100% support this concept. If you still want to get together casually with people, there is nothing stopping you. There has to be a carrot at the top to keep people interested, and there has to be a penalty to those so say eff it. That penalty is being out $25 for not giving a s**t. This is no different than fantasy sports. Those who don't pay stop changing their lineups after week 3.
  8. Full Nelson Tecmo and Edge of 94 Midwest are proud to present the 5th qualifier tournament, "The Hustler" NBA JAM T.E. SNES Edition! Cost of entry is $15 is paid via PayPal to Trojan1979@gmail.com. You MUST use the friends and family method so no fee is applied to us. 50% of collected entries go to the winner of the tournament. The remaining funds will be split evenly between the 2021 Full Nelson Tecmo Tournament and 2022 Edge of 94 Midwest NHL94 live tournament payouts. The winner of this online tournament also wins free entry to said live event. Because this is our first NBA Jam qualifier tournament, all previous qualifiers of NES/Genesis/SNES tournaments are permitted to enter.(Ice Hockey, NHL94 Heroes, Genesis Hustler, SNES Hustler) Tournament Goal is to start June 16th and be completed sometime mid July. Games will be played on the Retroarch SNES emulator found on www.nhl94online.com ----------------------- Format: (based on 33 entrants, number of players and games played will be adjusted if we do not have 33 players): 33 players will be RANDOMLY drawn(not seeded) into four pools of eight players. They will play a round robin with the top four players advancing to the next round. Players will be ranked, not by record, but by point differential. For the duration of the tournament each player may use each team on the ROM only once. The two players that advance to the finals will use all 27 teams on the ROM exactly once. Round duration will last between 7-10 days per round on average. Below rounds are based on 33 players, will modify if we do not have 32 players: Round 1 (Round of 33): 3 pools of 11 players, the top 7 in each pool advance. 10 teams used, 17 remain Round 2 (Round of 21): 3 pools of 7 players, the top 3 in each pool advance. 6 additional teams used, 11 remain Round 3 (Round of 9): 1 pool of 9 players, the top two players advance to the finals. 8 additional teams used, 3 remain Finals: Three-game series (winner determined by point-differential, if point differential is tied the win/loss record in the finals series is the tiebreaker) Pool Play: Each pool play round will last a maximum of 5 days (each player will have 7 games to complete in 5 days). Tie breakers in the standings will be the H2H result followed by performance vs. the highest finisher in the group (and then the highest after that, etc.). Round Advancement : Players that advance into rounds with multiple groups will be seeded based on their performance, not their original position. If multiple players with the same group position finish(IE Seeding/rank) for the next round also have the same goal differential, then their win/loss record will be the tie-breaker for said grouping. Please see the graphic below for an example of what this would look like. Finals: If the point differential is tied after the five game series, then the H2H record will be the tie breaker. Again, the number of games in the series is dependant on a 33 player pool, and may be adjusted to compensate for a different number of competitors. Here is an example of how the round 2 groups would look. The seeds represent how people finished in round 1. Additional Tiebreakers for group advancement(if needed): Out of Group it's W/L Record Goals Allowed(lower is better) Goals scored(higher is better) After that we put it to a Wayne Botsky coin flip Gameplay Rules : Game Options must be set to tournament mode with tag mode on with all other default settings. This reduces the built in rubber banding, allowing for greater point differentials. Before each game there will be a coin toss. The winner of the toss chooses to be P1(home) or P2(away). The player who is P2 then decides which player will select their team first. Players may select any team from the ROM that they have not previously used. Available teams for all players will be viewable on a shared Google Doc. If the available teams on the Google Doc has not been updated prior to a game starting, the players must notify their opponent of any discrepancies (e.g. “The Doc says I have CHI available but I just used them in a game so I cannot use them”). For the finals a coin toss will take place before the first game only. After that, the “coin toss winner” will alternate each game. Tournament Theme / Rationale: There are some major deviations here from a standard tournament. The first is that point differential is the deciding factor in advancing, NOT YOUR RECORD! This means you have to play every possession with your point differential in mind. If you’re up at the end of a game then trying to score still makes sense. If you get down big, keep fighting! If you get up big, sweep the leg! The other major deviation is that matchups are not called, but each player gets to choose their team. When picking your team first you have the option of taking any team at your disposal. When picking second you know what team you’ll be facing, so you get to decide whether to go with an even matchup or perhaps use a lesser team and try to save your better teams for later (or go with a much better team if your opponent has selected a more mediocre team). It may work to your advantage sometimes to go with an imbalanced matchup, but you can’t exactly tank a game (like choosing LA going up against Charlotte), as if you get blown out your point differential may not recover. If you wind up in an imbalanced matchup then scoring as fast as possible or “eating out the clock”(grotesque Toolie quote) could be a key strategy. This format requires a little more planning and strategy than “just win baby!” We do require use of a wired ethernet connection for this tournament for all players.
  9. After the success of our SNES Hustler NHL94 tournament, we are taking this format into the realm of SNES NBA Jam Tournament Edition! SIGN UP FORM IS HERE! : https://forms.gle/rJ5crEZHeVnT3roF6
  10. If you missed the consolation finals in the NHL94 Genesis Hustler tournament between Indio and Chaos, here it is! https://youtu.be/MuwDmKrc4a4
  11. If you missed the action from last night's NHL94 Hustler Genesis finals between @kingraph and @scribe99, you can catch all the action here: https://youtu.be/klYG0OrJjvg If you prefer the Twitch version with all of the chat replay, you can catch that here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1011547654 Make sure to like/comment on the video if you haven't. @angryjay93 @chaos and I did our first and only 3 way broadcast of the tournament. It was a long journey, but it was worth it. Thank you to @Toolie for the format love and letting us adapt it to NHL94 Thank you to @Chris O @kingraph @angryjay93 and @chaosfor their contributions on stream and/or behind the scenes. Make sure to follow/sub both channels as we are already underway with the SNES Hustler tournament.
  12. Please join us tonight around 9PM CST(target time) as we complete "The Hustler" NHL94 tournament Finals. This series between @scribe99 and @kingraph will be broadcast on twitch : https://twitch.tv/trojan1979
  13. Last call for SNES players to join us. This is our attempt at pulling the goalie for that extra attacker!The Official signup link is here : https://forms.gle/CMmCVKAd5UcBYmLRA
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