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  1. A little flashback to last year when we were on the Game N Culture Show on WFRV Local 5. https://www.wearegreenbay.com/game-n-culture/game-n-culture-ep-5-nhl-94/
  2. More amazing prizes are rolling in! Join us right here on Facebook Sunday night for a special live stream , as we discuss how to get entered to win these signed jerseys, and the upcoming Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament! (Pictures are from the auction listings, may vary slightly) We might have to rename the tournament to "Mo Broten Mo Problems!" Stay tuned for more details!
  3. We here at Edge Of '94 Midwest would like to congratulate Michael Robert Stanton and Raamayan Ananda on their victories in Vancouver this weekend, as well as Ryan Christian Ventura for keeping the #NHL94 dream alive! Both Robert and Raamayan have earned themselves free entry into Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament February 29th in Minneaoplis, should they decide to claim it! Congrats again to these buds!
  4. At my own risk, I can use the old marketing material featuring Modano, which I've done and will continue to do. However, the venue is part of a national chain and won't use Modano's likeness on their own marketing efforts. We actually used a sprite of Modano's face on top of his body. Their lawyers shot it down. Again, the majority of the marketing coming from us has the traditional Modano likeness in place. Their people made this, and frankly, if you see NHL94 on the flyer, either you're all about it or not. I don't think the 8bit characters would turn me off, especially for a crowd who hasn't seen much in the way of NHL94 tournaments locally.
  5. I'm sure if Capcom put their heads behind a hockey game, it would come out smelling like roses. We needed something that didn't have Modano's likeness on it for mass marketing purposes, and while you can certainly say these characters were inspired by Mega Man, the powers that be in the legal department didn't see any issue with this depiction.
  6. We have another video, and would appreciate any help sharing this out on social media! Someone you may know recorded the voiceover!
  7. A serious weapon in the SNES version, and curiously absent in the lines of experienced players in the Genesis version, Hall of Famer Eric Lindros has incredible shot ratings.. This prize can be won by any paid player in the Modano Mo Problems tournament!
  8. Part of the Stanley Cup winning New York Rangers in the 93-94 season, Hall of Famer Brian Leetch is widely considered to be one of the all time greats on defense. This Brian Leetch figure can be won at Modano Mo Problems!
  9. We're gonna have to work on your diplomacy bud. Tots and Pears
  10. The prizes keep rolling in! Pierre Turgeon is part of a very good forward line for the Islanders in NHL94, a team that suffers from poor defensive play and goaltending. Did you know Pierre has a brother in NHL94? Who is he, and what team does he play for? #edgeof94-midwest Want to win this? Get your signup payment sent in for Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament today, and you'll be entered for a chance to win!
  11. After his breakout 92-93 season with the Leafs, Felix "The Cat" Potvin found himself in the starting role, which led to the trade of Grant Fuhr to the Sabres. You might know him better as the video poster boy for the NHL94 TV commercials. Want to win this figure? Compete in Modano Mo Problems February 29th for a chance to win!