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  1. I've been here for a while, but I think it makes sense to give you guys some info on myself. I'm KTup710, most people just call me KTup. I've always been a fan of NHL94, specifically the genesis version. Played it a ton when I would visit my grandma's house when I was a young lad. Since then I've become infatuated with ROM hacking in general, but 94 is one of my favorite games to tinker with. You may know me from Skip's IIHF ROM, I did some graphic work there. When I'm not editing, I'm probably on the ice, as I've been a goalie for about 8 years now. Anyway, just wanted to give a quick bio! Hope to see ya on the ice.
  2. Wow... incredible work, I'll have to experiment with it. Seems like you put a lot of effort into this. Well done!
  3. Hey all, just doing the usual stuff working on my Dream League ROM, and I'm making a team of NHL94.com members. I have just about everyone from the leaderboards put into the game but I still need 10-15 more players. If you want to be on the roster, just give me some info and stats for your player and I'll put you in there. Thanks guys! Here are some pics of the N94 team so far. (Don't mind the ice logo, haven't put it in yet.)
  4. This is awesome! Never seen anything like this before
  5. Hey all, I've been doing lots of behind the scenes work on my Dream League ROM, and while I was doing that I finally found a way to run NOSE on a Mac!! First, you're going to have to download NOSE from the link here. https://forum.nhl94.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4289 Next, download the library files that are required for NOSE here. https://forum.nhl94.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5245 Extract both of these packages to your desktop. Now, since you're on a Mac, trying to run .exe files is pointless. This is where WineBottler comes in. Head to https://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ and click the second button (the stable build) to install it. This is 100% safe and will not harm your computer. You should now have the WineBottler Combo .dmg file. Open it up and drag Wine and WineBottler to your Applications folder. Here's where the magic happens... Right click the libraryfiles.exe file and scroll to open with, then click Wine. You should see a dialog box. Check the box that says "run directly in ____" and hit Go. Once the installer opens up, click through it. It will tell you it is installing to windows\system32, which is perfect. It is installing these files into an emulated windows system that Wine uses to run .exe files. You're basically done! All that's left to do is right click NOSE.exe and navigate to Open With -> Wine. NOSE should start up just as it would on Windows!! Happy editing!
  6. This has been a fun one... I set the values to 00FF and now there are basically no boards... the downside is that everything is out of play, the camera locks, and the net is now so dang big that the players shoot it over the side boards when you try to shoot on net. Yikes.
  7. Awesome!! Those look sweet, simple but unique.
  8. Haha yep, definitely not the biggest hit ever but definitely something unique
  9. Can't believe I forgot to post this one, it's gotta be one of my favorites and it's also perfect for a team called the Empires
  10. Yes, this is a SNES feature, but I think the celebration was because one of my players took a pretty big hit afterward. Either way, perfectly timed to look like they were celebrating their own player getting sent clean over the wall. P.S: Someone should re-enact this in real life. Try it out in beer leagues buds.
  11. I love the KingOf94 format, and it's also pretty simple. I agree that you should shoot for something simple on your first try and experiment later, so I'd stick to what has worked in the past. It's up to you though, have fun with it and play around with stuff, you might discover a system that really works!
  12. Agreed, I must say the bench is what got me
  13. I know, even I was amazed by how well those turned out!
  14. As usual I'm hanging out playing some 94 during school, when I pull off one of the most impressive hits of my life. Not even sure if I was controlling the guy but he sent this man for a ride into his own bench. The best part is probably his own teammates cheering while he lays there crumbled, classic stuff. BigHit.mov
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