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  1. Awesome!! Those look sweet, simple but unique.
  2. Haha yep, definitely not the biggest hit ever but definitely something unique
  3. Can't believe I forgot to post this one, it's gotta be one of my favorites and it's also perfect for a team called the Empires
  4. Good luck! Interested to see how it turns out
  5. Yes, this is a SNES feature, but I think the celebration was because one of my players took a pretty big hit afterward. Either way, perfectly timed to look like they were celebrating their own player getting sent clean over the wall. P.S: Someone should re-enact this in real life. Try it out in beer leagues buds.
  6. I love the KingOf94 format, and it's also pretty simple. I agree that you should shoot for something simple on your first try and experiment later, so I'd stick to what has worked in the past. It's up to you though, have fun with it and play around with stuff, you might discover a system that really works!
  7. Agreed, I must say the bench is what got me
  8. I know, even I was amazed by how well those turned out!
  9. As usual I'm hanging out playing some 94 during school, when I pull off one of the most impressive hits of my life. Not even sure if I was controlling the guy but he sent this man for a ride into his own bench. The best part is probably his own teammates cheering while he lays there crumbled, classic stuff. BigHit.mov
  10. I just checked that ROM out, never actually thought about changing the team name design! What an awesome concept, I love seeing that kind of originality and it looks really nice
  11. I agree wholeheartedly!!! However, there is some pride in editing the actual code for me... it's more rewarding to play with the code than to use someone else's tool. That being said, I need NOSE very badly lol
  12. Hey all, As I've been working on my new ROM hack, I've been focusing on adding my own flair to the game. I want it to look like '94, but I also want to really make it mine and bring out a ton of features that nobody else has really done before. As I was doing that I decided I would play with the in-game banners a little bit. You guys may have already seen my banner work in Skip's International ROM, but I just wanted to share a few of the designs I've done in hopes that some of you guys will like the idea and pick it up, because I'd love to see this in some other hacks, I think it adds a lot of character. Here are some of my designs: A simple slash on each side with inverted colors Double stripes on each ens, as a nod to the team's jerseys in real life. One of my personal favorites, a habs style stripe running through the middle. Not too flashy, but unique and a good way to add more than 2 colors. This one is a little ugly in my opinion, for good reason as these guys are our biggest high school rivals, but it's still a neat design and a reference to this team's jerseys. A simple one just for you buds, with one red pipe separating the black and grey. Pretty cool color scheme and also a "spotlight" pattern as I call it. This one's cool, especially since this team is called the Admirals. Very fitting. Last but not least, a sharp looking checkerboard pattern. Hopefully this is something fresh and new for you guys, as I said it's something I'd love to see more people experiment with in the future!
  13. Just my opinion here, I'd say give each team a budget (which you can decide on) And give each attribute an exponential upcharge... So like, they all start at 1 and it's $1 for each upgrade, but that price increases for every upgrade after the first, like this: x2 Agility: Free (1) - $1 (2) - $2 (3) - $4 (4) - $8 (5) - $16 (6) x3 Speed: Free (1) - $1 (2) - $3 (3) - $9 (4) - $27 (5) - $81 (6) And so on... obviously it would be tough and take some experimenting to set up a budget that makes it fair, and maybe it would make more sense to do percentages instead of exponents, but that's how I would personally do it. I'd be happy to work with you on it if you'd like, but sounds like a cool idea! Good luck with it!
  14. Exactly right, don't need to worry about finding it now. Thanks again, have a good one!
  15. Jeez, that's commitment. I assume you did a full scientific lab report as well? Haha, well done, I've never really thought of trying something like that but it's a really cool idea! hats off to you for the time you put in.