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  1. Hello all! Just wanted to pass along info that the email confirmation during forum registration (and general email sending via forum) should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience there! Also, hope everyone's doing well and enjoying the world of NHL'94! Thanks, -Evan
  2. Yikes, thanks for pointing that out. Those videos seem like they require Flash player which isn't supported anymore. I'll see if there's a way the videos can be converted into something more useful. -Evan
  3. Hey everyone, The update is complete! -Evan
  4. Hey everyone, Just a heads up that we'll likely be performing maintenance on the forum tonight around 10pm ET. Will reply when the maintenance is complete. -Evan
  5. @chaos Thanks so much for posting all of these finds and info! Going to reference some of this for the nhl94 website when adding team/player data. Though might be worth updating the original post with the player Weight conversions, as those don't follow the typical ratings 0-6 mentioned. Player Weight conversion: 1 = 148 2 = 156 3 = 164 4 = 172 5 = 180 6 = 188 7 = 196 8 = 204 9 = 212 10 = 220 11 = 228 12 = 236 13 = 244 14 = 252 -Evan
  6. Wow, quoting something from 15 years ago - impressive! What @Sauce said, can use the '95 forum for rom posts. -Evan
  7. Interesting. I had taken that info directly from a version of the manual I had (and never assume the manual is right!). In the PDF version of the manual on the nhl94.com website there are no indicators for who starters are? Sorry about that, yes will need to update that info for sure to accommodate Sega and SNES versions. -Evan
  8. Yes, I've experienced this with the organ and my son thinks it's hysterical when it happens (he plays shootouts sometimes which is when it seems to happen most). Didn't think to mention it anywhere but good call it should be noted.
  9. Very cool! I especially enjoyed the part about Mark Lesser shooting raccoons and @kingraph's t-shirt. Thanks for sharing. -Evan
  10. Well done commish - a perfect fit in my opinion! Did it come with NHL'94 sunglasses? Or just take a pic wearing the jacket with sunglasses on.
  11. Ah, ok thanks for the explanation on the ratings. Makes sense if based mainly on last season's Save Pct. As an aside, being a NY Rangers fan they are a ton of fun to play with!
  12. Great ROM, thanks so much for all the effort putting this together! I did notice that both SJ goalies were both rated 50 in the game? Seemed like a mistake (at least for Martin Jones) and wanted to let you know. Thanks! -Evan
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