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  1. Thanks for sharing. I figured people were out there doing cool things, but they certainly weren't going to be easy to pull off.
  2. Hey boys. I haven’t been around much recently, but I keep seeing all these decomp projects floating around (Mario 64, Zelda LttP, Super Metroid…etc), and was wondering if this was possible for NHL 94? I am not a dev, and only have a general understanding of such a task. I presume it would take some knowledgeable people and quite a bit of time. The potential benefits could be enormous: -More teams (hundreds of teams in a single ‘rom?’) -easier/better graphics mods for logos, player photos, rinks, etc… -widescreen image -gameplay mods I was just curious if anyone has ever considered this. Perhaps I am fundamentally wrong about some things. Perhaps it is theoretically possible, but the manpower isn’t there. Either way, throwing it out there and was interested in the thoughts of others.
  3. Nice work. I have decided not to make a '23 rom this year myself, but I trust you and AdamCatalyst to carry the torch!
  4. Trade deadline updated rom now available in the first post
  5. Honestly I haven't messed with this setting in several years. I set it in one of my hacks a long time again and just kept it. I thought I was setting speed boost to 75%, and it feels that way, but feel free to test and compare with the original rom.
  6. Yeah, I tried that vignette shadow on recent title graphics but it just looked bad here.
  7. Thanks for the comments. I’m out of town this weekend but I’ll make some edits soon. I’ll also take another crack at some of the graphics. I always use the ditherer for images, but the title screen didn’t turn out great and I’ll start from scratch. Regarding the Kraken logo, the source graphic is fine but the same weird corruption thing randomly happened to the Devils logo on some of my old roms. I don’t know why, but I’ll try re-importing. Maybe I am getting lazy, lol.
  8. UPDATE: Trade deadline update available in this post. The main purpose here was to get all the trade deadline moves applied, and update every team's starting lineup and player ratings to reflect how this season has actually gone. Comments and suggestions are welcome, although I will be unavailable for the next two weeks so fixes will have to wait until then. Yes, the annual classic is back! By now you know the drill. Up-to-date rosters, uniforms, logos, graphics, player pictures, etc.. Hacks: clockwise sprite hack, smoz 3-stars hack, weight bug fix, and speed burst set to 75% of original rom Graphic hacks: faceoff boxes, goalie crease, benches, goal light Post with any errors you find and I'll do a relatively quick 1.01 update. Enjoy! NHL 2022 by naples39.zip NHL 2022 by naples39 v101.bin
  9. New version uploaded to put in Brooks for Vesey on the Leafs.
  10. Ah, thanks for the tip. I actually did put Vesey on the Canucks, but I guess I forgot to delete him from the Leafs. I'll upload a new version in a few days to see if anyone catches anything else.
  11. Yeah, in the works. Trades all done, but still reviewing some player ratings and lines for updating. Hopefully I'll be done soon.
  12. SJ wasn't allowed to play a home game forever so I didn't see their current 30th anniversary ice logo (if it was even unveiled?). I will work on it for the deadline update!
  13. Hah, that is hilarious! Maybe for the trade deadline update.
  14. Thanks. I will make those changes!
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