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  1. Yes, it's still too early, but I'm not sure when we'll see real hockey this year, and I decided to do most of the work now and fill in rosters and other proper details later. It's the same drill as always with updated rosters, logos, uniforms, weight bug fix, graphic hacks, speed burst set to 75% of original...etc. Of note, however: -Rosters and player numbers are obviously not yet finalized -All teams are using reverse retro jerseys to replace their away/light or home/dark as applicable! (see screen shots) -Seattle is also in and playable as a team of currently unsigned fre
  2. Man, this stuff was a blast from the past. I think I did three seasons, and I really don't remember that first one with St. Louis at all. I do remember season 2 I was the number one seed with Calgary but lost in the first round of the playoffs because kgman was a late replacement coach and he turned the league upside down. I won my third season after that epic 7-game series in the finals against kgman, although I'll be the first to admit there's an asterisk on the title because I was using Chicago... I guess I was 25 at the time and in law school. Of course then I retired from c
  3. I would be interested to know if really just made a hacked rom, and if they are running it on an emulator. If so, I wonder if the rom can be extracted from the game. This was the case for Aladdin/Genesis re-release earlier this year on Switch and PC for their 'final cut' version of the old game. Second, I'd be interested to see EA's player ratings and compare notes with my roms.
  4. I have a few roms in my collection that are not in the master list. I did 2 of them as multi-season combined roms where each team is boiled down to 9F and 6D of their most prominent players over the period of a few years. Kinda weird I know. There's also a "10th anniversary rom" (2004), which was one of the first rom hacks I ever got from this site. It seems primitive now because the makers didn't have all the tricks and software people figured out a few years later. There's a 2006 hack from Mack, a guy who used to have his own site for 94 hacks, and I have 08 rom and I'm not ev
  5. No, it should work in NOSE. I do all the editing in NOSE version 1.2b from here:
  6. I did something very similar to the original request here with my historical 'deadline' roms . Basically it gets all the benefits of new hacks (weight bug fix, better looking and more accurate uniforms, period accurate creases/lines on ice, player pictures for all starters), and sets rosters as of the trade deadline for the season. I did 87, 89, 92, 94, 95, 97, 99. Sorry, no 93 which would actually be the specific season requested here!
  7. I've uploaded a post-trade deadline update to the top post! Updated rosters, numbers, ratings, etc... Please let me know if you spot any bugs.
  8. A post-deadline update is definitely in the works with roster updates, ratings tweaks and bug fixes!
  9. There's a method to the madness, although it's kind of loose, and may or may not be the best way to do it! Ratings are kind of rolling and I'm always tweaking them. When I do a new season rom it just starts with updating the old one, so most of the player ratings receive little or no change from last year. If a player is significantly trending one way or the other, or I think I missed the mark before, his rating may look very different the next season. For goalies, it's mostly based on old school goalie stats like GAA and save percentage. Those are in many ways team stats, but that's
  10. Not a mistake, at least not an oversight... I'm primarily basing goalie ratings on save percentage, and the Sharks were dead-last last year and are currently third from last this year in that category! During this period Jones and Dell are 54th and 58th out of 59 goalies respectively in save percentage
  11. Probably a bug in the rom template that only happens on real hardware. Nothing I can do about that one. Sorry!
  12. I just discovered this thread, although I've often had similar thoughts about a groundup re-make. It was more in the line of "if I win the lottery and have several hundred thousand or more dollars to play around with" for a pet project. My thoughts on such a re-make would be start with re-creating the game as closely as possible, then add: -Robust team/player editor making it easy to share teams/players/logos/goal horns-songs... (would be amazing to start a game by choosing team, then choose roster year, then choose uniform....) -Online play, maybe leagues -Enhanced sprites -E
  13. Damn, I hate mistakes like that! I'll definitely put it on the fix list, but I won't re-up the ROM just yet to fix only one number. Feel free to edit that yourself in NOSE in the meantime (or I can send you a fix if you need it for personal use).
  14. If you just want to edit one jersey, just send me a pic of your men's league team jersey and tell me which team to put it on, and I'll send you the ROM. It will only take a few minutes.