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  1. naples39

    Applying Roster Changes in NOSE

    I don't think F or D designation effects gameplay on the ice, but if you go to edit lines in-game you won't be able to choose from players designated F for the D slots (and vice versa).
  2. naples39

    NHL 2019 Summer WIP (naples)

    Update. Ongoing player ratings revisions, more work on rosters (Skinner trade), some rookies added. NHL 2019 by naples39.bin
  3. naples39

    NHL 2019 Summer WIP (naples)

    I have a WIP for NHL 2019 and I'll just put it up here for people to fart around with. It has all the free agent signings and trades so far, although obviously it will be 3 months rosters, numbers, uniforms, etc... are finalized for real and can be properly updated in the ROM. Player ratings will be tweaked over the next few months, but for now this is perfectly playable if you really want to use Tavares on the Leafs or other summer moves. ONLY PLAY WITH LINE CHANGES OFF! NHL 2019 WIP - July16.bin
  4. A while back I was curious as to looking at how players were rated in the original NHL 94, so as to keep my hacks more or less playing like the original ROM. I made these charts but never had a moment and organization to upload them, but here they are now. The zip files contains images for the distribution of each player attribute, skater and goalie. The groups are further separated by offense/defense, and starter/backup for goalies. I won't clutter up the post with all 22 images, but it's crazy seeing how low the overalls are. Nearly every backup goalie is rated between 40-50 overall! About 45% of defensemen are ~48 OVR, and about 30% of forwards are the same. Only about 15% of forwards break 80 OVR. There's lot of little tidbits you can find as well: -Fs and Ds aren't rated all that differently in most categories, but D are better hitters, with WAY worse shooting accuracy -About 80% of D have either a 2 or 3 on speed (FYI, original rating scale was 1 - 6, with 6 being 99 in game, and 3 being 40-60 in game) I can't say I match these distributions in my ROMs, but I think it's interesting to look at. OG
  5. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    I honestly don't remember what I did, but taking the 32-team ROM and applying the sprite patch sounds about right.
  6. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    I do them in NOSE, also with the clockwise sprite hack. There might have been some tweak to NOSE (or the reference images it uses), but I set it up a while ago and barely remember.
  7. naples39

    Another NHL 2018 ROM

    Welcome to the club
  8. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    Alright bros, updated ROMs in first post. Two roms, one the usual deadline, the other with outdoor uniforms for Caps/Leafs, Sens/Habs, and Sabres/Rangers. Things updated: -Mittelstadt to BUF -Tolvanen to NSH -Updated Caps jersey (change template, darker red) -Updated Caps arena name -EDIT - Forgot to add that it also fixes NSH's gold helmet
  9. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    FWIW, I'll be uploading a new version soon that goes with #3 of this Caps issue for 'accuracy'
  10. naples39

    2018 Olympic Rom?

    Whoops, I mis-read upload as update. The World Cup rom is still here:
  11. naples39

    2018 Olympic Rom?

    I'm not sure what that 'update' would be. The World Championship is over and done, and the 2018 Olympics are entirely different uniforms, teams, and rosters. I am definitely not interested in making a ROM based on this Olympics that I didn't watch with a bunch of players I've never heard of.
  12. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    Thanks, I appreciate corrections because there's no way working by myself I'm gonna get every player number, uniform detail, arena name, etc... correct. WSH is a tough call. #3 is the most 'accurate', but I think #2 comes off better...hmmm
  13. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    The ROM crashing on WPG player cards is a known bug in the 32-team ROM. There is no fix for it.
  14. naples39

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    1) I will correct the Caps arena name if I do an updated release of this ROM. 2) It's impossible to accurately re-create the Caps current jerseys in NHL94, so it's more art than science about what feels right. I'm open to changing it, but there's no right answer. Here's 3 different looks that I could do (one on left is in the current rom). 3) That's likely a bug in 32-team rom. Vegas is team 29 in this rom, Caps 30, 'Peg 31 (32 unused).
  15. Alrighty folks, I'm gonna put this up. It should be good to go, please let me know if you find any bugs! NHL 2018 1.31 by NHL 2018 outdoor by