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  1. I will do an updated version with a fix for this freeze bug, or get it off Vegas as default visiting team.
  2. Thanks! And yeah, as I note above, I was very torn about how to handle the Jets/Coyotes/Thrashers issue. I didn't want to strictly follow the franchises proper, because Selanne on the Coyotes doesn't seem right, and Selanne on Winnipeg with guys like Byuglien seem right even though they are technically different franchises. Then, what do you do with Atlanta guys who never played in Winnipeg and are now homeless? Hossa and Kovalchuk are good enough to make the cut if I'm putting Atlanta guys on Winnipeg. It's messy, although maybe I will put Kovy and Hossa in there just to be inclusive so guys can have fun with this rom and play with the lineup they want.
  3. So as I said in the other post, I'm out the game on yearly updates, but I had some rom ideas I've been working on. This is the other one; an 'all-star' lineup for every team of players who have suited up for them between 1993 and today. For instance, I'm a Flyers fan, now I can roll out a starting lineup of Carter Hart, Eric Lindros, Claude Giroux, Eric Desjardins and Chris Pronger. Buffalo fans could play with LaFontaine, Mogilny, Hasek, and Dahlin, while the Rangers roll out Lundqvist, Leetch, Fox, Panarin, Messier and Jagr. Every team is competitive and can roll all-star lineups, and you can reach out across eras and play with many different fun lineups on the same team. Personally, when looking back across season, for me it's much more fun to choose a team and play with the stars you think of associated with that team rather than choose a random season's roster. I think this will be my personal 'go-to' rom, and maybe some of you will agree. Other notes: -When applicable, every team has their 90s logos, uniforms, and arena names -When applicable, every team has at least one player from their original NHL94 roster -Winnipeg and Phoenix/Arizona are not combined. In this rom, Arizona features players who played in the desert, and Winnipeg features players who played in Winnipeg regardless of franchise continuity. Sorry Atlanta, but you have fallen through the cracks of time in this ROM. -Players were selected for each team based on upon who were the best players to play for them, as well as players who may not have been stars but were long-time fixtures for the franchise. -Players are rated based on their peak performance years (more or less) for the franchise represented (Roenick in CHI > Roenick in PHX > Roenick in PHI) As with the 30th anniversary championship edition rom I just posted, this has not been exhaustively tested, so please feel free to leave suggestions or corrections, particularly regarding team/player ratings for balance! Otherwise, this has all the features of my other roms; weight bug, uniform sprite enhancement, graphic hacks on benches and ice lines, updated 3-star formula....etc. NHL 94 30th Anny - All-Stars.bin
  4. So another hockey season is upon us, and I'm 'out the game' on the yearly roster update treadmill, but a few months ago I had some ROM ideas that I've been picking at. Inspired by the Madden '93 Championship Edition, I decided to make a rom featuring the best season from each franchise between NHL 94's release in the fall of 1993 and up to today. Each team will have their roster, uniform, logo, etc... from the season chosen. I wanted to have a balance of teams from all eras, and decided upon the following team lineup: -Anaheim 2007, Cup champs, Giguere/Pronger/Niedermayer/Selanne/Getzlaf -Arizona 2012, Conf finalist, Smith/Yandle/Ekman-Larsson/Whitney -Boston 2011, Cup champs, Thomas/Chara/Bergeron/Marchand -Buffalo 2007, Conf finalist, Miller/Campbell/Vanek/Briere/Drury -Calgary 2004, Cup finalist, Kiprusoff/Iginla -Carolina 2006, Cup champs, Ward/Cole/Staal/Williams -Chicago 2013, Cup champs, Crawford/Keith/Hossa/Toews/Kane -Colorado 2001, Cup champs, Roy/Bourque/Blake/Forsberg/Sakic -Columbus 2019, Lost in 2nd round, Bobrovsky/Werenski/Panarin/Duchene -Dallas 1999, Cup champs, Belfour/Zubov/Hatcher/Modano/Hull -Detroit 1998, Cup champs, Lidstrom/Shanahan/Yzerman/Fedorov -Edmonton 2023, Lost in 2nd round, Ekholm/McDavid/Draisaitl -Florida 2023, Cup finalist, Tkachuk/Barkov -LA 2012, Cup champs, Quick/Doughty/Kopitar/Williams -Minnesota 2015, Lost in 2nd round, Suter/Parise/Koivu/Vanek -Montreal 1993, Cup champs, Roy/Desjardins/Muller/Damphousse -Nashville 2017, Cup finalist, Rinne/Josi/Subban/Forsberg -NJ 2003, Cup champs, Brodeur/Niedermayer/Stevens/Elias/Gomez -NYI 2020, Conf finalist, Lee/Barzal/Bailey -NYR 1994, Cup champs, Richter/Zubov/Leetch/Larmer/Messier/Kovalev -Ottawa 2007, Cup finalist, Redden/Alfredsson/Spezza/Heatley -Philly 1997, Cup finalist, Desjardins/Leclair/Lindros/Renberg -Pittsburgh 2017, Cup champs, Letang/Malkin/Crosby/Kessel -SJ 2010, Conf finalist, Nabokov/Boyle/Blake/Marleu/Thornton/Heatley -Seattle 2023, Lost in 2nd round, Dunn/McCann/Beniers -St Louis 2019, Cup champs, Pietrangelo/Parayko/O'Reilly/Tarasenko -Tampa Bay 2021, Vasilevskiy/Hedman/Point/Stamkos/Kucherov -Toronto 2023, lost in 2nd round, Reilly/Tavares/Matthews/Marner -Vancouver 1994, Cup finalist, Lumme/Brown/Linden/Bure -Vegas 2023, Cup champs, Pietrangelo/Marchessault/Eichel/Stone -Washington 2018, Cup champs, Holtby/Carlson/Ovechkin/Backstrom/Kuznetsov -Winnipeg 2018, Conf finalist, Hellebuyck/Byfuglien/Trouba/Laine/Scheifele/Wheeler This has not been exhaustively tested, so please feel free to leave suggestions or corrections, particularly regarding team/player ratings for balance! Otherwise, this has all the features of my other roms; weight bug, uniform sprite enhancement, graphic hacks on benches and ice lines, updated 3-star formula....etc. NHL 94 30th Anny - Championship Teams.bin
  5. Thanks for sharing. I figured people were out there doing cool things, but they certainly weren't going to be easy to pull off.
  6. Hey boys. I haven’t been around much recently, but I keep seeing all these decomp projects floating around (Mario 64, Zelda LttP, Super Metroid…etc), and was wondering if this was possible for NHL 94? I am not a dev, and only have a general understanding of such a task. I presume it would take some knowledgeable people and quite a bit of time. The potential benefits could be enormous: -More teams (hundreds of teams in a single ‘rom?’) -easier/better graphics mods for logos, player photos, rinks, etc… -widescreen image -gameplay mods I was just curious if anyone has ever considered this. Perhaps I am fundamentally wrong about some things. Perhaps it is theoretically possible, but the manpower isn’t there. Either way, throwing it out there and was interested in the thoughts of others.
  7. Nice work. I have decided not to make a '23 rom this year myself, but I trust you and AdamCatalyst to carry the torch!
  8. Trade deadline updated rom now available in the first post
  9. Honestly I haven't messed with this setting in several years. I set it in one of my hacks a long time again and just kept it. I thought I was setting speed boost to 75%, and it feels that way, but feel free to test and compare with the original rom.
  10. Yeah, I tried that vignette shadow on recent title graphics but it just looked bad here.
  11. Thanks for the comments. I’m out of town this weekend but I’ll make some edits soon. I’ll also take another crack at some of the graphics. I always use the ditherer for images, but the title screen didn’t turn out great and I’ll start from scratch. Regarding the Kraken logo, the source graphic is fine but the same weird corruption thing randomly happened to the Devils logo on some of my old roms. I don’t know why, but I’ll try re-importing. Maybe I am getting lazy, lol.
  12. UPDATE: Trade deadline update available in this post. The main purpose here was to get all the trade deadline moves applied, and update every team's starting lineup and player ratings to reflect how this season has actually gone. Comments and suggestions are welcome, although I will be unavailable for the next two weeks so fixes will have to wait until then. Yes, the annual classic is back! By now you know the drill. Up-to-date rosters, uniforms, logos, graphics, player pictures, etc.. Hacks: clockwise sprite hack, smoz 3-stars hack, weight bug fix, and speed burst set to 75% of original rom Graphic hacks: faceoff boxes, goalie crease, benches, goal light Post with any errors you find and I'll do a relatively quick 1.01 update. Enjoy! NHL 2022 by naples39.zip NHL 2022 by naples39 v101.bin
  13. New version uploaded to put in Brooks for Vesey on the Leafs.
  14. Ah, thanks for the tip. I actually did put Vesey on the Canucks, but I guess I forgot to delete him from the Leafs. I'll upload a new version in a few days to see if anyone catches anything else.
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