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  1. New version uploaded to put in Brooks for Vesey on the Leafs.
  2. Ah, thanks for the tip. I actually did put Vesey on the Canucks, but I guess I forgot to delete him from the Leafs. I'll upload a new version in a few days to see if anyone catches anything else.
  3. Done. Check first post!
  4. Yeah, in the works. Trades all done, but still reviewing some player ratings and lines for updating. Hopefully I'll be done soon.
  5. SJ wasn't allowed to play a home game forever so I didn't see their current 30th anniversary ice logo (if it was even unveiled?). I will work on it for the deadline update!
  6. Hah, that is hilarious! Maybe for the trade deadline update.
  7. Thanks. I will make those changes!
  8. Bump for new rom upload, v1.1 with updated rosters, ratings, and a new title screen.
  9. And thanks for the suggestions on new cover shot. I'll look for a cool shot of Pasta/MacKinnon/McDavid/Hedman...someone like that, but probably the coolest shot I find will win.
  10. Thanks! I can't get possibly catch everything by myself so I appreciate the tip.
  11. Yeah, it is pretty goofy to have Kucherov as startup pic now! I'm open to suggestions for a new pic/player.
  12. Shouldn't be that big a deal, although I didn't expect the trade to literally come within 12 hours LOL. I'll give it a few days to see if anyone catches a few bugs and then I'll upload a new version.
  13. BUMP for 1.0 release in top post!
  14. I’m out of town until Wednesday, so once I get back it’s a matter of how fast I can work finalizing rosters based on opening day squads. Hopefully just a few days.
  15. I will update the jerseys when the season starts. I was using screen shots from NHL21 as a guide for pants and helmets, but will verify everything for the 1.0 release. I will probably not do a normal version and a reverse retro jersey version, or have retro logos. I like having the reverse retro jerseys this year to mix things up and make this year's ROM unique, and I don't have the interest or time to maintain parallel versions.