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  1. Thanks. I will make those changes!
  2. Bump for new rom upload, v1.1 with updated rosters, ratings, and a new title screen.
  3. And thanks for the suggestions on new cover shot. I'll look for a cool shot of Pasta/MacKinnon/McDavid/Hedman...someone like that, but probably the coolest shot I find will win.
  4. Thanks! I can't get possibly catch everything by myself so I appreciate the tip.
  5. Yeah, it is pretty goofy to have Kucherov as startup pic now! I'm open to suggestions for a new pic/player.
  6. Shouldn't be that big a deal, although I didn't expect the trade to literally come within 12 hours LOL. I'll give it a few days to see if anyone catches a few bugs and then I'll upload a new version.
  7. BUMP for 1.0 release in top post!
  8. I’m out of town until Wednesday, so once I get back it’s a matter of how fast I can work finalizing rosters based on opening day squads. Hopefully just a few days.
  9. I will update the jerseys when the season starts. I was using screen shots from NHL21 as a guide for pants and helmets, but will verify everything for the 1.0 release. I will probably not do a normal version and a reverse retro jersey version, or have retro logos. I like having the reverse retro jerseys this year to mix things up and make this year's ROM unique, and I don't have the interest or time to maintain parallel versions.
  10. The music definitely works. How to set it up depends on the file format of your Sega CD iso. You could have an iso plus a bunch of mp3 files. It could be bin/cue files. I have all my Sega CD games converted into chd files. So yeah, it definitely works, but the 'how' gets a little messy.
  11. I thought people here would want to know! It's free if you subscribe to either of those services, and is a 323MB download on Xbox.
  12. 1.1 update: -Rosters as of February 14 -Some ratings updates -New title screen Okay, 1.0 release is ready! The usuals: -Updated rosters, logos, graphics, and player portraits for all NLC starters -clockwise sprite hack, smoz 3-stars hack, weight bug fix, and speed burst set to 75% of original rom -Several graphic hacks for crease, benches, goal light, faceoff boxes, etc... Unique to this year: -All teams are using reverse retro jerseys to replace their away/light or home/dark as applicable! (see screen shots) -COL, MIN, and WPG with special anniversary cente
  13. Man, this stuff was a blast from the past. I think I did three seasons, and I really don't remember that first one with St. Louis at all. I do remember season 2 I was the number one seed with Calgary but lost in the first round of the playoffs because kgman was a late replacement coach and he turned the league upside down. I won my third season after that epic 7-game series in the finals against kgman, although I'll be the first to admit there's an asterisk on the title because I was using Chicago... I guess I was 25 at the time and in law school. Of course then I retired from c
  14. I would be interested to know if really just made a hacked rom, and if they are running it on an emulator. If so, I wonder if the rom can be extracted from the game. This was the case for Aladdin/Genesis re-release earlier this year on Switch and PC for their 'final cut' version of the old game. Second, I'd be interested to see EA's player ratings and compare notes with my roms.
  15. I have a few roms in my collection that are not in the master list. I did 2 of them as multi-season combined roms where each team is boiled down to 9F and 6D of their most prominent players over the period of a few years. Kinda weird I know. There's also a "10th anniversary rom" (2004), which was one of the first rom hacks I ever got from this site. It seems primitive now because the makers didn't have all the tricks and software people figured out a few years later. There's a 2006 hack from Mack, a guy who used to have his own site for 94 hacks, and I have 08 rom and I'm not ev