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  1. You know actually I lost in the semifinals against tk11 the first season. I lost in the finals against kgman the second season. I don't know which is the greater regret, because I forget who was in the finals of season 1 but I probably would have won, while I probably would have won season 2 if I hadn't been the one who dragged kgman into our league in the first place!!!
  2. No I was actually able to recover my password somehow but the NHL '94 forums are "permission denied".
  3. Where the fudge did you find that‽‽‽‽‽
  4. I posted in the Facebook group earlier today but here are a few Wayback Machine links: https://web.archive.org/web/20051224193612/http://www.nhl94online.com/ - The oldest archive for www.nhl94online.com on the site, it shows the (probably) final regular season results for the first season. Hah, first names instead of AIM nicknames. https://web.archive.org/web/20060821055758/http://www.nhl94online.com/ - This one comes after the Spring 2006 league (kgman's debut and first win as well as the first SNES season) and before the Fall 2006 league. Things to note include 1) the announ
  5. On Wednesday, 5 October 2005, the very first nhl94online.com Classic season kicked off. That makes the Fall 2020 Classic season the 15th anniversary season. It is simply stunning that the community has stuck together (even if old-timers like me went away for a long, long time...) for this long, as there is certainly no divinely ordained reason for this community to exist. So let's all thank Evan Eldredge once again for having the crazy idea back in the mid-2000s of devoting an *entire website and forums* to a decade-old video game and then the even crazier idea of organizing an online league.
  6. We spotted that a couple of weeks ago, but the community's prevailing theory at this point is that they just took the listing for NHL '21 and reused it for this. I seriously doubt that they could pull off 12 players simultaneously in NHL '94 Rewind. But you never know.
  7. As this is "all-time", I bet Leonardo Da Vinci had great goalie control.
  8. After getting sufficient positive feedback, I'm going to attempt to launch the SNES NHL '94 Cup Chase. We'll run it out of the NHL '94 Discord to start, #cup-chase is the channel. Please contact me in that channel or directly on Discord if you want to play. Quick Version i.e. Just Tell Me What’s Expected of Me If I Join SNES version. Plan on playing 4-6 games in every 10 day period. You’ll be assigned opponents by the commissioner. Match setup is standard: 5 minute periods, penalties, no offsides, no line changes. You earn points for playing, winning, and playing well. You
  9. Years ago, I ran an ongoing NHL '94 competition called the NHL '94 Cup Chase. It was an ongoing competition, structured more like boxing than anything else. The idea was that you had one player who was the title holder and everyone else was trying to take it from him. Every week, the title holder had to defend it from the challenger, while everyone else was trying to climb the mountain by winning games against their assigned opponents. It failed because not enough guys were able to play their games each week, which is understandable because life and technology sometimes get in t
  10. Thanks for joining, man! Don't be shy about posting, we're always interested in hearing from people. And join us in our Discord server (link is on the main page) if you like!
  11. Kind of a big ask, don't you think?
  12. There's no forum for this league so I figured I'd post here. This is the statistical summary of The Real NHL94 SNES League regular season. Before I add the bar charts, here are a few overall facts about the league:
  13. I recorded a tutorial video last night that shows how I record my gameplay in RetroArch and then edit the file in order to create animated GIFs:
  14. Thanks for the feedback! In general I saved red for "negative" things (such as losses), although it does show up in some other places, too. Red is a color that should be used with caution just because it causes a reaction in most people and can be distracting if there's too much of it. That said, the red-green combination isn't colorblind-friendly. I think I'll change it up going forward.