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  1. I mean I guess that FMV-based games looked cool back in the early 90s because we hadn't seen anything like them before, but there's a reason that they never made a sequel to Sewer Shark or Night Trap.
  2. Ooo, first pick. Well, I am contractually required to select the Philadelphia Flyers for nostalgia's sake. Also, I signed a bad contract with Evan back in the day.
  3. chaos hooked me up last night and I was able to sign up (and get added to the bottom of the registration list) late last night.
  4. Thanks! It's been so long that I have no idea what my password is on the nhl94online site, but I have emailed the admin requesting a reset.
  5. I would like to play. Please place me at whatever level you need to make the numbers work and/or you think is appropriate for someone who hasn't played in like 12 years.
  6. The best answer is the solution of which gamers have dreamed since the days of Quake in the late 1990s: Server. In. Iceland.
  7. http://www.nhl94.com/html/bugs.php This one's in the game bugs section (scroll down.)
  8. Fun fact: Tecmo Basketball for the NES features one of the few appearances of Michael Jordan in a video game.
  9. Not to say that this negates your point, but it's worth pointing out that a game of NHL '94 with 5-minute periods takes about 10 minutes of real time, while a game of Tecmo Super Bowl takes about 20 minutes of real time, meaning that a TSB league has to run at a slower pace simply due to how the game works. A 94 league can be expected to run at a faster pace because the games don't take as long.
  10. Are you aware of the rising threat of the mujahideen to western security interests?
  11. You know, I've been wanting to see the records for those oldest seasons for a while now. I can't believe I didn't think of trying the Wayback Machine until I saw this thread. Anyway, great to see those old standings, mainly cuz I was on top. Granted, I lost in the playoffs each season, but.........sigh, good times.
  12. https://tcrf.net/NHL_Hockey_94_(Genesis) Kinda sparse, especially for such an excellent game, wouldn't you say? What are the hidden things that we know of so far? The ones I can think of off the top of my head are... NHLPA '93 music Weight bug Ice time tracking What else is there?
  13. If you feel like trying to get lucky, and your team and your opponent's team are coded to be in the same conference, you could try and set up a best of 7 playoff series and hope that you're offered the exact matchup of your teams. Two home games and then two away games as long as you continue the series. I didn't say it would be easy.