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  1. I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning and see what happens. In the meantime. Is there any other changes you would like to see?
  2. I can swap out Ottawa and move Florida down.
  3. Here is the Nose I use, since I updated the .ini file. Just download this and all will be good to open. nose1.2b-2018.zip
  4. There is a way, but it would involve me editing the rom to put them in. If you like I can do that.
  5. Let me know which 2 lines. I can check. Or I can send you my Nose version that works with it.
  6. Hey @MonkeyHeadpm me the changes you want and I can fix it.
  7. Hey. Thanks for the feedback. I can literally update it if you wanted to take some notes and let me know. I can do a batch update. Its also the first crack at the league.
  8. Im posting the series of NHL95 games updated to 2020 rosters which include. These are some people that assisted with each one in a way @kingraph, @Jkline3, @I got the puck, @segathon, @wboy, @smozoma, @Asher413. Thank you all. KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) AHL (American Hockey League) NCAA (Division 1) ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) CHL (Champions Hockey League) KHL21(95).bin NCAA'21(95).bin NHL 21(95).bin AHL21(95).bin AHL21(95)updatedbanners.bin CHL '21(95).bin ECHL21.bin
  9. Introducing Champions Hockey League '21. Anyone needing their alternative to KHL, here is your CHL fix for the other major leagues of European Hockey. Rosters effective as October 19th, 2020. Updated logos and jerseys. New splash screens and player cards. CHL '21(95).bin
  10. Hello NHL95 Enthusiasts!!! I'm delighted to announce NHL21 (95) has arrived with a bunch of new features and a little early. New Intros splashes. Updated Ice Updated Banners Some Easter Eggs (Can you find the some of these) New Screens to the game Updated Player Cards. Some top prospects with their new teams (Lafrienere, Byfield, Askarov, etc.) Seattle Kraken consist of the top remaining Free Agents as of October 15th, 8PM EST. Futures are the top prospects for the 2021 Draft and the Legends return as the Hall of Famers. Rost
  11. Fellow NHL95ers. It has finally arrived and a few shout outs to @Jkline3for the assist on banners and @I got the puck for the roster updates (solid work my friend) AHL21 All 32 teams, including the new Henderson Silver Knights and a bunch of new changes. Palm Springs Firebirds (Projecting based on the reports) New playing surface Updated rosters as of October 5th, 2020 New logos and banners (2 options below for the banners - retro and updated) Any feedback is much appreciate. AHL21(95).bin AHL21(95)updatedbanners.bin
  12. Well I've put NBA Live 2021 (98) on here, as well as Triple Play Baseball Gold, and World Series Baseball 08.
  13. In addition, there will be twists in the game for everyone to enjoy. Something that Ive been thinking about for awhile.
  14. The lines were used from CapFriendly based on that. I didnt have much thought to how they should look since I wasnt a 100% sure. Im always looking for someone that might be interested in helping with that.
  15. Great suggestion. In this case we have 26 teams in the league. But, will need to keep the minimum of the division in tack. Therefore, the bottom teams of those divisions with the limits below will be removed, with the Legends and Prospect Teams (Total 8). Based on that 2021 league will be as follows, especially since all the votes were for playoff teams. Since, there is only 5 teams in the Pacific and 7 in the Central, Colorado will be moved to the Pacific (Mainly geography). Buffalo and Ottawa will stay despite their horrible records, just won't make the divisions work if th