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  1. I would definitely be willing to assist if you need any help.
  2. NFL Blitz 2023 - Signature Edition/Resurrection NFL Blitz 2023 is a project that 4 people collaborated and enhanced a fan favorite of the smash-mouth, street rules, and high-flying scores. Members of the team: ScallyCap, UltraMagnus, Avery and DJSteve067. In addition, to Zoinkity and Jaker3 for paving the way for us to complete this project. blitz2023.mp4 Here are the features that have been modified, enhanced and changed for the experience to be elevated. - Updated Jerseys of all 32 teams, matching their current uniforms and color scheme allowing the full experience of your home team or fan base. - Update End-Zones of all 32 teams with detailed designs that some might love to hate and hate to love. - Updated Logos of all 32 clubs; Including the rebranded Washington Commanders, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders. - Updated Rosters as of August 30,2022 (53-Man Roster cutdown). - Team Overalls for Passing, Rushing, Offensive Lines, Defense and Special Teams. (Based on teams ranking from 2022 season) - Season Mode is still current pre-alignment. (Commanders are not included) - No audio changes, however there is no sound bites of the Texans and Commanders, and the Redskins call has be removed as well. - All new Screens to give the new look of the Signature Edition. Including the Match-Up Screen with new logos and updated helmets. We hope that your experience is as punishing as the hits. NFL Blitz 2023.z64
  3. I need to do a clean up but this is a start for you as well @KTup710
  4. 95 has the 0-15 for Stick Handling. Its quite possible that the tool extracts based on F/D/G but in 96-98 they are set to LW,RW and C so it might go to the next available item which is D.
  5. Since it is the 2022-23 rosters. Thats why its called NHL23 (95). Indicating that its still NHL95. Not sure, why this is a sticking point.
  6. Yeah I think Ill wait until its official.
  7. Ah s**t. Lol. @Saucethanks bud. I'll update that all. Better to have small things quickly
  8. Thanks for the catch I'll update right now. Otherwise, thoughts.
  9. We have an online league if you ever interested
  10. We have 3 guys working on it including myself. If you want join us on DISCORD where we can share ideas and material. We are doing the jerseys, ednzones, rosters, helmets, etc.
  11. NHL '23 (95) IS BACK!!!! A lot of changes are going into this version of the rom MOD. Things that will be included: New Player portraits (Amazing hack from @DeterminedApathy with his amazing portraits hack) Updated rosters and lineups as of August 18th (https://www.dailyfaceoff.com/teams) Player Rating system and ideas (Huge Shout out to @Sauce) 2023 NHL prospects including Conor Bedard, Matvei Michkov, Adam Fantilli, and more. Some Easter eggs as well complaints of @AdamCatalyston the goalie nets. NHL23(95).bin
  12. Join us on discord we have a few guys working together on it. https://discord.gg/GFs5azKA
  13. Hey @Matt55 would you happen to know where the fighting subroutine is in 93? trying to see if there is something for 94/95
  14. For sure. If you have anything laying around post away so i can dive deep into code. LOL.
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