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  1. There is some minor things to adjust. As Im working through some adjustments and alignment. The years the players don't play Im making sure their are adjusted. Since, say 2000 its based on 1999 season.
  2. Ive been working on a project that will hopefully help with other members with future projects, and mods/hacks. I've compiled all the roms from the forums @clockwise @naples39 @mitch13 @skip, and outside sources to create a NHL database that will hold all the NHL players careers in. If you looking for the following, you will find it here: Player ratings from 1951-2022 Player Attributes from 1951-2022 Player Salaries from 1918-2022 (based on previous year results, which are available also) Conversion from NHL95 to NHL94 and vice versa. If there is other details you wanting to add, please let me know. The link is below. Player DB 1918-2022 - Google Sheets
  3. You can do both but would need to find the images. And for the player cards you would need to find them and set them to 48x48 in Microsoft paint. Try aiming for the head shot.
  4. That isnt my rom. That is someone elses. Not sure what file or error your getting.
  5. @QuackAttackWe run a custom 95 league with a full 32 team league. 66 games, draft, off-season, playoffs, etc. Here is the discord channel were on. If you wanted to check it out. https://discord.gg/mEXTHFtT for 95 https://discord.gg/peMywVG6 for 94
  6. @QuackAttackIs there any version of NHL series that you have preferred? Since, there is leagues for both 94 and 95 (only one at the moment).
  7. There is always way around it. Especailly with modding it
  8. Not sure how many of you would enjoy a Coach K / NBA JAM TE sega tourney. If you do, come join us on DISCORD. https://discord.gg/7cRHvrfp
  9. Which player would you want out in favor of Barkley and Jordan is on which team?
  10. It's actually pretty easy. I can get it done today.
  11. That is actually an easy fix.
  12. Ive been able to change the logos in NHL96-98 and the center ices.
  13. Amazing work @Tickenest!!!!!!!
  14. Had another one that was being revised. Amazon.com
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