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  1. Sure. Also we have an online 95 community for leagues too
  2. Well that's why when people ask for mods. Only saying which one they want. Is a little vague. Details and look get you more attention
  3. Well I can do that season mode length. As long as someone provides the division breakdown they want.
  4. All can be done pretty easily. Bit your limited to 26 teams for the season mode.
  5. There is more work to be done, since I dont have the weight's of the players and my system needs it inputted. Its going a be a bit longer, but I want it as accurate as possible. Sorry
  6. I'm putting the finishing touches on it. Had a busy week with work.
  7. @RatofSteel1984 Я заканчиваю обновление на выходных для 2023 года. Также буду делать годовые ромы для всех сезонов с 2008 года по настоящее время.
  8. Tried it and flawless. Thanks @smozoma
  9. If you wanted more seasons. I'm doing 1910-2023 rosters.
  10. UltraMagnus


    Which season are you looking for
  11. I'm not that knowledgeable of getting that to work. Really beyond my scope of knowledge unless it's not too tricky.
  12. @wboyis this possible to bring into NOSE. Not even sure how long this would take. As it would be an amazing add to NOSE. @smozomadoes EARE do this for 95 expanded roms.
  13. Where in Gods grown earth can I find this program above. Or js it only for that 92 or 93 rom.
  14. I'm creating 95 roms from 1910-2023. With all the teams, schedules and proper ice.
  15. There is always the option to create a mod of 96. It will come but sometimes these things happen over time. Be patient and there will be one that will come out.
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