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  1. Definitely!!! I was thinking of tweaking the league maybe reducing it to 20 teams or reducing the game amount. I did one for @segathonwith only 15 games each team. Have 2 conferences of 10 each abs 5 per division. Also, have a custom team option and/or fantasy draft to make the teams. Last place team picks 1st overall. Also, give a custom team name, logo and jersey colors. Just an idea. Kind take the rosters from 95 to present and can add players each year. But limit the players per team so its not long to do. Similar to NHL 94 CDL. 5F, 3D and 2G.
  2. Hey Fellow NHLers. Im sending this out to see who might be interested in playing a league with every games played and we can have the users play on retroarch for netplay. I just started for NHL 94 CDL season 3. And this seems like something NHL95 can use as well. Drop a note here and lets get 26 guys and play a full season head to head.
  3. Based on the votes and a month of waiting. NBA Jam TE will get the first face lift. Trying to aim for the new season, but this game will have a full over haul.
  4. Yeah. I think it has to do with user control to some degree. I think "C" was Juno to catch.
  5. They can be added. Just kept the standard teams for this version since it was the first run.
  6. How did you find the roster and game play?
  7. You have to download and save to your folder the .srm file. That will have the depth charts all updated. Otherwise, you'll have to adjust all the depth charts manually.
  8. Welcome to the Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - 2021 I've updated the rosters referring to the Lindy's Sports Pro Football rosters 2021. I will be using the lineups.com/nfl/rosters to obtain the accurate player ratings (-20 rating from that site) New in 2021 rom: All top rookies from draft class - Trevor Lawrence, Kyle Pitts, Kwity Paye, Najee Harris, Trey Lance, DaVonta Smith, Patrick Surtain II, Micah Parsons, and many more. Rosters accurate as of July 3, 2021. Houston Texans replaced the Houston Oilers. There is no Baltimore Ravens or Tennessee Titans top players are in the TRADE Season Mode as free agents (Lamar Jackson, Derrick Henry, Marlon Humphrey, etc). Looking for assistance on editing the graphics to some degree (Mini helmets, Logos and End-zones) Any updates you would like to see, please let me know. Tecmo Super Bowl 3 '21(1).bin
  9. Hello Fellow Modders and Gamers!!! This poll is for the next list of games to be completed or requested. By the end of July the top game will be the next to be completed, then 2nd, and so on. If there is any additional games they will be added, or if someone wants to collaborate with me that can take precedent. Please let me know.
  10. I'll add this to the post so people can see.
  11. Need to do some tinkering along the way. But the major hurdle is done.
  12. Game has been uploaded in its own new feed.
  13. NFL Primetime is coming back... With updated rosters effective as June 28, 2021 and depth charts adjusted as well via (2021 NFL Depth Charts and Rosters | Ourlads.com) Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans are in the game as well, but as extras (no players, except in FA) Money Players are all added and player stats have been updated to reflect the 2020-21 season. Playing the game, you will have to download and copy the .srm file into your Genesis folder as it will have the depth charts adjusted. Big Thanks to @kdubmods for his box art. And to @jrollingfor his soundtrack. This really hits the Primetime feeling Let me know if there is anything you would like to be updated. Deion Sanders - Prime Time Football '96 (Sega Sports) 1995 tv commercial.mp4 Primetime v1.srm Primetime v1.bin