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  1. Hello NHL95 Enthusiasts!!! I'm delighted to announce NHL22 (95) Reloaded has arrived. All Divisions Realigned to Traditional Divisions!!! Update image of the announcer Updated rosters as of October 13, 2021 and lines updated to reflect opening night rosters. (Dailyfaceoff.com and puckpedia.com) Seattle Kraken in Season Mode. New Intros splashes. Updated Ice Original Banners Some top prospects with their new teams (Lafrienere, Byfield, etc.). Futures are the top prospects for the 2022 Draft and the Legends return as the Hall of Famers. Small Issue with Calgary and Boston Logos in start Menu. But does not effect the game. Hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback. A zip file is included below for anyone wanting the box art and file together for RetroArch or alternative front end emulators. UltraMagnus NHL '22 (95).bin
  2. This is awesome. Even, @segathonposted this on our discord.
  3. Hello Blitz Fans!!! Pleased to introduce NFL Blitz 2K21 for the N64. New updated rosters as Week 3 (October 5th - through Ourlads.com) Addition of the Houston Texans. Updated Screens and Ratings. NFL Blitz 2022.z64
  4. We also have an NHL95 online league if your interested.
  5. Just have a few projects and an NHL95 online league to smooth out before completing.
  6. We have an WN95HL league open for spots. WN95HL.com
  7. Anyone interested in joining the WN95HL season 2 league. Please message me or reply here. Spots are open to anyone interested. Check out the league at wn95hl.com or
  8. This needs to be saved as a .n64 or v64 file to work with the N64 emulators.
  9. That can be done with the avs
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