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  1. Officially have a release date for this rom. Given the remaining teams (23) and positions (OL, DL, LB, DB = 62 total for each team). Ive been averaging 8-10 team positions per day. Therefore, the release date of the game will be by the Friday, June 18th or, Saturday June 19th. There will be updates monthly in regards to training camp and roster moves. Who is getting ready for some football!!!!!
  2. Headway continues... Updated above with the positions remaining for the teams.
  3. Exciting News ALL!!!!! The rom release will be coming in a few short weeks. Looking to have this completed prior to training camp and will be doing some interesting updates throughout the season. COMPLETED - ALL WRs, and Kickers/Punters. Only Defense remains and will be quite quick.
  4. Some great news. This rom hack looks to be completed before the beginning of next season. All teams, as well as some potential hidden gems.
  5. Looks like I might have found the spot to unlock a few extra players. Need to do some more digging over the next few weeks.
  6. Update: Teams Completed: Green Bay Packers WR/TE Completed: Colts, Bears, Bengals, Browns, Cowboys. Next update will be completed WR/TE + Rookies, K/P + Rookies, OL + Rookies.
  7. I've started on 96. Should be pretty quick.
  8. Will have to look into it.
  9. Every year now there will be one. Already got most of it done. Just awaiting training camp to release the updates.
  10. Hello all. Please find the updated rom on the first page from a few errors that I had missed and caught by @maddog015 and @DSgamby. Thanks Gents.
  11. I'll have those jerseys changed tomorrow and repost with the changes. Thanks you @maddog015 and @DSgambyfor pointing those out.
  12. I'll do the update and repost. My apologies.
  13. Try using GENS emulator. Never had an issue with it.