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  1. That looks amazing. And it is something like madden with the coffin. Corner kicks.
  2. NFL Blitz Enthusiasts!!! Im happy to introduce NFL Blitz 2020 - Preseason edition. Im aware that this isnt an SNES game, but falls under the Nintendo umbrella. Rosters updated as of today (August 13,2020). Team Ratings updated as of today (August 13,2020). If there is anything you would like to see in the game, please let me know and enjoy!!! NFL Blitz 2020-PS.z64
  3. Stellar progress. I think option 2 would be great. Similar to if you fire a coach mid season the philosophy has to change for that new coach.
  4. It appears the search continues for the expanding the season. I tested replacing teams (ie Vegas for Arizona.) But it is a major change overall that is needed. If one team is to be taken out alphabetically, the team you want to replace needs to take its spot and replace all the data (ie logos, center ice, banners. Scoreboard, players, etc.) To make it stick and allow the game to play through the season. But I did do it for one team and it worked. Bad thing. Takes 5-6 hours to do one team. Back to the drawing board.
  5. It is done with the 2020 rosters as of August 2nd, 2020. All the legends are on a roster and the top 2020 prospects. There is a topic discussion I started with games that I was planning on modding for Sega sports games.
  6. NBA Live 98' Enthusiasts!!! Exciting news to share with you all. NBA Live 98' has been brought back to life. A refresh, a restart, or a redo, however you want to say it. The game has the following features ; new and improved and what to expect moving forward. Updated logos of all teams (including New Orleans Pelicans as the Exhibition play as the old Blockers) and the OKC Thunder (updated logos, jerseys and court) Updated Rosters for the 2019-20 season Updated ratings - statistics to come for 2021! What to expect moving forward: Annual Roster updates. Logo changes. Court colors and logo changes. Jerseys updated to proper coloring. Menus to be changed and colored based on tributes (2021 - Kobe Bryant (purple and yellow, and maybe the #8/24 on the baselines) Please provide any feedback for what you would like to see or want. Below you will see some of the changes. NBA Live '20 (98)-Update.bin
  7. Here is a taste of the teams completed to date: Teams Remaining to COMPLETE Brooklyn, San Antonio, Detroit, New Orleans, Indiana, Sacramento, LA Clippers, Utah, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Portland, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, LA Lakers, and Orlando.
  8. Yes. Already has all the teams, but just need to setup the logos to show them. If your meaning in the season. It would be no at the moment. Similar to NHL95. But the Pelicans will be available for exhibition games.
  9. I meant more in the complete experience (season, awards, etc.) But yes 95 with some of the 94 visuals.
  10. I think taking the players from 94 and copying into 95 would be pretty easy as long as there is a match for each movement. And if so, I’ll be starting this week with that project, once I’m done updating all the logos in NBA Live 98. Great developments in that game.
  11. That’s right. I think a lot of people prefer the players in 94 over 95 (myself included). But the game play is superior in 95, plus you have the season, stats and offseason awards. There would be some interesting aspects, like even adding the bleeding from 93. I think it would be interesting to try melding a few seasons together to have a superior overall experience. Not sure, if you think so.
  12. Hello All, I'm doing something that might have been attempted or not. But thought the conversation may need to be asked. What are your thoughts of merging NHL94 and NHL95? Using the players from 94 in 95? Using end of period/penalties screen from 94 into 95?
  13. New development. I may have found the location of expanding the divisions, as well as reducing the total games to 82. Need to test it a few times to make sure. @Asher413you unclogged my brain with your division breakthrough.