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  1. Hello Guys, im filling in for Montreal and played a 4 game set with the Rangers. Live Streamed and recorded the games and am sharing here now. GGS Lupz! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DWPav8IV9Q
  2. Anyone around for a GENS games need to test my connection.
  3. wow thats awesome i didnt even see that. Score one for the Fly Guys. !
  4. Anyone around tonight 10/24 Im game to play, need some help connecting but wanna get going. Sorry Boys AIM doesnt appear to be working. i do have discord.
  5. Damn! I Had the first pick n missed out due to work, sadness. can I hop in now and select the New York Rangers please?!?! Im Monkeyjuice...
  7. This game is so much fun, and represents hockey in the greatest way. Fast, Hard Hitting, Passing, saves, goals. I needs to play onlinessss. NewJerseyKiller, needs some exhibitions so PM me :}. Hello to the old heads who been in this thing for a minute. HOLLLLLAAAAAA GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Game 1 Tor-6 (1 3) St.L-4 (2 4) Toronto speed,bad d, and no St.L hitting, Gives Toronto the easy win. Game 2 St.L-5 (1) Tor-7 (2 4) St.L manger is gonna rip his team in half, bad play all around. Toronto takes advantage for an easy sweep
  9. Game 1 10 innings! DET-11 (2 4) St.L-10 (2 3) Back and forth game,all the way, Detroit having all of the leads may i add including the final blow a deep fly ball down the right field line, just inside the pole. Great Game. Game 2 St.L-8 (1 3) DET-5 (1) Only 7 hits for Detroit in this one, St.Louis ACE continues do get win after win for his ball club, JACK the clean up hitter came through with a couple HR, including a big 3 run shot late to help St.L to victory!
  10. Game 2 St.L-14 (1) SF- 4 (3 4) Saint Louis really jumped out of the gun opening a 6-0 lead in the 1st half inning, another great performance by the St.Louis Ace carried St.Louis to a mercy rule victory in the 6th. Although SF didnt get their last-at-bat due to desynch but both parties agreed to call it then. Thanks Kupuck for being a cool opponent, Good Games.
  11. San Fransisco-2 (Pitchers 1/2) St. Louis-5 (Pitchers 2/4) San Fran got on the board first with their early 2 runs, but web gem after web gem kept the SF offense at bay for the rest of the match up. clutch hits from the middle of the line up build up the lead, and the closer came in for a 1-2-3 9th inning. Good Game, game 2 to be laterrrrrrrrrrrr.
  12. i think if the season goes quickly we should do 8 to award the fact that we went through it quick, and just do a playoff and be able to start another season up and maybe cut down, although i did vote for 6
  13. Game 1 Minnesota 6 (Pitcher #3) St.Louis 3 (Pitcher #3 & #4) Big 5 run 2nd inning do to gap doubles and bad defense put St.Louis in big gap they cant make up, Great Pitching by Felix for Minnesota. Game 2 St.Louis 9 (Pitcher #1) Minnesota 5 (Pitcher #1 & #2) Solid Defense and great pitching from the Ace of St.Louis held Minnesota's offense down in the early portions of the game. Grand Slam made the difference in this one. Good Games.
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