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  1. Legendary work my friend. Gorilla GC shall never be forgotten!
  2. I'm back At least for the weekend Great to see some old names and new names.
  3. Habs, wish you were at Ko94 II last weekend.  I was playing some 2on2 after the tourney and couldn't help thinking of my ole partner!  Hope to see you at one of these someday!

  4. (2) Depch - Boston | 5.32 GF | 3.25 GA | -300 (7) HABS - Montreal | 5.48 GF | 3.76 GA | +300 Season Series: 3-1 BOS These two teams met early in the season, where Montreal was struggling to get anything out of their lineup of Kamensky-Klima-Verbeek, Boston dismantled em for 3/4 games. Much has changed since then as the team is playing much better since the second half of the season. Montreal was the 2nd highest scoring team in the league while Boston ranked 4th and each team was ranked 7th and 6th respectively in GA/G. Boston's formula of speed with
  5. Can we get the season deadline to come sooner? Say April 15?? Seems like it is quite doable.
  6. Ok ok not dead, was just a little lul for a few days. My bad on the overreaction. League is definitely going very well in terms of completion. Discord has made things much smoother!
  7. Zzzz zzzz league dead. Same couple guys slacking.
  8. I should be around from 7-11pm ET today.
  9. You do realize this game requires very little bandwidth. Jitter/latency are far more important and there aren't great ways to minimize that. Also Gens works fine on super old computers as long as they are well maintained.
  10. Updated: Team: Montreal Line 1: C: Klima LW: Kamensky RW: Verbeek LD: Patrick (change his number) RD: Zalapski 3 X: Eklund G: Ranford Line 2: C: Kamensky LW: Verbeek RW: Stastny LD: Wilson RD: Wilson X: Stastny
  11. HABS


    FA Transaction: Habs drops John Cullen, Dmitry Yushkevich Picks up Brent "Asston" Ashton, Michael Petit Like this