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  1. Team Name: Brampton Battalion LD: JJ Daigneault RD: Al Macinnis LW: Kevin Dineen C: Stevie Yzerman RW: Neil Broten X: Joe Nieuendyk 3rd D: Tommy Sjodin G: Dominik Hasek
  2. Team: Brampton Battalion LW: Nikolai Borschevsky C: Benoit Hogue RW: Evgeny Davydov LD: Gord Murphy RD: Phil Housely G: Kelly Hrudey X: Adam Burt
  3. Team: LW: C: RW: LD: RD: G: Extra:
  4. Season 1 of the Genesisi Line Changes League has been completed! Congrats to @kingraph for winning the title 3 games to 0 over @corbettkb. Raph took over a team that was 6-4 and went on a 16-0 run to capture the number 1 seed. In the playoffs he went the max 5 games vs @danTML7 winning game 5 in OT. He also took out @IceStorm70 in 5 games with Dave Andreychuck scoring the winner with :24 left in 3rd period of deciding game. Highlights of the season: 100% games played! All 4 first round series went the full 5 games League Leaders: Wins - Kingraph (22) Goals for - Corbett (127)(4.88) Goals Against - Corbett (58)(2.22) Team Sh% - Icestorm (44.8%) Team Sv% - Icestorm (.761%) Best PP - Corbett (34.1%) Best PK - Kingraph (91.4%) Most PPG - Corbett (15) Most SH Goals - Icestorm (12) Trophies: Art Ross Trophy: Doug Gilmour (56) Rocket Richard Trophy - Doug Gilmour (35) Norris Trophy - Igor Kravchuck Vezina Trophy - Tommy Soderstrom with a sterling .761 sv% William Jennings Trophy - Bill Ranford sparkling 2.18 GAA Jack Adams Trophy: @Triple A despite being new to GENS and absorbing some decent lumps, he stuck with it and completed his season. He'll get that initial win next season i'm sure! Looking forward to season 2. Will keep everyone posted on when it'll start and also discuss some potential changes. Thank you Everyone for making this season a success!
  5. Regular season has concluded! Well done everyone getting their games in! Raph took over for Zepp last week and proceeded to go 15-0 to take #1 overall seed what a push! The Tony Montana Division has finished all their games and the playoff matchups are set. The playoffs are Best of 5 with higher seed hosting games 1,2 and 5. #1 Corbett vs #4 Mr T #2 Adam vs #3 Chris O (tie breaker is division record as they split 4 reg season games) The Pablo Escobar Division has finished all their games and the playoff matchups are set. The playoffs are Best of 5 with higher seed hosting games 1,2 and 5. #1 Kingraph vs #4 DanTML7 #2 IceStorm vs #3 Dcicon @chaos would you be able to set our playoffs? Attached is the playoff ROM - 99Min OT nhl94_Full_Rules_PLAYOFFS.bin
  6. all set for this season but will keep you in mind for season 2!
  7. @kingraphhas replaced Zepp. Please hit him up for games asap.
  8. Regular Season will this Friday 6/19. Playoffs will start over the weekend. In order to qualify for the playoffs you’ll need to have played 22 games. I’ll reach out to Zepp and AEpurniet separately. If they can’t promise to get in their games I’ll look for a couple of replacements.
  9. Ice -Buffalo LW - Savard C - Ciccarelli RW - Hawerchuk LD - Gill RD - Housely G - Terreri XF - Lamb XD - Stanton
  10. Wanted to run a season 2 idea but everybody: What’s everyone’s thoughts about drafting players from teams not picked and adding them to your current teams for season 2? We did this in a prior line changes league and spiced teams up a bit more.
  11. Calgary Flames: LD - Mikael Nylander RD - Gord Murphy LW - Denis Savard C - Pierre Turgeon RW - Brian Leetch 1st F Sub - Alexei Zhamnov 2nd F Sub - Jaromir Jagr 1st Dman Sub - Tommy Sjodin 2nd Dman Sub - Jaromir Jagr
  12. Hello, Some important dates and information for this new league Team changes are required by EOD 4/27. Please stay in your tier for any changes (same rules apply as draft). Line combos are required by Wednesday 4/29 EOD. Please try to have them locked in prior. League Start on Friday 5/1, new month, new league, start up baby! We'll have two divisions of 5 coaches set up based on draft order - 1,3,5,7 and 9 in one division and the other will have the rest. In division you'll play each coach 2 home and 2 away. Outside division it'll be 1 and 1. Targeting completion of regular season 5/22 Playoffs will be old school 1v4, 2v3 in division. Then winners meet in division finals. Winners of each division faceoff in the finals. All series will be best of 5 Division Setup (in the spirit of lines): Pablo Escobar Division Icestorm Zeppelin Dcicon DanTML Aepurniet Tony Montana Division Tex Chris O Adam Woodrow Mr T Triple A On a side note I've received some feedback the white ice is a little too bright. I'll look to update the rim with the prior GDL white ice which is supposedly a little darker.
  13. Greetings, one type of league that has been lacking from the community for some time is a classic Genesis full rules on i Penalties, offsides and Line changes! I'd like to get an idea on who would be interested in an abbreviated season. Below are the rules/thoughts I have in mind Coaches: 10 Number of games: 26 Rules: Icing, penalties on, off sides on, line changes on Period Length: 5 minutes Penalty length: 1 min Rom: Classic Rom (no modifications other than PIM length to 1 min and white ice!) Teams: Tiered based on coaches skill level. Team Draft will be done Team Draft will start 4/24 on discord chat and final selections posted here. Draft order is as follows: Tier of teams that can be selected is next to each coaches name. Tier 1 can select any team. Tier 2 can select any team outside the top 6. Tier 3 can select any team outside the top 12. Triple A -1 Detroit Aepurniet -1 Calgary Mr T - 2 Montreal DanTML - 2 Winnipeg Woodrow - 2 Boston Dcicon - 2 Quebec Chris O - 2 New York Rangers Zeppelin Toronto Tex - 3 Edmonton Icestorm - 3 Philadelphia Tier 1 Teams (6): Det, Chi, Van, Cgy, LA, Buf Tier 2 Teams (6): Dal, Mtl, Wpg, Bos, NYR, Que Tier 3 Teams (rest): Here's a video of me versus Kingraph from 2012 season playoffs. The ROM was slightly different, but I'm open to either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17voMvo3l4E nhl94_Full_Rules_EXIv2.bin
  14. i am 100% down. Would like to do pxp if possible
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