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  1. Bump. We can go with 6 but prefer 8. I'd like to get the draft rolling later next week.
  2. IceStorm70

    2018 2v2 League Idea.

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Habs!
  3. Any more takers? Would like to get to 8 if possible
  4. IceStorm70

    2018 2v2 League Idea.

    In, thanks for running with my fleeting idea!
  5. Ya 55 sounds good. I would like to allow teams to have up to 3 goalies but only draft 2/3 goalies after everyone has 1. I want to rotate and go with ‘hot’ G
  6. I think if this takes off and there are multiple seasons it’ll be nice to add new players to freshen it up abit.
  7. Thanks AJ. I’d honestly like to stick with the classic rom and players.
  8. Coach let’s chat. AJ and I discussed last night. I think <= 60 is where we’ll go. What players are on the Federal League Rom?
  9. That’s the intent! Super bad hockey players requiring coaches to rely on hot/cold and using all their F’s and D at different points throughout the season. I loved exi’ing with your team insummer league and scrolling their attributes to find out who should actually start.
  10. Concept: A draft league of players that are rarely if ever drafted in any of the other draft leagues - yes, a draft of misfit players. This idea came up after enjoying playing with AJ's Summer League band of misfits. Number of Coaches: 6-8 Roster Size: 5 Forwards. 4 defensemen and up to 3 goalies (always wanted options!) Draft Type - snake, order randomly selected Pool of Players: Classic ROM with player F < = 55 overall, Defensemen < = 50 and G <=47 (132-F, 110-D, 26-G) Rules: Classic Bug Fixes: None Hot/Cold: Actual ratings - variable Number of games : ~40 Divisions: 1 If you're interested please let me know. If you have any additional idea's please post also. I think you may enjoy the change of pace of play with this cast of rejects. Coaches Confirmed: 1) Coachmac 2) AngryJay 3) Icestorm 4) Brutus 5) Jer 6) Lupz
  11. IceStorm70

    IIHF Legacy 2019

  12. IceStorm70

    Premium Retro League 4

    sign me up!
  13. IceStorm70

    94 Memes

    When in doubt ALWAYS choose Buffalo. Better F’s, D and G hands down
  14. Who determines the salary for each player?