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  1. i am 100% down. Would like to do pxp if possible
  2. Toronto St Pats C Turgeon LW Damphousse RW Hawerchuk LD Leetch RD Housely Xtra attacker: Donato First Forward Sub: Donato First Defensive Sub: Sjodin Goalie: Casey
  3. Toronto St Pats please using the green brown and white unis (in GDL 8 ROM)
  4. Love this idea. Could even have guys who can’t make the tourney like Skip, Tex, Lupz available to play online also. Have discord set up etc
  5. Take the goalie early, prevent the F from getting across. Best way like Raph said. Try to identify the move earlier too.
  6. Way to represent boys! Congrats AJ and Tex on a great final.
  7. ya'll are fake news. Sid Smith is 74 years old
  8. Translation: gimme your stud for my trash
  9. Edmonton Oilers C Pierre TurgeonLW Geoff CourtnallRW Mark MessierLD Jeff BrownRD Eric DesjardinsG Chrs Terrerix Peter BondraFirst Forward Sub: Peter BondraFirst Defensive Sub: Igor Kravchuk #61
  10. 2.1 Chaos selects Scott Stevens 2.2 Brad Park 2.3 Atomic take Maurice Richard 2.4 J&J selects Esa Tikkanen 2.5 Atomic selects Jim Henry 2.6 Lupz selects Elmer Lach 2.7 Brutus selects Jagr 2.8 Spaceghost goes w/ Lafontaine 2.9 Skip selects Mahovlich 2.10 Tex selects Fedorov 2.11 MikeGartner selects Red Kelly 2.12 Zep selects Coffey 2.13 Flatcrusher selects Steve Smith 2.14 Aqua takes Iafrate 2.15 Chef goes Sawchuk 2.16 Dickon grabs DINO 2.17 Jer gets Esposito 2.18 Chaos gets Roy 2.19 AJ takes Robitaille 2.20 Ice selects Turgeon 2.21 Tex selects Doug Harvey
  11. Thanks Raph. can I please have the Edmonton Oilers and also use the Oil Drill bit Jersey’s/logo. I can find the rom that has the settings for it. Think it was GDL5 rom.
  12. Bump. We can go with 6 but prefer 8. I'd like to get the draft rolling later next week.