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  1. Team: New Jersey LW: Mogilny, Damphousse, Drake, C: Richer, Drake, Mogilny RW: Damphousse, Drake, Yake LD: Daigneault, Giles, More RD: Zubov, Giles, More G: Casey Extra: Drake Line 2 extra: Yake Duplicate number Yake- 25 to 27
  2. For Genesis, @kingraph crafted an awesome excel file that first replicated and ties to the stock rating calculation within the original game but then also created a dynamic calculation where the user can give more or less weight to any attribute. I toyed with those a little bit. We landed on final dollar amounts after eye balling values with the help of Raph, AJ, and Chaos based on everyone’s use playing online. I’m not sure how much modifying goes on with snes guys that’s a blind spot for me in the community.
  3. I’m only 5 years late to the party and without duplicating all that spot on advice, my 2 cents are: 1- Ween yourself away from buggers. They’re great when you’re starting out but to be well rounded, you need to embrace and adapt to the skill set of your squad. You’ll find there are some skilled middle weights and fatties that have great utility (Sandstrom, Kasatonov, etc). Personally I enjoy playing against a bunch of buggers since it makes me play faster by being quicker and decisive with my passing. 2- move the puck and create. It’s already mentioned but playing linear is predictable, easy for users to defend, and easy for AI to post up against. Moving the puck in the o zone helps get the AI out of sorts and can open things up. 3- avoid the skating backwards tactics. My biggest pet peeve. The right way to kill time is by keeping the puck in the o zone and maintaining possession. The wrong way is to flop around backwards through the neutral zone and into the d zone. This also includes grabbing the puck off a center ice face off and skating backwards to your d zone to where the opposition AI triggers forward opening up breakaways and rushes. There are definitely opportunities where that organically happens during the course of play but intentionally seeking that out off a face off is a no no.
  4. Playoffs will be divided by vets and rookies for those who play the minimum 50 games.
  5. Gotta give Tex and AJ some company in A. 150 summer league slate just isn’t enough!
  6. @smozoma it really puts NJ, WSH, VAN, and PHI in a different light...Spain, Italy, UK and Portugal. Not exactly hotbeds of hockey.
  7. @halifax I’m sure this is known/posted somewhere on here but the rosters and player ratings between EA and NHL hockey are identical. Soviet Union is Pittsburgh, Canada is LA, USA is Calgary, etc. Very easy to see in a side by side of NOSE.
  8. If this can be line changes off, I'm in as Sacred Heart
  9. Just sit tight for now. If a coach needs to be replace, you’ll inherit their squad. Thanks!
  10. We’re just about to kick off a season. I’ll add you to the list of replacement coaches. Thanks!!
  11. Divisions on the site will look like this: Patrick: NYR, NYI, NJ, WSH, PHI, PIT, Adams: BOS, BUF, HFD, QUE, MTL, OTT Norris: DET, CHI, STL, MIN, DAL, TOR, TB Smythe: EDM, CGY, VAN, LA, SJ, WPG, ANH
  12. Regular season schedule will consist of 3h/3a vs each coach for 150 games; that’s a lot! Since this is summer league and things are more causal, playoff eligibility will require a 50 game minimum but will go by total points. Veterans must log 50 games versus non rookies to be playoff eligible. Since this a huge block of games, the regular season will run for at least 2 months. Playoffs: In the spirit of this year, Veterans seeds 1-4 will get a 1st round bye into the best of 7s. Seeds 5-12 will play a best of 5 play-in series. Veteran seeds 13-18 will play a bo5 consolation playoff. The Rookie Division: Seeds 1-8 will play a best of 7. No reseeding in any playoff tree. ******Since we have so many teams, the website will be set to Patrick, Adams, Norris, and Smythe alignments as closely as possible. This will have zero bearing on playoff seeding. It’s only to look glorious on the website****** Veteran Division: . @IceStorm70- Buffalo @Scribe99- Calgary @JSchmidt- New Jersey @sonoffett87- Pittsburgh Chris O- Los Angeles @Jamiesoccer- Chicago @LeifErikson-Minnesota @corbettkb- Dallas @jer_33 - Toronto @Thrillhouse- Montreal @AdamWoodrow-Anaheim @Lupz27 Edmonton (replaced by Rookie Tess) @hokkeefan- Detroit @angryjay93- San Jose @chaos- Ottawa @MikeGartner22- Hartford @Brutus- Washington Rookie Division . @kidswasted- Boston Fluffhead47- Philadelphia @Raidercanuck1329- Vancouver @seamor- Tampa Bay @badass94- Islanders @niuhuskie224- Quebec @Hasek39- Winnipeg @strongsalad- St. Louis @kentuckywindage- NY Rangers
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