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  1. Penn to the venue is about a 20 minute walk. Not terrible. The subway from Herald Square can take you to Rockefeller center but it isn’t worth the $2.75 to go 2 stops imo unless it’s raining.
  2. North Star me please. Please uses those spicy 2v2 unis which I think are from the original NHL hockey. Thanks!!!
  3. So next draft league this means my 1st 3 picks are automatically Mogilny, Gartner and Fluery yeah?? Haha
  4. Oh yes. Have play flatcrusher a few times and have gotten in on some 2v2 as well.
  5. This is my first league but I’d like to join as Hartford if possible. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone. It's taken me 3 live (2 LI and HFD) tournaments run by Chaos and co. but I've finally taken the plunge into the online ranks. It's taken a baby being born and investment in a windows laptop after a failed attempt at setting up a Mac, but I'm ready to bring my mediocre game here. I played a CPU game on the rom and think I have everything else set. I guess the next step is to play a test game or 2 so I know how to join and host. Looking forward to playing with you all. Scotty