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  1. Don't forget your red MAGA hat on your outdoor jaunts! (And here is hoping you are not one of the people that is carrying the virus and showing no symptoms, meanwhile infecting others that might *have* to be out in public, for one reason or another.)
  2. Are you serious? If you are, that is an amazing easter egg, I have never heard mentioned. Please tell me you grabbed a phone or recording device and took a video of this?? Edit: I just read your last sentence. Uggh.
  3. I did not make any quotes that made the teaser, BUT! I just re-watched it and noticed that my Sega and NHL94 cartdrige -- which has a #2 on it and a strawberry sticker (so I would know it was mine when it came time to collect) -- is showcased for over 2 seconds, halfway through, in a closeup. NAILED IT!!! Just showed the wife and my kid and they had no reaction.
  4. That is great! And hilarious. Love that they got your quote at the end: "The best NHL94 you have ever seen... in your entire, LIVES!" (It was, too!)
  5. LA Kings/ Aqualizard First Line: LW - (91) Stamkos C - (43) Tom Wilson RW - (9) E Kane LD - (26) J Petry RD - (33) Chara G - (70) Holtby X - (23) S Reinhart Second Line: LW - S Reinhart C - (27) A Lee RW - S Reinhart LD - (94) Tyson Barrie RD - Tyson Barrie X - (16) Joe Pavelski Other #s D - (81) E Cernak G - (79) Carter Hart
  6. LA Kings take F - Evander Kane
  7. LA Kings take F - Steven Stamkos
  8. Guys, I have to resign from the Classic A league I have been having computer issues, and between trying to fix them, and getting my games in, I just don't have enough time. Sorry. This is the first league I ever resigned. Sorry everyone. Good luck to everyone. Cheers, Aqua
  9. Hi, I recently had some extra time, and got port forwarding working. But here is the thing: it seems slower to me! Using Gens (or RA), there is a very consistent 'lag'. (But it is not erratic, or spikey. It is consistent. Feels like a small delay, in the milliseconds. But it is throwing off my timing, and making things seem sort of "floaty"; like I am playing underwater.) Anyone have any insights? Here is my setup: Win10 wired connection (I disabled the wifi drivers, too) Fiber Internet (very fast) Bell Home Hub 3000 router / Sagemcom 5566 In the Port Forwarding, I added two rules: 1 for Gens (port 27886 UDP only) 1 for RA (port 55435, TCP only) Cheers, Aqua
  10. It is set to One Player mode, and yet they do not realize. Also, they are horrible. (Well, the one that is actually playing is.) Still, thanks for the link.
  11. Here is my feedback for the latest rendition: King of 94 IV in Toronto. Halifax and Smoz do an amazing job, of course. I figure these two must have to go into hibernation for two weeks after all of the effort that must go into putting this thing together. And Sroka was great with the stream. Some quick Pros and Cons: PROS 2 day event (with a dedicated day for Sega and one for SNES) Stream Facility itself (very modern and professional) * Those CRTs! They were great quality -- big, and in great condition for the most part. Organization (getting games in, and scores in, seems better/easier than ever) Got lots of games. Having a minimum of 6 games is cool. I think I had 12 games (made it to Round 3) CONS Location (so far outside of Toronto) * No beer! * * In short, the facility itself is amazing, but the location/alcohol sitch knocks it down considerably. Too few locals came out Wish more forum dudes made the trip, too Cost: $50 seems pricey. I wish it was like $15, just to cover expenses, and no (or little) prize $$ On a personal level, Atomic and I (who live in Toronto) got a hotel room for Friday night, thinking there would be some games happening, and to save travel time the next day. In retrospect, we should have booked a hotel for Saturday. After the Sega events Saturday, if we had a room, there would likely be more social games happening, plus we could have had place to relax after we got eliminated. I went home -- which took 90 minutes!! -- and was too burnt out to make it out again on Saturday. (I had the stream on from the comfort of my own home as soon as I got home, and it was awesome to watch! Especially the finals between AJ and Raph. Best finals ever, "in your life!", to quote Hali!) Note to self: Book hotel for day of the Sega event if it is in Toronto again. And I do selfishly hope the next one is in Toronto, too, but we need to get the beer sorted!
  12. Very handy, Smoz! I live in Toronto. If I were going to this event from afar, I personally would stay downtown, and take the subway to the venue, then a short bus (or Uber) for the last 1.0km. This venue is amazing -- it is designed for eGaming!! -- and if that is all you are going to do, yes, get a hotel close by. But!! If you want to do any "Toronto" things, I would get a hotel downtown, and take Public transit. (The vibe near Waves eGaming is not a "city" vibe; it is kinda in the middle of nowhere IMO.) I know last time around, a lot of guys stayed at the Doubletree on Chestnut St. That hotel is in a decent area to walk around and see downtown Toronto. It is also close to St.Patrick subway station, which literally is the same subway line that takes you to Pioneer Village station, which is 1km from Waves eGaming. (Mind you, the subway ride will probably be 40-60 minutes, but it is handy cuz there are no transfers.)
  13. Really? They have a solid weight, and the plastic is sturdy? That is a surprise. Hopefully you can give a followup report in a month or two? (Cheap crap shows its shoddiness pretty quick. Need to know if these are the real deal or not?)
  14. And how to you rate this emulator? Does it have an advantage over GENs or RA? (I know you are busy, but maybe just a few words?)