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  1. You mean the shot where the puck teeters on the corner, where the crossbar meets the side? Literally the puck hangs there for like 200 milleseconds, like the game is crunching some serious numbers to decide "in or out". (Though when this happens, it is always in.)
  2. Another quirk I like, are the goofy goals. Like when you slide a pass from center ice, and it on occasion it goes five hole. I have never seen it happen to Roy or Eddie, but the netminder tiers under those giants are all vulnerable. On Hrudey it happens a lot, lol. It kind of mirrors real life: there *should* be some glitchy goals like that. And the same way the seconds actually go faster in the game, the goofy goals (pass from from center ice, rebound off boards then off goalie's butt, A button launch down the ice that lofts straight into the net) happen more frequently, too. But it all just feels right.
  3. Two GENs "quirks" that I like are pass shots, and CB checks. The CB check, I am sure you know, counteracts the weight bug. Because both of these quirks require extra skill to execute, I feel they actually enhance the game. (Pass shots in particular would suck if they were easy to pull off. Might even wreck the game.) (Interestingly, I am weak at CB checking, and pass shooting. But I give myself a D in each category. I am hoping to get to a letter grade B level in my career. When I started playing online I was an F -- didn't even attempt (or know about) either.)
  4. aqualizard

    Goals after Whistle

    It's true. Momentum can change, plus the other guy does not get a penalty shot. There is no perfect solution. But if I am reading things correct, 6 of 6 guys say they think the sporting thing to do is give a goal back and swallow the missed penalty shot.
  5. aqualizard

    Goals after Whistle

    I think the *official* tournament rules are, a goal is a goal is a goal. But that is out of necessity. I know I would not accept a glitch goal. Like Jer said, I want to earn my goals. I guess in tournament play, with no time left, I would ask for a ruling (and insist I am fine with a "fair play" decision, not a black and white rule). The 60 second thing -- or however much time is left at glitch goal point -- sounds fair.
  6. aqualizard

    Goals after Whistle

    But even if you can't remember, it looks like you think the "right" thing to do is give a goal back, right?
  7. aqualizard

    Goals after Whistle

    I have played hundreds of hours, and recall many strange things and glitches. Some glitches are more "fixable" than others. One thing I am wondering: When a penalty shot is called (immediate whistle) and the puck somehow finds its way into the goal after the whistle -- which is an obvious glitch -- what do people do, in league games? If I "scored" a goal like this, I would pull my goalie, and let my opponent have a goal to even things out. What do you think?
  8. aqualizard

    The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    There was recently a Europe League. Check out channel #euro94 on the Discord thingy... A handful of European dudes are there, mostly from Finland, but I *think* I remember a dude from Germany. Welcome!
  9. aqualizard

    ESPN Article by Arda KO94-3

    Nice article. I wish the highlighted quote had some context. Obviously NHL94 *is* played online, and AJ and Arda know that. (I am sure AJ means he wishes it was easier to play online, or supported by Xbox, etc.). I wish it mentioned you *can* play online, which may help recruit some people.
  10. aqualizard

    GENS Test Game Requests

    Hi and welcome! Here is help getting online: Test Games and Getting Connected! 8pm CST should be a good time. Usually a couple people around then. And here is a Guide for New Members I wrote that covers a ton of stuff.
  11. aqualizard

    Ready to play first online game?

    Hi and welcome! Here is help getting online: Test Games and Getting Connected! And here is a Guide for New Members I wrote that covers a ton of stuff.
  12. aqualizard

    Tournament Format

    I am not sure what I am saying, just thinking out loud. But, if there were 2 tiers, for GENs, you could make it based on where the entrant wants to play. B (minors) or A (majors) level, and never have them play in the other bracket at all. I would love that, and stand a chance at doing well. Ahh... that sounds awesome. Yeah, if we do one group (not A and B groups) which I figure will happen again, yes, the "consolation bracket" would be awesome. Edit: I just read the format for Vancouver here: This looks great to me, with lots of games for anyone making it out of round robin? Was there a problem with it? Can someone who was there elaborate?
  13. aqualizard

    Tournament Format

    Ok, I have some time to put some thoughts together now. First and most importantly: I appreciate what Halifax does (and Mikey, Smozoma and anyone else who helps) and will be coming to NYC 100% no matter what! We are lucky that any live tourneys happen, and I know they are a ton of work. Also, I was at Toronto and Vegas, but did not go to BC, so don't have the "full exposure" that Coach and others did. But, here is what I personally would like: 1. a very low entrance fee 2. almost no prize $$... rather the entrance fee go to growing the community (paying for websites, paying for advertising, paying for better venue, etc.) 3. I would love to have a Gens A and B group (which I think is the gist of what Coach was saying, but he deleted it all, and I may be wrong) 4. but most important of all, I would just love to play as many "real" games as possible, even if there is only 1 group <--- this "most games" idea is the thing I want the most by a landslide That is it. And you can stop reading any further, but for you keeners, I will elaborate on a couple points based on AJ and Raph's points. First, you can't compare NHL94 on GENS to Poker or even SNES. I mean you can, but it is very different. In poker luck is a huge factor, and in the bigger tourneys, like the WSOP Main event, it is rare for a well known pro to even make the final table. And in SNES, well, the variety of Champs -- who are non-online dudes, too -- indicates there is greater parity (or less depth in the game) versus GENs. It is obvious based on the tourney results that there are only a few guys that are liable to win GENs. Fact is, in many competitions, and events, there are different levels. Juniors, minors, over 50, seniors, etc. And this is also reflected in Gens online leagues. Why not have this carry over for the Ko94? Now, I actually like playing the best guys, and getting my ass handed to me -- online! --but in person, in a live tourney, I would prefer to actually be competitive. (And I am a bit surprised to hear Raph and AJ both say the prefer to play everyone live. I thought for sure their competitive spirit would mean they want to play the best, and not "waste time" with the amateurs -- just like the A tier in online play! But whatever, everyone sees things different, and I appreciate their view. Just surprised me.) My relatively low IQ and advanced age won't allow me to comment much on double elimination versus triple elimination etc., etc., but I will say what ever format means the least waiting around for most people, even those that are not top tier, would be my preference. (Maybe the dudes that make the final 16 but get eliminated can play a losers tourney? Is that possible, or doesn't even mathematically make sense?) Anyway, that is my $.02 worth...
  14. aqualizard

    Tournament Format

    Damn, coach! Why delete your posts? Makes it hard to follow this thread, and people are really taking the time to write some well thought out stuff.
  15. aqualizard

    Tournament Format

    That is a great idea, Coach. Like you I have 0% chance of winning the whole thing, but in the 2nd tier I would be competitive. And I did feel at the Vegas tourney I, and 90% of others, forked over a lot of $ considering we had no chance of winning. (Never mind travel and hotel cost.) I would love to play more games. Especially against new guys, and people with different styles, especially guys I have a chance against. I wanted to say more, but my wife is booting me off the computer.