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  1. I need: 4 with GoCanes 2 with Leif Ericson 2 with Darko That's it. Let's schedule here, guys.
  2. aqualizard

    Bad Idea

    I am interested if the day and time is right? Wed or Thur 8pm-12 EST is a good window, I think? (I could be available around 9pm pretty consistently.)
  3. aqualizard

    2018 NHL'94 Bud of the Year (your turn to vote)

    100% true. And yet I still think he deserves it. Yeah, Halifax, put yourself on the ballot next year. (Or one of these Mods can do it, if you neglect to do so again!) Congrats, Chaos. You deserve it 100%.
  4. I am on vacation until Jan 7. So I am absent WITH leave. The Toronto Maple Leafs will be back, well rested, and ready to make a run for the cup!
  5. aqualizard

    RetroArch Tips and Troubleshooting

    Tip C: Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts) f - fullscreen i - hot swap home and away F5 - save state F6 - decrease save state slot F7 - increase save state slot F4 - load save state ESC - hard exit More to come...
  6. aqualizard

    RetroArch Tips and Troubleshooting

    Tip B: Hot Swapping Home and Away with "i" Keyboard Shortcut One great thing about RetroArch is you can "hot swap" home and away. As long as the guy hosting is using Direct Connection. You can even do it mid-game or whenevs. This is super handy. To start, let's say both guys are connected. The host will be home, since he connected first. If you need to change that, do this: 1. the host hits "i" to leave (right from ROM menu or wherever, it will not reset anything) 2. the other guys hits "i" to leave, then "i" again to reconnect (he will be home now, because he is "first" to connect) 3. the original host now hits "i" to re-connect, but because he is 2nd to connect now, he will be visitor Tada!! Ideally, at least one guy will have Direct Connection ability. That person should host. (If both are Direct capable, it doesn't matter who hosts.)
  7. aqualizard

    RetroArch Tips and Troubleshooting

    Tip A: Use Direct Connection (instead of Relay) if Possible Direct is better than Relay. Ideally at least one player has a Direct Connection. They should be host, and you can use the "i" shortcut (see below) to swap home and away as needed. There is a writeup for creating a Direct Connection here: RetroArch Setup Guide (it is at start, in sections 1 & 2)
  8. aqualizard

    RetroArch Tips and Troubleshooting

    Issue 6: Black Flicker Fix: None Yet Description: A black flicker -- where for a brief moment the entire RA screen is black -- happens at regular intervals. Intervals can be only a couple seconds apart (making game unplayable) or every minute or so. We think it has to do with the refresh rate getting out of sync. We also think it happens more for the person connecting than the one hosting, or possibly only on the connecting side. More to come as we investigate.... In the mean time, possible play with the VSync, Refresh Rate, etc. under MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > VIDEO Also, it may help for the user experiencing the flicker to host. (Which requires that they use "Direct" connection, and "i" hotkey to be visitor.)
  9. aqualizard

    RetroArch Issue: Delayed Button Presses / Jumpy Players

    Are you referring to issue #1, or #2? Also, can you expand on the "i" hotkey to swap players? (How to use, expected behavior.)
  10. I have two issues, which I experienced with jrolling. Issue 1: Delayed Buttons When I hosted, with a Direct connection, the timing was off. (This is almost always the case for me, with anyone, when I use RA.) It felt on my end like I was playing someone in Finland. There was a "constant lag", though it was uniform (no lag spikes). We did get a game in successfully, but I prefer using GENs because (most of the time) the button presses are more immediate. With the RA lag I experience, quick one timers are off, as are finesse dekes. On jrolling's side, he felt things were fine. (Though he is new, so maybe not acquainted with the nuances in feel, yet.) Issue 2: Jumpy Players When he hosted, with a Relay connection, it was unplayable for me. On his end, he said it was fine again. This time, even in menus, I could see it was off. His movements were frenetic when choosing his team, and flickering all over. When the puck dropped, my players were teleporting many pixels from where they should be, and jumping back again. After 5 seconds I stopped the game and said we needed to troubleshoot. Trouble(shoot) was, we are both new to RA, and had already had a heck of a time getting game 1 in, so we bailed. I was exhausted, and near tears. (Ok, I exaggerate.) NOTE: I understand I can use the "i" hotkey, to keep hosting, and have RA swap players 1 and 2, so he would be home even on my host, right? I tried this, and the behavior was strange. (I feel like it booted me out of the ROM, but maybe I hit another key?) My expectation was, at ROM menu where you choose teams, hit "i" and he would seamlessly be home, and I would seamlessly be visitor, no muss, no fuss. Is my expectation wrong? Thanks to any and all who can assist. (Probably "any and all" is poor Chaos.... *sigh*)
  11. aqualizard

    Most Simultaneous PIMS (for one side)

    Now that I reflect on it, 5 must be the limit. I do not think one player can get 2 penalties in one go (I have never seen it, anyway), and since goalies can't get penalized (even for brutal hits!), that leaves only 5 players on the ice that can get a call. (Less if you are shorthanded.) So, 3 must be rare. But I can't help but think -- like lightning striking 2x in the same spot -- on some rare occasion 4 and even 5 must have happened. Heck, here is a woman that won the lottery twice on the same day!
  12. aqualizard

    2018 NHL'94 Bud of the Year (your turn to vote)

    I liked it better when you cast several votes by yourself. Also, didn't AngryJay win and refuse the trophy or something? And he is up again? Did Riddick Bowe get another WBC belt when he threw his first one in the trash? (I kid, AJ is a worthy nominee every year. Love that he is a top tier player and does the vids and other stuff to make others better.) And I love what Arda has done. He is in a unique position with his media ties and skills, which really benefits the community. But you gotta go with Chaos. If Chaos disappeared, it would be he equivalent of our little community getting hit with a nuclear bomb. The dude is irreplaceable. (On another note, IMO you yourself should be in the running. You definitely should be Bud of the Year one of these years, Halifax.)
  13. Just played a Christmas' series vs Atomic. It was 1 1 in the second, game 7, and the whistle went indicating I took a penalty. But then a second one popped up a the same time. Then a 3rd. All of a sudden I had three simultaneous 2:00 PIMS. Was furious. Hate when this nonsense happens in a game 7. I have played many hundreds of hours, this *must* have happened to me before. But I can't remember it? Two simultaneous is not that rare, but 3? Anyone ever take 4? (Or, gulp!, more?)
  14. aqualizard

    nhl 94 algorithms and structure - Look up tables

    As for pre-calculating things, I don't think it is necessary. It would be a pretty simple formula to calculate things, so I don't think it would be advantage to do it ahead of time. Furthermore, there are quite a few variables, so it would be a ton of pre-calculated stuff which would defeat the purpose. (I could be wrong, or missing something. I am definitely not an expert in Assembly Language, which is what I know NHL94 and its ancestors were written in. But I just don't see the calculations taking much time.) On a weird tangent, when you take a shot that rings of the corner of the post/crossbar, and it hovers there for a split second, and then goes into the net, I have always thought it is like a supercomputer crunching some insane math and it just can't come up with "Is it in, or out?" (I wonder why it does that. Makes me chuckle.)
  15. aqualizard

    nhl 94 algorithms and structure - Look up tables

    Seems to me, when a shot is taken that "touches" the goalie, there is definitely a calculations that take into account shooting skill versus saving skill. That is, puck speed (which was based on initial Shot Power plus a random whiff factor) and especially Shot Accuracy, calculated against Goalie Skill (various attributes). Sometimes a high Shot Accuracy forward will score on a shot that looks identical to a low shot accuracy shot guy, where the latter does not score. Similarly, for goalies, shots will bounce off Roy and Eddie like they are made of stone, and sail right through Hrudey and similar crap tenders like they are swiss cheese. Heck, some slappers look like they go through a hole in Hrudey's chest, like he is a donut.