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  1. aqualizard

    Is it possible for someone to make a version of NOSE for Mac?

    It is definitely possible! But unlikely. 1. the pool of programmers with necessary skillset is smaller than those that do Windows stuff 2. the interest level in NHL94 is less than it has been, so this also diminishes the pool size In short, is there someone out there with the skillset who is interested enough to do this? Probably not.. But never say never!!
  2. aqualizard

    Classic Official ROM

    ^^ Yes, that was my #3 I couldn't remember. Anyway, I know the purists won't go for it (I knew Coach would be in favor of it 0% before I posted!!) but I just don't see the harm. It is still the same "game", even if some little tweaks are done to "non-game-on-ice" factors...
  3. aqualizard

    Classic Official ROM

    One two CoachnRaph punch and it it is dead. No biggie. Just putting ideas out there.
  4. aqualizard

    Classic Official ROM

    Like many (but not all!), I believe that the Classic League should be, well, Classic. Using the original, flawed ROM. MOSTLY! One recommendation I have is altering it just regarding stats. Keep the physics, and game play, and all that the same, but: 1. add the hack/patch that makes after whistle checks not count 2. add the hack/patch that shows the real attributes under Edit Lines I feel like there was a 3rd stat related tweak, but I can't remember it. What do you think? Keep the gameplay the same, but add some polish?
  5. aqualizard


    Hey Zippy, there are varying opinions on this. And it has come up before. (See links below.) (Also, I moved this thread from Bo Knows Best.. fits here better.) My own feeling is, there is no strategy to winning; it is random. The only thing you can do is use the D-pad to direct it. But as I say, others feel differently. See:
  6. aqualizard

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    Brutus, glad you are ok. I am going to google colonoscopies now. I am in my late 40s. My dad is at this moment dying of prostate cancer, and I regularly get my PSA checked, knowing there is a family history. Guess I have another thing to add to my "worry list" now. (As people say, getting stuff checked out is better than dying.) Edit: Ok I googled it. In Canada, no family history means they recommend you get a colonoscopy at 50 years. Also, not all growths lead to cancer, according to what I saw. I read about it here:
  7. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

    My own predicted Top 3, based on win %: #1 Ice. I remember in the Princes vs Paupers league, the dude had Anaheim or similar garbage and won it all! #2 Tex. Dude has the skills, and his team isn't horrible. #3 Coach. I didn't like him putting himself #6 above, so I got him at #3. As for the ACTUAL standings, based on total wins, that is going to be: Tex, MikeG, and Coach -- in that order -- who are going to play 100% of games no doubt... Edit: And Coach your prediction put a bee in my bonnet, not Atomic's. We have played 5 series so far, and he has won 3. I ain't getting rag-dolled here; it has been close. Edit 2: Also, I think Tex has won Classic B and VHL before, but I could be mis-remembering. (So he has won an online league previously. But maybe you meant PRL, specifically...)
  8. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

    Just noticed this. Is it 2 points per win, 1 for tie?
  9. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

    Clarification: I know what WBF is, but what is "CB Fix"?
  10. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

    Yup. Tex NY Ice BOS
  11. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

    I take DET!
  12. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

    Are we drafting players, or just pick a team and get whatever squad they had in the 1967?
  13. This is obviously something that the game gets wrong, making blow outs high decibel. The real high decibels would come if a game was tight, and finally a home team scored a hard fought goal. Especially if they had taken a lot of PIMs, and had a lot of shots against, with a goalie standing on his head to keep the home team in the game. Also, if a home team was behind by a few goals, and suddenly tied it up, and then went ahead!, in the 3rd. Big time high decibels. Obviously, this would take a little more programming to take into account context. But hey, this game got so much right, I would not be surprised if it did a better job here than it did.
  14. aqualizard

    Premium Retro League 4

  15. Been thinking about things, and want to tweak what I said above. Because this is a Summer League, and in my opinion should try to wrap up at the end of summer, I think playoffs should be: 1. top 8 play for "Tier A Cup" 2. bottom 8 play for "Tier B Cup" Then most guys can still join in playoff fun, but the playoff A and B can play concurrently, making for quicker finishes. Note: I do love the double elimination, I just think it is better suited for non-summer leagues. Note 2: I love the league, and am in not matter if there are rule/format tweaks or not.