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  1. Hold on, Plabs in on to something here. Jesus. Yes! We should pay professionals to do all of the NHL94 community building!! The website, the live events, run the leagues, marketing, etc. etc. Stuff would be more polished and get done much faster if pros were doing everything, no? And then us hobbyists would have more time to just have fun! Great idea, Plabax. (Why didn't we think of this sooner?) :/
  2. Very cool! Any chance of getting that video on Youtube to make it easier to watch for everyone? Then we might get 100k participants!!!!
  3. I have not been around much lately. I moved from a big city (population in the millions) to a small town (population 20k), and my internet is pretty spotty now. I wouldn't want to subject anyone to the inevitable lag. But.... The two buds I put above all others, at least for the 5 years or so I have been active, are: 1. chaos 2. halifax That said, it is great to see so many names mentioned that I am not familiar with! The community is still going strong, thanks to so many!
  4. And another one: "Touch sensitive" passing. As in, a light touch means really soft pass, a long press means bullet. (Or maybe the opposite?) Maybe a reaaally long press is a saucer pass? This idea is inspired by the own goals caused when a goalie rifles a pass off the heels of a D-man, and into their own net. It is stupid how there is a one-size-fits-all pass. No goalie in their right mind would do a hard, fast pass to a D-man 3 feet in front of them.
  5. Another enhancement: Deflected shots. It would be cool if guys with high agility/stickhandling could deflect the puck (pressing "b"?) if someone rifles the puck near them when they are in front of the net.
  6. Thanks for doing this! Very interesting...
  7. That is one interpretation. But there are many ways to interpret. Speaking for myself, I don't like $$ sullying my participation. It takes the "fun" out of it. Prefer to play with other people doing it casually, for enjoyment, that aren't going to take it too seriously. (Relatedly, I always wished the in-person King of 94s would have a nominal entry fee, to cover venue expenses alone. Especially after forking over $$ for travel/hotels.)
  8. From Kingraph's strategy site: "Aggressiveness is a leftover attribute from ’93. Determines how likely a player is to fight. Unsure if this does anything in ’94." I dunno if it is true, but sounds good enough for me.
  9. Thanks! I may add the Muller-Linden Doppelganger to the list. I added Muller-Linden Doppelganger to the list. Yeah, I don't count roughness and aggressiveness, because I do not think they come into play. But! I believe checking is legit. (If memory serves, it is how often a CPU controlled player checks. I have seen people mention that Bourque -- the only 6 Checker in the game -- can sometimes be seen going hog wild crushing opponents with CPU hate-rage!)
  10. Heh, thanks for that. The "clean sweep" you describe is the fabled "Golden Unicorn". Is it real or myth? One of the great mysteries of the last 100 years.
  11. Ahhh! Thank you for the insights! Yes, I feel like many of the Russian and Eastern European players may have changed the spelling of their own names, sometimes even after the ROM came out. Makes things tricky. All the same, finding errors in this ROM is an important task, and the work must continue. (I am considering a Patreon account, or possibly a GoFundMe campaign. Maybe both.)
  12. I just found the reverse of the short names: The ROM made a mistake and *added* a letter!! (This is worth $10k, if people find another example, btw.) Real Name: Dmitri Yushkevich ROM name: Dimitri Yushkevich Edit: Found another. And it's a doozy. Grigori Panteleev is misspelled in first AND last names!! (That's a cool $20k I just made myself.) I have no idea why finding these name errors is fun, but I think it might somehow tie in to the Easter Egg hunt my wife and I are planning for our kid tomorrow... I just suggested to the wife we nix the easter egg hunt, and instead have the kid pore over the NHL94 rosters for errors! (The wife no longer talking to me at this moment. Fack. )
  13. Added it. Thx, Chaos! Found Alexnder Semak, too. There is a $1000 bounty on first names, people! And $500 for last (less rare).
  14. Nice! I can't believe I missed Muller! For Nedved, I think I will put him in a category with Michel Goulet "Mismatched Shots". Goulet has almost the opposite of Nedved: 2 SP and 5 SA. There must be other weird shooters out there? Edit: Oops. Not opposite. Same dang thing! I will add your items to the first post later. Edit: Done.
  15. Yes! If he veers left or right when approaching top speed dude blows a tire and collapses in a heap!
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