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  1. I am a career B leaguer, and I am in. How do we have all these new recruits? From the SoChel tourney or what? (It is awesome to see.)
  2. Hello and welcome! See here:
  3. I signed it. We have 6 peeps so far. Much work needed...
  4. Wow, congrats, Hali! This could be a great recruitment tool for the community! I hope there is some terrific, unknown talent discovered. Maybe with Corona happening, this will be how King of 94 V will be done? Or is that event certified as "in-person only"?
  5. aqualizard

    Good goalies?

    As Smoz and Raph mentioned, agility is the #1 attribute, and absolutely Belfour and Roy are the best. Not sure how your experience is so different, but this is inarguable. On the ROM, all attributes are from 1-6, and Roy and Eddie are the only two that have 6/6 agility. Fuhr has 5/6, and is the 3rd best goalie, though -- unlike Roy and Eddie -- some might quibble. After those top 3, there is a big drop off, and correspondingly, the agilities are 4 or less.
  6. People are mostly using Retroarch instead of Gens these days. Once it is installed, you can "drive" it with a controller, and bypass the keyboard entirely (except for a couple needed keys). Sooo.... I would recommend installing it, using a controller, and seeing if if the laptop is really too slow or not versus CPU. If it works, then try netplay. Welcome back!
  7. Hey guys, I actually corresponded with Jim Simmons myself. I did not want to divulge too much at the time, because I didn't want to rain on Mikey's parade. But! A lot of time has passed, and I think I should release an interview I had with Jim Simmons (kind of a fan boy thing where I ask a bunch of questions). I am going to email him and ask if it is ok. The guy is a freaking genius. I wanted to see his story in the documentary, but I am not even sure how to see it, or how much screen time he has...
  8. LA Kings: LW - Lafontaine #16 C - Klima #85 RW - Doug Wilson #?? LD - Emerson #7 RD - W.Clark #17 G: Essensa #35 -- 4F/4D Setup as follows: 4 Forwards: Laffy, Klima, Wilson, then Borsato (#38) 4 D-men: Emerson, Clark, Bassen (#28), then lastly, Ridley (#17) Clark and Ridley are duped #17s...
  9. For goalies I like Belfour or Essensa. Roy looks good on paper, but is total dog crap. I love putting Dino C at C.
  10. I am in. Should be able to get RA working within 2 weeks. 3 min periods sounds odd.
  11. Thanks aqualizard for the "No Audio" fix.  The Windows Runtime fixed my issue on the Surface pro! 

  12. Are you serious? If you are, that is an amazing easter egg, I have never heard mentioned. Please tell me you grabbed a phone or recording device and took a video of this?? Edit: I just read your last sentence. Uggh.
  13. I did not make any quotes that made the teaser, BUT! I just re-watched it and noticed that my Sega and NHL94 cartdrige -- which has a #2 on it and a strawberry sticker (so I would know it was mine when it came time to collect) -- is showcased for over 2 seconds, halfway through, in a closeup. NAILED IT!!! Just showed the wife and my kid and they had no reaction.