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  1. jer_33

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    3 things to consider: I think you could allow both, allow for a coinflip winner to choose the tier - or leave it to a dice roll Make the dice roll simply a guide, do not enforce it as a "rule" I really think the bottom tier should not be included in the dice roll - create 6 tiers that exclude OTT/SJ/FLA/ANA. Maybe put TB in the 6th tier With regards to these ideas, I just would hate to see a deciding game roll a "6" and have to watch an important game decided by shitty teams because of "rules".
  2. jer_33

    Fall 2018 Classic League Start

    I'd love to see stream/video of the #7 LAK (LeifErikson) vs #10 NYR (spaceGhost9) series.
  3. I would add Aqualizard and Brutus to the list as well. But yes, if added to the list I would vote for Halifax for all of his tournaments involvement and fantastic social media presence.
  4. jer_33

    Et Tu Brute Deuce IS OVER!

    WTG Brutus, and thanks for running the league! Love WBF leagues, and thought the draft was unique.
  5. jer_33

    Coach Profiles

    I guess I just assumed that there would be one from @aqualizard?!?
  6. jer_33

    Fall/Winter '18 SNES Team Selection Draft

    Wow, lucky draw. I'll take Super Mario's Penguins.
  7. jer_33

    Goals after Whistle

    Yep, honorary Canadian. Give him his Tim Hortons travel mug, two-four of Molson Canadian, and the Trailer Park Boys DVD set. If he gets past the 6 month probationary period, he'll get his Shania Twain fan-club membership and top secret poutine recipe.
  8. jer_33

    2018 Classic Fall League

    I know I've signed up for GENS, can you also mark me down for SNES (preferrably in a 'B' league, unless you are running it as one league).
  9. jer_33

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    I've told this story before.. but there was a computer shop growing up that used to rent PC games, you signed an agreement to uninstall/delete when you returned the game. It was a real chore to install these games back then - 8-10 floppy disks needed to be swapped in order to install. Here's the PC requirements at the time:
  10. jer_33

    Goals after Whistle

    In tournament play, couldn't you just "not count" the glitch goal in the final reported score? I wouldn't waste the gametime for a freebie. This is also where the game should be paused, and a decision made by a ref/judge. No one player should decide how to proceed.
  11. jer_33

    Goals after Whistle

    Good sportsmanship should always prevail, if you didn't earn the goal - you should give it back. This should be the way it is played in league or tournament play IMO. If you are playing exis, or just for fun - if you plan to play any other way (any goal counts), it should be agreed to beforehand ie. House Rules.
  12. jer_33

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    I want a documentary!
  13. jer_33

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    Just wait until you figure out how to create retro leagues on NHL94PC, or figure out how to re-create the jerseys with a better palette of colours and actual logos!