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  1. Still lets me log in an view it. I'd be surprised if they shut it down.
  2. Maybe having an RA computer set-up on stage that guys can interact with, exi with forum members. Would be cool to be able to put the RA system on stream and have the announcer(s) call online games.
  3. So your grand plan to fight back against this massive global conspiracy is to disregard the advice of fellow Americans, expose yourself and others to the virus to what end? If you have doctors/nurses/front-end health care workers in your family - call them up and ask them if this virus is a joke. Then tell them your plan to knowingly infect yourself and spread it around, see how these front line heroes react.
  4. Flu shots are a major protective measure.
  5. If there was a vaccine tomorrow that would prevent you and your family from contracting and potentially dying from this disease - how much would you pay? What if you could get the same results by staying home, and avoiding the viral spreading of it? Vaccines, seatbelts, luggage scans, speed limits, gun licences.. all designed to keep the public safe. Should you choose to ignore any of those precautions, you only increase the risk of injury and death. As for the stock market - the only losers right now are the ones selling into the downturn. Companies may have tough quarters, but most are strong dividend payers and have strong balance sheets - and institutional buyers are getting these stocks for half-price right now. It took a year, but those that hung on through the 2008 meltdown made it all back. Those that sold on the way down - or at the bottom of the market lost 40%+. If you know people are at a higher risk of dying from this virus, do what you can to help them. If you know people who are suffering financially during this health crisis, do what you can to help them too. Be practical, know the risks, stay safe. Play NHL94 online.
  6. Alright, time for a write-up. Firstly, big props to @Edge of '94 Midwest (Troy) and @LeifErikson for a great weekend of gaming, and the wonderful spectacle that was 'Modano Mo Problems'. From setting up the hotel deal, to hosting 2v2, to hanging out all day on Saturday. I drove to Green Bay for an "Edge" tournament in Feb 2018, and there was talk then about hosting a tournament in Minneapolis. I told myself that if it ever happened that I would do whatever needed to attend and help out. Had a lot of fun playing exis/2v2 at the Moxy Friday night against Troy, Chris O., Derek and @Votaw. Didn't play as well as I would have liked in tournament play on Saturday, but I'll take my lumps for not preparing enough and for the intense level of competition that is starting to attend these tournaments. I was in a group of 4 with @IAmFleury'sHipCheck, @seventieslord and Shannon. I emerged 3-1 in Group play (with matches against EA and Seventies on stream), and ended up in an 8 vs 9 match-up with @kevincabarello. We played an intense 1-0 game to start our 3 game series, and he went on to beat me 2-0 and moved on to face @kingraph in round 2. Highlight of the afternoon was definitely getting to play as CHI on the stream, thanks @seventieslord! Lowlight was definitely losing every single coin toss through the Genesis side of the tournament. The SNES side was a complete blur for me, thanks to Happy Hour at the Pourhouse. Yet I somehow ended up on stream against @DPS. Lots of good food and drinks flowing all afternoon, and was a blast to meet Chris O., Derek, @danTML7 and @seventieslord(all great guys, and great new online community members). Always a pleasure to hang and chat with @angryjay93, @kingraph, @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (EA), @DPS, Mort and @Votaw as well. Also met Phil N, owner of the D-Men Tap in Chicago who hosts weekly retro sports leagues and picked his brain about food/drinks/music and the retro scene in Chicago, cheers. Great weekend, and hope to attend again next year.
  7. There is generally something set-up on the Friday evening, mainly for those arriving from out of town the day before the tournament. At this most recent event in Minnesota, even the local event organizers booked rooms at the hotel in order to hang-out for Friday night exis/2v2.
  8. Full stream links: Sega Genesis Group Play Sega Genesis Bracket Play SNES Group Play The Retro Sports Gamer stream Match-ups and highlights: 0:03:14 @seventieslord @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:19:14 @kingraph @ @Votaw (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:29:23 @jer_33 @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:49:07 @jer_33 @ @seventieslord (Sega Group Play) [link] 1:02:39 @kingraph @ J. Duffy (Sega Group Play) [link] 0:03:28 Mort @ @LeifErikson (Sega Bracket Play Game 1) [link] ~ @kingraph on the mike with @Edge of '94 Midwest 0:11:15 @LeifErikson @ Mort (Sega Bracket Play Game 2) [link] 0:21:53 Mort @ @LeifErikson (Sega Bracket Play Game 3) [link] 0:50:09 D. Aho @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Bracket Play Game 1) [link] ~ @LeifErikson on the mike 1:05:46 @IAmFleury'sHipCheck @ D. Aho (Sega Bracket Play Game 2) [link] 1:24:47 D. Aho @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Bracket Play Game 3) [link] ~ @kingraph on the mike 1:47:58 @IAmFleury'sHipCheck @ @kingraph (Sega Bracket Play Game 1) [link] ~ @angryjay93 on the mike 1:58:12 @kingraph @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (Sega Bracket Play Game 2) [link] 2:14:05 @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (Final Series Game 1) [link] 2:26:58 @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (Final Series Game 2) [link] 2:37:51 @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (Final Series Game 3) [link] 0:00:00 @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (SNES Group Play) [link] 0:21:12 @LeifErikson @ @IAmFleury'sHipCheck (SNES Group Play) [link] 0:42:59 @jer_33 @ @DPS (SNES Group Play) [link] 1:03:45 @danTML7 @ @Votaw (SNES Group Play) [link] ~ @kevincabarello on the mike 1:25:43 @seventieslord @ @kingraph (SNES Bracket Play Game 1) [link] 1:41:12 @DPS @ @kingraph (SNES Bracket Play Game 1) [link] 1:51:33 @kingraph @ @DPS (SNES Bracket Play Game 2) [link] ~ @danTML7 on the mike 2:13:00 @angryjay93 @ @kingraph (SNES Final Series Game 1) [link] ~ @seventieslord on the mike 2:25:17 @kingraph @ @angryjay93 (SNES Final Series Game 2) [link] ** BONUS COVERAGE ** 2:38:41 @DPS @ Mort (SNES 3rd Place Series Game 3) [link] ~ @angryjay93 on the mike
  9. I seem to recall that 2vs2 was not an option on Retroarch, as it could not mimic the inputs of a 4-play (I could be wrong). I'll post this on the discord chat and see if I can get a response.
  10. That first event was absolute chaos. First time meeting everyone, a crowded room full of people, the pressure of playing... I can assure you that if you ever decided to try another tournament, it is a lot less hectic and a lot more player-friendly.
  11. ... I guess the leather pants are being shipped separately? That's awesome.
  12. Features: 6-button layout 10 buttons total Wireless (2.4g OR Bluetooth) Turbo functionality mapping Price: $30 Availability: New from Amazon Review: So I haven't really been actively looking for new controllers since the start of the regional and "King" tournament scene picked up in 2015. I've been buying/fixing original OEM Sega controllers for use at these tournaments. But a Christmas post from legend @wboy, put my eyes on this new wireless/bluetooth controller from 8BitDo. I am familiar with the brand, mainly for their Nintendo-inspired controllers, so I was intrigued by the new Sega-inspired model. The reviews were great, and the price was surprising - given how the prices of PC/Xbox/PS4 controllers has crept up to the $70-$100 level over the previous decade. I found the model I wanted on Amazon and was rewarded with an $8 coupon and free shipping... ... and they sent me the wrong model. There are actually 3 different models of this controller, 2 use a 2.4g wireless band and the newer is bluetooth. All models include a USB cord for charging, which can also be used as a wired option. The 2.4g models include a wireless adapter, one includes a 15pin Sega adapter for use with original hardware, the other includes a USB adapter for use with PC. The bluetooth model does not include an adapter, but one can be purchased separately for use with original hardware ($25). I thought I was buying a bluetooth model for use exclusively with my PC, but received the 2.4g model with the Sega adapter. I briefly thought of returning it, but they could not replace it with the model I wanted, so decided to simply use this one with the USB cable. [tl/dr] Be careful that you are ordering the model you want, as there are 3 different models and they are all listed as "M30". The review. My first reaction was to the size of this controller, it is smaller than the OEM Sega 6-button controller. The size of the d-pad, and the size and position of the buttons are very similar but the overall size of the controller is smaller. It's well constructed, and feels great in the hands (if just a little slippery to hold, perhaps also due to the size). The d-pad and buttons perform well, the d-pad particularly feels great, the buttons feel more like a micro-switch technology rather than the bouncy buttons on the original. Overall, I really like the feel and will definitely use this controller for other emulated games on my PC. The M30 has shoulder buttons, very similar to their SNES offerings. I mention this because it would be a cool controller to use if you were playing both Classic leagues for Sega and SNES, as it would function well for both formats. If I had to put my finger on it, I'd say that this Sega-themed 6-button controller was designed as a combination of the features of their original Nintendo offerings with 6-buttons and a Sega-themed wrapper. Functionally, it does everything it says it will and I have nothing bad to say about it, other than I wish it was a little bigger. Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I will give the M30 '8 $10 Amazon giftcards'.
  13. Completely non-scientific, but I 've always found that if you were killing a penalty and aimed your faceoff to the big empty hole where your player used to be - you'd win it there almost every time.