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  1. Are you modding SNES roms @CoachMac? Not enough to be a Sega NHL94 All-Star?
  2. I know that most graphics and colours (jerseys) can be changed, but are you hoping to tweak player animations? If so, that's a whole other level of programming.
  3. I read a couple of threads, and there was a producer from the 2K developer talking (he now works for EA) and mentioned that the last version was rushed. Amazing work here. For those that haven't taken the time to look, NHL2k11 was a Wii only release, so it runs in the Dolphin emulator on your PC.
  4. Join us on Discord bud, make the leap. Live in the moment!
  5. Congrats to Jack.1 - not sure if he was from this site or another hockey-themed forum. Nice picks (2 of them) St. Louis and San Jose to the Conference Finals, and St Louis to win it all.
  6. Take a look under the NHL95(PC) section, there are a load od DOS tools for working with rosters and graphics, I believe work for both versions. 18-19 Roster update (NHL95PC): Long list of utilities:
  7. If the rom is set with the "goalie hack" then you would need a 6-button set-up , as the manual goalie is the Y-button. Maybe try playing the classic rom, and see if holding the B-button gets you goalie control.
  8. Also. It's a good practice to make several saves of a rom when building it out, just like coding. If you plan to make several changes and then add some of the previously created hacks - get saves at every step.
  9. Nice to see an old thread pop-up again! Looks like my image links have all expired from the old dropbox, will have to upload them to imgur. Oh, and those Saturn reruns look really sweet. May need to get an American KO94 attendee to deliver one to Toronto for me. Will gladly swap for good beer. [edit] - just looked at my join date. 2009. A whole damn decade.
  10. Toronto Maple Leafs C (93) Gilmour LW (28) Larmer RW (8) Sanderson LD (7) Svoboda RD (3) Cote Xtra attacker: (11) Davydov First Forward Sub: (11) Davydov First Defensive Sub: (6) Burt Goalie: (29) Potvin
  11. Updated my complete roster/lines - updated from v3 with Brutus/Ice full rosters/lines. ETB3_Rnd13_V4.bin
  12. Great job guys!
  13. When setting up your controller - you can also set-up a button combo to bring up this menu (usually Start-Select).