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  1. We stayed at the AC Hotel on our way to Green Bay a couple of years back - we had an excellent rate. The rooms were very modern, and everything appeared to be pretty new. The restaurant and bar were high-end (as were the prices). Back then I think I paid $80-90/night, the price has gone up significantly since. PS. Just bought my early-bird ticket.
  2. How does the smaller goal affect a players ability to "aim the shot"? Will it still go top corner, or will some of those shots now miss to the outside?
  3. This would be interesting for 2v2.
  4. I think a combination of option 1 and option 3, Captains with random "b-level" teammate. Boy, 2v2 finals would be awesome with commentary - so much action and crazy play.
  5. I'm excited if this means what I think this means.