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  1. I'll play - or put me on the waitlist.
  2. From: The Making of NHL '94: An Oral History - The Hockey News
  3. I've been trying to rip the team roster files out of FIF97 (DOS), but have had no luck finding them using a hex editor. Any ideas?
  4. Do we know any accredited gaming journalists that might be willing to reach out and get our questions asked?
  5. I don't want to assume that you made the mistake, but the Smoz tool is interesting in that you don't actually "open" the program. Best option is to put a copy of the rom in the same folder as the tool, and drag it onto the Smoz tool in the same folder. the Smoz tool will then open itself up and start asking you what options to want to add/drop from the rom. Cheers, Jer
  6. Can you upload it here, or send up a link? NVM - I think I found it under Coach's "incomplete roms". Ran Coach's NHL'87 rom through SMOZROM and double checked that the weight bug was changed in hex. Just to note, Coach's rom included the "Blitz" or "Improved Weight-bug fix" which smoz created to give a bonus to guys with a higher checking stat. Haven't tested it, but give it a try. NHL'87(bug).bin NHL'87.bin
  7. We don't even know when the US/Canada will open to cross border travel.
  8. I really shouldn't be looking, but this caught my eye... anyone familiar? https://retrofighters.com/our-collection/brawlergen-usb-genesis-mini-switch-mac-pc-controller/
  9. LW Sandstrom (change to #17) C Fedorov RW Ronning LD Svoboda (change to #23) RD Konstantov G Hextall Forward sub: Volek (change to #25) Defense sub: Yawney Extra Forward: Rucinsky (change to #26) Extra Defence: Rouse
  10. What if I told you , that you could play it from your browser? https://archive.org/details/msdos_NHL_94_1993 (You'll have to use the keyboard) Turn up the sound and go fullscreen.
  11. Gotta have a team from the best 80's Canadian hockey-themed board game Phantom's of the Ice!
  12. Those would make pretty sick trophies, if you made a 3D model of the tournament/series wining goal!
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