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  1. ..came back to look and see if I had reviewed the 8bitdo M30 (I had) as well as to update a couple things. I purchased a Retro-bit 8-button arcade pad, which looks/feels like a standard 6-button sega controller but comes with two shoulder buttons. Played great for a time, but then the d-pad snapped. Retro-bit did send me the parts to fix it - but shortly thereafter it started to breakdown in other ways. The M30 2.4 also stopped being recognized by Windows. The weirdest thing, and best I could tell it has something to do with the USB charging cable and/or something on the PCB. I bought another M30 recently - opting this time for the bluetooth model. I tore the other one apart and realized that the rubber pads inside were identical to the sega originals. Long story long - 8bitdo must make replacement pads, so had a look on their site. They are not listed specifically, but they do sell conductive pads for their SNES controller. Found something even better IMO... 8bitdo sells mod kits for your original SEGA/SATURN/NES/SNES/PS1 controllers (apparently since 2019) that will make them rechargeable bluetooth controllers. Not only that, but because they will require USB charging - they can also function as USB controllers. For $25 it seems like a pretty small investment.
  2. This has been a fun little game on my phone. Build your team and play matches to rank up in divisions. Standard coins/gems reward system with and option to watch ads double/triple the reward. Gameplay is fast with short periods, and one finger controls for skating/passig/shooting - and it even has a one-timer. I even took it a step further and installed an Android emulator in order to play it on my PC with a gamepad.
  3. I see the standard notifications (fps, ping etc) and of course you get quick notifications regarding netplay players joining and disconnecting. Would there be a way to display all members of the netplay room in a corner of the screen?
  4. I opened the 94-wide rom in Retroarch (downloaded for Classic) and it appears to compress the width. I'm sure it's a video setting - just not sure which one?
  5. Can you list which players from the team have already been identified, might help narrow the list.
  6. Season mode in 1994 required a pencil and some graph paper.
  7. Don't see it mentioned here, and wasn't really documented on the Ko94 site, or in McMikey's Documentary but on the day of the original Ko94 tourney in Toronto (Sept 12, 2015) Mats Sundin had his Legends Row statue revealed right outside the window or RealSports where we were playing. I can't find a good picture/video of the seated crowd for his speech, but did find a video of his Legends Row reveal. I do know that Shanahan and Domi were there, and have to think that a few of the others that still live in the area (CuJo, Clarke and Tucker) were probably in attendance. I had obviously been eliminated from the tourney and just happened to notice the crowd outside the window, but the ceremony was private and gated off. I was able to peel the curtain back on the window and watch the whole thing. It was a pretty special moment for a lifelong Leafs fan.
  8. C - Robitaille RW - Gagne LW - Hawerchuk LD - Bourque RD - Schneider Goalie - Soderstrom F4 - Turcotte D3 - Burt
  9. Will @Brutus be streaming and commentating all games? This may or may not be a deal-breaker.
  10. I'll play - or put me on the waitlist.
  11. From: The Making of NHL '94: An Oral History - The Hockey News
  12. I've been trying to rip the team roster files out of FIF97 (DOS), but have had no luck finding them using a hex editor. Any ideas?
  13. Do we know any accredited gaming journalists that might be willing to reach out and get our questions asked?
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