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  1. jer_33

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS C RoenickLW LindsayRW ShmidtLD MansonRD BourqueG Espositox FrancisFirst Forward Sub: FrancisFirst Defensive Sub: Chiasson (Change Teeder Kennedey to #9)
  2. jer_33

    Blue Angels

    Awesome write-up, congrats @CoachMac
  3. View From the Booth (Fall 2018 DRAFT) Fall, 2018 Welcome to the autumn edition of the official newsletter. We hope to keep everyone informed of all that is happening in our gaming scene, with a top-down look at events, leagues, forum happenings and Discord chatter. The view from the broadcast booth is often worse than some cheap seats in the arena, but journalists require a sweeping vantage point to see everything that is happening in the game. It seemed a suitable name for a newsletter that hopes to provide a bird's eye view of NHL94 and all of it's retro hockey siblings, so take a minute to get caught up with this edition of View From the Booth . As the 2018-19 NHL season gets underway, the excitement of a new season of hockey is upon us. This can only mean one thing, NHL94Online Fall Classic is almost here! Time to dust off your favorite controller, and pull out your Hamachi/Gens cheatsheets and start practicing. Games can be requested on Discord, in the #exhibition-games chat. If you haven't played in Classic in a while, or are looking to register for the first time - join the Discord chat and introduce yourself [invite link]. The biggest news, of course, is the King of '94 tournament happening in Vancouver, BC October 28th. This is the third KO94 tournament (previously held in Toronto and Las Vegas), and the community couldn't be more excited. There is a large contingent of SNES players on the west coast, and the current SNES champ @Jammer - KO94IIsnes is a local. If Sega is your console of choice, you can also fight to be crowned King against reigning KO94 II champ @angryjay93. Registration is still open, visit to register. Arda Orcal of the MSG Network will once again be tasked with voicing the stream, you can see and hear Arda's call in previous streams from KO94II-Las Vegas, and EdgeWI-Green Bay. This summer saw the creation of a couple of very unique leagues, the Genesis Summer Draft League and the Euro Classic 94 League. The Summer Draft League (aka jjs summer league), ran all summer with no set schedule, and included a double elimination play-off bracket. It was well-attended and well received, with a few suggestions thrown in for next summer. Forum member, and Classic veteran @jmj decided that laggy cross-Atlantic connections didn't need to put a damper on his enjoyment of NHL94 league play. He rounded up players from the "old continent", including players from Finland, France and Taiwan and started the EURO Classic '94 league. With a good core of players, I would be surprised if this type of league didn't continue to grow in future seasons. ONLINE LEAGUES: Fall Classic - The NHL94 Standard, for most this is their first taste of competitive online play. [Register] Et Tu Brute Deuce - currently running, but never a bad idea to follow along or join the waitlist. [Forum thread] Euro94 - currently running, check the standings on NHL94online. [Standings] VHL - hopefully after Classic finishes, keep your eyes on the boards for registration details LIVE EVENTS: Oct 28, 2018 - VANCOUVER, BC [NHL94 Sega/SNES]: King of 94 III another epic showdown of some of the games top players. [Register here | forum thread] Mar 28-31, 2019 - BOSTON, MA [NHL94 Sega]: Annual NHL 94 GENS Tourney at PAX East (Registration requires a PAXEast2019 convention pass) [Register here | forum thread] ROMS/HACKS: NHL 2019 Season - by @The Sauce - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms, 3v3 version in progress. NHL 2019 by @skip and @slapshot67 - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms, WBF (weight-bug fixed), 1 minute penalties. NHL2019 by @naples39 - updated rosters/ratings/logos/uniforms IIHF Legacy 2019 by @skip, @KTup710, and @slapshot67 - updated National Teams, plus legacy teams from previous Olympics, regular and WBF roms for download. 34-team NHL95 rom [GENS] - @kingraph has been hard at work customizing the NHL95 rom to allow for current and future roster updates. A work in progress. ROM Jukebox [GENS] - ROM Jukebox [SNES] - FROM THE STANDS: If you've participated in a live NHL event, see where you rank on the NHL94 World Rankings [forum link] @angryjay93 has posted a series of webisodes to share his knowledge of NHL94, lots of great content here for new players [Youtube videos] Hockey News article Russian tournament TECH TALK: AIM is DEAD, join us on Discord [invite link]. New USB adapter for your original Sega controllers, let us know if you have one to review? [Amazon link] Controllers and set-ups Visit, a website to upload gamesaves and track your NHL94 series results. Credit to @aqualizard and @AtomicRaven for this beauty. Thanks for reading folks, and as usual comments and criticisms are welcomed. If you have an idea for future stories, or links to anything related to the newsletter categories feel free to pass them along. Keep mashing those buttons. Bonus video for those of you who made it this far:
  4. jer_33

    NHL 2019 by Skip & Slapshot67

    Awesome.. VHL draft on the horizon? I'm disappointed that the splash screen is Ovechkin doing a keg stand...
  5. Scrap the MAC/PC. NOSE needs to be ported online...
  6. jer_33

    IIHF Legacy 2019

    Great stuff guys, I've played a few games. Might be a fun rom to exi with. '94 Canada vs. USA
  7. jer_33

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    Make sure he's a doctor, and there should only be one camera in the room. Also, good to hear you're doing better Brutus.
  8. jer_33

    Classic Official ROM

    Classic is classic, just like live tournament play.
  9. NFL Survivor Pool 2018Invite link: habsy Get your picks on! Jer
  10. jer_33

    NHL 94 playlist

    Perhaps an idea for future tournaments, or just for interest sake. If you could pick a single song to have play during a game on NHL94, what would it be? A few rules: 1. Must be a song from the era, no 2000's trash. No Spin Doctors. To keep it simple, I will accept songs from the 1990's or earlier. 2. First come first served, if your song is already picked please select your next favourite. 3. It can't be so obscure, that we can't find a version of it somewhere. 4. I'll keep a master list in this post Let'em rip. Jer
  11. jer_33

    Rock the Rink (ps1)

    I played this one back in the day, and have emulated it as well. It's fast-paced and fun, but the commentary and music get tiring. There was also barely any strategy to it other than hitting until you got a bonus, where you could basically score at will.
  12. jer_33

    95 the year 2020

    I should know this, but is there a 2v2 rom for NHL95?
  13. I'm no expert, but the code to run a small RaspPiZero with the light string would be the easy part (although you'd need a customized cart to fit it all in), it would definitely be mapping the cart to trigger the event that would be the tough part.